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What is a Neurotoxin
Sources of Neurotoxins
Neuro toxins are non-flushable toxins
Neurotoxin released by Lyme Bacteria, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Borrelia Recurrentis, Brucella, Bartonella,Babesia
Acetylcholine and Dopamine
The effects of Zoobotic infection neurotoxins
Neurotoxin Overload
Bb Activity Manifests Symptoms of Lyme Disease
Is it possible to rid the body of neurotoxins?
What is the interstitial fluid?
What is die-Off:


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Characteristics of 
Neuro Lyme 

Disorders of the nervous system have been found in 15 to 40% of late-stage (tertiary) Lyme infected people.

When Lyme disease affects the brain, it is often referred to as Lyme neuroborreliosis or Lyme encephalopathy. 

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these "people" will be properly diagnosed as having Lyme disease.

Neuroborreliosis can mimic virtually any type of encephalopathy or psychiatric disorder.

Often compared to neurosyphilis. Both are caused by spirochetes, are multi-systemic, and can affect an infected person neurologically, produce cognitive dysfunction and mimics psychiatric illness. 

Symptoms may be dormant, 
only surfacing years later.


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Neurotoxins of the Infections 
What is a Neurotoxin:
A neurotoxin is a poison that acts specifically on nerve cells. Neurotoxins are attracted to the nervous system, are then absorbed by nerve endings and then travel inside the neuron to the cell body. There they disrupt vital functions of the nerve cell. 
Sources of Neurotoxins:
Neurotoxins are caused by spirochetes of Lyme,Borrelia Miyomotoi, Brucella, Borrelia Recurrentis, Bartonella,  Babesia, fungi of some Candida's, Sporotrix Schenckii, Coccidoidomycisis,Histaplasmosis, heavy metals, Aspartame, MSG, Sodium Nitrite in processed meats, alcohol, Fluoride, Aluminum Zirconium, some paints, cocaine, statins,food additives, Mold spores in a home or work place, enteroviruses,and more. There are at least 1178 chemicals officially listed as neurotoxins. 
Neurotoxins are non-flushable toxins:
Non-Flushable toxins are rarely, if ever, flushed out of the body similarly to flushable toxins. The non-flushable toxins remain trapped in the body embedded in soft tissues until special detoxification agents can release and flush them out. 

Metals, chemicals, drug, vaccination and radiation toxins are non-flushable neurotoxins. They get trapped  in pockets of such as breast and scrotum's, in the muscular system, in brain and nerves - anywhere they happen to land. These are more easily removed as numerous special detoxifier's have been developed to attract and flush them out. While infection neurotoxins have few agents capable of removing them.

Neurotoxin released by the Bb Bacteria, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Borrelia Recurrentis, Brucella, Bartonella,  Babesia, Candida and other fungus:
The Borrelia's (spirochetes)and Bartonella, Babesia and other infections release both flushable and non flushable toxins. The non-flushable toxins are a toxin (similar to Clostridium botulinum).  These are rogue neurotoxins circulating and landing wherever, attaching themselves to the walls of the innards wherever they land. 

These neurotoxins are potent, un-detoxified by the liver. They cling to tissues located in brain, nerves, glands, organs, and other areas of the body saturating them with this toxicity. Some of these non-flushable's don't hurt the body much at the beginning of the disease  until they accumulate and start breaking down the internal magnificence of the body. See toxicity Illness.

These non-flushable toxins are believed to be the cause, both directly and indirectly, of most symptoms of Lyme disease and other neurotoxin diseases.

Acetylcholine and Dopamine:
One of the known actions of the Lyme spirochete,and other zoonotic infections neurotoxin producers is to diminish the release and the availability of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and dopamine. As this poison lingers in the body it leads to forgetfulness, loss of enthusiasm, the speed which the brain processes information is diminished, disorganization, lack of planning, not knowing “what to do next,” the inability to focus attention, difficulty moving, balance problems, stiffness, rigidity, achy muscles and loss of coordination. If it produces too much acetylcholine it can produce feelings of paranoia. Usually the longer one is ill with these particular infections, the more neurotoxin poison is present in the body. These can be detoxified with special detoxifiers. There are very few.
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The effects of zoonotic infection neurotoxins:
The zoonotic infection neurotoxins are drawn to the soft tissues found in the brain and peripheral nerves and all over. They are capable of causing neurological dysfunction in the central nervous system, such as the spinal cord, brain stem, cause muscle weakness and cognitive impairments, chronic pain, severe inflammation and more.

These neurotoxin can affect any and all body systems through the inactivation of acetylcholine. When the neurotransmitters, acetylcholine,is diminished and inhibited by the neurotoxin it causes inflammation. It causes the nerves to be sabotaged/interrupted such as for the calming of smooth muscle found in the heart,for muscle contraction in skeletal muscles,intestines,and many other parts of the body, including the detoxification organs. (This can further impair or block the route for normal excretion, causing an accumulation of toxins within the body.)

Neurotoxins are attracted to the nervous system, absorbed by nerve endings and travel inside the neuron to the cell body disrupting vital functions of the nerve cell and lodge there long after the zoonotic infections are gone, maybe a lifetime. 

Neurotoxin and toxins Overload
When the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria dies, or any other of the zoonotic infection producing neurotoxins,  the dead cell holding the remnants of the organism and filled toxic sludge floats about in the interstitial fluid. From there it would normally go into the detoxification systems. But, if the detoxification systems have been impaired the toxin filled interstitial fluid will remain in the area or get into the bloodstream where the toxins are circulated throughout the body causing the body to be poisoned and thus ill. 

Overload 1: Neurotoxins and other toxins may have been accumulated in the body prior to the Lyme infection. (Metals, vaccinations poisons, drugs, chemicals, radiation, parasites, Candida's, and fungus.) 

Overload 2: Neurotoxins and other toxins (from other sources such as drugs) are presently being absorbed or ingested thus adding to the Lyme and co-infection neurotoxin load. 

Overload 3: The Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria prefers to travel through collagen more than the blood. So the spirochetes of Lyme clog up the lymphatic system and cause the blood to thicken. This leads to poor blood flow through the liver and a stickiness of the interstitial fluid. As a consequence detoxification is slowed down to poor causing the flushable toxins to remain in the body longer affecting the body negatively as they land stuck in tissues, and become non-flushable toxins that cling to organs, nerves, glands, brain,peripheral nerves or anywhere else they land. 

Overload 4: Adding anything that kills the organisms will immediately cause an abundance of sludge in the interstitial fluid. The detoxification systems may get backed up... get plugged... have too much to handle. The toxins will go into the blood stream, circulating throughout the body, and the person may be sick for days.(Herxheimer response) The die off added to an already over toxic body will cause severe reaction to any increase in toxins. See Toxicity illness

Bb spirochete Activity Manifests Symptoms of Lyme Disease
In Lyme disease the interstitial fluid becomes sticky and sluggish from the activity of the spirochetes. The lymphatic system plugs up, the liver isn't as efficient because the blood is thickened, cells begin to receive weak nutrients, the flushing of toxins is slowed or poor, toxins are left to linger in the collagen and/or become trapped in various areas of the body. Systems are disrupted... Neurotoxins are absorbed in the neurons in the brain and peripheral nerves. The neurotoxins and poisons set off reactions in the body and manifests an array of symptoms;  Parkinson, ALS, Multiple sclerosis like symptoms, disorders of the brain,  disruption in the hormones, muscles, nerves,sudden deafness,and bones are suddenly painful... It causes an ongoing inflammatory reaction. Chronic pain... The neurotoxins of the Bb bacteria, and other neurotoxin zoonotic infections manifest the symptoms of Lyme Disease and other zoonotic disease through nerves and inflammation.
Is it possible to rid the body of neurotoxins: YES!

What is the interstitial fluid? It is the water solvent that bathes the tissue cells with nourishing nutrients as well as to take away waste products (the die off)to be processed through the Lymphatic System. The interstitial fluid is found in the tissue spaces. It is a water solvent of amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, coenzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, salts, and cellular products. The interstitial fluid baths the tissue cells with nutrients and it also removes metabolic wastes, including the cell die off and residues.
What is die-Off: When an organism dies; the debris, toxins, and material from the dead cell floats in the interstitial fluid. The body works to clear the matter through the detoxification organs. When there is an over abundance to clear away or the toxins get backed-up by clogged detoxification systems the trapped lingering toxins cause the body flu like symptoms called the Herxheimer reaction.

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