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** If only one person can learn something from my experience and can eliminate their Lyme and co-infections, than all this writing will have been worth it.

The following was taken from the various "symptoms lists" that I would write out to help MD's figure out what had afflicted me. I had thought that it would help them to make a diagnosis so I could get treatment and thus could resume my healthy life. Unfortunately my efforts of writing them down were repeatedly rejected. The MD's I dealt with, did not want to deal with more than one or three symptoms at one visit because of their five minute per client schedules. Maybe now these notes can help someone else identify with this infection and can quickly get treatment before Lyme disease puts you in disability or poverty. 

Final update. 
September 2013- 6 months into recovery or for easier reading see below most all symptoms I experienced 
Toes to Hips Fingers to Shoulders Spine to Neck Head Area Breasts- Bones
Bladder to Lungs Sleep-Temp Balance to Pulse Brain Fog Cognitive
(Note that all of these symptoms may, or may not, be Lyme Disease symptoms.. but, they all occurred since this windfall of weird symptoms started) As well, I did not include all symptoms that occurred, as, most were taken from the notes I kept when I was expecting a diagnosis from MD's.)
Most all symptoms waxed and waned and some stayed a few years and then rarely showed up again.
Since 1997, constant pain of varying types and levels in the muscles, joints, and bones, as if they've been injured. It started suddenly upon getting out of bed one morning in late June of' 97. The entire both feet felt as if they had been beaten, bruised and had broken bones inside of them. Trying to walk on them was unbearable. Walking on the side of the foot seemed better. About fifteen minutes later I could gingerly walk on them  and after awhile they were somewhat better and I could go to work. Only the underneath muscles continued to be sore when walking. (A good year later this was diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis.)Now I doubt it was that.

-The top, sides, various  areas, patches, inside the muscles, ligaments and bones and entire foot has pain;from burning, feeling of pulled muscles, bruised muscles, bruised boned, broken bones. Sometimes the soles of the feet feel like I am walking on broken glass or broken bones. This is where the first chronic body pain started from. 

- Most of the time the feet burn (similar to how  hands or knees that have been scraped from falling on the sidewalk and have sand embedded in them.) This particular pain and the burning are always in both feet at the same time. 

- I have had one or two toes that suddenly hurt like gout pain (and interestingly have had the exact same digit finger(s) as the painful toe(s) be as extremely sensitive to touch with that same gout type pain lasting for days and other times only hours.)

- In the past eight years or so when laying on my back in bed and the blankets touch the toes or feet it creates a sharp burning pain within the foot and yet the outside of the toes kinda go numb. 

- I get points on the feet, as well as any other place on the body, (similar to an accupressure point that is sore, but isn't an accupressure point.) that when I happen to touch it can be shocking with a extreme high level of pain.

- For a few years, most every day, I have had an intermittent sharp pain, as if a broken bone in the bone above the arch and sometimes in both feet at exact same place. It can prevent walking, until it resolves. It happens whether I am laying down or standing. (Now just occasionally.)Feb.2010 have not had this in the feet since about Dec.2008.Sept 2012 have re experienced this a few times when Herxing. Now Gone

- After the herniated disk, or whatever the excruciating spine pain was, the right foot was very lazy and it was as if I had to train my brain to make it do what I wanted it to do. I could be walking slowly and gently and land completely on the side of my foot. It does not do this any longer, but both feet can become suddenly lazy and cause trips as they do not respond as normal.Feb.2010 Still have lazy responding feet. (2014 Hindsight it was the infection in the spine/nerves)

June,'97 getting up out of bed one morning, I fell to the floor because both legs went dead. It lasted less than a minute. It was from that point on that the feet and legs became  very painful. 2012 This never happened again..

- Starting in '97 the calf muscle would tighten hard and remain in the constricted state sometimes for more than twelve hours even after having slept all night. (It was difficult to fall asleep. At the time I had a job that required many miles of walking every day) To relax the muscles I tried different massage therapists and they were unable to release them, nor could hot and cold compresses. It was very weird. I had been in the habit of having full body massages at the end of the month after my deadlines had been met and my massage therapist had started wondering what had changed as now he found my muscles were no longer releasing with the ease they had done in in previous years.)  After a few years or so the constricted locked leg muscles they stopped doing that. I rarely ever experience that now.Sept 2012 this once recently for only a few hours. 2013 Gone
- '97July. A strange type of burning, radiating, difficult to describe pain, started in the legs and was there night and day. Sometimes it fades away for a bit, but it is always there. No aspirin, any other acetylsalicylic acid,nor did pain killers even touch that pain. This strange pain is in the entire of both feet and legs, up to including the knees. 2014 Gone

- That same year, actually when those muscles were constricted and also when they weren't, my legs started this weird feelings that they wanted to move. This annoying leg movement was mostly always there, night and day, for at least four years or more and now only reactivates once in a while for unknown reasons. Later, in my research  I discovered that this was common and it even had a name of Restless Leg Syndrome.Feb.2010. No longer steady. Just odd times.Gone

- Fluid in the legs started accumulating. The legs felt hot as if feverish.   (Eventually that fluid built up to into the lungs and at that point above the ankles I could move the fluid under the skin as if it were a sponge.. a good half inch deep, if not more. This edema became a severe problem by 2001.) That stopped after Homeopathic treatment May 2001.Feb.2010 Fluid retention started again but only during herx or summer heat. 

- The long bone on the front of the legs is excruciatingly sore if it is touched with any pressure. It is as if it is bruised and has never healed. (Actually most bones feel bruised).Gone
- Very suddenly, for no rhyme nor reason just one muscles or one ligament, its whole length, can suddenly get tight or painful. It remains tight or/and painful for a day or weeks. Heat, cold, or massages do not relieve them. It is perplexing. (2014 That was Lyme related. Wherever I had had what I called Lyme attacks (sudden pain for months..years in one area.)These areas were left damaged. They are healing.)

- Once, I could feel this weird sensation on the back of my right leg just above the ankle so I finally investigated and a vein, fairly large was having contractions causing a the vibration or wiggle.This  was causing a tickling feeling and so the reason I investigated.  I had never seen the likes and have never experienced that again.  Since at that early time I was very concerned about the leg problems and I thought it would help my doctor if I gave her this added new symptom which resulted in her giving me an "are you crazy" look! Well, that just caused her to put a check mark in the "hypochondriac" column or the "nuts" column!  (At that point in time I was still in the stage of thinking a medical doctor could figure out what was happening to my body) - I still sometimes have tickles behind the leg as if something is leaking and I have never figured out what causes that..Gone

- I had a spell (months) where both legs would be asleep after waking from a nights sleep or just one from sitting for awhile. Gone
- I get sudden Charlie horses in legs, toes, arms, back, and fingers. For a spell I would get awakened with both legs at the same time in charlie horse spasms and be unable to get up. It is a wretched pain that instantly makes me yelp and act insane, but when it is both legs .. just have to live through the episode.).Gone

Knees: 1997 the knee and hip joints would suddenly unlock when in motion and caused me to fall. Today the knees sometimes fail to lock or gets a very sharp sudden pain in them. It happens just in spells of days or weeks and then goes dormant again.Feb.2010 rarely if ever, Gone

- From 1997 to 2004 I had numerous falls on my knees and they started swelling and feverish in 2001.(That was the lyme arthritis that developed three to four years after the rash.)  Once I had a deep cut from one of the falls that remained unhealed for over six months when I fell again and it broke the scab off, bled well and finally healed itself.
- Maybe in 2001, or later, my knees started becoming inflammed, were in excruciating pain, and always with a fever in them. (As well at the same time the joints in the elbows) The knee inflammation and heat in them began to fade away in about 2005 or so.  It has left the elbow and knee joints deformed. (Diagnosed as arthritis)(Now I know it was Lyme arthritis) Sept 2012 The deformity remains, but the joints don't throb. The ligaments around the elbow hurt when touched. the knees have spells of burning and what I do is coil them as when I dowse it tells me that Lyme or Mycoplasma is active  in them. It is never only one knee. Except for still a few remaining unhealed tendons and ligaments around elbow , all knee and elbow joint symptoms gone.

- For a long time if my legs (maybe if I moved during my sleep it was as if the bone in the knee joint had  broken and I would awaken by my own scream. It felt like someone had cut the inside knee joint bones with an ax.  I then had to hold the knee or try to change position or cushion them with pillows so they would not move. It cut deep in the inside of the in side knee joint. It would happen to only one or sometimes both at the same time. If I moved them it would just cut deep like a broken bone. It still happens, but only once in a while as to compare to many times it would happen during the sleep, as well as daytime also. Recently, as I check these notes, it has been creating this pain on the left side of the knee.
Sept.2013 Gone
- An odd thing that happens is it is as if something slips or and gets caught in the knee mechanics and as if the knee could dislocate itself. Still happens unexpectedly for no reason and when I least expect it. 
- '99 or 2000-Since I kept falling I reluctantly chose to give up playing baseball, volleyball, and hiking up mountains.. because I could not trust my legs any longer and much was happening to decrease my stamina.Sept.2013 Gone

There is no incessant burn in the thighs as what is in legs and arms. There are times when there are "deadish" spots/areas as if no feeling in it, or as if someone is pressing hard on them, or that some paper is rubbing against it. In recent years I have been having Charlie Horses in them. Gone (During eradication I discover there were Bb cysts in them)
There was one stage, after 1999, where all the joints from feet to hips would suddenly seize up. I felt rigid and getting up from sitting position required that I slowly push myself up with arms and then straighten myself up slowly. I could only move slowly. After I'd move for awhile it would disappear completely and then very suddenly turn ridged again for absolutely no rhyme nor reason! This went on for months or a few years... and eventually that stopped.( I continuously pushed myself to keep mobile as I felt if I didn't that I would permanently seize up. I had always believed in physical activity and led the aged in a twenty minutes exercise program daily for over six years and so in 1999 when they brought my computer in the house I had purposely put it downstairs so I would have to go up and down, whether I felt like it or not.  During those episodes of ridgedness it would take me a long time to go up and down those stairs, especially when the bones of the inside knee felt as if they had been axed and they were severe at that time. I would use my arms to push off the chair or to pull myself up on the stair hand rail. The odd thing is that sometimes I could get up from the chair as "normal" and the next moment I would be ridged. It was very weird and difficult to explain to a medical doctor. She mentioned ALS and think a test was done for that. Looking back, I think if I had remained frozen in a chair that maybe I would not be walking today, and then now, knowing of Lyme Disease maybe not.  When that ridgedness had started it had frightened me as I couldn't imagine being unable to walk, so it motivated me to keep mobile, no matter how much it hurt.
In February 2008,  while on Biaxin antibiotics for two weeks that ridgedness happened again. When it happens I can just about hear the rigedness as if I have non lubricated joints.Sept.2013 Gone
About six years after the leg/feet problems burning had started, the hands and arms also started the same type of strange burning pain, the broken bones feeling pain, the bruised feeling in the palms and fingers, etc. Now I also have pretty well steady burning throughout arms and hands. (From what I know now I believe it was as Lyme peripheral neuropathy in legs, feet, arms, and hands.) The pain in the arms and hands would be so painful as to bring tears to the eyes and the arms were hard or a swelling of some kind. For a long while I thought they were fat as I had put on thirty pounds. Think this is what is called tendonitis and some remains. Had lots of Lyme and cysts in them. 

- The knuckles get sudden nodules (that feel like infected slivers.)  They come suddenly. Sometimes for days to months.  The knuckles are usually very painful to bend when the tophis are visible. Eventually my research said these were Tophi's  Uric acid crystals that seep from the joint. Yet, when I had showed these to a Rhumatologist (that I had gone to see over one hundred twenty  miles away and had someone drive me there) he did not know what they were and another medical  doctor in this city did not know either. The homeopathic doctor said it was uric acid crystals that seep from the joint. He also told me that the pain in the shoulders and upper back was also caused by uric acid crystals and the reason for pain when the muscles moved. I got homeopathic remedies and now when it flares on the knuckles I try to eat foods that will not aggravate and use herbs for uric cleanse. I found pictures of tophi's on the Internet and it is clearly explained as gout.Sept. 2013. This is not related to the zoonotic infections. Now I know it is hereditary .( spells of too much uric acid.) This pain can be well hidden amongst other zoonotic symptoms. It must be treated as it will injure the kidneys, in long run. When treated with herbs it fades away in three or four days and that layer of pain goes away.  Not zoonotic related.
- Once, for many months, I had an extremely painful aching lump develop on the side of the Rt. Mid. Finger. X-rays were taken and, of course, it showed nothing. (The medical doctor said probable gout). Not zoonotic related.
- The hands had over six months of severe pain in the base of the thumbs, mostly the right hand and sometimes both, with an exceptionally tender spot on top of the hand. Have discovered it is not zoonotic related. It seems to come from a tendon under the upper arm. (Dequarian thumbs)
- If the hands have done manual work during the day, or for whatever unknown reason, they will be swollen and red and throb, most especially when laying down in bed. The kind of pain that causes tears to run. All this limb pain is always much, much worse when I am laying down. Weird... Yes! Gone.
- The hands have spells of being  kind of deadish and swollen and my grasp gets poor, causing me to drop things  and either at the same time or at other times there is  nearly no strength in them whatsoever, but a few weeks or so later the strength comes back for no apparent reason. It is very aggravating to reach to grasps something and it doesn't take or to be embarrassingly clumsy. These episodes last for long stretches at a time. Right now I am experiencing this again. Gone
-For a period of time it seemed the ligaments or tendons in my fingers had turned weak as I could bend fingers awkwardly backwards at the knuckles.Eventually it went back to normal.Gone.
-Some of the fingers and thumb can suddenly bend forward on their own and trying to pull them up is next to impossible (weird). It is like a charlie horse in the fingers without the excruciating pain. The muscles in the digits move for no rhyme nor reason. Inside the hands some muscles tighten up like spasms.(May be Trigger finger. May never have been related to zoonotics. It occurs when my neck is misaligned or nervous system is over stressed I think.
-  They now also have pretty well twenty four hour pain as if the palms have just fallen on cement and are scraped and full of sand and burning. Though the hands are always burning they also feel numb and are lazy when grabbing something and will not grasp correctly. Gone. 
From 1997 to 2003 I had numerous falls forward on my hands.  Somewhere along the way they became hard as if swollen. (It is similar to Carpal Tunnel).. swelling, pain, and  they go numb when I sleep so that in the morning I wake with arms asleep, yet the hands burning as if they had been scalded. Sometimes for months at a time the entire shoulder arm, elbow joint, and hand and fingers are burning..(The numbness in the arms or the arms asleep only happen in episodes of weeks or months at a time) 2014 Mostly all gone
- When I got sudden arthritis on the two knees I also got it in the elbow joints. Eventually the arthritis faded, only the right elbow remains inflamed, with soreness in lumps near the joint (tendons) and sometimes the left one acts up when I am in a flare- (Meaning episodes of high pain and feeling like I am fighting a flu and might admit I am not feeling well)  There is some tenderness on the flesh around the left, but it is not achy and burning like the right one. There is like muscle or ligament or fat lumps both sides of the elbows that are always tender to touch.  When the cysts were being eradicated and lyme those were loaded with the infection. 2014 Gone. Sometimes the tendons get sore and I use a frequency for tendons.

- Just like the legs, or in any part of the body, a ligament, muscle, tendon, or  bone can suddenly be in severe pain, for absolutely no reason at all.  Gone.

- The upper arm is usually always painful within, maybe the bone? Both arms have lumps, cysts and knots in the muscles or under the skin. Massage and trigger point therapy does not loosen them up and no one can tell me what the cysts are under the arms (Lymph nodes)and on the top of shoulders(This is from falling and a thing pops out of the shoulder joint). These are very painful during "flare's" or when that area is probably inflamed.Seems to have lessened. maybe the arms need more massage.
-Under the upper arm there are nodes that professional "anatomy" people cannot tell me what it is. They are not sore, except when lots of inflammation in area..(Lymph nodes)
- In early 2000, I often would find myself sitting with my hands in fists tucked tightly to my chest. I had seen this in people in wheel chairs that had brain disorders and it made me wonder if the concussion I had sustained in 1997 had cause me some brain damage. ( I have now noticed that this usually happens when my brain is probably inflamed or weird sensations are happenings within my skull.)Gone since brain healed.
-  Sometimes for months at a time the entire shoulder arm, elbow joint and hand and fingers, back are burning like a hot water burn.Peripheral neuropathy.  Gone.

- 2008 Sept 15th to mid January 2009- A nerve going down left arm to the little, ring and middle finger was constantly radiating like the sensation one gets from hitting the funny bone. It started when I had a kinesiology shoulder adjustment. Today the deadness in the arm is restored and the constant nerve pain is no longer present. What seemed to trigger it is when I put my face close to the mirror to see to apply mascara and also when I do the energy balancing exercises of rolling my eyes.) I thought this had been an injury unrelated to the Lyme, but now I wonder if it wasn't because of the way it has acted and its duration. I never know. I wanted to blame it on an injury, but maybe it simply triggered what would have happened any ways.  (Now I see this excrusiating wing pain was probably a "Lyme attack" just like the hip /pelvis attack was. It is extremely painful and triggers muscle spasms in and around and takes a long time to dissipate.Still haunts me.Sept. 2013 This was spirochetes and their damage.  Gone
The right joint is much deformed and sore most of the time which came from that sudden arthritis. The doctor saw that probably ten years ago and just looked at it from all sides.. as if puzzled. (Now that I know this was the classic Lyme arthritis)Gone.
December of 2000 when breaking a fall as I fell forward I dislocated my right shoulder.  Following this the right shoulder became frozen and the left one also froze up (apparently this often happens)  as well, while I was recovering from the dislocation I started having pain in every single part of my body. (This was referred to by the doctor as Fibromyalgia. I researched it and kept records of the pain four times a day on every area of my body. I kept records of the pain for over two months. Every tender point was always sore.) The record keeping was a waste of time as the doctor did not want my records. I was never honestly diagnosed with fybromyalgia, except by a five minute doctor who never asked questions, never checked the fibromyalgia tender points and quickly wrote out a prescription for some pain medication with acetylsalicylic acid and some tranquilizers, both of which had proven horrible for me in the past. 
- On the top back of both shoulders there is a fluid filled cyst about an inch in diameter. When the upper back is inflamed these "bubble fluid cysts"  burn as if they are on fire in there or filled with bits of glass or sand. Then the pain radiates  into the shoulder and up the neck.Feb.2010 same Sept 2012 If I coil for Lyme or Bart or Myco on it then it goes away. Spirochetes must invade these cysts when they are so sore. Sept. 2013 Gone now.
- Both shoulders have pain around it, most of the time. Trigger point therapy does help but it does not hold for more than a few weeks.
-Getting waken from sleep with sharp pain in the shoulder as if it became dislocated.Gone now.
Lower back: In September of 1999 I had a sports injury that displaced the sacrum and it caused unrelenting pain for seven months. A bulge in the lower spine was discovered at the time. A few months later I believe that disk herniated. (though I thought it was the hip causing the problem as the root pain was in the right hip) It was a severe same level of pain as a broken cheek bone and it radiated throughout my legs and back. That high pitched level of pain was there night and day from March to September. It was  relentless, though less than the first weeks it happened when I was unable to walk erect. In September I got a short break and it started again. It felt like something was right in the core of the spine. No place or position could I be comfortable in. For sure I was very sleep deprived, that along with some strange sleep problems I had developed, which I thought was because I was not on a routine  as when I was employed. That pain was horrible, horrible  kind of pain. It is the kind of pain that I shiver and want to puke as I remember it for a moment as I write this. For at least four or five years after the only way I could be in bed was in fetal position balanced directly on the right side hip bone. To get out of bed meant to slide and drop the feet to the floor and then push myself up with my hands and arms on the bed, because at that time the muscles were not getting the proper message to respond and do what they normally did.)  For instance sitting in the bath tub and not being able to get up, or sitting on the floor and being unable to get back up from that position, etc. Now that has come back, but bending the wrong way can reactivate the pain or I think hitting my hip on the counter or accidentally turning my foot and sometimes I think it just becomes sore for absolutely no reason. The lower back during these years was always hot to touch and it was as if heat was constantly radiating from that patch in lower center back. (As I write, I have had the lower back with burning pain on and off for a few months. I try to not have the chiropractor touch it, but she did the last time I was there and it just made it worse, but I will fix it again as I believe I did in the past by blocking the rotated hips and right now it tells me they are rotated. Blocking was something a chiropractor did for me over thirty years ago and I learned it at one of the energy balancing classes during my quest to find answers to heal my body.) Feb.2010 ok, but troublesome. Must be very careful bending, etc.(2011 Now I have learned more about Lyme and how I have had attacks in the shoulder blade and the hip that were intense pain and also high burning that hurt if I leaned on it or touched it.Itprobably never was a herniated disk, but Lyme or coInfections or all in that area)Sept. 2013 . In March after all encysted and active bacteria was eradicated I could bend for the first time in years. That lower back pain was unbelievably GONE!!
-For quite a few years I could not stand for longer than five minutes in one spot, or bend forward. I was fine walking, but not to just stand.. Standing would cause the muscles in the buttocks and throughout the back to spasm. It is not as bad now. Gone 

-A lot of weird things happen when the messages from the lower spine gets screwed up when it is sore, or after I've sat on a deep sofa,  or bent forward in a certain way, from bending, kneeling, bumping my legs, hip, and sometimes for absolutely no reason at all .: The messages to the muscles to my legs and lower area do not respond correctly so the legs get draggy and cause me to misjudge my steps, so I get injuries from tripping, falling, etc.. - It cuts off the strength to most lower muscles. - The bladder becomes more erratic .-Spasms occur front and back -The lower belly muscles will suddenly go tense making that part of the belly very flat.  - Pain radiates from the back area. - Restless legs re-activate - Charlie horses act up. -Numbness in the legs occurs - And it causes weird sensation inside the lower belly as if something is seriously out of order. - It is erratic and inconsistent in its disruptions. Gone 

-In the earlier years the muscles in the entire back from top to bottom would suddenly, for no apparent reason, tighten up and grow unbearable. These "full body" spasms  were at the  high level of pain like a Charlie horse.  If these spasms occurred when I was driving it was horrible because the only way to relive it was to lay on my back on the bed and kind of bend my knees up and wait for it to dissipate. Now it only occurs just once in a while, mostly when I am over tired, I think.2009. My lower back now shows on the x-ray that it has curved. Gone 
Upper back:
In 2003 I begged my MD for a scan as I was experiencing high pain between shoulder blades, down into the arms, and up to the neck and head. But again she must have thought it was my new found hyperchrodriacisity as she never ordered a scan for that area. Eventually it relented and continues to reoccur periodically, for unknown reasons.(Lyme attack)
- On the spine between shoulder blades in one spot where this particular pain starts. It will start being very itchy and continue that for maybe a few weeks until the skin finally breaks and it bleeds slightly. It acts as something wants to seep itself out. (I eventually had that area x-rayed and of course nothing showed up, but the doctors have seen the scab where it was healing over.) During the past twelve years this has probably occurred maybe five times.
- The muscles in the behind, lower, mid and upper back:  For a long while I would get full back muscle spasms and the only thing that would relieve it was to lay down on my back. It would happen if I were standing or sitting, whether in stressful or peaceful surroundings. It made no sense. It created a dilemma when driving.Gone
- In the back, like elsewhere in the body there can be sudden muscle and ligament pains.. meaning the entire length of one muscle or ligament is in pain.. like a pulled, strained or bruised muscle.Probably was one of the bacteria's in the ligament, ligament or muscle. Gone
- I get inflammation in the back shoulders on my right side most of the time.The pain simply varies in levels. The doctor says it is not inflammation, but it certainly feels like it. It can start from the kidneys to the top of the shoulder and sometimes all upper back and up into the neck and then eventually into the head. I have had the whole back burning, swollen and itchy and spasm at the same time. Right at this moment it is the left side below the shoulder blade down to below waist. I have a bump just above the kidney one on the side, one at bra level, and a tight knot that massage therapist cannot undo and one different bubble that grows to at least an inch in diameter on that shoulder(and other) and another on the side and in the breast all the right side. Each of these are mostly always burning or irritating and if touched they get burning itchy. They increase and decrease in level of burn, probably depending on the inflammation or whatever. When I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep when these are inflamed I know exactly where each of these burning  spots are. It is as if they suddenly get infected inside and I have found nothing to relieve the pain inside of these. The inflammation does go away for whatever reason, only to come back for whatever reason.  The inflammation in recent months has disappeared. Just some on shoulder and in head sometimes. That came only in recent months after many years of constant inflammation. (March 09..whoops now it has returned) Feb.2010 sameSept 2012 not often. Could have been plugged lymphatic system or organ pain or inflammation or all at once. I can still get organ pain (Had liver flukes that showed up the other day and created right side pain. As the body heals it is easier to identify pain.I just do not have that body inflammation anymore.
- Has been crunchy, even before all this weirdness started and the base of the skull near ear is most always in pain. Seems to be muscles, bones or cords that make the crunchy sound.- It is stiff most of  the time. Trigger point therapy loosens it up somewhat but never to be able to turn the head up to shoulder.  In Dec 09 I had x-rays by two different Chiropractors. Both showed a deterioration. One said your neck is finished and the other put it as the second last stage. I think my neck has been like that most of my life as I have been told the neck was in that stage during the  thirty years under Chiropractic care..maybe it developed that way after being hit on the head with a bat at six yrs old. I think when there is muscle pain it is when there is inflammation in the neck, but otherwise there is no pain.) But I have had many years at the beginning where there was much neck pain constant. Durrrring eradication I discovered tendon pain in neck was fro Bartonella and sometimes Lyme present in it. I would coil with correct frequency to remove the pain.  Freq. of three 3 minute treatments  . Sept.2013. I still have some neck crunchiness, but no pain. Had much bartonella and mycoplasma in the neck tendons.

- Am very irritated when sweatshirt touches my neck, more at certain times than at others. (It may have disappeareaed after Babesia eradication.) Gone
- When I have the severe inflammation in the head or the scalp muscles that remain hard as a rock for months on end now or when I get a feeling as if the front and sides and forehead are irritating as if something inside is not right.. then scratching the entire scalp and forehead makes it feel somewhat better.Gone
-Sudden bumps and pimples appear for no reason. (I think I have figured the pimples. Maybe it is like the forehead fluid and that it also drains through pimples in the scalp.)Gone
- Areas on my scalp get tender to touch and now I think I know that it is probably when inflammation is occurring beneath that area. (It was inflammation of the meninges.) Gone
-Sometimes it seems the forehead or face pulls to one side as if the bones move and when I put pressure on it to move it the other way it does seem to help. That started after the fall that broke the cheek bone. Gone
- 1997 to at least 2000-The forehead had fluid in it and pockets over and under the eyes. It seem that during the day (from walking activity) that it made it drain down into the cheeks. Tiny little white blisters would suddenly tickle and I would automatically rub it and this would break it open and then it would seep for hours at a time and nothing like blistex or similar would stop it. I had not connected it with the forehead fluid at the time, so I thought it was some kind of acne.  I did not know the seepage from the forehead fluid until much much later.(At one time the doctor made the comment about cerebral fluid, but I had no idea what she was talking about and she was not concerned. It was a massage therapist who eventually suggested lymphatic drainage and sacral therapy.) The therapy, or whatever, made it better and now the fluid in the forehead only in mild form and not often. It is usually there in the morning and I move it by rubbing hard with hot face cloth. Rubbing the forehead makes the crickle sound when there is that excess fluid. 2012 have not had this for quite awhile. Don't know. Someone told me she had this fluid drain from her ears. She also had had a concussion and Lyme. ??? I think what helped to stop this was to have cranial sacral therapy or kinisiology work on the crainial faults to realign.
I also eradicated anoeba from the cranial - spinal fluid.  Gone
-  After the surgery (to reposition broken cheek bone that had moved up next to the eye) half of my face and head was as if it had dental freezing in it(no feeling). (May have been Bells Palsy as this was the spring I had the lyme rash on my arm but thought it was a ring worm)Eventually, can't remember how long, it came back except for left temple side of face. That area is like half of the freezing is out. Some days it activates and it is aggravating and adds to the stress.
The left temple can feel very irritating sometimes as it feels as if something pulls inside under it. I think if I happen to sleep on that side of my face that it might set it off. Gone

-Long lasting red face or sudden blushing that seemed to start from the right side or bladder (Had a bladder that had to empty very often)and would turn the skin red in the chest, neck, face, and scalp. Sometimes it feels like when a person has an injection and it radiates as it flows through the body like blushing does, but this is quick and intense.It is less often now. I used to think it was an infection in the bladder but the test showed nothing. (It is not like what a hot menopausal flash was like). Those sudden ones seem to now be dormant, but the red face persists. I think it is Gone
- Sneezing or nothing at all can trigger twitches in the eye lids or face. Gone
- The left cheek had spider veins develop and now most of the cheek has it which I presume is from the whole body impact was on the cheek bone as no other part of my body was injured. Sometimes I happen to see myself in the mirror and it actually looks wine spider veins. Washing it with warm water restores to the facial color.  Now it is both cheeks and only sometimes.(probably not related to zoonotics)
-Sometimes all of my face gets a strange itchy as if bugs are walking all over it. Other times it feels as if a spider web is stuck to my face in the same way that it feels when I've walked into a spider webs in the yard and I try to pick it off, but can't  or it feels like a hair has fallen on my face and I go to the mirror to see to pick it off and nothing is there. Maybe it is the forehead fluid draining, but this feels different then when I constantly had the forehead fluid drain forming blisters on the cheeks. Gone

The eyes have loads of aggravating floaters and specs.2014 remain I get sudden  red veins, itchiness, teariness, whites get pink and a pinker circle around the iris. Gone  Have repeatedly tried to get prescription glasses but repeatedly the left eye can not get a glass that I can see through for whatever reason. My vision can change for three days, a day and hour and any of my glasses at that time are not comfortable.Eyes checked in spring if 2014. Told to wait longer as vision is still changing eradically. Sometimes it is like looking through waves or looking through water. (It is not dry eyes, as I have tried many different kinds of drops) It happens frequently ( In 2007 I discovered that antihistamine  eye drops seem to help to lessen the irritation of the red veins.) Gone
- Extremely sensitivity to sunlight. Feels sharp. Wear sunglasses outdoors even on cloudy days.  (2009 February This winter I have discovered that I can be outdoors even with bright snow and it feels okay without sunglasses.  As well most of all the eye disorders has not reared its ugly head for quite a few months. I suspect it was that naturopathic treatment that cleared up  whatever had afflicted my eyes all those years.)2011-Hindsight and more knowledge, I believe treatment cleared out Babesia,. Sensitivity to light completelyGone
- Twitching eye muscles for no reason or when sneezing.Gone
- Weird eye  things:  In 2000 I actually could see a strip of zigzag and an actual crystal in the front of my eye. It was the weirdest thing. The specialist said it was a systemic problem. I came home and put eye zig zag in the search engine and it said this was caused by acetylsalicylic poisoning. I had been trying to take aspirins to try to help heal the legs or to feel better and I probably overdosed. Shortly thereafter I was diagnose anemic as I had turned  was truly white skinned. Gone
 -In 1998  was the first time that I experienced a sudden vision change where I cold only see the top half of my computer screen. I have also had all of it become suddenly blurry. These episodes last for about an hour. Because I did not know what it was I would lay down on my back and rest or listen to a meditation tape or do reike as I thought it might be a ripped lens occurring. I have had showers of sparks on the sides of my vision and was talking with a friend when one was occurring and she asked me what was happening and I was explaining it to her as it went on. The only reason I said it to her was that she might volunteer information that this may be serious or oh that's nothing it happens to everybody, but she didn't say anything. Gone
- I have had waves in the vision, and dark spots and light spots as if I had looked into a bright light or sun. When I had the headaches most of 2007 I again had the computer screen suddenly where I could only see half of it and the other bottom half blurry and everything else I looked at also.Gone
- During a bad inflammation in head and eyes, once when I did the rolling eye exercise it actually felt like I was massaging the muscles deep behind the eyes and actually felt it was the core of the headache. (2009 February. Today I think from what I have learned that it is inflammation in the muscles of the head.  Gone
- There was one time that I could touch the side indentation  of my temple and it would stimulate colorful sparks someplace inside that I could see. I pressed and it activated them and when I stopped it stopped. ( I happened to be talking to a  friend on the phone  and tried to describe it for her and asked if she could touch her own temple to see if she could activate this, but she could not.  I have never been able to make it do that again.) Weird or what?Gone
- 2000 When I had the second concussion about a week later as I was sitting at the breakfast table, I lost consciousness of my surroundings as this whoosh inside sent a round brown circle in front of my eyes and it had a yellowish hallow as if light behind the brown ball. When I came conscious of my outer surroundings I had my hands up as if to break my fall as I had felt I was about to fall as that whoosh that had seemed to come from the back was startling. It seemed like (about a half minute or so that the ball was in front of my line of vision right up close,  but apparently no one else around the table had had time to notice. This had never happened before or again. Probably not at all Lyme related.Gone

P.S. ....and for those who have never experienced this Lyme infection and you think I am making it all up, please get your ignorance off of this web site. Your limited mind hurts me and the millions who suffer from any "invisible" diseases.

Eyes:- continued

- When very tired.. walking  and the both eyes were acting up I could see something like a three petals in center line of vision and somehow it would change from dark to brighter. Gone
- My eyes have experienced more dramatic, strange, odd, and painful things during the past eleven years, probably more then mentioned here. Most all of these things I had never experience in the first fifty years of my life. 2009 Yes it sounds strange to have had these things occur, and believe me I have no reason to make up such bizarre stories. It occurred and that is that however stupid it sounds. In Jan 2010 I had one with waves coming down across the side and upper range of vision. After awhile I bent my head and a gush of water came out of my nose. Maybe that was some kind of fluid that ran over the optical nerve?? Sept.2012 I do have the red eyes, the burning eyes, the change in vision when I am in some herx reaction. I don't know if it comes from the certain toxins released by certain bacteria's or simply from the bacteria cycles-Gone

-Tonsils are always cesspools. (Recent years I have discovered that if I press on them every morning that it is helpful to drain them and prevents that excruciating ear pain.) Gone
-(Started sometime during these years from hell) The left ear has had a chronic sebaceous node behind the lobe that gets infected every now and again.  I have tried many things to clear it up but it just builds up, gets infected. Probably not lyme related, only made it worse as all pain spots or sores always got worse.

2004 Amongst all the other unexplained pain my teeth and jaw were so sore and thinking they may be causing all my troubles to my body, I went along with the professional suggestions. Many thousands of dollars later and permanently altered teeth; The jaw  remained sore, the neck was still sore, the teeth still hurt inside of them, the GERDS was still active, the gums were still not right and my head was still very dense and foggy and my body was still in constant pain. ( (It was when I told a second dentist how long the jaw pain lasts after having dental work done and how he gave me a " what kind of freak are you? look", that I realized that maybe this long lasting pain was not normal and maybe something was really wrong with my health. I was still under heavy brain fog at the time.)
- Suddenly I will have intense pain inside of each tooth that radiates way up inside the head. It is somewhat like the feeling of drinking an ice cold drink, yet different. It seems to go into the entire tooth, face and head. It just comes suddenly and goes for absolutely no reason at all.Gone

-The entire jaw bone can suddenly hurt and if I chew on something when it is in that state it is as if there are slivers underneath the tooth, so it is best not to eat at those times.Gone
- Also there was pain in the joint for a long time and the jaws didn't seem to fit together and my bottom teeth were always hitting the gum on the roof and it would be aching all day.. those were some of the reasons I remember for trying to get the dental thing done. I was still in the stage of trying to fix everything possible so that it would increase my health and I thought I had to do everything I could to give my body a chance to recover and the dentist was sure it was TMJ and that all this work would solve the problem.Gone
- Of course the muscles and the jaw bone were also sore.
-The gums are not healthy and they are receding exposing the root area. So, so, so much better. There probably was spirochetes in the gums.Sept.2013 Gone

-For about five years after the fall the nose was always raw and bleeding. No medication would clear it up.Feb.2010 This cleared up after one of the treatments.Gone

- Noise- Some days noise can be intolerable. It can stimulate a sudden fit of anger. Most irritable that boom boom music from vehicles or neighbors with their speakers turned up high. Also the modified mufflers.I have discovered that when I lack  vitamin B's that noise and other things are less tolerable. Maybe this also is caused from an inflamed brain. Sept.2013 I can tolerate more of everything and noise also, but it still irritates me to no end.Maybe after the brain heals that it will be tolerable.
2014 Some days I still can have sudden anger when modified mufflers go by. Much better, but hate stupid loud vehicles.

-The right ear gets sudden very deep sharp pain and nothing relieves it. Then it can go away as quickly as it comes. It started about 1998 or so (One MD gave me a prescription for inner ear infection but I don't believe that is what causes it.) It can be excruciating when it remains for days at a time. (Ear candleling did not relieve it) Gone

I get sudden whole length of a bone that becomes extremely sore to the touch. It is an  excruciating biting  pain. It can be any bone anywhere in the body.In 2008 I took antibiotics for two weeks and suddenly the entire rib cage was excruciating to touch and then right next to it the collar bone was not. It makes no sense. Any bone can suddenly have this type of pain or an entire skeletal mechanism like the hip structure, skull, etc. It lasts sometimes days and other times hours or minutes.  I would say that was Babesia as now the babesia frequencies no longer resonate for me.Gone
Because of menopause I had been on estrogen (premarin) prior to when all these symptoms began, and had always felt good on it. Then the symptoms started and the MD  insisted I start taking progesterone, also. It restarted the periods. They lasted three weeks at a time and the cloths were basically steady. It did not concern MD. Since my second sister got breast cancer within a year of each other, I quit the HRT thinking maybe it was causing me all the problems. And it was either before or after that my breasts 2001 grew very large very quickly within a few months. It never helped anything of the windfall of symptoms when I quit the HRT, except it stopped those long lasting clothy periods. (large breasts remained)
- Breasts are fibro cystic, but these were long before this sudden health downfall. They are very painful when I am in a "flare". It is as if I have slivers in them and at the same time the Lymphatics in the chest underarm also get bitterly screeching painful.  Feb.2010 After the fall Christmas eve the breasts got terribly painful. I thought it was some other disease taking hold of me, but no...the extreme has now faded away. (Bb reaction to fall as they all run to the injured area and pain it in an exaggerated way.) It was so bad I even went to see an MD!  Sept.2012 The breast are no longer prickly, but do hurt in the lumps, just like every other lump in the body. Gone

Erratic: From urgent need to pee, to no bladder control, peeing in my boots, peeing myself as I get out of the vehicle, peeing small amount, to sudden normal bladder control.It is as if the muscles there are not receiving message brain is sending. It did have a flare up when I took the antibiotics and it comes and goes for no reason that I have been able to figure out. I think the erratic bladder may have started when the disc herniated in early 2000. Right now it is quite normal, but I never know when it will suddenly change. 2009 Feb. Still occurs in spells, meaning for a day or a few weeks at a time. I suspect it is from something the inflammation or the disk touches and then aggravates the nerves to the bladder... or not! At least ten years ago I would say,  "or it could be influenced by the position of the moon"  when it would drive me crazy trying to figure out what the cause of all these weird symptoms were and why they came on suddenly and then would go way for no rhyme nor reason and in conversation when I had no explanation I would say that. Feb.2010 Quite activated for past three months.Sept.2012 Not often, but can have a day where the pants need changing three times and the rest is borderline.I think it might be something to do with nerves in the spine.  Gone
Or, what feels like the kidneys.. sometime the right one especially feels troubled with pain, but it maybe something else.  This kidney was damaged and the adrenal on top of it.The uric acid may also have contributed to the damage. 2014 kidney and adrenals are healed. 

When the disc herniated 2000 (Was Lyme attack) it seemed to have collapsed the vaginal walls. The bowels seemed to have fallen somehow. The Lyme infection had to have damaged the nerves)It creates a problem defecating as most times it needs assistance because the lining holding up the bowel can be protruding out of the vagina (because the vaginal opening is up to the rectum, caused by a panicked MD when I was giving birth). As well it is as if the bowels are not in the right place and complicate evacuation. May not be at all Lyme related.

- The bowels can stop moving for more than a week at a time and no amount of  laxatives seem to help and then they simply resume as if  nothing had happened. Gone

- Once after one of the falls it felt like some bowel or something twisted inside of me in the lower belly. When I sat I had to sit with my legs apart. I told my doctor about that, but she had no explanations. Months later I felt like what it feels like when a baby turns and then I was more comfortable sitting. More months later when I was sitting a election polls all of a sudden I get another large roll over movement in the belly area that same sensation and then it felt like things were balanced again. Sept.2012 Had a it of a twist or what felt like it in the intestines and after some days it resolved. Gone

- More recently, just below the rib it is as if the bowel bloats in this area. It is hard and protrudes. It is hard and pushes on the stomach and activates the esophagus reflux and also seems to be affecting the lungs.
Feb.2010 Lots of bloat. Bloat still present. I am still fat in the belly.

A weird thing happened that first year all this had started. ..I experienced as if I was swallowing my esophagus, and I kept swallowing and swallowing as if I couldn't stop it. It felt like something awful would happen if I did not stop it some way. I had never experienced anything like it. I was driving at the time and had to stop and walk around to try and stop the automatic system from doing such a thing.  After,  I would always make sure I had something to drink like a caffinated soda and that would shock the system to stop. . I don't experience that anymore. It may have been related to the reflux. Never happened again.Gone
- In 1992 I started severe case of Reflux (GERD). No medication had any effect on it. In 2004 I learned about the stomach up exercise and I am able to control it with the stomach up exercise. It was severe in that all I could keep down was mostly toast, cheese, potatoes.  I have since discovered that this is rumination as I no longer have acid in the reflux.  Feb.2010 for past few months I was not able to keep much food down as I was refluxing at nearly every meal. Started taking enzymes and it keeps the food down but as soon as I forget it refluxes. Sept.2012 Reflux is now gone. Sometimes I do require digestive enzymes, but rarely and I also use 865.36 for two minutes  once or twice and it resolves itself. Gone

2001 I stopped  premarin because of the breathlessness /edema, etc. the legs going up the stairs would draw and were very painful as if the blood would drain from them and my pulse became so weak I could not find it. At the ankles I could move the fluid under the skin as if it were a sponge (edema).The beginning of May I could hardly go more then ten feet without requiring a rest. I was very weak. Lung test had the MD conclude I had suddenly developed Chronic Lung disease, but it made no sense. I suspected that the large amount of fluid in the legs was also in the lungs causing breathlessness at least exertion. So,I went to see a homeopathic doctor who gave me medicines that cleared up the lungs and body fluid within three weeks and then the pulse returned to normal and the immune system got better.Feb.2010 Since my fall in late Dec I have had spells of breathlessness.Sept.2012  The breatlessness that I have experienced every now and again, I have discovered it is from Lyme and after coiling 3 minutes for Lyme it will clear up some hours later. It continues. Gone

- At the beginning I was overly tired and it took much effort to do the same thing as I used to do prior surgery. I associated it to recovery and everybody kept telling me It takes much longer when you are old. I was patient. Gone
-At first, after the fall that displaced my cheek bone and caused a concussion, for many months thereafter I would be wakened by loud cracking sounds in my head as well as with nightmares. The cracking sounds, as if wood beams would crack or break very close by and I figured it must have been the muscles relaxing around my skull relaxing. That went on for months and I have never experienced those particular cracking noises again. Those first months after recovery  I could only sleep with my head between two pillows on my back on the couch so I would not roll over. Then when I got to sleep in bed I could only sleep on one side if I wanted some comfort.Gone
- In the early years, for a few years,  I would fall instantly to sleep at any time of the day,  maybe more immediately after eating. Doing Fibromyalgia research say it is a type of  reactive hypoglycemia, and when I said this to the medical doctor, I was told there is no such thing!)  The reason I had asked was because it made it dangerous for me when I was driving. Tests were taken and all was good I am perfectly healthy. Solution: "Don't drive!) Feb.2010- I rarely get this anymore. Gone

- Of course I had many injuries that mostly started in 1999.. the  displaced sacrum that remained for five months, from falls,  scraped hands, knees, cuts on the legs, dislocated shoulder, concussion from falling on the side of my head,  herniated disk, tight muscles and so all these things disrupted my sleep. When all the injuries were healed I noticed that I was not going into a deep sleep and also it never seemed I had enough sleep and that went on for a few years until 2008 . Gone

->In recent years I am able to sleep in different positions,  without waking up from the pain if I did not sleep on my right side directly on the hip and with legs in fetal position and pillow just so. Also now I do not hesitate to go to sleep at anytime of the day if I require more sleep. Since I cannot linger in bed after becoming awake, because the pain and burning is very active in that position, then it is best for me to get up and then go sleep again when I am dead tired. I am a light sleeper at this stage. I had a stretch for a year or more where I would instantly fall asleep, mostly after eating.  During the night the bladder and whole body burning a few times a night seems to increase the body temperature to a high level and I need to cool off and relieve the bladder. (There is no sweat fever) If I do any amount of doing something like going to the store to shop, yard work, I most often need a sleep to replenish myself. That may now be old age! Feb 2009 I have been sleeping quite normal this past while and have had little insomnia. I still get nights where I have to empty the bladder two to four times, but still I have been sleeping unusually well. (May have been from taking MMS)Feb.2010 Not as much as in the past. Last night had to get up after tossing for a few hours because of the high heat in legs and Restless legs and couldn't get them to cool off, nor could fall asleep. Normal sleep has returned!Sept.2013

- When I lay down at night this pain in the limbs, along with every joint pain, muscle and ligament pain and neck and head and cyst pain, whatever the pain of the day,  all seem to rise in pain level. If I am over tired  it throbs all over and sometimes the tears just run from my eyes even though I am not crying. These pains can increase if I don't get proper sleep. Gone

-I have gotten up during the night and felt very much off balance as if I would fall and the feeling of being pulled to the floor or side and leaning to one side. It could have been something to do with the ear. Some nights or/and mornings getting out of bed is difficult as my body feels heavy and stiff and it is an effort to walk. This passes quickly as to compare to before. I cannot relate it to anything in particular. I now have normal sleeps. Just the odd time I will have the wide awake in middle of the night or be wakened by the boiling body. Gone

Body Temperature: 
-It seems that my body temperature regulator got screwed up. Even when surroundings are fairly comfortable I can have icy portions of skin (belly, thighs, feet, hands, or  knees) and it seems to take a long time to warm up these parts. When parts of my hands (any parts) get cold it feels like frostbite deep inside of them and putting a heating pad on them doesn't even penetrate to warm it up in there.Sept.2013 Gone
-My body can become so extremely hot (no sweat)during the night, most especially when I am "in a flare". I remove the blankets to cool down my body and it can take up to fifteen minutes to get my body back to comfortable. I sleep in a cold room. It is as if my insides are boiling. Gone
-Summer heat is unbearable most years, yet sometimes it is not. Same with the cold. time will tell

In 2001 when I was very sick and full of high level pain, I was laying in bed and knew that my pulse was near non existent. Since I always had a boom boom pulse, at anytime, because of the after effects of having been hyper thyroid,  it was as if something was missing. I could not find my pulse yet I knew my body was still alive. I can now feel it again and only every now and again it pulses as my before normal. 2009 (For about three weeks now I have been experiencing similar. It is like a flock of bird fluttering as they fly off the sound that goes on in my neck wakes me up. I think it is my heartbeat racing, but I am unable to feel it anywhere on the artery points. The normal heart beat has come back, but again this morning the fluttering  woke me up and again the pulse is to dim to feel by hand. I do not feel sick and later it comes back to normal. This fluttering sound also would wake me up when I had the severe headaches in 2007, but those were in the head. Feb.2010  After my fall in Dec. I went through the not feeling any pulse and after the rapid heart beat and very active fluttering or rumbling.  The fluttering has now gotten better again and is there only when I am laying down and only sometimes. I thought it was something else and did go to MD. Had an EKG all was good. Not til I am reading this again do I see I was just in high Lyme flare, that was all.Sept.2012 The pulse continues to be unstable. Sept.2013 I have a good heart. This erratic heart beat has to do with adrenal gland and kidney.  2014 Still have a weird sounding heartbeat. Some days better then others.
Jumpiness and Noise:
2005-06 I started getting startled at everything that moved. That is now only seems to be every now and again now. I think I have figured it out and that is is a lack of vitamin B for stress and of course if I have been  short of sleep. Gone

-In spells I can't stand much noise. It actually causes me to become very aggravated. I think the Vitamin B cushions the blow when I remember to take them. I don't like to have the  radio, music or Tv  except when I am having lunch or a break, yet even the fan on the computer can aggravate me. Noise can be very irritating and some trigger instant anger in me. not as bad as it was

Sudden quick sharp pains
Quick cramp or shocks in chest area, within the head, and any other part of the body.  Like shock or knife jab and it is so sudden that I will automatically react to grab the area and yelp out ow.. Gone
-Broken skin seems to take a long time to heal.
-Bumps seem to feel much more painful.Gone
-Bumping my head seems to exaggerated fogginess and seems to trigger inflammation in the head. (have not tested this one out!)
- If I hurt myself in an area it seems like all around it becomes inflamed or at least very sore. Feb.2010- Yes, after I fell flat on my back with impact mostly between shoulder blades all the breasts pain, rib cage pain, breathlessness, heart fluttering, quiet pulse and then very rapid pulse,upper back pain, the constant reflux... all these symptoms reared their ugly heads. Today is now March 25th and the racing heartbeat and the rumbling  when laying down still lingers but not as much, and upper back pain. So it was only the Lyme. I can quickly forget all the crazy symptoms when they go dormant. Gone

Brain Fog
Bag over head:
After the first concussion it felt like I was living life from a distance. Later this got much worse and it felt like I was living life from under a bag..  Gone
It is as if I am here doing things, but operating from a distance. Slow thinking, can't process immediately when the information being received, Gone can't figure things out on the moment, Gonethe words I want to say don't come out, can't seem to say a whole little story or remember its details,Gonewrong words and information fall out of my mouth and only remember later what I said, can't take in all my environment as in normal. Gone, except when over stressed. In an active environment I go into survival mode to handle all the activity Gone
and information that wants to come into my brain.  I feel disorientated when too much environment or information coming into me. I can't figure things out.GoneI can't see the whole picture.Gone I can't judge. GoneFind it difficult to make decisions.  Gone Have difficulty planning or organizing.GoneLose things in my little world. Misplace things. Gone Absent minded. Can't remember the little things, but remember most everything  later ( of course as I write this how can I say I remember everything as how would I know if I don't?) GoneIt is as if my mind is in a haze and if I could just wash it off I would be my normal self. The brain feels heavy and it is a if I am trying to push through and into it to conduct my life.  Gone It is an effort to conduct my affairs during those periods. At the beginning of course I thought it was simply the residues of the concussion and the recovery. I knew it would eventually pass. Those months that I returned to work were very strenuous as everything was effort and required much concentration and I simply could not accomplish as much as I could pre-accident. Many things frustrated me and I made big mistakes as my judgment was way off. Yet as things happened I would not actually be aware that I was so off and working through this was not getting through it, nor past it. I was irritated at co workers and they had never experienced this undiplomatic side of me. It caused problems and I was fed up of some of the crazy behaviors that had been put into place to break-up the union. I got scared that I would have no income if they let go the higher wage earners and for whatever reason my body chemistry must have changed during the stressful time a few days prior to the threat of lock out and suddenly I just felt like killing myself. I was frustrated with the politics and I could not handle my job as pre accident so I must have had lots of fear. And a few days later the crazy behaviors of alcoholic control, just for the sake of controlling was throw towards me and I decided right then and there to quit as this was enough BS and it was already the second time I ran to the doctor with chest pains and the MD kept telling be to remove myself from that environment.. so I did. But I did not know that my brain was causing me to say and do things differently than before. Actually as time went I wondered if I had sustained brain damage with the concussion. Gone
Within the head:
Mini blackouts or short circuiting: Maybe these started in 2002 or thereabouts. It was as if I would lose consciousness of my surroundings and when I came to again I would be slightly leaning as if going to fall. These happened most everyday for a few years. Feb. 2009 Rarely experience this now. Gone
Head ache:
Before these crazy symptoms started I could have counted on one hand how many headaches I experienced in my life. The first headache I got in 1998 lasted weeks.(Now I know were Lyme headaches or Lyme meningitis..inflammation of meninges)It remained  day and night relentless and I would wake in the morning with the headache at the same level it had been when I went to sleep. No aspirin or similar chemicals would change it. After a brief flu, it ended. After that puzzling one I would have this type of long headache about once or twice a year and now it is more often. In 2006-07 it seemed I had more weeks with the headache then none. They come with no reason that I can figure out. During these headaches all kinds of weird, weird things happen inside the head. Thumps on the side of the head as if someone has hit my head with their palm quite strongly. Sharp electrical jolts. Sudden quick pains. Itching deep inside.  On the last headache which lasted many weeks, maybe eight weeks, I would be awakened with a flurry of waves or fluttering inside my head. A very strange feeling as if something was leaking and flowing into the rest of the brain. During that same headache a few times I was awakened to this deep automatic breathing. It was deep inhales and deep exhales that were steady and fast. It was odd, yet not discomforting, and as soon as I would move that type of breathing would stop. Of course the eyes are red and runny during these and I feel disorientated, not too swift and a very foggy brain.. Feb.2010 Haven't had any. Just areas on my head get very inflamed and it feels like it will develop the entire head, but hasn't. I took Ibuprofen for inflammation and that may have helped to stop the progression.Sept.2012 No headaches whatsoever.Gone
Concussions- (Looking back I see these falls were to do with the peripheral neuropathy and changed brain)
 1997 following this concussion I had loud cracking sounds in the head that would wake me and other strange things including lots of pain. I remained laying down propped between pillows most of the time and I really don't remember much of that time, except that I had little stamina and felt disorientated or like I was living life from a distance within my head or like I was living life from under a bag.

The second in 2001, I experienced like a blood clot thing that came and went, my brain was very scrambled  for many weeks followed by anemia. I was disorientated, foggy brained, felt like I was going to faint. I know something is not right. It is as if I cannot go directly to my brain.Feb.2010 Anytime I bump my head on cupboard etc. It is never good afterwards.
The head inside:
After the fall and concussion for weeks and months after I would have loud crack sounds in the head that would jar me awake as it sounded that the house beams were cracking and braking above me. That was probably muscles relaxing or whatever.  I have had as if someone bumped my head hard, felt sudden electrical shocks, felt sharp pains, felt the forehead and front part and sometimes most of the scalp is itchy inside under the skin, many frightening episodes that in the past would have taken me to a medical doctor to find the cause, but this is just one bizarre thing after another.  Right now I have had a headache of sorts mostly in the left temple and it moves to the center as if a ball of pain and all the itchiness on the forehead and most of the inside head. I feel that if I scratch it or push on the scalp that it feels better. Rubbing the forehead makes the crickle sound as if there is fluid in it right now. This particular head pain started slowly about five days ago and grew worst as the days have gone by. Still I have entertained, was unable to concentrate and was told I looked great and if I didn't answer their questions they were annoyed with me and if I try to tell them that it was not so good of a day then I get stupid stupid remarks at what I should or shouldn't do. When a headache it is very undependable. Gone (Including that frustration!)
Cognitive The thinking:
Upon returning to work after the first concussion in 1997  what had come easy for me seeing the whole picture, planning, organizing, working with numbers, driving.. I was stupid dull in the head ...Now my work became very difficult. Everything became very stressful and I made serious errors and even my behavior was unlike myself. Less than a year after I quit my job. (Had sudden suicidal thoughts amongst high anger) The symptoms of cognitive disruptions is not steady. It goes in streaks of months, weeks, days, years at a time:
- My estimation of time is off, missing appointments, late for appointments, poor planning.Gone Past few years,  if I have an appointment on the calendar to do I cannot seem to get my mind off of it to do other things as if I will forget it or what, but it just nags at me constantly, sometimes weeks at a time. Gone Numbers suddenly cannot be added (2014 Has not returned completely yet), writing will change and not write correctly, can't remember how to spell a word, can't remember name of something, fingers on keyboard forget where to go, Gonecan't remember where a familiar place is in Red Deer, going through red lights, stop signs, Gone in ability to concentrate on what someone is saying and when around more than one person talking it is now very stressful. Gone, except when tired. I can say something that isn't right and realize three days later what I actually said was not right. Someone will tell me something and it doesn't go into the right department of my brain and a few days later it becomes clear and I remember what they said. I have days where I cannot express myself and it comes out jumbled up. Gone Or, to try to remember something to say to someone or even do, I can not depend on my brain and it must be written down.  better I get spells of restlessness. Gone I have found myself pacing and walking around in circles (in my home working area)  GoneI have streaks of suddenly finding that all my working area is disorganized and a mess, I do something like procrastinating, some days I cannot concentrate at all and  takes hours to do simplest things, not clear, anxiety, can't remember the sequence of things or what I did or must do to complete a long project, can't seem to settle down, Gone getting lost on a road trip and unable to orientate myself and I had been there many times before, leaving the house to go to one place and ending up at an entirely different place.. more than absentmindedness. GoneSometimes I talk very fast and too much, Hyper activeness Getting better.and sometimes my thinking is so slow that I finally start talking long after that topic of conversation is over, Gone other times not enough energy to join the conversation, interrupting others, spells of slow, slow thinking,  forgetting how to do a procedure/task that I know how to do, irritable, angry, agitated when lots of activity around me, Gone animated neon signs and animated gifs or ads on the computer, noise, night car lights, loud boom boom music,maybe getting better.when walking on the path and it was wet I had a fear of slipping for awhile Gone and probably more.Feb.2010 I seem to have recovered much of my former skills. The attention deficit doesn't seem as bad as in the past five years, the disorientation is not as often.. I have had moments of maybe a whole hour where my brain actually feel "normal" as in my life before all this. When the brain slows down rather than fast forward, rewind, short back and forth so I can't hold my concentration. Very difficult to explain and no, it is not like anxiety or worry. This has absolutely no fear connected to it and is just like a mechanic in the brain like windshield wipers, but their is nothing that controls this except when I get on the computer to write and then get into another zone of my brain, and it works most of the time.

Sometimes I will say something and a few days later it comes back to me that what I said was false. It is as if it finally reached the processing and what had come out was simply pulled off the top shelf. When I remember what I said was not accurate I am embarrassed and feel the need to phone the people to correct the information I gave them and have done so. Then they start wondering if I am sane. Or, in conversation,  what I was going to say simply disappears and is nowhere to be found.. the whole thought not simply just a sentence or a word or a name simply is instantly gone and cannot be accessed.Gone

If I am asked a question I can “see in my mind” what I should answer but the name now is not there or information and then comes to me much later. Sometimes reading out loud from a book doesn't work either, just like suddenly my fingers don't know how to hit the correct keys on the keyboard, or suddenly my writing is all messy and screwed up as well as the spelling and then after awhile it comes back to my original normal.
I have gone right through red lights, didn't recognize and put together familiar landmarks, got in the vehicle to go someplace locally and forgot which area of the city it was located in and had to go look at a map and then had to concentrate hard all the way there to hold it in my memory. I have been lost because I can not figure out where I am and how to find my way out. Think it is gone.

Prior to this health downfall, I always had a book that I was reading. Then it suddenly became hard work or something to read a book.  I can still read, but sometimes after trying to read some paragraphs nothing sinks in, so I leave it. Maybe it is because I am unable to concentrate at those times. I have read few books in the past twelve years. Prior to this I was always an avid reader with one book on the go and a few waiting to be read on the side.
2014 I can read a book!!
I have had numerous times when for a few days I have forgotten completely how to do a task or figure out the logic of a task and some days later it comes back to me, yet at the time I want to do it I always know I know that somewhere inside I know how to do it, just simply cannot figure it out at this moment.  Gone

These cognitive problems I was not aware of instantly that I had a recurring problem or that it even was a problem as I imagine everyone has experienced each of my symptoms at one time or another in their lives and like everyone else this was simply a lapse and this too shall pass. It took me years (maybe after the fog lifted) before I could begin to understand and figure out how I was now processing information coming in and information going out or that I really could no longer rely on my skills. Very early on after the fall I would joke that I had made omelet with my brain with the concussions. I would go to say something and whoops it suddenly was not there, or use a word or to read something and nothing would hit the brain or someone was saying something and I would miss the whole or most conversation, someone would show me figures or say some numbers that I should have been able to put together to arrive at a conclusion but it just did not work in that compartment. These tricks that my brain has been playing on me and that people around me have been reacting to and thereby making assumptions about me because of my inadequacies has certainly preyed upon my mental well-being and made my life more difficult and confusing. I suppose other people were aware of my cognitive difficulties before I was and that is the reason they didn't have patience with me and I in turn found it to be very insulting. Just because for once in my life I was not being able to stand on my own two feet or be a take charge sort of a person, I quickly became useless to them. And when they started whispering behind me to each other and looking at me as if I were a specimen, or had gone nuts.. I remember each gesture, each remark, each comment that they made about my cognitive problems. I must have looked that stupid for them to have the guts to act that way.  What people do not understand is that I know and remember everything they say and how they act in front of me and in my peripheral vision. I may look like I am totally spaced out, but it is simply an illusion. All it does when I am in that state is that I am very vulnerable to abuse, insults, being taken advantage of, etc. Eventually I learned to say "no" to gatherings where there were quite a few  people and I took the rude remarks about not liking them anymore or I should be out more,or their wanting explanations of why I was not working.. when I  had no explanation or no understanding of what had been happening to me or why it was happening. 

I only got a week of depression about five years after the the healing of the big injuries had happened and I had done everything I could nutritionally and still I was not well enough and capable of holding a job. I also became very angry then at the MD's as I could get no results when I knew there was a solution to all my failed health.After one visit to an incompetent MD I simply walked over to the Mental Health place and asked to speak to someone. I was able to get a weekly appointment and it was good for me to puke out my frustration about my health and the not knowing of what had afflicted me. It felt good to have someone believe me and listen. The only thing I very much hated was that every single time I went he had me focus on my body from head to toe and give him a play by play on the pain in every area of my body(and I had much more pain at that time). With the pain I try to transcend from it and focussing on it made me "sick" as then the pain feels worse and I just don't feel it needs to be honored. As well, it would make me realize how much pain  I had and how not healthy I was and I wanted to focus on my healthy parts and keep my eye on the prize which was to someday find an answer to all these symptoms and then to get treated from it and I would be healthy again and be would be able to go back to earn decent income and reclaim by active life. But, it was nice to talk to someone about the pain, the MD's, the fear of not being able to return to employment, about how people around me thought I was making up stories about my poor health, the loss of friendships, the insinuations I had suddenly turned hypochondriac, the not knowing...and having no explanations for myself or for others about my predicament. 

Feb.2010 Mentally it has felt better for me after finding out that I had Lyme disease.It was a "relief"!  All the symptoms fit. Other humans had experienced this, too. For awhile I got a big surge of hope.
Then it meant going out of the country, but, at the time, I was getting lost in my own neighborhood. It would have cost more money then I had. I would have had to find a local MD that would have been willing to oversee my antibiotic treatment and I couldn't deal with another MD's rejection and stupidity. I had also read that after 65 that they did not do antibiotics. It would take a few years of antibiotics and I had few years remaining to get back into the workforce. So, I  chose to start Naturopathic treatment for Lyme and co infections and if it worked it would work and if it did not, it would not.  I started as soon as I got my results and diagnosis from consulting with a Lyme literate doctor. I resigned myself that this was something I would have to live with and the way it was going I would probably have to live with the little Bb buggers for the rest of my life and I would continue to do what I could to increase the quality of my life.


It certainly was unpleasant to go back to the notes I had written for medical doctors over the years.
I had to relive those stupid office visits as well to remember the journey into hell with all the injuries, the crazy symptoms, the horrible pain and the emotional turmoil, as a consequence of the experience, during that long first twelve year journey.
I have not been on any drugs during this journey, except aspirin at the beginning and a little amount of Ibuprofen and other pain killers during severe injuries. The reason I did not go the drug route, other than I believe they weigh down the systems and the knowing the body knows how to heal itself, is because right from the start I felt the medications they wanted to give to me did not fit what was going on in my body and I wanted to find the answer to what had suddenly afflicted me. I did not want them to mask it as then they would never be able to find the root cause to pluck it out. I had also read, when Fibromyalgia was suggested as a diagnosis, that  people were being treated with medications and they were getting minimal relief for a short while, then the patient went back in they were prescribed something else, over and over and over again..for the rest of their lives. A person with fibromyalgia had listed an entire page of different medications. I did not want to get on the "doctor visit medication" merry-go-round for the rest of my life...and reap little if any relief, only toxic innards.

This taken from symptoms list and have listed only those that I have experienced.

Body Temperature Disturbances
> Body temperature feels unregulated.Sept.2013 Gone
> Ice cold body parts and patches anywhere on body that do not match environment.Sept.2013 Gone
> Unexplained sudden over-heating throughout body.Sept.2013 Gone
> Unexplained chills (difficulty getting warmed up)Sept.2013 Gone
> When sleeping:  or intense body heat.Sept.2013 Gone
Cognitive Disturbances
> Brain fog; Like a cloud reducing your clarity of mind.Sept.2013 Gone
> Brain block when trying to focus. Mimics Brain injurySept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty in thinking and processing information.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty reading, especially for enjoyment. Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty in planning and organizing.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty in problem solving/decision-makingSept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty to see or take in the whole picture.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty with multi-tasking.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty to think quickly and to respond quickly.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty with judgment; Saying something without processing it correctly. Inability to think it through and its consequences.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty estimating/figuring out time.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty with calculations. (Inability to hold numbers in head,or  to add/subtract on the spur of the moment.
> Difficulty getting started or completing a project.Sept.2013 Gone
> Slow processing of information.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty in performing sequential tasks.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty learning new tasks.Sept.2013 Gone
> Suddenly forgetting how to perform routine tasks and remembering how only much later.Sept.2013 Gone
> Problems with letter or number reversals (Mimics Dyslexia)Sept.2013 Gone
> Intermittent spelling and writing difficulty.
> Difficulty maintaining focus or concentrating. Sept.2013 Gone
> Racing thoughts. Mimics schizophreniaSept.2013 Gone
> Inattention: distractibility, easily side-tracked, trouble staying focused, trouble sitting still. Sept.2013 Gone
   Talking a lot, in constant motion, hyperactive. Mimics ADD/ADHD- Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
> Impulsivity:  impatient, saying something without thinking first.Sept.2013 Gone
> Interrupting others in mid conversation or contributing to the conversation long after it is finished. Misspeaking. Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty in keeping up to a conversation or to understand what is being said. Disrupted participation in conversation. Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty in expressing ones self. Difficulty in word finding. Halting speech; Speech comes out as stammering, slurred, slow, hesitating. Name block. Speech errors, wrong word comes out.
> Slow processing, recalling, or remembering of information or what was read.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty with basics, social, and day to day functioning.
> Intermittent distorted memory. Short/long term memory lapses. Forgetfulness, poor or loss of  short term memory.  Impaired memory functions (lost items, missed appointments, retold stories) DementiasSept.2013 Gone
> Tendency to get geographically disorientated; suddenly forgetting where a familiar destination is. Getting lost. Going to the wrong place. Unable to orientate oneself or recognize familiar places or figure out  where one is or how to get back from home as everything looks unfamiliar.Sept.2013 Gone
Dental Disturbances
> Difficulty chewing. Sept.2013 Gone
> Dental problems; chronic gingivitis, receding  gums, thinning enamel.Sept.2013 Gone
> Sudden pain within each tooth.Sept.2013 Gone
> Painful gums, swollen gums.Sept.2013 Gone
> Painful/stiff jaw, mimics TMJ or jaw joint arthritis.Sept.2013 Gone
Digestive System Disturbances
> Malfunction of intestinal muscle contractions.> Nerves sending incorrect messages to digestive system.Sept.2013 Gone
> Paralysis or partial paralysis of the tongue, gag reflex, esophagus, stomach, and nearby organs, small and/or large intestines.Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty chewing, swallowing, or speaking.Sept.2013 Gone
> Gastroesophageal reflux or Rumination Disorder (which often leads to feeling starved and then over-eating)Sept.2013 Gone
> Not knowing when you are hungry or full.Sept.2013 Gone
> Unexplained weight gain or weight loss.Sept.2013 Getting better
> Bloated belly.Sept.2013 Getting better
> Unusual constipation: putty like/unresponsive to laxatives.Sept.2013 Gone
>(Bowels stop working  for many days and suddenly restarts for no particular reason)Intestinal pseudo-obstruction.Sept.2013 Gone
> During night, rectal muscle/bowel cramping giving an urge to defecate. Proctalgia fugaxSept.2013 Gone
> Mild Liver function abnormalities; liver infection, inflammation, enlargement, elevated enzymes, (spirochaeta hepatitis)Sept.2013 healing
> Enlarged spleen.Sept.2013 Gone
> Gallbladder and bile duct disturbances. Sept.2013 Gone
> Pain in bottom of the right rib cage in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen Sept.2013 Gone
> Intestinal Microbial Flora imbalanceSept.2013 Gone
Ears and Hearing Disturbances
> Pain in ear(s) with no medical cause.Sept.2013 Gone
> Sound sensitivity (Sometimes noises causes extreme irritability)Sept.2013 getting better
Eyes and Vision Disturbances
> Papilledema blurriness, inability to see in a particular part of the visual field for a period of time.Sept.2013 Gone
> Sudden blurred "foggy" vision. Double vision.Sept.2013 Gone
> Sudden loss of partial vision (half vision) that later returns. Sept.2013 Gone
> Vision loss ??
> Increased floaters (like internal eye dust)Sept.2013 may have stopped.
> Floating black  specs Sept.2013 may be gone
> "Spots" before eyes Sept.2013 Gone
> Flashing lights/showers of sparkles.Sept.2013 Gone
> Kaleidoscope movement in sparkle.Sept.2013 Gone
> Looking through waviness/wigglynessSept.2013 Gone
> Phantom images (Clearly seen: e.g. crystals, row of zigzag, small wiggly worms.)Sept.2013 Gone
> Sensitivity to lightSept.2013 Gone
> Pain behind or in eyes. Swelling around eyes. Pain due to inflammation Sept.2013 Gone
> Inflamed, itchy eyes, watery eyes.Sept.2013 Gone
> Conjunctivitis, pink eyeball, or prominent red veins.Sept.2013 Gone
> Eye redness, bloodshot eyes, and irritation.Sept.2013 Gone
> Pressure in eyesSept.2013 Gone
> Drooping of eyelid (ptosis)Sept.2013 Gone
> Feeling as if something is in the eye  Sept.2013 Gone
Head, Face, Neck Disturbances
> Headache, Fever, nausea, decreased alertness, malaise, visual disturbances, stiff neck and back, decreased consciousness, tremor, seizures, lasting days to several months Encephalitis Sept.2013 Gone
>Inflamed brain and spinal cord  Sept.2013 Gone
> Headache, fever, stiff neck, spine, sensitivity to light, nausea, sleepiness, confusion Lyme meningitis Sept.2013 Gone
> Headache  lasting weeks to months persistent/severe/ head pressure /congestion /burning. Burning in the brain and sometimes the neck and spinal cord or parts of the head, forehead or most of the head. (Chronic meningitis) Sept.2013 Gone
> Extremely painful and disabling headache not relieved by any medication, lasting a long time.  Sept.2013 Gone
> Pressure within the head as if the brain is being squeezed from not enough room. Sept.2013 Gone
> Swollen forehead (around eyes) or edema (fluid) in forehead. Sept.2013 Gone
> Sharp pains in the head that last for a few seconds but are persistent; electric shock, as if someone hit or thumped the side of the head hard. Sept.2013 Gone
> Tight scalp muscles. Itchy under the scalp, feeling better when rubbed/scratched or heat is applied. Sept.2013 Gone
> Sudden itchy, crawly feeling on scalp and also sudden  pimples forming on the scalp Sept.2013 Gone
> Sore and tender areas on skull Sept.2013 Gone
> Sensation of gurgling or leaking inside the head  Sept.2013 Gone
> Stiff or painful neck inability to turn head.  Sept.2013 Gone
> Lightheadedness, wooziness, feeling off balance   Sept.2013 Gone
> Difficulty with spatial awareness of where front and back doors are in own house, misjudging  furniture and doorways,and when grabbing objects. Sept.2013 Gone
> Dizziness & equilibrium disorders. Vertigo a sensation of motion sickness, feeling off balance, that the floor is moving etc.. Sept.2013 Gone
> Numbness usually only on one side of the face to forehead Mimics Bell's Palsy  Sept.2013 Gone
> Facial neuralgias: Twitching of facial muscles (tics), sensation of sharp facial pain, crawly feeling, or itching, tingling of nose and other facial parts.  Sept.2013 Gone
> Sensation of a spider web or loose hair fallen on face.  Sept.2013 Gone
> Facial flushing (red face) Sept.2013 Gone
> Drippy nose (unexplained)   Sept.2013 Gone
> Pulsing sensations in parts of the body, vibrating sensations, head rocking to rhythm of pulse. Sept.2013 still there sometimes
> Numb/sore tongue/mouth. Sept.2013 Gone
>Throat-sore throat, swollen glands, cough, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing. Sept.2013 Gone
Heart Disturbances.
> Bacterial infective endocarditisinfection of the heart valves or lining of the heart. Sept.2013 Gone
> Myocarditisis infection of the heart muscle. Sept.2013 Gone
> Dilated cardiomyopathy/Congestive Heart failure Sept.2013 Gone
> Vasculitis (inflamed blood vessels)  Sept.2013 Gone
> Heart murmurs.. Whooshing or swishing noise in heart beat  Sept.2013 still there most of the time
> Heart palpitations or extra beats Sept.2013 remains most of the time frome adrenal malfunction
> Elevated blood pressure  Sept.2013 Gone
> Heart rate slow, faint, rapid, or irregular, skipped beats. Sept.2013 most Gone
> Fainting.  Sept.2013 Gone
> Feeling short of breath and find it harder to exercise.  Sept.2013 Gone
Immune and Endocrine Disturbances
>   Adrenal Disorders.Sept.2013 getting better
> Spleen: Tenderness, enlargement Sept.2013 Gone
> Persistent swollen lymph glands/nodesSept.2013 Gone
> Over production of nonadrenaline. A sudden startle releases a shot of stinging adrenalin pain in the body.Sept.2013 Gone
> Decreased energy. Tire quickly. Sept.2013 still there
> Declining stress capacity.Sept.2013 still there
> Inflammation and what feels like inflammation pain anywhere in the body causes intense pain, including any cysts within the inflamed area.Sept.2013 Gone
> Edema (excessive accumulation of water in organ) Increase of interstitial fluid. E.g, lungs, ankles etc.Sept.2013 still there
> Sugar craving. (Candida)Sept.2013 Gone
> Continual infections (e.g.sinus, kidney, yeast, bladder, etc.)Sept.2013 Gone
Locomotor Disturbances
> A sudden bout of arthritis with swelling, redness, and pain in one or a few large joints, typically the knees, that persists, or no longer persists, that may have left the joints deformed, Sept.2013 Gone
> Joint pain and swelling around joint. Sept.2013 Gone
> Sudden "axed-like/broken bone" type pain in a bone, especially near a joint when asleep or  in awake time also.Sept.2013 Gone
> Migratory pains in and around the joints and muscles, intermittent or chronic. Pain rises at high level whenever there is a flare in the bodySept.2013 Gone
> Creaking, popping, or cracking jointsSept.2013 Gone
> Stiffness of joints from toes to neck and back, sometimes for a constant period and other times sudden stiffness that goes after movement.Sept.2013 Gone
> Unexplained backaches. Deep and steady pain in spine that feels as if it radiates from  pressure on the nerves surrounding it or as if the pain comes from deep inside of the spine. (From neck to tail bone.) Sept.2013 Gone
> Intense pain, mostly in the lumbar and cervical regions radiating to the extremities.Sept.2013 Gone
> Acute disk problem with deep and steady pain that radiates from pressure on the nerves surrounding itSept.2013 Gone
> Bone sensitivity and bone pain of different levels and intensity. Sept.2013 Gone
> Sudden agonizing bone pain of an entire length of one bone, the entire rib cage, or all  bones connected to any single bone, becomes too sore to touch, similar to a bruised bone or a broken bone.Sept.2013 Gone
> Tenderness in lower shin medial tibia shaft bone.Sept.2013 Gone
> Foot, ankle, and heel pain, sore soles (esp. in morning) Sept.2013 Gone
> Deep aches and burning in palms/soles of feet.Sept.2013 Gone only some bunrning left
> Burning or stabbing pains in odd and shifting places Sept.2013 Gone
> Feeling of someone tapping on your shoulder or thumping you on the side of the head.Sept.2013 Gone
> Involuntarily trembling or body rocking or sensation when laying down as if in a boat on water.Sept.2013 Gone
> Muscle cramps/spasms (all over body) Sept.2013 still some ligament and tendon damage healing on left hip, buttock and thigh only
> Throughout body; Muscle tenderness and pains of varying intensity as if over-stretched,  bruised, cut, scraped, injured, burned, sharp, dull, or aching. Mimics Fibromyalgia, including  tender points that come and go.Sept.2013 Gone
> Knots or tight spot in muscles.Mimics or/and triggers MyoFascial Pain Still Some in arms
> Tendon and ligament pain. as above
> Tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain felt in the hand, forearm, or wrist that awakens from sleep. Arm(s) inflamed and swollen, for no reason.Sept.2013 Gone
> Sudden jolting sickening pain down the arm similar to the frozen shoulder pain.Sept.2013 Gone
> Entire body weakness body feels very heavy.Sept.2013 Gone
> Diminished reflexes, nerve conductivity defects causing weakness or partial paralysis of limbs, and  coordination.Sept.2013 Gone
> Tingling sensations of the extremities Still some remaining (peripheral neuropathy damage healing
>Spastic paraparesis: Leg weakness, Difficulty walking, Arm weakness, Shortening of legs due to muscle spasticity, Clumsiness of hands,  Difficulty in fine movements of hands and legs, Spasticity, Weakness, Muscle cramps, Muscle twitches, Exaggerated reflexes, Stiff movements, Jerky movements, Exercise intolerance, Reduced muscle strength Sept.2013 Gone
> Diminished exercise tolerance Sept.2013 remains
> Shocks, sharp jabbing, electric-like pain and shooting pains anywhere in the body. Sept.2013 Gone
Mental Disturbances
> Feeling you are losing your mind/going crazy because the people around you disbelieve the reality of your pain, disabilities, and deteriorating health, most especially when you do not know what has afflicted you.Sept.2013 Gone (and they still disbelieve!)
> Anxiety Sept.2013 Gone
> Suicidal thoughts for relief from physical/emotional pain. And/or suddenly suicidal.Sept.2013 Gone
> Over-emotional reactions to fit the situation. To noise.. remains
> Easily frustrated, irritated, agitated, unusually short tempered Sept.2013 better, maybe once brain is healed it will settle.
> Sudden explosive irritability for no apparent cause.Sept.2013 better
> Much activity or noise or any sensory stimulation within environment triggers extreme agitation and or aggressiveness.Sept.2013 much better
> Sudden moments of suspiciousness/paranoia.Sept.2013 Gone
> Delusions.(must have had those also)  Sept.2013 Gone
> Trying to do everything during periods of feeling okay and very little activity when laden with pain.Sept.2013 Gone
> Persistent anxiety, for no reason.Sept.2013 Gone
Neuro Disturbances
> Hypersensitivity to light, sound, smells, taste, touch and vibrations.Sept.2013 some remains
> Abnormal brain waves, seizures, momentary mini blackouts, periods of confused memory, episodes of  staring, unexplained periods of  unresponsiveness.Sept.2013 getting less.
> Tremors, unexplained shaking, jerking, twitching.Sept.2013 Gone
> Sensations in the body of pinpricks, stabbing, burning.Sept.2013 Gone
> A sensation of wearing an invisible "glove" or "sock"Sept.2013 peripheral neuropathy damage is healing
> Numbness in parts of the body and/or extremities.Sept.2013 peripheral neurapothy damage is healing
> Difficulty walking or moving the arms.Sept.2013 some gone. some remains
> Dizziness, poor balance, weakness, or partial paralysis of limbs, loss or diminished  reflexes or coordination.Peripheral neuropathy Healing
> Feet/legs experience poor automatic response; Walking problems. Gait disturbance. Clumsiness. Tripping. Walking into things. Not knowing where your feet are. Poor muscle coordination, loss of reflexes, experiencing weaknessSept.2013 peripheral neuropathy damage is healing
> Burning, freezing, throbbing, shooting pain in limbs, hands and feet or toes and fingers  or all, that is often worse at nightand is felt equally on both sides periodically or  constant. Lyme Peripheral  Neuropathy Sept.2013 Gone .
> Intense pain, mostly in the lumbar and cervical regions, and radiating to the extremitiesSept.2013 Gone
> Involuntary movement of arms, legs, and digits.Sept.2013 fingers left to heal
> Irresistible urge to move legs; sensations include creeping, itching, pulling,  creepy-crawly, tugging, or gnawing in legs.Restless legs syndromeSept.2013 Gone
> Need to bend legs inward toward chest as close as possibleSept.2013 Gone
> Periods of jumpiness, easily startled Sept.2013 Gone, probably would return if I did not take B complex.
> Pressure-related neuropathic symptoms (e.g. an arm going to "sleep" while resting on a car door while driving),Sept.2013 Gone,
Respiratory Disturbances
> Air hunger, laboured breathing, or gaspingSept.2013 Gone .
> Can’t get a full or satisfying breath.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Shortness of breath with exertion.Sept.2013 Gone .
> When talking suddenly running out of air.Sept.2013 Gone .
Severe Sleep Disturbances.
> Unusual, extreme, persistent fatigue.Sept.2013 getting better
> Instantly falling asleep, at anytime. Sept.2013 Gone .
> Pauses in breathing when asleep. ??
> Difficulty falling or staying asleep (penial Gland)or unable to sleep for no apparent reason.(Insomnia)Sept.2013 Gone .
> Unable to fall asleep or being awakened during sleep because of the high level of pain throughout the body. Sept.2013 Gone .
> Sleeping too much.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Unable to get into a normal deep sleep. Sept.2013 Gone .
> Being awakened in the middle of the night by sudden severe arthritic pains throughout entire body that is excruciating, dramatic, and feels like you are on deaths door and most of this horrid pain is gone by the next morning.Sept.2013 Gone .
Skin Disturbances
> Pinna and ear lobes have varying shades of red. Sept.2013 Gone .
> Sensation of water dripping on skin or tingling sensations (like an insect crawling on  skin,  water dripping on skin, tingling, or spider web laying on skin. Sept.2013 Gone .
> Spots and areas on the body under skin that suddenly become extremely sensitive to touch.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Burning pain like sunburn or freshly scraped skin embedded with sand in the digits/ limbs.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Sudden itchiness of limbs or parts of body.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Skin flushes Sept.2013 Gone .
> Nodules under the skinSept.2013 Gone .
> All lumps and cysts become very painful during periods of active Lyme and within areas of inflammation.  E.g. all endemitriosis cysts, implants, lesions, endometrioma's, endometrial polyps and sebaceous cysts, popliteal baker's cyst, paralabral cysts, ganglion's, lipomas, or any cyst within the body or lumpy masses under the skin or as well as old scars, warts, swollen lymph nodes, calcium deposits, Fibrocystic Breasts, Polycystic kidney cysts...Sept.2013 Gone .
> Fingernail changes such as  vertical ridges, curved under, flat in center Sept.2013 becoming better .
> Numbness, tingling (Peripheral neuropathy nerves are healing)
Urinary Disturbances
> Neurogenic bladder (Sudden incorrect messages going to bladder): Underactive/overactive. Tiny stream.  Straining to urinate. Hesitancy. Bladder not emptying completely. Inability to urinate. Frequent  urgent need to urinate with difficulty to suppress. Loss of bladder awareness. Emptying instantly  upon movement. Urine leakage. Sudden inability to contract muscles.These symptoms just as suddenly disappear and everything is back to normal, until they again suddenly reappear.Sept.2013 Gone
> Bladder pain relieved by urination.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Kidney problems Sept.2013 persists .
Emotional (later stages)
> Discouraged Sept.2013 Gone .
> Deteriorated self esteemSept.2013 Gone .
> Feeling ashamedSept.2013 Gone .
> Lots of anger and frustration.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Self-doubtingSept.2013 Gone .
> Anxiety over finances when inability to earn income.Sept.2013 Gone .
> Fear for deteriorating health or/and of dying.Sept.2013 Gone .

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