1.What is Lyme Disease 
2.The Lyme Rash
3.What are Co-infections 
4.Ticks that infect
5. Lyme in Children 
6. Lyme  in Canada
7. Diagnosis for Lyme 
8. Treatments for Lyme 
9. Taking Action 
10. Symptoms 
11.Lyme Prevention
12.Test Results
13.The Bb Bacteria
15. Herxheimer Reaction
16.The Politics of Lyme 

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1. Doctor's who treat Lyme disease
2. What is a Lyme Literate Doctor 
3. Medical and Naturopathic Doctor Treatment for Lyme disease
4.How do I find a doctor for Lyme Disease treatment?
5. Naturopathic/Homeopathic/Resonance treatment for Lyme disease
6. Self Help treatment for Lyme Disease
7.What can be done to address issues concerning the congestion of Lyme diagnosis in Canada?


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The spirochetes die-off creates  toxins
that create flu like symptoms. 

Keep your eye on the goal...
You will reclaim your healthy body.-L.G.J.

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Treatment for Lyme Disease
for entering into the Eradication Process
    Emergency treatment for new tick bites:
    New bite only: To eradicate complete the immature infections go here. :
1.Doctors who treat Lyme disease
Naturopathic doctors and Medical doctors who have chosen to become knowledgeable in Lyme and other zoonotic infections will treat Lyme disease with antibiotics.
2. What is a Lyme Literate Doctor ND or MD ?
A LLMD or LLND are doctors who are knowledgeable, from working with lyme patients, attended special classes or seminars or someone who has learned about Lyme disease on their own about the nature of the specific zoonotic infections, their effects on the body, and how best to treat all these diseases using different types of antibiotics for each different infection present. 

Keep SAFE: Heads up!  Do research on Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Toxicity (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Floxin) as too many treated with these have had severe toxicity illness develop.

There is a great comfort for the infected person to speak with a person who understands the nature of their disease and what they are living with. 

The more YOU learn and know about your disease the more you can monitor if the practitioner's are literate and so forth, or what is in the best interest for your body.
To find a Lyme literate doctor in your area try entering Lyme Naturopathic doctor in search engine.  Continue looking until you find one you can trust. 


3.Medical and Naturopathic Doctor

If you have a new tick bite and a rash, either Lyme literate Naturopathic or Lyme literate medical doctor's in Canada will treat with antibiotics for at least four weeks, or more, even after symptoms have stopped. If there is any recurrence of symptoms after treatment, your doctor again puts you on another course of antibiotics. 
A person who seems to be symptom-free after short treatment should be vigilant in watching for any recurrence.

Some people find no regression of the symptoms at all from a short course of antibiotics, particularly if they have other infections. 

Many long-term Lyme infected people given the standard oral antibiotic treatment seem to do fine for years and then suddenly experience the same or new symptoms as the cysts break open and reinfect. See the nature of the Bb Bacteria
Cyst can be completely eradicated with some natural eradicating agents.


If the cysts or one spirochete has not been completely eradicated as soon as ones immune system is lowered such as after or during a stressful life event such as; head injury, a jarring accident, divorce, pregnancy, surgery, or a death in the family can trigger a re-emergence of Lyme Disease symptoms as they awaken from the cysts sensing the environment is conducive to have active life again. Some people obtain relief with another course of oral antibiotics, while others require long-term treatment as the cycle of encysting and breaking open to reinfecting continues with the use of an anti-microbial that causes spirochetes to change into cyst form.
Because of the complexity of the Lyme bacteria's changing form and the coinfections, the organisms are treated medically with a combination of antibiotics  This treatment can be oral, injected, or (IV) intravenous antibiotics and this also,often fails as it is known that antibiotics promote spirochetes to encyst. Some will never become free of the Bb Bacteria and co-infections using only antibiotics as their eradicating agent. 

Whether on antibiotics or not, the Lyme infected person needs to develop an ongoing daily healthy program that supports and promotes a strong immune system. When on antibiotics a patient will usually have a natural increase in Candida`s to deal with and will have to eradicate with an anti-fungal as these are neurotoxin producers.

* The Lyme organism must be completely eradicated. It can be done when agents known to kill each specific pathogen are used for long enough so they can no longer sustain life. This is 100% possible,in spite of what has been planted out there, for whatever reason. Either an eradicating agent can kill encysted for or it cannot.

4.How do I find a doctor for Lyme Disease treatment?
Find MD here http://www.ilads.org 

Find ND here http://www.cand.ca/

Doctors Link 

Do your own Research Here  YAHOO  or GOOGLE
5.Naturopathic/Homeopathic/Resonance treatment for Lyme disease:
A Lyme literate Naturopathic Doctor or other natural or non invasive practitioner's will facilitate the eradication of the infections with homeopathics, energy remedies, RIFE, or herbal remedies.
Instead of only attacking the organisms they will see what the individuals body requires to re-balance. Layer upon layer will be removed such a neurotoxins, and all other stressors and then the layers of infections. These natural remedies are not as severe on the body as they do not deposit more toxins in the body, what is to be avoided with these infections. Herbs are carefully chosen so they do not interact with other herbs or support products. It would be best to find practitioners who are literate in Lyme and other zoonotic infections so correct eradicators are used to target each infection, but if not, learn about your disease, get involved and do what is best for your body.

Naturopatic Practitioner's are most helpful for anyone with impaired brains, severe brain fog or those who feel they get more accomplished if they have to answer to someone else. It is in everyone's best interest to get an overview at what will be necessary to achieve successful eradication. You can learn a lot from the Lyme literates and those who have achieved successful eradication on their own.

6.Self Help treatment for Lyme Disease:
For many years the people who were zoonotic Infected had to resort to helping themselves become free of these infections. Along the way they discovered many different ways to keep the infections down or to completely eradicate them. Some products have been developed specifically for eradication of zoonotic infections. Others are natural remedies that have been around for hundreds of years. Some are similar to antibiotics in that they also do not kill the cyst form,and then there are other eradicating agents that do. 
I had 100% successful eradication of fungi, spirochete, encysted form, Bartonella and Mycoplasma with cinnamomun verum leaf grown in Sri Lankan soil.(Note if you want to do same, know there are over 30 types or more of cinnamomon verum  trees grown in different soils and many synthetic cinnamons so  BEWARE!  Only the true one from sri lanka can do the eradication) or if you look in the eradicating ation section you will see other oil. I had previously eradicated Babesia with RIFE frequencies, but this method is difficult to eradicate all low life present as one needs to know specifically the strain, the pathogen and if there are frequencies for each and how to choose them. 
Superior to the oils is CHIM-FLUOX-AVIVA as this eradicates all zoonotic infections like the oils, including parasites. See page of eradicating agents. This is safe in every way, even for babies.

Some have success with MMS if they can handle the tedious all day eradication, taking an average of one and a half years, more or less. It has been done by those of great self discipline. 

There are many ways that have the potential to eradicate specific zoonotic infections or at least help to keep the organism population down until they are ready to completely eradicate. Some eradicating agents will never be able to kill cysted spirochete form and others will.  See anti-microbials for eradication.

7.What can be done to address issues concerning the congestion of Lyme diagnosis in Canada?
After you have eradicated  and recovered from your zoonotic infections : Contact Public Health Canada, your Regional and provincial Public Health, your Members of Parliament and Health Ministers, your College of Physicians and ask for better informed physicians or/and ask for medicare coverage for Naturopathic office visits.  Ask for better testing in Canada, for patients to be given a clinical diagnosis and proper treatment at onset and to allow doctors to use non toxic eradication agents until all symptoms have been eliminated, rather than having the agent stopped and then be re-infected all over again. And/or to be referred to someone who will give complete treatment when a doctor refuses to diagnose or give treatment for Lyme disease, or refuses to continue treatment.

* If you have Lyme disease your priority is to eradicate your infections as quickly as possible and then when you are healthy take up the cause.

To begin eradication in least time possible and spend less then a person would going through another root.

~ Take what you want and leave the rest!~

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