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2.The Lyme Rash
3.What are Co-infections 
4.Ticks -Transmission
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6. Lyme  in Canada
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1.The joke was on me
2.The Web Site's
3.The Guidelines
4.The Clinical Diagnosis
5.The Blood Tests
6.The M.D.'s
7.The Government's 
8.The "Lymies"


B.C. doctor urged to retire because of zealous approach to Lyme disease -
Hero or "Zealot" 

The Conspiracy Theory

Do your own Research 



If you cannot change a situation, 
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The Politics of Lyme
Bizarreness, Craziness, and Controversies
1.The joke was on me:
For  ten years I had wondered what on earth had afflicted me! I'd experienced much frustration because I couldn't find out what I had. All Medical tests had come back negative. My symptoms waxed and waned, were erratic, bizarre and many, and in every area of my body. Sometimes it would feel as if it had finally left me and just as I'd start to reclaim my life again I would suddenly be worst than ever.

I tried every which way to snap my body back to its former state. I pushed myself and tried to act like I was okay. 

Embarrassed with my disabilities, not having any medical reason for it, I hid them from others. No one I was in contact with believed or knew I was suffering or that I was now handicapped, unable to be in the workforce. 

But through it all, always... I knew that one day I would discover what had afflicted me. And then I would know exactly what treatment I needed, would do it, and would be able to go back into the life I had previous to this nightmare.  But ha ha ha... the joke was on me. I never once dreamed it would all be so "bizarre" and so complicated to get a simple diagnosis, and the entire rest of the story, to become spirochetes free.

I quickly discovered that everything surrounding Lyme disease was filled with bizarreness and controversies.
Controversies in treatment, between medical colleges, opinions on Lyme disease between the knowledgeable and unknowledgeable MD's.The failed recognition or acknowledgment of Lyme literate Naturopathic doctors by the medical community.The governments that published blatant false statements or lack of statements about Lyme disease to have the peasants believe that Lyme disease is extremely rare! 

If a researcher, suffering from Neuroborreliosis, hasn't already enough with trying to cope with the effects of the neurotoxins upon their brain, now they also have to deal with the "politics" surrounding Lyme disease.... all of which is camouflaged, yet rooted in the greed of money. This "money greed" underlies the fear of most MD's from wanting to treat Lyme Disease... Tainted treatment guidelines... Government workers faithfully following the dictatorships they work for, and the subtle and blatant brainwashing campaigns by the "powers that be" that influence governments and medical colleges. It is so blatant and so bizarre! 

Below I have listed just some of the junk that a researcher will have to wade through to obtain the information required  to eradicate their spirochetes. Thus the creation of this web site to try to simplify for doing research when deep in brainfog.

MARCH 2013...It is all over! Here is simplicity and an end to all the mountains of nonsense.

So here it is:
It may help you waste less of your time as you go about trying to understand your disease as you become Lyme literate.

Do your own Research Here YAHOO
2.The Web site's
  • I ran across many web sites that insinuate they are authored by an MD or more than one MD (Medical doctor). The insinuation deceives the vulnerable web browser's so they will believe what the web site says. These web sites were created to sell their products to  make money. They hope you will  linger long enough to click on one of the advertisements or buy a product, both of which will increase the web site owners income. (Authentic MD web sites only advertise the MD's business. Here is an example.  (Yet for me, who had severe neuroborreliosis at the time, I wanted answers for my severe long lasting headaches and I was getting little information from these "bogus" web sites, and there are many. It caused me much added frustration and confusion as if I didn't have enough of that from the neurotoxins on the brain and the lyme meningitis.) 
    • MD's web site's publishing that Lyme disease is only an imaginary disease, like a mental disorder! (Statements like that, authored by an MD, not only is disheartening to someone who has been searching for answers for over ten years, but they are also very hurtful to patients who are suffering painful and disabling symptoms and have also lost the ability to earn income. So, the new researcher is taken aback, most especially those who have blind faith in the medical profession...and thereby their recovery is delayed further.) Today I realize these statements are part of the campaign to brainwash their colleagues and others into not eradicating Lyme disease. Yet, few medications eradicate disease, they only camouflage symptoms and that may be exactly what the MD's have been decreed to do and why they get persecuted if they do eradicate.)
    • I ran across an MD that actually published that there is no such thing as chronic long term lyme. (I guess he has never read the thousands of stories from people who have been suffering for many, many years after having been bitten by an insect or he is working for those who  campaign to keep the plethora of symptoms for the Md's to treat and prescribe medications for.)
    • ....And I ran across quack pot web sites, insinuating they are being run by M.D.'s, or who claim to work for physicians and surgeons. The man who operates the one in Canada is obviously mentally unstable and certainly that is pitiful that he is being used by those behind these propaganda sites. Some of his existing unstable behaviors have been proven in courts and are listed in the search engines for anyone who wants to investigate his credibility. Yet, a new searcher stumbling upon a these  web sites that appear credible. It says;"Canada's best consumer Health watchdog" There is a symbol of the Hippocratic Oath. A picture of a MD (white coat and stethoscope around neck, another white coated person with name under it stating Dr. _ _ . His web site makes money selling controversial books for Amazon.com.. There appears to be quack pot sites in numerous countries... all connected. Here is a web site that tells how unstable MD's get roped into these crack pot campaigns. http://www.thenhf.com/newsflash_02.htm (Of course these sites are confusing and frustrating  for anyone suffering from a heavy neurotoxin load and can prolong time spent in disease.
    • On the Internet, there some money makers claiming to have the secret cure for Lyme disease, or claim to have cured themselves, but, won't share the information until you buy their information. Or, the ones who sell something supposedly good for Lyme but,have never had Lyme so their pitch reflects their ignorance of Lyme.(If they really had a cure, believe me, that secret would be shared to brothers and sisters  everywhere.)
    • I ran across the "bogus" web sites that use keywords of Lyme disease to attract browsers to click on their web sites and these have little, if any, information at all to help lyme sufferers. It is all about attracting browsers for lining their own pockets, not about providing the searcher with information about Lyme Infection. 
    • I also ran across the claim of "$33.97 cured of lyme in just 72 hours!" (WOW, isn't that something amazing!) When someone is suffering from the pain and is unable to earn income this certainly is tempting to order that quick cure! But, try to locate the people behind this money grabber and they are nowhere to be found. If they really did have that cure they would be very proud to answer their mail and Lyme Infected people would be passing  this information on to each other very,very quickly. 
    • The research I ran across on the web said the insect bite was treatable with two weeks of antibiotics and the bite was no big deal. These web sites still do exist today. (Campaigns against the truth) Yet, other web sites, by the Lyme literate knowledgeable, say a new bite requires no less than four weeks of antibiotics and when untreated it is a serious progressive chronic disease. Yet it is still difficult to find out what the treatment is for someone like me who had harbored the infection for over ten years. Even these web sites insist it must be Medical treatment (which is bizarre to have only blind faith in the medical machine to be the saviors for Lyme patients. Even lyme literate MD's insist on holistic treatment along with their "medical" treatment.)
    3.The Guidelines
    • Recently the IDSA panel members who formulated the guidelines for Lyme Disease were found to have been tainted. During an investigation by the Connecticut Attorney General it  noted that the guidelines committee chairman exhibited bias in selecting a panel of 'like-minded' researchers and blocked the appointment of scientists with divergent views. Presently IDSA is now being forced to re-evaluate their guidelines with a new panel. But... to keep out the input from the Lyme literate International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)- a nonprofit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Lyme, and its associated diseases, they are now being blocked once again (by IDSA). IDSA have formed  new  regulations to exclude their input and thereby control their original  guidelines to remain the same. (It is just bizarre that they will not listen to their fellow physicians who are experienced in the treatment of Lyme disease. (Simply bizarre! It makes no sense. And worst still, our Canadian doctors, who are not literate or experienced in Lyme disease, like sheep, follow these inadequate guidelines and these are a group of people who passed their university exams and took an oath to facilitate healing of their patients.)
    • I discovered that the existing guidelines place severe limitations on treatment options for Lyme diseased persons because these 'voluntary' guidelines are viewed as a mandatory standard of care by medical, government agencies and insurance companies, yet the Canadian MD's seem to choose to look at the guidelines as mandatory! 
    • After I suspected I had Lyme disease, I had to ask an MD for a Lyme blood test. Guidelines for MD's in Alberta stated that the patient needs to have the Elisa test first. If it comes back positive, then the patient is eligible for the Western Blot. Yet, later I find out that it is the Western Blot is the most accurate, even though it is renown  to be a weak test in Canada, yet it would return more accurate than the Elisa test. It took nearly three months to get results back from Winnipeg and the Elisa came back with a simple "negative". So, on my own, with my very neurotoxined affected brain, I had to find out that I had to go out of the country for the test that would return bands. I had to pay for this test out of my pocket. I was thinking that if it proved I had Lyme that the MD would have to treat me.  But, unfortunately it doesn't work that way. The test results have to come from a Canadian Lab. Any ways there was no local doctor who wanted to treat this or knew how or wanted to accept free advice from a Lyme literate doctor. (Eventually I found out lyme is a clinical diagnosis, not a lab diagnosis. Crazy or what having to deal with this stupidity when one is so sick!                       (Therefore, also,  I will never be Lyme statistic in Alberta, or of Canada.
    4.The Clinical Diagnosis
    • (A blood test alone does not confirm a person has Lyme. It must be a clinical diagnoses. And the clinical diagnoses are next to impossible to get from an MD in Canada and they don't refer to a Lyme literate Naturopathic doctor. My first MD told me not to bring more than one or two symptoms per appointment! I could have paid rent on her office space had I dragged my sick carcass into her office for every symptom that had showed up!...plus she would have wanted to give me a prescription for each!!! Crazy business or what?)
    5. The Blood Tests
    • And then there is the sero negatives and positive, false-positives and false-negatives in lab tests. None mean you do have Lyme disease or that don't have Lyme disease. In my case because I tested positive for Bartonella and Babesiosis a Lyme literate doctor evaluated my history. I had had a rash sometime in 1997 and all my fast and furious array of symptoms started that year. I'd had the bout of arthritis. All medical test for major diseases it was mimicking came back negative. A few months before my Western Blot an MD had prescribed two weeks of Biaxin and during that period my herxing increased, as well, symptoms that had previously disappeared had reappeared. Based on this and that I had at least two co-infections positive and the bands on the Western Blot indicated something or another, then the Lyme literate MD concluded that I did indeed have Lyme Disease.
    • Now 2013  I know that I could have simply challenged the bacteria's with a know eradicator of Lyme or coinfections and if I had herxed then I would have known something needed to be eradicated completely.
    6. The Medical Doctors
    • During the past ten years, obviously all the medical doctors I went to for a diagnosis did not know anything about Lyme disease or how to do a Lyme disease clinical diagnoses. (Later I concluded they also must have believed what the Government was publishing about Lyme Disease and so therefore never bothered to educate themselves on this disease.)
    • The Red Deer infectious disease specialist told me there was no Lyme in Canada! I had brought him the results of my first Elisa blood test that had returned negative, but, by then I had learned about false negatives and that Lyme disease has to be diagnosed with a clinical diagnoses. I had waited months to be granted an audience. He arrogantly refused to listen to my symptoms, none...not one. He kept repeating (three times), "You do not have Lyme disease"  as he walked away from me. (Obviously he knew nothing about false negatives, clinical diagnosis or that he did require my long list of symptoms and history if he wanted to help me. Or, now I wonder if he was instructed by the "powers that be" that he had to deny the existence of Lyme disease. This cost Medicare the cost of a specialist visit. It cost me insult, my precious time and dragging my sick self out just to be let down by the very type of MD who should have learned about Lyme disease when he was taking his specialized education. And worst still, he did not refer me to a Lyme literate doctor. .. because his Highness had proclaimed I did not have Lyme! Crazy behavior from an Infectious Disease Specialist ... just up and slams the door shut on someone who wanted help!
    • I discovered that the Canadian MD's follow the American Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines for dealing with Lyme Disease. The IDSA maintains that Lyme disease is a rare illness, easy to cure, easily diagnosed by distinctive clinical features and in more advanced stages by accurate commercial laboratory tests, and effectively treated with a short course of antibiotics over 2-4 weeks. (Later I discovered this to be false information. It is not rare. In the first stage it requires no less than four weeks of antibiotics. It is difficult to diagnose. Lab tests are not a means of diagnosis because of the nature of the bacteria.
    • I discovered that doctors do not all agree with each other as to what is the best medical treatment for lyme disease. Some prescribe antibiotics for less than one month and prescribe antibiotics up to four months after symptoms have change. Some MD's include treatments outside the "medical realm" and others remain loyal to the Pharmaceuticals. (I understand that our neighbors get short treatment because the insurance companies don't want to pay for long term treatment, but in Canada I have no idea why they think they need to persecute their colleagues when they treat Lyme Diseased people  with long term antibiotics until the symptoms are all gone. How does one make sense of that?)
    • MD's who treat their Lyme patients with long term antibiotics ( up until three months after the symptoms have disappeared) are persecuted by their fellow doctors. The college of physicians threaten and then seizes their records and then have them lose their license to practice. In B.C. they put pressure on an MD who treated over two thousand Lyme patients from across Canada and the USA. In Mississauga, Ontario a Lyme literate MD who was treating 700 lyme diseased patients had his records seized by the college of physicians. In Canada, the few Medical doctors who do treat Lyme want it hushed as they too fear to be persecuted by their colleagues. The two medical doctors I approached in Red Deer for treatment were both scared, and I believe it was of losing their license. (What causes the College of Physicians and Surgeons to persecute those who try to eradicated the plethora of symptoms from Lyme patients? It boggles the corner of my common sense mind.)
    7. The Governments 
    • In about 2001, I discovered that the Government of Canada didn't believe there was Lyme Disease in this country, and if there was, it was rare. (Years later I discovered this to be false.)
    • The Government of Alberta, also, claimed there was no Lyme in the province and the ten Alberta statistics had been infected elsewhere. (Later I discovered this also to be false.) Now, in 2010,  the new Alberta Health and Wellness web site has published "Lyme bacteria has not yet been found in Alberta."  "People in Alberta should be aware of the possibility that Lyme disease could appear here"  And then it says where it would be found in Alberta. (False on both counts! (* There was the publicly released information of the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria found in rabbits and dogs in and around Edmonton and Grand Prairie and it is published that * migrating birds have been found to be carriers of the bacteria. * In 1986 a Calgary man was infected by a tick bite in his back yard. * A lady was infected in Fort McMurray. *A lady in Gull Lake. * I was infected in Red Deer, Tofield or Goat Mountain. *And,since then I have heard of people throughout Alberta who were infected by tick bites. I have heard of more than fifty that have been diagnosed, and I presume that there are as many who are running around with this infection who have yet to be diagnosed with it or have been misdiagnosed.)
    • Some people, including me, put blind faith and trust in our government's published proclamations. So when my government insinuated Lyme could not survive in this cold country or that lyme could not be contracted here, I had believed that, because, after all, why would anyone lie about this severe infection?  But, they did.
    • In the last century, both North American governments, not Mexico, conducted tests to find silent weapons to immobilize their "enemies." Mosquitoes were infected with these vicious spirochetes and set free on areas of our population as an experiment to see if these people would develop auto immune disorders... and they did. Today the map of Lyme endemic areas are most dense near Plum Island and where the mosquitoes were set free. The spirochetes were meant to cause an incurable, disabling disease and it just about is. (Some say it was to keep down the world population, others say it was good for the economy to generate the "medical/pharmaceuticals" business income. Bizarre or what!) 
    • Government research money and focus is only to find a pharmaceutical cure for lyme disease and since the government of Canada proclaims there is no Lyme or significant amount of lyme therefore  there is little research money going towards finding a cure or for developing better testing, or eradicating ticks, or allowing Lyme literate naturopathic doctor fees to be paid by medicare. (The average Lyme diseased "medical patient" will see an average of ten to twenty MD's, including the high cost specialists ... and for every specialist a patient sees the patient must play the MD game of visiting their family MD first, taking test after test, trying medication after medication, all requiring many visits to the family MD and then finally having another appointment at the family MD's and being told he or she will now grant you a referral to a specialist. Then waiting six months, or more, for the specialist appointment, not having the privilege of asking the specialist questions, nor given the results by the specialist and being told the results will be sent to your family doctor in three weeks and of course you have to make another appointment with your family doctor. And...All these many office visits are paid by Medicare! As well, the MD's do not want to hear of more than two or three symptoms per visit and after all this being told it is all in your head, but never once being referred to a Naturopathic doctor, lyme literate ot not...no guidance!. This is all government money, and Lyme disease is on the rise in Canada and the Alberta Government whines about paying out too much in Medicare money and cut out the services that actually keep people healthier and out of the MD offices. Bizarre!)
    8.The Lymies
    • I discovered a large segment of people suffer from tunnel vision when looking for answers to restore their own health. They looked at absolutely nothing else but MEDICAL "anything and everything."  They were dependent on MD's to make health decisions for them and they blindly, without question, followed the MD's suggestions and medications, even if it was killing them or increasing their neuro toxin load. They had been unknowingly "brainwashed." They are the people who immediately proclaim that everything that facilitates healing, other than under the umbrella of "medical", that it is plain and udder "quackery." They put more blind faith and trust in the medical and chemical companies than they do in their religious religions. I also was given advice by lyme associated people and lyme sufferers that I must only seek only  treatment from medical doctors and not to seek ANY alternative help because it was all bogus. (Consequently the campaign's to keep Lyme disease alive and well are directed at these  narrow minded people because they blindly believe anything that has the word Medical Doctor attached to it as if gospel truth. It is a bizarre "sheep to the slaughter" mentality and it did me no help in shortening my journey to find treatment.)
    • The previous mentality, along with the control of the "powers that be", creates fear. Fear is basically all that controls people. These fear based people react to their environment from the stand point of fear. As an example, when research money is asked to find a way to eradicate spirochetes from deep within the muscles, no money is given unless the findings will be for a pharmaceutical product, so therefore no money will ever be given to findings such as minerals or plants that have already proven to eliminate all or 90% of Lyme symptoms. Instead campaigns against what eradicates spirochetes and co infections are launched to create more fear or discredit what is helpful to the Lyme sufferer. (BIZARRE or what!)
    • I ran across those who had Lyme infected children or a spouse, who claimed to be experts in Lyme disease and its treatment, yet they showed narrow mindedness in seeking effective treatment for them as they only led them to Medical treatment, dragging them thousands of miles to get advice from a medical doctor and dragging them to medical appointments for every symptom so ittt could be sedated with drugs. They saw medical treatment as the only source for treatment and as being the only and best treatment for their loved ones. Yet, the medical treatment for Lyme disease is sparse, if any, in Canada. They demand treatment from MD's who are poor in knowledge of Lyme disease, travel out of country to find a literate Medical Doctor, ignore the naturopathic doctor on their doorstep, butt their heads against brick wall demanding treatment from organizations who persecute their fellows who treat Lyme disease and make it a political issue as they make their loved one wait eradication that must be perfectly sanctioned by a medical doctor.  (Certainly I salute the parents and spouses for all the pain they have suffered to get their family well, but maybe, just maybe a naturopathic doctor or other holistic treatment may get that child or spouse well by staying close to home,  using an eradicator that kills those infections more quickly or at least give them some relief and rest. It is as if some of these people are sacrificing their loved ones to prove a point to the government and to the Medical profession.  Bizarre!
    • Then I ran across the Lyme infected people who made themselves martyrs and victims or acted as if they were a Lyme disease rather then they were a person temporarily infected with bacteria's. They were devoting their lives nurturing their disease rather than nurturing their recovery and increasing the quality of their lives to make their precious selves feel better about themselves. They appeared to be waiting for someone outside of themselves to do the work to increase the quality of their lives. (That is bizarre!)
    • And then....MD's, family members and friends who see the Lyme Diseased person as healthy, don't believe they are affected from brain to feet, or that they are disabled, in pain or feel sickly, and so, their assumptions cause them to say things like; "-You should be working and earning income when you can." "Come and socialize like you always did." "Entertain me like the good host you always were." "Go on a good exercise program and you will feel better." "Just sitting around is not good for you. You will make yourself sick"  "Come help me build this or do this manual labor. "  "Snap out of it."  -Insinuate that you have turned into a hypochondriac. -Say, "What's the matter with you? You never were like that before. You've changed...  And, when you do not yet know that it is some kind of a disease and the MD's have said you have "nothing"....how do you respond to the above questions and statements? How do you respond to people who don't believe you? How do you respond to people who insist on visiting for hours and dump a load on you? You have no "valid" excuses.....There are no "medically proven" answers to give. In time, in order to survive the onslaught of energy draining symptoms there comes  a necessity to withdraw from the physically healthy people. The infected person with the unknown illness now finds his or her life getting smaller and smaller to have the energy to cope and survive whatever has afflicted them. Bizaar...



      2013 A humongus industry has grown in and around Lyme disease in the past years, yet very little has advanced to eradicate ticks, eradicate the zoonotics infections in the body, to help those thrown into poverty because of the disease, to give those afflicted emotional support, to give  guidance to the sick to find their way to eradication of what does not belong in their body, financial help  to pay fees to for Lyme literate naturopathic or medical doctor and for vitamins and minerals and other support products, or  for medical doctors  to refer their clients to Naturopathic doctors when they cannot help.
                 Some positive strides have been made with an educational course created for those doctors wanting to become Lyme literate. A few more effective eradicating agents have been discovered.  More people have put out information to help new searchers  infected with Lyme so they can quickly find a way to eradicate their infections. It has  now become common knowledge that the whole body must be cleaned of metals, drugs, radiation, chemicals, parasites and fungus and that each infection must be eradicated and the importance of detoxification. Their are hundreds of ways to treat lyme disease, so much in fact that a new researcher could take two years just researching them while their infections progress. The zyto, muscle testing, other scanning devices and dowsing is being used to discover what is best for each individual those saving time and money.
                 Much has been made in developing a product or numerous products primarily to make money targeting people with lyme disease;  MLM products that claim are helpful to those of Lyme disease. Thousands of web sites selling products supposedly developed by Medical doctors or by medical doctors claiming to be helpful for Lyme disease.  Elaborate protocols have been developed and made people famous now using their fame to charge big public speaking fees. Tools and equipment aimed at Lyme diseased  people claiming it will help them in some way. 

    Thus ends some of the controversies I ran across while doing my research,
    * Why do I mention it here? 
    Simply for awareness. 

    Aim to eradicate the infections as quickly as possible. 
    The longer infections are in you - the more damage occurs within and then the longer  the recovery period is after the eradication has been completed.

    ~ Take what you want and leave the rest!~

    All content on this website is provided for your quick information to encourage you to do your own research.
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