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My complete MMS Journal has now been removed: 
Here is a summary
of my journal for those who may want to learn from my experiences with MMS. At that time MMS was being taken with the idea that the more drops the better. Today it is best : one drink is only 3 drops and no more the eight drinks a day. 
I used it as my only eradication agent for about twenty months. Reflux was a huge problem in taking it as my esophagus most always had food in it. See how to use MMS as an eradication agent for zoonotic infections and Jim Humble web site.
May 2010:  I am now on my seventh week of taking MMS. Still experimenting with dosage . Recently I have been doing three or four drops every hour four times in the morning and in the evening. In-between I take 1500 or more of vitamin C, flax oil, 800 of  vitamin E, B complex, B1, "cell food", selenium, gingko. Between last drink before bedtime I take magnesium citrate and calcium.   In the afternoon I have been tired and take the time to have a nap and at first it was a long and solid nap. I know the body is simply rebuilding new cells and how important those naps are to help in the rebuilding of my new cells. 
  • I think my lymphatics are not congested anymore. 
  • Mostly at first I have been excreting foul, foul smelling sweat. I am sweating again so that is a good sign.
  • My gas and bowel waste stink beyond stink and I'm thinking this is all the bads, that have accumulated over the years, now being released.
  • My body feels lighter inside. 
  • Last week I was at the bulk nut department and I was able to copy the four digit number to the tag in one swoop! This has not happened for many, many years. "Normally" I would have had to go back to that number at least twenty times before I could copy it. Does it mean my short term memory is back?
  • About a week ago I noticed that my attention deficit symptoms, mostly the mind racing, was no longer in my head. 
  • My breasts that had been inflamed and very sore (a few months ago) are now about 80% better. 
  • About three or four weeks into this I decided to take an MMS bath. I poured a hot tub and mixed 30 drops of 28% sodium Chlorite with 30 drops of 50% citric acid, let it activate for three minutes and then swished it into the hot water. I drank six drops of the MMS mixture and then climbed into the tub, soaking on all sides, including my scalp and face. I stayed in for about twenty minutes. About a half hour or more after the bath I felt nauseated. So I did the baking soda drink. Still it continued until I threw up a large amount of mostly water. I ate vitamin C and candies and eventually it stopped. For some days after I was turned off the citric acid and so I used the unfiltered apple cider vinegar.(5 drops to one drop 28 % sodium choride.).       The next time I had the bath I used only twenty drops in the tub and I did not get nausea. Of course that was a few weeks later and I had been lowering my toxic load continuously.

    • May 25/2010 : Since my last update I have stopped taking 4 drops every hour in the evening and morning as I felt as if I was overloaded with the MMS. I  could taste it in my mouth all the time and was quite tired again. So I thought maybe my body needed a break from the MMS.  I had been taking 1 drop sodium 28% chlorite to one drop 50% citric acid and sometimes I would give myself a break from the citric acid by using the 5 drops of apple cider vinegar to every drop of the Sodium chlorite.  So I stopped taking the MMS for about 48 hours and loaded up on vitamin C so I had the C in my system round the clock. I felt that taste of MMS in my mouth fade away and soon I was feeling very good again. 
    • Nausea:  When I over did the MMSand got  nauseated and so ten minutes after the nausea started I ate an apple.  About 20 minutes later the nausea seemed to be increasing so I chewed on 500 vitamin C and more time later I took a teaspoon of baking soda in water and shortly thereafter came the diarrhea and puking. The entire afternoon and evening I rested and ran to the bathroom at least five times and threw up at least four times and the last two throw ups were severe, a lot and very dark and then it settled, except for the nausea. Had a good sleep and the next day the nausea only came once and the runs had ceased. I did not take any MMS that day. During that entire day and evening I had much energy and felt really good. I ate well and kept it down, even more than usual.(I have reflux). 
    • Summer- Naps : July- I feel better when I remember to take all my supplements and eat my greens and balanced meals. I am feeling quite good right now, but of course it is summer and I have noticed in the past that if I spend time in the sun that it is helpful. It seems like I get much die-off when I do sit in the sun for about half an hour or put my face to the sun with eyes closed. The herx is more at first and less as the summer goes on. When I do take the MMS regularly I have noticed that I need a good sleep in the middle of the afternoon and if I try to avoid the nap then I just fall asleep by six PM, so I try hard to take it , even when I have company.
    •  Citric acid repulses me: I am unable to take the drops with citric acid anymore.(The Citric acid repulses me and it does something awful in my stomach, even a new batch) I use apple cider vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon juice and do not have problems with the stomach then.
    • Six months later: I must say that the MMS ritual is getting tedious and am close to giving myself a break for two weeks, just to be "free" for awhile.

    • My GERD's -Reflux:  About a week ago I quit taking MMS, for now . I want to see if my esophagus reflux will stop being active. I have been able to stop the reflux  sometimes with digestive enzymes and other times by doing the stomach up exercise, but this past while, neither has been helpful.  This has nothing to do with MMS, just that it interferes with the taking of the MMS as it means I have food in my esophagus most of the time. 
    • What happened when I stopped taking MMS:  I've had to take MMS again to make myself feel better as I had a flare up of the burning, itchy, eyes and the white of the eyeballs getting very pink and feeling like there is something foreign inside of them at times. Also, the occipital nerve feels inflamed and it gives me a kind of a sore head. As well I got a flare of the attention deficit and hyper activity and very itchy scalp and face feeling as if something crawling across it as well as feeling very irritable when the crawlies on head and face are active. I had not had that since about a year and a half, at least. The MMS seems to tame the activity. 
    • Eyes in MMS bath: This morning I had a half hour tub soaking (25 drops of MMS)  I decided to open my eyes under water. Started slowly of course as I did not know if it would burn. It did not. Actually it was soothing to the inflamed inside the lids. My eyes did feel better afterwards. 
    • Symptoms Nov.2010- I continue to have big die-off or just plain old active blasted Lyme. The attention deficit and the crawly face and scalp did eventually go away. The eyes are just about good one day and then have a good flare for other days.I am thinking that maybe it is my glasses that are causing them stress and somehow the bacteria come along with the immune system trying to heal that area. Who knows? I have had a flare of the numb temple and cheek. A flare of the pain in the nerves of the head. And the pain in different areas of the head, just large patches. When that happens, I suspect it is inflammation and taking  ibuprofen seems to tame it down.      I have had numerous nights of being completely not tired and awake unable to sleep. But, certainly nothing like it was for many years.  I have had painful bones in the top area of chest and shoulders. Probably inflammation, but it had gone away for awhile. The legs have had the RLS at times and the numbness in the toes and pains in muscles, or ligaments here and there. The bowels deciding to stop for some days and starting to work as if nothing happened and  other things and I really don't like to think back on what the past month has been. I'll be glad when things go dormant again as it is very tiring, but I did get some days when I was able to go out for groceries and pick a few things up. I am averaging one to two wee outings a week.  My concentration has been very poor and with the eye and head pain, then it is very strenuous to concentrate on someone talking.
    • December 28th/2010 - I am still taking an average of three drops and taking thirty minute baths of 28 drops about once a week. Since I wrote last the eye and face flare up has disappeared, but what started as what felt like an inflamed vein in the leg turned into myofascial pain and trigger points in the legs and the burning feet are in full  awful burning. It is the right leg that is in awful pain and the tightening of the muscles here and there in the legs is so strong as to rotate the hips. The myofascial pain creates sharp ugly pain. I have been in survival mode since the last part of November and I think it is starting to abate now as I can go longer without  taking Ibuprofen. I have had some Heller treatments an that was helpful to give me relief, but unfortunately the neurotoxins triggers the muscles to tighten again. I also had a chiropractor check, but nothing changed because of it. I have an area in the lower spine that is hot and it seems to be coming from there. Similar to problems I had in the past. But my head is clear! So if the MMS keeps that clear, it is all worth it.
    • February 22th/2010 - I am still hobbling , difficult to walk, but feel it is getting better. When I think back of the horrid pain I had in my back in about 2001, which I thought was a herniated disc and the terrible attack I had in my shoulder blade in 2008, this hip thing acts like both those attacks. Both lasted at least six months and all the money spent on treatment only made it worse and the x-rays showed the classic Lyme..NOTHING! Some moments I loose touch with making my feet move and have to think hard to finally get them going. The feet are lazy and I have had numerous near false even though I am being careful and moving very slowly. Feet sometimes just seem to get stuck on the floor. Any ways, all this ugly pain has motivated me to purchase a Doug coil. I may be more disciplined doing that. There has been total eradication of the Lyme disease within two years. But I will continue to take low doses of MMS to keep my head clear. It is very good to have a clear brain and now I feel I can handle operating a rife. See As I Progress using the Doug Coil
    ( NaClO2 + organic acid) = MMS
    The simple mineral compound that when mixed with citric eliminates pathogens, heavy metals, malicious bacteria's, viruses, parasites, fungus, poisons, tumors ...any sickly cells trapped within the body. It simply cleans out the sludge that is causing stress on the immune system.

    First used over fifteen years ago to rid Malaria from humans in Africa. Today the mission has grown to make MMS available to those who want to eradicate HIV, Malaria and other diseases, most especially to the people of  third world countries. 

    Some people have taken the MMS to boost their immune system and found it got rid of many of their symptoms and some claim their entire symptoms have disappeared and they feel normal again as they have reclaimed their health.

    MMS is not a supplement, nor does it give nourishment to the body. Rather it is a cleanser of pathogens, bacterias, parasites...

    The cost for one year is less then thirty dollars.

    It is simple to use.

    It is used in quantities of drops and it is mixed with water.

    It remains active for less than one and a half hours in the body.

    It does not accumulate in the body like medications do.

    The MMS residues leave behind one tiny grain of salt for every drop ingested and the average Lyme infected person would ingest 15 to 30 drops per day.

    It has not been known to conflict with medications.

    Food does not interfere with MMS. It can be taken on a full or empty stomach. Preferably an hour after meals and an hour before a meal is taken.

    A few crackers can be taken immediately after taking the drink to take away a drink with an unpleasant taste.

    Small amount of drops mixed in grape juice or water has no taste. 

    Cannot "overdose" if  the user starts with one drop, or half a drop if they are fragile. One hour later increase by adding one more drop to make two. Next hour increase by one more drop to make three.  At any point if the user gets nausea or diarrhea, the next hour the user cuts back down to one drop less. 

    Nausea or and diarrhea indicate to increase the time between taking MMS or to drop down to one less drop until the users detoxification systems can process the debris of the killed pathogens. 

    Simple to prepare. 
    Example of one drink:
    In a cup is put

    • 1 drop of 28% sodium Chlorite
    • 1 drop of 50% citric acid. 
    • Move glass side to side to mix.
    • Set timer for three minutes.
    • When timer rings add 1 cup of clorine/floride free water.
    • Drink 
    • Last mouthful swish around in mouth and gums and swallow..
    • Now Smile.... know that the Bb's won't even smell it coming! Zap, zap, zap...
    • Set timer for one hour and mix another drink, repeating same 6 to 8 times daily.
    For anyone who wants to use MMS for ridding themselves of the spirochetes and coinfections I strongly suggest to familiarize yourself with this product. Become knowledgeable before you use it. Discover if it is what you want to eliminate your Lyme Disease. Here are some links to get started.
    They may be out dated: Enter Jim Humble MMS and explore the website. It has all you need to get started, etc. 
    Jim Humble Site
    How to Use
    MMS Forum
    Yahoo Group

    If you think you want to try it, to lessen the load, so to speak... You can start right away to prepare your body for its journey ahead. Give it strength by about 2000 to 3000 mg of "VitaminC- with collagen", 800 Vitamin E...any antioxidant and great nutritious food and plenty of rest for at least a week before beginning your drinks. 

    Vitamin C: Vitamin C and other anti-oxidents neutralize the desired benefits of MMS. Do not use orange juice for two hours before or after. 

    Vitamin C  that includes collagen and other antioxidants MUST be continued to be taken while on MMS protocol. Do not use the time released vitamin C . Take MMS four hours before and four hours after the vitamin C as it will weaken MMS or not be effective. A plan can be made at which times you will take your vitamins and minerals and the time you will take your drinks every hour or so. 
    Example only: 1 drink before breakfast, drinks every hour until lunchtime, afternoon walk, vitamins and minerals, nap, supper, evening drinks every hour until bed time.

    Diarrhea, or even vomiting is not a bad sign. It does mean you are indeed getting rid of junks. Yet, it indicates you are killing pathogens faster than the liver can process them for elimination. So, slow down the killing process. 
    The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after a good short diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea will be gone.If you are taking but a few drops at a time the diarrhea will not be urgent where you cannot reach the bathroom.) 

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    A caution: MMS can strip arterial plaque out so fast that it doesn't allow any time for healing of those arteries. "The arteries, that deliver blood from the heart to the heart, collapse with every heartbeat. Without enough vitamin C with added collagen, the arteries weaken at the stress points. The body packs cholesterol onto these weak places. The cholesterol becomes pathogen infested and turns into plaque. MMS strips this plaque and thereby exposes the weakened arterial wall beneath. If you have none or little Vitamin C with added collagen in your body from the previous weeks and if you now suddenly take large amounts of MMS, then it is NOT FAIR to your body. As a consequence to your poor prep or taking a large amount of drops right at the beginning or not taking your vitamins (C) every day while you are on the MMS drinks... then you may have problems. 

    It is very important to include in your daily protocol the minerals magnesium, potassium and vitamins C that has collagen in it. See Jim Humble's Book two. As well, the Lyme spirochetes have wandered and burrowed everywhere and often around the heart, therefore you may experience discomfort in various organs as the bacteria's and their yucks are being eliminated. 

    The nature of the Bb bacteria is to thicken the interstitial fluid, thus the lymphatics and other detoxification organs are plugged or very sluggish. This is another reason to take only small amount of drops in every drink and to start very slow. We have been herxing just from spending a good hour in the sun and now MMS will create even more die off. This die off needs to be eliminated through the sluggish detoxification organs. In time the detoxification organs will become clear of the pathogens. They will get cleaned out and then you will be able to handle more die-off at once. (But, since  apparently the small does are as effective as the large doses, there is no reason to take large amount of drops in one drink and cause yourself to be sick, unless you start missing how you used to feel, prior to losing your symptoms)

    In our Lyme case, the Bb bacteria live in our tissue cells. These sick cells will become eliminated slowly, but surely. Therefore we will need our mineral and vitamin support as well as naps and early to beds to give our body opportunity to grow the abundance of new cells... twenty four hours a day.

    MMS users start with one drop morning and evening (mixed as directed...Check the % of both products and mix accordingly). The next day they move up to two drops morning and evening, etc. Then they reach three drops,  twice in the AM and twice in the PM. In a few days they increase to three times in AM and three times in PM. If MMS is still  causing no nausea or diarrhea, then they increase to more often (the 3 drops every hour ) during the day and always drop back when the liver is telling you it wants more time to process the discard load. 
    The spirochetes have been reproducing,  in most cases unencumbered... for a very long time. The user needs to limit amount of die off per day, most especially the first month as often the lymphatics, liver and other detoxification organs are  heavily sluggish...kinda plugged. The interstitial fluid is thick from years of Bb sabotage. Every ones load is different; some Lyme disease carriers have already eliminated their coinfections, their yeast load, dwindled their Bb population, some parasites, etc., but others have not. For the Lyme infected people- more MMS is not better. Low doses and more often is our better. 

    MMS baths and enemas are helpful.

    If you get oxidative stress in the form of sagging face skin, wrinkles, tiredness, sallowness, or get an unhealthy look it is a sign that your body needs your loving attention. Stop taking the MMS for awhile and take more antioxidants such as vitamin C with collagen, vitamin E, Vitamin B complex for stress, and all your other vitamins and important minerals. Add some probiotics. Try to eat 75% greens in your meals, along with fish or fowl. Review your protocol. Are you taking too much MMS? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating greens and balanced meals?

    Remember you are a researcher when finding what is best for your unique body,  MMS just may be what will eliminate those things that do not belong within your physical body.

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