Some Physical Pains of 
Lyme and Co-Infections
(Neuroborreliosis, Neurological Lyme, Neuro Lyme, Lyme Encephalopathy)
- Agonizing, crushing, cutting, intense, excruciating, extreme, nauseating, unbearable pain.
- Unrelenting, persistent, constant, intense pain. 
- Annoying relentless pain 
- Relentless gnawing pain. 
- Relentless pins and needles. 
- Burning, searing, stinging, biting, feels like ripped, sun burnt, scraped or scorched skin.
- Burning pain in a single muscle, a tendon, a ligament, a bone, or in spine
- Contractions, spasms, cramping pain. 
- Creepy, tingling, steady.
- Deep aches, aching, dull ache, dull nagging
- Extreme sensitivity
- Freezing, icy pain, icy cold pain, stinging.
- Hurting, miserable, awful, flu like, crawling pain
- Itchy, prickly.
- Jolting sickening pain, unbearable 
- Feels like an over stretched muscle, bruised
- Pressure, pushing, tight pain
- Pulling, creepy crawly, tugging, or gnawing 
- Sharp, axed like, as a broken bone on side of the joint.
- Shooting pains, sudden jabs, electric shock like sensation
- Stiffness pain, creaky pain
- Tenderness to touch, tender
- Throbbing pain
- Feels like tooth ache pain 
- Jolts, thumbs, shocks
- Aggravating numbness 
.... there are more.

In chronic Lyme and co infections there is some sort of pain most always present whether active or dormant. Dormant meaning no pain is being felt as the pain is presently asleep, yet, touching the Lyme infected body in the limbs such as the muscles, around joints, or pressing on most bones there will always be pain. There is stress upon the body most of the time as it tries to cope with what is at hand.

The pain in the body is migratory- first an elbow will hurt, then over time this may lessen and the knee or neck acts up, and later the joints calm down but headaches show up. This can happen quickly as within a day and then others it is in a matter of months or even hours

For the skeptics reading this, I can tell you that I have experienced all of the above and many all at one time.

Note: Some people with Chronic Lyme and co infections experience lesser pain. I know, from experience, the longer the bacteria's live in the body the more damage they cause. Peripheral neuropathy develops and the bacteria's spread to invade more smooth muscles, cardiac and muscular tissues.I had much, much less pain the first two years and progressed to much, much, much more pain 15 years thereafter.

Note 2013: First month and a half of recovery: The pain left over is from the damage caused by the spirochetes, Bartonella, and Babesia. The peripheral nerves were damaged. The eye nerves. The brain is not sore, but it feels different and not right yet.The arm and knee and pelvis joints, tendons and ligaments were still inflamed and are still becoming very sore. They still get inflamed from use. The toes and fingers are recovering slowly from the numbness. Recovery

Four months after the eradication: Now that I can see the trees from the forest...I have identified high Uric acid that comes and goes. It too, over the years has caused pain. 
I recently got a virus which triggered the peripheral neuropathy. This disorder I can now see started when I became infected 15 years ago and maybe became a disorder about four years after the infections started. It has been at high levels and lower ones during the years in infection. I am  guessing the nervous system was damaged by the inflammation and the infections and am working on promoting healing of the nervous system. 

Seven months after eradication: I get pain only in the unhealed tail bone sacrum area and right behind and thigh when it spasms from walking or turning around in my sleep. The tendons, ligaments and muscles get triggered for little reason, other then from the damage that was caused by spirochete and Bartonella infection damages. It is healing SLOWLY.

Making Zoonotic "Pain Reliever" for applying on skin. 
  • One dropper.
  • A small jar that hold's a little more then 1/4 cup (56.8 ml) 
  • Label "PainReliever"
  • One Pure Sri Lankan Cinnamomum verum leaf Essential Oil
  • Pure Olive Oil (found in food store)
  • 1/4 cup (56.8 ml) light Olive oil 
  • 2 drops of pure undiluted Cinnamomum oil.
  • It should not burn the skin. If it does add more olive oil.
To tame the burning 
of Mycoplasma or Bartonella or Lyme 
with "PainReliever"
Put some on the active Mycoplasma burning area and on the tendons, ligaments or veins of Bartonella,or anywhere you feel is caused by a zoonotic infection.
Put some in a sore ear, on lyme infected gums, on a painful spleen.

Note: There are many types of cinnamon trees and artificial cinnamon. Only Sri Lankan Cinnamomum verum leaf  will work for this. If you discover another, let me know.

Pain Relief

Back pain
Bartonella Pain
Burning feet
Head meninges
Jaw and teeth
Left lower rib pain:
Lymph Nodes
Lyme headaches and migraines
Lyme pain
Muscle Pain
Mycoplasma F. Pain:
Peripheral neuropathy
Sacrum/pelvis pain
Uric Acid

Zoonotic "Pain Reliever"

Mycoplasma F. Pain:
Feels like burning under the skin to about a dept of one inch. When it flares the burning intensifies. It can be the soles and palms, one side of the back, large patches, leg or anywhere where in the body. For relief I have used Sri Lanka cinnamonun verum. See recipe to dilute here.. Then applied to the area of burning. That seems to take it down a few notches. Or, Coiling all over the burning area for three minutes will give immediate relief.

Left lower rib pain: Spleen sometimes is invaded with spirochetes. Applying cinnamon Pain Relief Oil on spleen once a day, or more.
Lyme pain:
Lyme is more in smaller patches on the areas where the Bb bacteria are in the body. It can be a sudden unrelenting high level pain in the tendons, muscles, ligaments, pancreas, spleen, ovaries, testicles, penis, intestines, breasts, spine, or any other place where they decide to settle in. Touching that spot, if you can reach it, can be about  four inches in diameter or less or larger area as if radiating from a small point,  feels excruciating like it has been badly bruised or like an open cut when it is touched. One usually has to push deep into the muscles to find the nest of active Bb's to know where to coil. The ligaments and tendons infected with the Bb cause muscles to contract, feel hot, impairs mobility.
Putting diluted cinnamon oil on the spot or tendon or ligament does give some relief. 
Or, coiling that spot for three minutes give's  complete relief most of the time. Spirochetes reawaken about every three to four days. After repeated application of the coil on that area the Coiling dwindles the bacterial population until it is all eradicated  from that area. Around joints, brain stem are their favorite places.

Bartonella Pain: 
This one is a wicked mixture of pain in the area the Bartonella is present. It is found in some muscles, tendons, ligaments, in smooth muscles, and most especially in the lining of blood vessels. For relief of the pain is to apply 2 drops of Cinnamon or Marjoram in 1.5 oz..(50ml.) of olive oil.
Coiling is not instant relief, but it subsides in a few days. Bartonella flares with no rhythm to it.
After Bartonella has been killed in the lining of the veins, in a few days the vein will be very sore as the lining may be filled with die off and also this lining was damaged by the bacteria and must now heal.

Lymph Nodes -
that are enlarged and painful:  Applying a heating pad after massaging the spot with castor oil,  can help relieve the pain and possibly lessen the swelling. or applying Pain Relief dilute cinnamon oil .   And Honey:  Drinking a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of honey could be helpful. Apple Cider Vinegar: – drinking two to three Tsp. of  vinegar with honey  in a cup of water three to four times a day could help the pain and swelling.

Muscle Pain:
Muscle get triggered by excess toxins on nerves and bacteria activity, most especially the spirochetes. These manifest spasms, Charlie horses, contract muscles that nothing can relax and can last up to twenty-four hours,  aching muscles as if they have been overworked, knots, trigger points and so on. 
Also, sudden weak muscles that just take much effort to walk or move caused often by tight muscles creating poor circulation, inflamed nerves sending wrong messages, inflamed cranial nerve and inflamed brain.This one does not hurt except when loss of control causes injuries. It does not hurt but it having to use the upper muscles to haul yourself around is difficult as well as concerning.

Keeping my minerals balanced is helpful for normal wear and tear,  but it does not over rule the bacteria's or toxins which require detoxification and coiling to eradicate the culprits. 
For relief; I identify which muscle by dowsing my list of muscles and when I find which ones have high energy,  I Coil each for three minutes and get instant relief... but not if there is also active bacteria's present in the muscle,  then that also must be coiled with the specific zoonotic frequency.
Sometimes what feels like muscle pain is actually tendons or the ligament and then those specific frequencies will give instant relief in two minutes with the coil.

I have used Tens, Dr.Ho and pulsers and have sometimes gained relief, at least it feels better while using these. 
If it is only the muscle (zoonotic free) then topical analgesic creams are helpful for some relief, but 99% of the time it does nothing.

Massage also helped for muscles, but, it becomes very expensive as the muscles are constantly being triggered and the massages would not "hold" as it had done prior Lyme infection..

The burning of mycoplasma, Lyme pain, burning aching of inflammation, intense unrelenting pain of uric acid (gout), stiff joints, tender lumps around the large joints and sometime little joints. This trobbing can sometimes be helped with topical analgesic creams. Coiling with 655 can sometimes get at the zoonotics. Diluted cinnamon essential oil is helpful.
Now I can tell you that once Lyme is no longer present the lumps (swollen tendons) around the knees and elbows disappear slowly and what I thought were deformed elbows and knees must have been inflammation from the Lyme infestation around them.

Jaw and teeth: 
Babesia pain and also Lyme:  when every inside of the teeth suddenly have intense pain, in the jaw, gums, any bone, such as entire rib cage.. the part cannot be touched for the excruciating intense pain and it then goes away for no apparent reason. That one comes and goes quite fast. Sometimes seconds, minutes hours. Never found any relief for it.
The spirochetes in the gums can feel or be a tooth ache or decay..for days on end of relentless pain. Rubbing the diluted Cinnamon oil on them seems to remove gum infection.

Head meninges inflamation..like a skull cap. Hot pain, relentless, night and day pain that lasts for weeks known as Lyme headache. Touching the scalp is sensitive. When it starts  it is just patches on the skull that feels as if it had been badly bruised. 
I found relief with Ibuprofen, most especially if it can be stopped when still in patches on the skull, otherwise it develops all over the head.  It took me many years to discover this relief or what it was, etc. Anise Oil is helpful to apply base of skull, liver and under big toe.

Lyme headaches and migraines
Sometimes EFT tapping helps
Anise Oil is helpful

Burning feet:
Relentless burning; Marjoram,  cinnamon oil, or wintergreen oil diluted in olive oil as well as coiling for either Lyme or mycoplasma or both will give some relief or not if peripheral neuropathy. It may also be something to do with nerves, messages from much higher up.

Back pain caused by spirochetes traveling down the spine causing pain to radiate from spine. I found coiling the spine, daily, keeps that particular pain away.
Cinnamon Oil diluted put on length of spine.

Sacrum/pelvis pain:
This excruciating pain is relieved somewhat with twice a day coiling of whichever bacteria's are present (spirochetes) in that area which for me is Mycoplasma burning and Lyme insidious pain and it seems the herxhiemer toxins insist on getting trapped there in the big muscles, also.
Epsom salt baths. MMS baths. Castor oil packs.

Peripheral neuropathy:
An ugly haunting  pain that shows up when laying down and throbs both arms and hands and legs and feet..You can see the heart beating in them. To relieve..All I found was to get up to get some relief.  The essential oil for this is Vetivert diluted and put along the spine.
See peripheral neuropathy disorder

Lyme spirochetes attacking the area causing a feeling of such excruciating pain as to want to rip it off. (like non stop static electricity)
Preparation H applied to the area.

Uric Acid: Another pain that sneaks in amongst all the symptoms and to mimic Mycoplasma is high uric acid content (gout). Helpful is using Uric acid cleanse by NAKA for a week or less. See Gout
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