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Some Physical Pains of 
Lyme, Bartonella,  Babesia, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Brucella, Borrelia Recurrentis, some Candida'fungi, Sporotrix Schenckii, Coccidoidomycisis, Histaplasmosis and numerous support products side effects or interactions.
These zoonotic infections all produce
 neurotoxins which are non-flushable toxins what build up in the body 
until Toxicity Illness rules the roost.
- Agonizing, crushing, cutting, intense, excruciating, extreme, nauseating, unbearable pain.
- Unrelenting, persistent, constant, intense pain. 
- Annoying relentless pain 
- Relentless gnawing pain. 
- Relentless pins and needles. 
- Burning, searing, stinging, biting, feels like ripped, sun burnt, scraped or scorched skin.
- Burning pain in a single muscle, a tendon, a ligament, a bone, or in spine
- Contractions, spasms, cramping pain. 
- Creepy, tingling, steady.
- Deep aches, aching, dull ache, dull nagging
- Extreme sensitivity
- Freezing, icy pain, icy cold pain, stinging.
- Hurting, miserable, awful, flu like, crawling pain
- Itchy, prickly.
- Jolting sickening pain, unbearable 
- Feels like an over stretched muscle, bruised
- Pressure, pushing, tight pain
- Pulling, creepy crawly, tugging, or gnawing 
- Sharp, axed like, as a broken bone on side of the joint.
- Shooting pains, sudden jabs, electric shock like sensation
- Stiffness pain, creaky pain
- Tenderness to touch, tender
- Throbbing pain
- Feels like tooth ache pain 
- Jolts, thumbs, shocks
- Aggravating numbness 
.... (These are only the ones I experienced. There may be more)

In Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Brucella, Borrelia Recurrentis, fungi of some Candida's, Sporotrix Schenckii, Coccidoidomycisis, Histaplasmosis and other coinfections there is some sort of pain most always present whether active or dormant. Dormant meaning no pain is being felt as the pain is presently asleep, yet, touching the infected body in the limbs such as the muscles, around joints, or pressing on most bones there will always be pain. 

1st layer of pain: Pain is manifested by the distinct toxin exuded by each individual infection. Some people are infected with up to six or more distinct toxins, each manifesting particular symptoms, some being similar to other infections. 

2nd layer of pain: All of the above mentioned infections produce neurotoxins. These non-flushable toxins are automatically absorbed by tissues. Only 10% will ever slip out of the body. The remaining 90% is what will be responsible for most other symptoms in these diseases. Each person will be different in this layer of pain depending on; amount of neurotoxin producing infections, amount of time they have been in the body and have had to reproduced, if the person has been doing non-flushable toxin detoxification, the amount of accumulated neurotoxins and depending on where they pile up; it could be the brain, the endocrine glands,an organ, the nerves and so forth. It is these stressed areas what will manifest an array of new and different symptoms. See Toxicity Illness page. 

3rd layer of pain: The infections can, at beginning and later, cause damage to organs, nerves, and glands and thereby cause malfunctions in the systems of the body.

4th layer of pain. As long as an infection is present there will be stress upon the body as it works 24 hours a day to prevent the body being poisoned by the neurotoxins and to keep its systems balance even when disordered and to cope with foreign products. This continuous stress for many years will manifest symptoms. To shore up this failure people add medications, support products, try to treat symptoms rather then removing the cause of the symptoms which leads to more stress as the body tries to cope with side effects, interactions of products,and overdoses that throw the body off balance and many times these "innocent" sounding remedies are silently hurting organs and systems badly with burned stomachs, muscle pains, high blood pressure, strokes, hormone imbalances, increased brain fog, and organs thrown off balance. 
I know, from experience, the longer the organism's live in the body the more damage they cause and the more difficult it is to live in the body. I had much, much less pain the first two years and much, much, much more pain 15 years later. 

Bit about my Recovery

Note 2013: First month and a half of recovery: The pain leftover is much toxin burning pain at the end of the eradication, for most people. I did not have much of that as I detoxed with MMS for a long time and also took activated charcoal (Now I know they both were neurotoxin detoxifiers) I had much damage caused by the spirochetes, Bartonella, and Babesia. Bartonella left veins hurting for some weeks or more after they died in lining of veins. Babesia, lyme,and Bartonella  with brain impairments. Babesia and lyme with two valves. The spirochetes left damage in areas they's attacked (not all at once)- Sacrum, upper spine, right shoulder blade and right hip.  The peripheral nerves were still damaged. The eye nerves. The brain was not sore, but it felt different and not right. The arms and knee's and pelvis joints, tendons and ligaments were still inflamed and were still very sore.  The toes and fingers were recovering slowly from the numbness. Recovery

Four months after the eradication: Now that I can see the trees from the forest...I have identified high Uric acid that comes and goes. It too, over the years has caused pain. I recently got a virus which triggered the peripheral neuropathy. This disorder I can now see started when I became infected 15 years ago and maybe became a disorder about four years after the infections started. It has been at high levels and lower ones during the years in infection.(in four limbs) I am  guessing the nervous system was damaged by the inflammation and the infections and am working on promoting healing of the nervous system. 

Seven months after eradication: I get pain only in the unhealed tail bone sacrum area and right behind and thigh when it spasms from walking or turning around in my sleep. The tendons of large joints, ligaments and muscles on right side get triggered for little reason, other then from the damage that was caused by spirochete and Bartonella infection damages. It is healing SLOWLY.

***April 2015- 24 months later. No burning in brain. Most lost cognitive assets have been reclaimed. No more long unrelenting headaches. Scalp feels better, not hard or mushy with inflammation. Eyes much, much less erratic in vision. Sharp light no longer affects my eyes. Ear and tonsil finally healed. No more annoying sensations on the face or red face. Noise hypersensitivity only if I am over stressed. No more neck pain, whole back muscle spasms, stiffness, or burning spine. No more burning breast, no more reflux, air hunger, stuffed sinuses, raw nose, sore gums. No more rock hard swollen arms, burning hands and feet and sore bones in them. Nails are getting to look healthy again. Muscles do not hurt in every single corner of the body. Tender points typical of Fibromyalgia are no longer present. No more burning skin,or crazy muscle and ligament behaviors,or sudden jolts of all kinds. No more erratic bladder, constipation, sore organs, sore bones in feet or peripheral neuropathy of limbs and more. 
I am still healing damaged nerves in my right hip, sacrum and leg and arms. I have healed many nerves but still have a few to go. When I do any amount of serious activity I re-injure the nerves triggering spasms and every now and again the tendons protest the activity, also. Now I can coil it away in only a day or two or one sleep. This big pain from over-activity brings back old memories of my time in hell.  And so...I take opportunity to once again say, "Eradicate your infections as soon as you possibly can!!" 

Making Zoonotic "Pain Reliever" for applying on skin. 
  • One dropper.
  • A small jar that hold's a little more then 1/4 cup (56.8 ml) 
  • Label "Pain Reliever"
  • One Marjoram (Origanum marjorana) from France  Essential Oil
  • Pure Olive Oil (found in food store)
  • 1/4 cup (56.8 ml) light Olive oil 
  • 2 drops of pure undiluted Marjoram.
  • It should not burn the skin. If it does add more olive oil.
To tame the pain of living infections. 
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Epsom Salt Baths:
2 cups Epsom Salts in hot bath
Soak until hands prune (about twenty minutes.)

MMS Baths:
Correct amount of drops for your body. 
Pour hot bath to correct temperature for you.
Activate correct amount of drops for your body. After three minutes put in the bat and move water so it distributes, Soak on each side for a whole twenty minutes or until hands prune.


  • Large garbage bag or plastic table cloth large enough to lie on.
  • 8 ounces of certified organic cold pressed castor oil. (Drug store or health food store)
  • A smaller garbage bag to place over the pack.
  • A 12?x 6? strip of cloth from an old 100% cotton or flannel sheet or a wool fabric.
  • A heating pad.

  • To heat the oil so it will spread more easily- Turn on heating pad on high and wrap it around the castor oil bottle for 15 minutes.
  • Castor oil will stain anything it touches, so lay down your plastic bag or table cloth on bed or sofa you will lay on. 
  • Layer your fabric strips about 12?x6? to make a pad thick enough to hold the oil.  Soak the strips of cloth with the oil  placing it into a small bag until you are ready to apply.
Apple Cider Vinegar Tea
2 tsp. unpasteurized, unfiltered, organic Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 teaspoons honey in a tall cup hot water. One to three times daily will open Lymphatic pathways to allow the toxins to escape.
Pain Relief                         ***

Mycoplasma F. Pain: Inflammation Psychiatric 
Bartonella Pain:  Jaw and teeth Pain Sacrum/pelvis pain
Babesia pain:  Joint pain Sensitive hearing pain
Lyme pain: Kidney Pain- low back Sensitivity to light Pain
Abdomen Pain Liver Pain Sleep deprivation Pain
Anus pain:  Liver Pathways Spleen Pain
Bladder Pain Lung Pain Spine meninges
Gall Bladder Pain Lymph Node Pain  Spine Pain 
Bone pain Lymphatic Pathways Stomach Pain
Breast Pain Muscle Inflammation Tendon and Ligament Pain
Ear Pain Muscle Pain  Toxicity illness pain
Eyes Nerve Pain Uric Acid Pain
Feet: Burning and Bone pain Ovary Pain Vitamin&mineral Imbalance Pains
Head Aches-Pain: Pancreas Pain
Herxhiemer reaction Pains Penis/Scrotum Pain * Castor Oil Pack
Indigestion: Peripheral neuropathy * Apple Cider Vinegar Tea
* Pain Reliever * Epsom Salt Baths * MMS Baths
Mycoplasma F. Pain:
Mycoplasma  pain what feels like burning under the skin to about a dept of one inch. When it flares the burning intensifies. It can be the soles and palms, one side of the back, large patches, leg, burning area of tendons, ligaments, muscles, gums, and ear canals. Apply Pain Reliever to the area of burning to take the burning down a notch. CHIM eradicates with one package. Other eradicating agents less then one month when taken consecutively.

Bartonella Pain: 
Bartonella pain can be felt in tendons, ligaments, veins - in smooth muscles (lining of blood vessels), and ear canals. For relief applyPain Reliever . After Bartonella has been killed from the lining of the veins, within a few days after the vein will be very sore as the lining may be filled with die off and also this lining was damaged by the bacteria and must now repair and will repair in approximately six weeks.Nothing helpful for this pain. Coiling will get rid only if correct strain and frequency with daily coiling in about 12 months. CHIM with two packages. Other 

Babesia pain: 
When every inside of the teeth suddenly have intense pain, or the entire jaw  or all facial bones or any bone, such as entire rib cage. Pain can come suddenly and leave within seconds, minutes or linger for hours and then disappear. The parts and bones have excruciating intense pain within and sometimes cannot be touched ...and it then goes away for no apparent reason. (I never found any relief for it. After eradication this pain  disappeared.) Six months of daily coiling gets rid of this protoza in six months. CHIM in 28 days worth. Other Lyme pain:
Lyme is more in patches where active spirochetes, cysts and granules are. Pain can be a sudden unrelenting high level pain in one area, the large joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments, jaw, gums, ear canals, pancreas,gallbladder, liver, bowels, spleen, ovaries, testicles, penis, breasts, spine, Sacrum, brain stem, neck, around a recent injury, or any other place where they decide to settle in. Touching that spot is horrible painful. There maybe one spot about an inch deep , about four inches in diameter or less or larger area as if radiating from there. It feels excruciating like it has been badly bruised or like an open cut when it is touched. One usually has to push deep into the muscles to find a nest of what is active spirochetes. For relief apply Pain Reliever . The nerves infected with the Lyme critters cause muscles, ligaments and tendons to contract which impairs mobility.  Putting diluted cinnamon oil on the spot or tendon or ligament does give some relief. Spirochetes of Lyme, Borrelia miyamotoi, TBRF, or STARI can be eradicate with four CHIM -FLUOX. With daily coiling and correct frequency for very least 20 months. Other
Abdomen Pain;
Common cause is nematodes and constipation; both can cause blockage. Increase magnesium. to 600 mg to start with. Eradicate parasites.Get bowels moving.  Organ pain can also contribute to some abdominal pains.   Intestinal flukes (usually poor digestion present): 438.8 and 386.40 for 3 mins. each for four consecutive days. More.

Anus pain:
( Anus and urethra burning from release of too many toxins to fast. Take a break for a few days. Drink plenty of water. Slow the detoxification down taking less MMS or FLUOX.  Coiling  376 for 10 seconds daily until healed.)  Hemorroids from constipation. Stools need to be softened/ Hemorrhoid cream used. More.

Bladder Pain: 
Inflamed from potent toxins,bladder infections, kidney stones, irritation from certain foods, and many, many other causes. To check if it is an infection to take high amount of vitamin C for two to three days to clear, drinking plenty of water to flush.More.

Bone pain: 
Bone pain is usually a deep, penetrating, boring, or dull pain. In the case of Babesia and Lyme pain can be excruciating. In Lyme cases the medial tibia shaft is most always painful. Bone pain can also be caused from mineral imbalance, most especially Magnesium, Potassium and sodium or even vitamin C or D or other. Balance minerals. Epsom salt baths. More

Breast Pain: 
Burning, inflammation: Mycoplasma, Babesia, Lyme, other bacteria, fungus, and accumulated non-flushable toxins in the body. Infections will usually be only one breast: Apply Pain Reliever . Coil for the infection. Toxins both breasts: Castor oil packs until pain goes away, MMS eight  3 drop drinks for six consecutive days. One FLUOX daily for three days. Breast inflammation: 727 3 minutes each. Fibrocystic breasts. 257.51, 592.49

Ear Canal Pain: 
Caused by presence of Mycoplasma, or Lyme or Bartonella. Apply to canal walls with a Q-tip soaked with Pain Reliever
Ringing ear during eradication: Usually it is caused by fungus that is dying and is loosen or dropped. It will disappear 3 to 4 weeks after the eradication has completed. Sometimes it is present even before eradication of the fungus begins. None of the other zoonotic infections contribute to ringing in the ears.

*Red, burning usually from re-circulating toxins and symptoms. *Erratic vision, seeing double, seeing lights, dim vision, and twenty more disorders come from the presence toxins of zoonotic infections toxins in the Optic, Oculomotor nerves, including severe inflammation inn cranial nerves. -Sometimes an antihistamine in eyes is helpful or an activated charcoal to remove some toxinsor Ibuprofen to lower inflammation. 
Increased floaters during eradication- Most eye symptoms disappear after the eradication process is completed. Injuries usually heal in time.

Feet: Burning and Bone pain:
Burning feet: From Bartonella, mycoplasma, Brucella; causing relentless burning: Peppermint oil pure on the soles would give some relief.
Bone pain(various and bizarre ones) in the feet from mycoplasma, Lyme, Borrelia Recurrentis, Babesia, and Brucella; Unfortunately eradication of the infections is the only thing that will bring relief.
Burning feet to mid legs: high Uric Acid. To quickly bring relief within days. Depending of type: Uric cleanse by NAKA or for others  Cherry juice or what best for Gout. Taking up to five capsules a day to begin and slowly working down to less capsules in six days as long as you eat a diet that does not promote high uric acid. (See gout diet) Or heal the injured pancreas with  Coiling 2 minutes (20 minutes hand held) across from left side to half way on the liver. 625 twice a day for eight days. More

Gall Bladder Pain:
Right-sided chest pain below rib cage and in the back right shoulder blade. Most common pathway is narrowed by inflammation or blocked with sludge/stone preventing sludge and stones to flow out naturally. To soften stones so it can pass:  2 TBS of lecithin daily for three weeks would soften stones so they can move through. Castor oil pack for 90 minutes repeating daily until pain gone. More.
Head Pain:   More on head here.
1) Toxicity headache within..unrelenting. Too many non-flushable (neurotoxins) toxins in brain from mold ot other neurotoxins. For relief is to detoxify the non-flushables with MMS: seven 3 drop drinks for at least six days..or more. Stop all eradication during this time until it has faded away . 

2) Typical Head aches: Caused by Die off toxins... Detox, detox. detox. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea. Drinking  a few glasses of water. Having a good sleep. Placing a cold towel at the back of head. Chewing on an ice cube. Applying a cold compress that was dipped in sole (salt diluted in water.)

3)  Migrains:Head Pain/aches: Caused by too many neurotoxins and flushable toxins in cerebro fluid around the brain:Helpful: Taking two activated Charcoal with two cups of water.   Taking a 4 drop drink of MMS  and repeating the next hour. Taking a 6 drop drink in tall cup of zeolite or ZNatural. 
Applying Ylang Ylang essential oil on all soles of feet or center large toe or Heichrysum essential oil on migrain point of big toe.or Pure Wild Oregano oil (Origanum vulgare minutiflorum)- 2 drops under tongue.  or Anise (pimpinella anisium L.) essential oil: Putting 3 drops in steaming water and taking it away from stove inhale 3 times deeply and slowly.  Or pure peppermint essential oil.    2 capsules Celery seed and dandelion capsules. Curcumin or Boswellia  Serrata or CURAMED 750, White willow bark.  Migraine 625 for for 2 minutes once daily. NOT all together!4) Head Pressure: The head pressure most always comes from brain inflammation. Ibuprofen brings down the inflammation. 

5) Meninges Lyme Headache: 
When scalp is sore and feels bruised. It begins in patches, then to  whole  areas on the head,  progressing to the entire head feeling bruised. It gives a dulling of brain type headache with no relief night or day. Even a full night sleep does not change its level. Headache goes on for long periods..weeks at a time under a brain fog.  Sometimes feels like something is leaking in the head. It is an inflamed meninges, the lining  of bonnet that encloses the brain. When you touch the scalp it feels mushy under skin. Helpful: Ibuprofen until the meninges is no longer inflamed and then every time it begins in a patch on scalp to stop it before full meninges inflammation develops.   Alternatively: For 20 days Coiling once a day with 444 for no more then one minute all around the head and top. Hand held for running 444 for 20 minutes once daily for 20 days. Herxhiemer reaction
Causes an increase in all symptoms and increases the level of pain. This "sick" symptoms disappear once the die off toxins clear. If you are concerned on a symptom then stop eradication agent for up to ten  days to see if it will disappear.  If it does, this may be indication you are not clearing die off. Adjust the amount of die off you are creating and clear herxe's before taking eradication agent. 

Food won't go down, keeps retuning undigested.Could be flukes need eradication. Could be lack of digestive enzymes. To repair function of pancreas: 650 once a day for eleven consecutive days. Going from extreme left to half way across liver.Coil 3 min other 20mins. More.

Of most areas of the body.

Jaw, Gums, and teeth: 
Spirochetes in the gums- Rubbing the  Pain Reliever on them seems to lower the spirochete infection.  Injured tooth or when a tooth gets pulled spirochetes will swarm to it ( Pain Reliever ). This is not the time to to get dental work done. Sore within teeth after fungus eradication: Inflammation within roots- Swish month with 7 activated drops MMS twice daily for seven days (also strengthens loose teeth.  See Babesia pain
Sudden pain in jaw or anywhere else in bones comes from Babesia in the cranial nerves. Also spirochetes in area.
The muscle/joint pain in jaw from presence of Mycoplasma F. Once all zoonotics have been eradicated these pains will disappear, also.

The burning of mycoplasma, Lyme pain of spirochetes activity and presence of cyst form in tender tendon lumps around the large joints, burning aching of inflammation. This throbbing on tendons can sometimes be helped with Pain Reliever . Coiling with 655 can sometimes get at the zoonotics. Odd times relief with a topical analgesic creams. Also see High Uric Acid.

KIDNEY's Low back Pain:
Can be only one side or bothCaused by the kidneys radiating pain. Pain can be from Lyme, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Borrelia Recurrentis,Treponemas, Brucella, Babesia, and other zoonotic infections present in the kidney or adrenal or damage they left behind. Applying Pain Reliever is helpful when live infection caused. Or, RIFING the kidney with frequencies of your particular infection until the infection is eradicated from the area.
To repair injured kidney from one of the infections or from High uric acid: 243.2 for 16 consecutive days. 3 mins with coil. Other 20 minutes.
Kidney stone: Excruciating pain when it is stuck. Then out of nowhere when it begins to pass, flushing, rubbery legs, both flank and front abdominal cramp or pain and change in blood pressure. Eating lemons will dissolve enough so it can pass.More.

LIVER  Right side Ribs: 
Front and side and right lower back. Burning pain. From toxins, infections, blocked pathways, inflamed organ, and Liver flukes. For a Toxin saturated liver, blocked pathways from inflammation or cysts..soreness: Applying a Castor oil pack for 90 minutes daily until the pain is no longer present.
An infection in the liver such as Babesia, Bartonella, Rickettsia's, and viruses. They need to be eradicated with an agent that can eradicate unknown infections.
Injured liver needs supportive frequencies to heal: 397 for 12 minutes all around or 10 minutes on full body machine. 
Swollen liver: 311.12 for 2 minutes.for 5 consecutive days or 20 mins of full body RIFE.
Liver repair: 478.50  4 mins for 10 consecutive days. 60 mins with full body machine.
Liver flukes need to be eradicated.  645.25 and 478.50 2 minutes each  1 X a day for 9 consecutive days. More.Liver Pathways blocked from accumulation of die off sludge causing toxin pain and flu like symptoms: 2000 mg Vitamin C
Liver Pathways blocked from cysts or stones causing pain, trapping toxins in Castor oil packs until pain goes away. A cysts needs approximately six consecutive days before it clears.  More. LUNGS - Right left or both back, sides and front Ribs. 
Babesia, Lyme, borrelia Miyamotoi, Brucella, Powassan virus, most zoonotic viruses, Mycoplasma Pneumonia, many of the fungi, some lung parasites and lung flukes.  For the infections to use an eradicating agent that needs no name and can kill all of these infections. Or, try coiling each infection individually with correct frequency.
Lung flukes:  560.2 and 423 and 519.34 : 3 minutes each  2 X a day for 11 consecutive days. 
Lung congestion: 450 More.

Lymph Nodes - enlarged and painful: 
Applying Pain Reliever Or, Massage node with Castor oil then applying a heating pad for 20 minutes. Also drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar be helpful. Drinking a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of  unpasteurized, unfiltered, organic Apple Cider Vinegar and honey three to four times a day. More.

Lymphatic Pathways blocked causing toxin pain and flu like symptoms: Drinking  Apple cider vinegar  one to three times daily will open pathways to allow the toxins to escape. More.Muscle inflammation: 
sometimes causes weakness instead of pain. Muscle inflammation can cause pain and tenderness, swelling, warmth, and impairment of function, causing muscle weakness  because not enough blood is flowing to the muscles. Helpful: Walking or movement. more

    Muscle Pain: 
    Muscle pain can involve ligaments, tendons, fascia, soft tissues that connect muscles, bones, and organs, as well as some smooth muscles. Myalgia Pain may be rigidity, strains, sprains, ruptures, bruises, cuts, crushing injuries, spasms, Charley horse's, cramps, stiffness, weakness, Myofascial pain, sensitive points, trigger points, tender points and inflammation. Muscle pain may be dull, aching, cramping, mild or severe, local or diffused, tender, burning, raw. Muscle pain is often less intense than that of bone pain but can be very uncomfortable. Bone pain is usually a deep, penetrating, boring, or dull pain as well as tendon pain. Painful muscles are not always inflamed.  Common Causes of muscle pain: Zoonotic diseases, damages from zoonotic infection, Parasites, bacteria's, viruses, and protozoans. Drugs, chemicals, and vaccination toxins. Deficiencies in vitamin C and B-complex, electrolyte deficiencies (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium) and other. Fibromyalgia, Infection in the blood, tension or stress, Injury or trauma including sprains and strains, Overuse, also certain drugs, ACE inhibitors,  Statins, other diseases, antibiotics, cholesterol lowering agents, diuretics, amphetamines, cocaine, narcotics and poisons of insect or spider bites. Certain medical conditions may cause muscle cramps, as well as long hours of physical work in hot weather and some medications. Lack of sleep. Identify cause and eliminate that stressor. Helpful: Epsom salt baths.more
In zoonotic infections: Muscle get triggered by excess toxins on nerves, bacteria activity within, nerve damage, and excessive non-flushable toxins. These manifest spasms, Charlie horses, contract muscles that nothing can relax,lasting up to twenty-four hours, aching muscles as if they have been overworked, knots, trigger points, and so on.  Muscle Enzymes, trigger by the zoonotic injuries, are at high level also contribute to muscular pain.
Also, sudden weak muscles that just take much effort to walk or move caused often by tight muscles creating poor circulation, inflamed nerves sending wrong messages, inflamed cranial nerve and inflamed brain.This one does not hurt except when loss of control causes injuries. It does not hurt but it having to use the upper muscles to haul yourself around is difficult as well as concerning.  Remove the causes.Helpful to relieve this pain: Eradicate zoonotic infections, Parasites, Tape worms, balance vitamins and minerals : For relief; in areas Pain Reliever . Keeping minerals balanced is helpful for normal wear and tear, but it does not over-rule the bacteria's or toxins which require to be eradicated and detoxified daily. Epsom salt baths. Walking daily for an average of thirty minutes, when possible.          RIFE Frequencies until relief is felt: Ligaments: 418.05 for 3mins. Tendons (relentless burning) 363.35. for 3mins.  Spasms: 519.34 for 3 mins. Back spasms 727. Tense muscles 760. Muscle cramp 748. for three minutes with the Coil and 25 minutes with full body machines.     Other: Dr.Ho muscle machine.   Massage is soothing at the time but does not "hold".
Nerve pain (Neuralgia, Neuropathy, Neuritis):
Spinal cord conveys signals from the brain to the nerves throughout the body. 31 pairs of spinal nerves exit the spinal cord through openings between the vertebrae and then branches out into the peripheral nervous system to control different parts of the body. Nerve Pain is commonly due to the nerve being trapped, damaged, compressed, or pinched, which happens when the arms or legs are severely inflamed. Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, Borrelia myomotoi, Borrelia Recurrentis, and Brucella have  the ability to affect the nerves in our body due to the neurotoxins automatically attracted to the nerves. Spirochetes going into the nerves and damaging nerves and then damaged nerves trigger spasms. As well, the spirochetes, the Babesia and Bartonella are most always found in the brain-stem. Spirochetes use the spinal fluid as a pathway to infect other parts of the body. Their presence in the fluid has great ability to be disruptive to any of the nerves it touches. They come out of tail bone or sacrum area to infect lower body, and as they do injure nerves. Babesia has also been found in the spine. Damage can occur to cranial nerves and brain and spinal cord as well as wherever they infect such as a hip a shoulder blade, in the tendons of elbows and knees, nerves in sacrum area and so on.  It can also occur in the peripheral nerves, which are located throughout the rest of your body. Everyone with these zoonotic infections will have some damaged nerves. These nerves can be healed with TIME..long time... or RIFE frequency 397 ongoing once to twice a day until the nerves no longer trigger the muscles it controls. moreOvary pain:
Often caused by spirochetes within. 655 will eventually eradicate them. It usually is only one side. And the ovarian cysts are also only one side.    Cysts: 440.15 for 3 mins.twice a day  for three days.

Pancreas Pain:
Deep within pain in upper abdomen pain that radiates from right to stomach to mid back and sometimes causes pain in left shoulder. From constant dull ache to excruciating. Often caused by presence of spirochetes doing their evil deeds. Pain Reliever would be helpful to apply from center liver across to extreme left side. Coiling 655. When pain caused by other then infections Castor oil packs 90 minutes.
P. Flukes: 451.04 for 4 mins along length of pancreas and 524 for 3 mins once daily for eight consecutive days.More.Penis/Scrotum
Lyme, borrelia Miyomotoi,and Brucella spirochetes, Bartonella,Treponemas,Tularemia, and Mycoplasma attack the area causing a feeling of such excruciating pain as to want to rip it off. (As one described, "like non stop static electricity".) Applying Pain Reliever is helpful. Coiling with 655. Some find relief from Tularemia with Preparation H applied to the area. 

Peripheral neuropathy:
This is ugly haunting pain radiating from the spine to limbs which shows up when laying down and throbs both arms and hands and legs and feet, sometimes so intently as to feel the heart beating in them. To relieve some pain: Getting up and walking around will give some relief. The essential oil Vetivert diluted and put along the spine does abate the peripheral neuropathy pain.  more

Psychiatric disorders 
 Lyme disease can mimic any psychiatric disorder. Bartonella toxins are another that spawns  psychiatric symptoms from depression to rage to anxiety and many more. All can cause emotional pain and distress when the symptoms seem to fly out of nowhere. The symptoms are at different levels as it reacts to level of venoms of the infection  that is present. For some the depression is always there. Detoxification of both flushable and non-flushable toxins is the only thing that makes these symptoms ease up. Of course eradication of the venomous infections will eliminate them after the fat cell detoxification has been completed after eradication.  
Sacrum/pelvis pain:
This insidious sacrum pain caused by the presence of Lyme, borrelia Miyomotoi, Borrelia Recurrentis,Treponemas,and Brucella  cysts, granules and active spirochetes  where they exit when they have traveled down from the spine to go infect other parts of the body. There will be much damages to nerves, ligaments, tendons incurred the longer they are in the body. Die off toxins increase this pain. Standing in one spot is terribly painful, so best to move, walk or sit. Bending is next to impossible. Relief comes after eradication and after the damages have healed. Pain Reliever
Dr. Ho, Coiling....The hot bats...    Castor oil packs can give relief.

Sensitive hearing: (hyperacuses) 
EXTREME sensitivity that goes up to do different levels on different days and is highly irritating to the point of triggering rage. It slowly irritates and then suddenly is just too much for a sick human to handle. This sensitivity is toxin triggered by the type of venom of Lyme, Bartonella, STARI,  Borrelia Recurrentis and fungus  that each produce. During eradication the release of their toxins is huge and thereby the pain of  noise sensitivity is much worse.  Ear plugs. Curling away in a quiet corner of the basement.

Sensitivity to light: 
Caused by cranial nerve inflammation. Any amount of light can hurt the eyes. It feels sharp. Wearing dark glasses is helpful as well detoxing the non-flushable toxins and eradicating the Bartonella,and  lyme. See migraines

Sleep deprivation: 
Toxins of the infection can cause a person the inability to go into deep sleep, or insomnia, or the pain keeps one from sleeping. Lack of restorative sleep causes all pains to be felt at a higher level. None of the classic natural sleep aids, essential oils, medications or hypnotism, or habits are helpful as this is being caused directly by toxins. Helpful is to sleep in a pitch dark very quite cool  room. Sleep whenever you can as often as possible. Lower your expectations to lower your frustration level.Accept you are sick and will eradicate infections causing delicious sleep once they are no longer in your body. More

SPLEEN Left lower side rib pain: 
Spleen sometimes is overwhelmed with zoonotic infections and their toxins. Applying a sixty to 90 minute Castor Oil Packs will remove a load of toxins. Using daily until the pain is gone. More.
* Applying Pain Relief for killing infections within or RIFE of correct infection within.
* Taking Red root to stimulate fluid drainage from congested spleen.

Spine Meninges: 
This is a constant burning of the spine. Pain Reliever is helpful along the spine. 428 for 3 minutes for 13 consecutive days. Or,  Hand held machine for 30 minutes for 13 consecutive days.

Spine pain 
caused by spirochetes traveling down the spine causing pain to radiate from spine.Pain Reliever put on length of spine. Or, Coiling the length of spine daily with 655 keeps that particular pain down.Stomach Pain: More.
Most often caused by unhealthy mucosa caused from ingesting things that hurt it ; such as drugs, herbs, and support products and anything else that causes negative interactions with each other or have side effects or have been taken longer then recommended. Constant burning stomach may be :  H.Pylori thrives in hydrochloric acid and needs to be eradicated with cabbage: Taking 1 ½ cup cooked boiled juice of cabbage for 18 days twice a day.       Upset stomach, poor digestion: Pancreatic, liver, or intestinal flukes. (not pain)     Unable to digest: See pancreas not producing enzymes. Taking Papain digestive enzymes with every meal until the pancreas repaired. See indigestion. Tendon Pain (Tendonitis):
A tendon is a fibrous structure that connects muscles to bone. Tendonitis is characterized by pain, inflammation and swelling in this structure. The most common areas afflicted by tendonitis are the shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee, heel and ankle. Tendons of the large joints are most often infested with lyme. Some relief with Pain Reliever . Coiling with a frequency for your type of Lyme. Castor Oil pack.  moreToxicity illness: 
Using a reasonable amount of an eradication agent once that causes a huge reaction, healing crisis, in short, a herx from hell. Burning pain throughout the body.feeling being poisoned.Pain in organs. Nerves burning or acting up with spasms, twitches, etc., Brain fog - brain impairments.Migraines, Inflammation, Muscle and joint soreness, dysfunction  of glands, fatigue means the body is overloaded with non-flushable toxins. This only becomes worse if the load is not removed to the point of not being able to do eradication for a few years or other serious illness takes hold. Neurotoxins need to be released.

Uric Acid: 
Burning pain in feet to halfway to knees that wakes you up at night, upper back, joint pain in knuckles, unrelenting pain that gets more as the days go by, stiff joints, tender tendon lumps around the large joints. This pain sneaks in amongst all the symptoms and to mimic Mycoplasma. It is from  high uric acid content, crystals circulating in the blood.  Helpful is using Uric acid cleanse by NAKA....Careful what is eaten. Repairing the pancreas 625 for 3 mins for nine consecutive days. more

Vitamin and mineral Imbalances:
Check lack of Magnesium, potassium, sodium and also research overdose of all vitamins and minerals you are taking.

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