Herxheimer reaction 
Die-off syndrome 
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Bb's live out their lives in the human body
The Die Off 
In a spirochete infested body-
The Jarisch-Herxheimer response
A severe Herxheimer reaction 
Symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction
Danger Zone
A severe acute reaction
The Detoxification systems

Support for the detoxification Systems.


The bacteria manifests Neuroborreliosis 

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The Detoxification systems

Lymphatic System:(Immune System) Lymph channels and lymph nodes.

Gastrointestinal System: liver, gallbladder, colon, and whole GI tract- expels neurotoxins through feces. 

Urinary System: kidneys, bladder and urethra. Expels neurotoxins as urine.

Respiratory System: lungs, bronchial tubes, throat, sinuses, and nose. Neurotoxins are expelled through expelled air.

Skin and dermal: Expel neurotoxins through sweat, sebaceous glands and tears.

To remove spirochete neuro toxins permanently.



Perseverance is not a long race;
it’s many short races one after an other. 
- Walter Elliot



Jarisch-Herxheimer Response
Herx,Detox reaction, Healing crisis,Herxheimer reaction,Die-off syndrome 
Bb's live out their lives in the human body
Here they feed,reproduce,and then they die. When Bb's die the cell dies the toxic contents of the cell, remnants of the cell, dead spirochetes,and debris cause toxic wastes.
The Die Off 
This toxic waste is known as die-off. The die off falls into the intersitial fluid and the lymphathic pathways draws it into the detoxification systems

The detoxification systems do this maintenance work twenty-four hours a day to keep a healthy environment within the body. A healthy body is usually not aware of all this work going on in the background.

In a spirochete infested body,
the Bb's die off have gradually been plugging up the Lymphatic system. They have hijacked the auto immune cells. They have thickened the fluids, including the blood, thus also causing a sluggish liver. The digestive system is in part-time paralysis or just plain sluggish. The sweat glands are impaired. The lungs aren't as efficient. All the detoxifying systems have been sabotaged by the Bb's and their neurotoxins. Therefore,when in the eradication process, it doesn't take too much for the die off to quickly plug the pathways. 

During the eradication process when there's an over-abundance of sludge to clear away and more die off is created then the pathways and detoxification systems can handle, the debris, sludge and toxins are trapped and therefore left to linger in the interstitial fluid. This will cause toxins to be drawn into the blood stream and circulate throughout the body until it can be eliminated by the body. Some will become lodged in areas of weakened tissues and cause pain and inflammation.

These toxins (poisons) left lingering in the body will cause flu-like symptoms. This "sick" is called a Herxheimer response.

"Jarisch-Herxheimer response" is also 
known as "Herxheimer response, reaction or effect." Nicknamed "Herx". Also  known as "The detox reaction," "the healing crisis" or "the die-off syndrome". 
Anytime the body is overloaded with die off toxins it creates an overload on the body's detoxification systems. They cannot keep up with the demand, so, the body becomes saturated with toxins. As the body tries to deal with the "toxic poison" the poisons will manifest flu-like symptoms. The person will feel uncomfortable,"out of sorts", "not well", feel ill, sometimes very ill,or so very ill as to require medical care to prevent organ failure. 

For a Bb infected person, he or she naturally experiences some die off twenty-four hours a day as each bacteria's life cycle comes to a close. The simple addition of extra vitamin C, eating lots of citrus fruits, soaking up the sun... all will increase die off and it will easily back up sluggish detoxification systems and cause a herx reaction. 

Lingering toxins in the body cause mini herxes. But, when we decide to use an eradication agent on the Bb critters that targets this infection such as antibiotics or Lyme frequencies, and then along with that we add antibacterial therapies that target other bacteria's or protozoan's, and then take Moringa that also kills viruses then we will experience an excessive amount of die off. We will have a load of toxins to deal with. 

Mixing two or three Bb bacteria killers together causes huge die-off for a body already overloaded with natural bacteria die off. E.g. If we use the powerful Doug Coil Lyme fequencies with something like Colodial silver we are now killing Bb's, different types of parasites,and  candida fungus  thus creating much die off, quickly overloading our detoxification systems. This is asking to experience a severe JARISCH-HERXHEIMER reaction!

A severe Herxheimer reaction (lasting many days)is a sign: 
It is a sign of poor elimination through the lymphatic and liver pathway's, poor organ support, or/and poor treatment of the body by its owner, or following poor advice from the health practitioner(s) or failing to control the amount of die off we are creating for the condition our body is in and able to handle.  When self-treating we are our own practitioner's and must be careful not to get ourselves in jeopardy or kill ourselves before we kill the Bb's! 
Symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction:
The immune system reacts to the poison. The body, in its quest to save its life, will try to rid itself of the poisons by any way it can. During a Herx we may experience mild symptoms or have some of the following: 
  • A worsening of symptoms (the feeling worse before getting better)
  • Headache, fogginess, feeling off.
  • Eyes: irritated,redness, watering,itching, double or blurred vision
  • Ringing in the ears.Stabbing pain in ears.
  • Skin: scars start itching, pimples, itching, rash, flushing. Flushed face. 
  • Swollen glands.Cold extremities.
  • Morning mucus, Sore throat, nasty coughing fits.Sinus stuffed.
  • Feverishness. Chills. Perspiration/sweats. Increased mucus secretions. Inflammation.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,constipation,bloating, stomach pains, loss of appetite,difficulty swallowing. 
  • Joint and muscle aches and pains, tight muscles,cramps, and poor muscle coordination. 
  • Sharp pains,shooting pains,stabbing pains all over 
  • Elevated heart rate.
  • Irritability,restlessness,tiredness,dizziness, and weakness.
  • Mental depression, anger, sadness, despair,  anxiety, fear. Suppressed memories sometimes arise.
  • Fatigue. Insomnia.
    A big Herxheimer reaction tells us...STOP! Stop the bacteria killing! We must give the detoxification systems time to catch up on their jobs. We give them time to filter out all the poisons/toxins/biotoxins/sludge and to eliminate most of the die off before adding more to their load. 

    It is dangerous to do big time kill when our detoxification systems are impaired(and they are, in most cases, if we harbour the Bb bacteria.)
    In the Danger Zone:
    A severe acute reaction will cause a large release of histamine that manifests swelling of the neck areas and closure of the airway. This should be considered life-threatening and must be treated at once with a particular medication. * It is beyond our ability to handle at home. A drop in blood pressure, along with skin changes due to dilation of the blood vessels also may need aggressive treatment as it can lead to cardiovascular collapse. 
    Severe breathing difficulties; chest, lung or throat constriction; significant swelling; or other severe symptoms begs for more than home detoxification treatment.

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    The bacteria manifests Neuroborreliosis 
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