August 18th/2017

 I have little poison left in body. After it is gone I will have to rebalance every system that became impaired. Also I need some catch up time in my life around my
home, my clothes, etc, and a much needed relaxation  orfr not having to keepingmy attentention to trying to beat this by doing the frequencies 24 hours a day. I
don't even know yet what my new goals will now  be. It was like dropping out of life. Like everything else happening on the planet, I too feel like I have been re
directed to great change. I will welcome the loss of the inability to think and concentration. Time will tell and expect the healthy brain will recover . (This very
much different from when infections of the zoonotics. were in me. For those who live by assumptions, just know there are worse things then zoonotic infections!!!
This ia CO poisoning caused from an accumulation of low dose's over a period of time. Mine was an accumulation over about six months, think.)

Excert from a reply to an email a few days ago.
I believe you are feeling better from gas poisoning by now as I saw you are more active on your web site. Unfortunately I have not, except to re-load the web
pages after someone pointed out some kind of supposed malicious link.I did not have the stamina, nor the brains to see if that was actually true and ended up with
more of a mess.
I was able to post two updates on my progress so people would not wait for my recovery  to begin or to continue their recovery without waiting .
The poison has continued to impair in spite of it being nearly all out of the body. Right now I have impaired sight  (unable to drive, etc.,my hearing has grown very
poor. I continue to have ADD,  Short term memory gone. Inability to figure much out . Loss of spelling, typing skills, writing most of the time.Can only do one
thing at a time., etc, etc.  My hands and feet and legs still continue numbness in spite of less poison, though seems to be getting much less but now revealing the
very sore bones and ligaments and tendon that Were being numbed and I was unable to feel before.Every tooth  is loose. I have severe loss of jaw bone on one
side. my balance is somewhat okay much of the time. mobility is much impaired. I have strange white things and brown scales coming from skin as it detoxes the
poison. Skin is still like that of an elephants feet. SKin or something continues to fall from every pore. Hair loss has been severe. I have zero enzyme for digestion
and must take the pancreatic and digestive enzymes even when eating a mere cracker. or a fruit. Appetite is impaired. Can only eat certain things and they are
ever changing. Right now ( for weeks now,the only thing staying down is a mixture of beans and some canned tomatoes) for a month or so.. Tongue still gets
paralyzed( of sorts) when detokng. Impairs speech. bowels have stopped moving for a few months now, but showing signs of less numbness. I couldgo on . Just
wanted togive you what  am dealing with.
The release of poison from the body part needs to needs to be energy tested for location etc., and time required to apply a frequency. (I have found over 37
frequencies that works for an individual organ,etc.) These frequencies done for 24 hours aday. The last months it means getting upfrom sleep every two hours
most of the time taking about one or two hours depending on problems  the poison has created (It stores in fluid in cavaties.If I move it moves.It impairs what it
touches. Heart has been greatly troubled. I also need to do physical exercise after doing about about 6 to ten frequencies.
I have nearly killed myself from over detoxing at one time and heart not happy at all when it occurs. lots of orbital edema and whole body edema through out
since the poison entered. I am in constant learning as have found nothing written on this subject, yet it may be out there . I have no time to do much research, nor
ability most of the the 3o do so.
There is much more. I continue to self takl to motivate self. to persevere,tostay out of frustration (andanger when it hits in the liver.(
Okay... That said  is the reason I no longer am doing volunteer work. Now this is written I will try to place this on web site as an update.


February 6th , 2017

Hello Friends

 I have just gone through precarious last few months and now see I last updated the notice back in July. Seems unbelievable  that  I have been trying to release this poison for so long.  I have never been down this road before and knew nothing about poison that settles  in the body in the fluid that stores in the fluid around the organs and glands and spaces around muscles etc. It has nothing to do with immune system a unlike live infections. This is poison which needs to be chased out of the body. It has continued to numb the longer it stays there and what is impairing and causing all kinds of problems. 

I want to apologize  for not answering your emails. I just was unable to concentrate and still unable to concentrate, etc. as the brain was so impaired and/or I was in scramble to rescue organs what requires) my full attention. As well during since March 2016 and now I lost most all my emails to be answered and my files when a computer tech mistook my impairments as someone he could take advantage of to sell me a new computer. Now I am using my old computer. 

I hope by now you have eradicated your infections. I did find a few  emails on the online inboxes and see they are already "old". I had  full intention  to answer, but just cannot. It is that I just cannot hold my attention for very long yet  even thought most of poison is ot of the body and showing signs of it. Typing this page up is taking me days and the fatigue or what feels like a brain concussion impairs my attention, as well I am busy trying to rescue my organs  when the poison is in and around them and they are showing weakness or in trouble. If I did not know energy testing and sense trouble insides I can tell you I probably would not still be in my body oday.  No organ or part of the body was untouched by the numbness and continued numbness wherever it settles. 

 So I don't know if I will ever be able to do volunteer work again by email, because I don't know where this is going having never experienced this sort of thing and  not found anyone on the Internet who have ever released low dose CO from their body to tell me what to expect ahead.. I hope, in time , to be able to keep the web site up and try to maintain that at very least. .I just don't know at this point what the future will look like with brain and body. I do hope to someday to write about this experience so others can benefit from my experience so they can help themselves if they have severe poisons in them. I do know that CO poison continues to impair and suspect other poisons do same for a body. Until all is out of the body it will create numbness that continues to impair all organs wherever the poison touches it., etc.. 

At this point I have nearly released all the poison by having used mostly only frequencies using a contact rife machine . This is so unlike tick bite infections which was so much easier to to eradicate. This poison is  much like mercury poisoning or other poisoning. It floats in the fluid in the fluid of the cavity's of the body and elsewhere . When it comes out it is in form of fumes or contained in bubbles in this fluid what looks like saliva but is white. When lots comes out it numbs the lips , tongue and tastes the same as it did when it would come into the body.(a type of bitterness). It continues to do this in a mild way now since less poison in me.It changes m y voice and impairs the brain. I have had to learn much and continue to learn.  Now pain is being revealed in veins, and arteries and ligaments since the less poison. Heart is very much suffering.

So I just don't know what  is ahead. 

Wishing you all a good recovery after eradication of your infections.