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Lymphatic System: (Immune System) Lymph channels and lymph nodes.

Gastrointestinal System: liver, gallbladder, colon, and whole GI tract- expels toxins through feces. 

Urinary System: kidneys, bladder and urethra. Expels toxins as urine.

Respiratory System: lungs, bronchial tubes, throat, sinuses, and nose. Toxins are expelled through expelled air.

Skin and dermal: Expel toxins through sweat, sebaceous glands and tears.

A few things to support the gastrointestinal System:
  • Drinking plenty of water. (non fluoridated)
  • Eating only until only 80 percent full.  (to also reserve energy for body doing other tasks)
  • Eating one raw meal a day and/ or supplementing with a simple digestive enzymes such as Papain Papaya Enzyme, sometimes pancreatic enzymes, helps with digestion and constipation when needed. For some the raw meal will take to much energy to digest. Best to cook the vegetables until still firm as opposed to very soft.
  • Eating foods high in fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Low fat meat. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids fish, fowl, green vegetables, fruit, foods that are roughage, indigestible plant food, to absorb water throughout the digestive system, soften stools and shortens transit time to avoid having the toxins remain there for a long time. 
  • Including a small amount of organic probiotics (fermented homemade condiments such as ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut cabbage, pickled cucumbers, beets or carrots or yogurt  with "live and active cultures",  Kefir, Miso (a fermented soybean paste, uncooked Tempeh  (Tofu) organic, Buttermilk, common green pickle, olives,  Kim Chi (spicy, or pungent fermented cabbage with meals and supplementing with probiotics when problems begin. 
  • Using chili peppers, cayenne, ginger, and other hot-tasting spices in the preparation of ones daily feasts. 
  • Making sure you are getting adequate magnesium citrate.
  • Reducing intake of refined and processed foods. (taking no more then 5% or none at all, if possible)
  • Keeping the pancreas healthy.
  • Chewing exceptionally well. 
  • Avoiding the skipping of meals.
  • Getting into a routine is helpful..meals, bowel movements...
  • Not helpful: Eating sporadically, or eating meals that are too small to elicit mass peristalsis. 
  • Refraining from ingesting or inhaling anything that adds to the neurotoxin load,  changing the hyopochloric acid balance unnecessarily, stopping support products to sedate symptoms caused by the infections or from interactions, harming the stomach mucosa. pancreatic insufficiency and allowing stopped bowels to sit there for three days rather the doing a warm water enema to release toxins sitting there.
    Common problems of the gastrointestinal system during the eradication process: 
    Intestinal parasites, tapeworm, intestinal flukes, H.Pylori, blocked bile ducts (lack of bile) or other blocks causing excessive bile, pancreatic insufficiency, lack of probiotics, weak abdominal muscles,  not responding to the natural peristalsis after a meal, too many neurotoxins in the intestines paralyzing the villus and  a paralyzing the muscles of intestines, liver, pancreas, gallbladder or esophagus imbalances, and blocked pathways.

    Colon and Intestines
    Their function is to digest food and to enable the nutrients released from that food to enter into the bloodstream. Small intestines; duodenum: receives partially digested food from the stomach, bile from the liver and gallbladder, and pancreatic juice from the pancreas and absorption of nutrients begins increasing in as it goes in the jejunum absorbs and ileum then the leftovers enters through the ileocecal sphincter into the  large intestines; the cecum, colon, rectum, and anal canal where the walls absorb vitamins released in the fermentation process of the feces by the bacteria present.

    Common problems of the Intestines:

  • Failing to responding immediately to the natural bowel urge that occurs about 15 minutes after a significant meal and then sitting on the toilet for fifteen minutes... Doing so,  will be helpful to avoid autointoxication. Learn more about auto-intoxication. 
  • What often affects those of these zoonotic infections and their intestines: Inflamed cranial nerves, damaged nerves caused by infection activity or their release of neurotoxins, peripheral neuropathy, toxicity; the high neurotoxin level in the intestine causing insufficient contractions of muscles, pancreatic insufficiency of enzymes for the digestive tract, lack of probiotics and the long process of eradication having suffered neurotoxin injury, blockages from constipation and from dead or live parasites. 
  • The machinations of zoonotic infections that disrupt the vagus nerve and brain inflammation and Inflammation of bowels coming from toxins of intestinal parasites, and tape worm and some types of fungus. Blockage is often a problem either from a lack of probiotics, clumps of parasites and "gut paralysis"    Enter in search engine: YAHOO  or here GOOGLE  Dr. Sherr lyme gut paralysis
    It is important to keep bowels moving daily especially when die-off is releasing loads of toxins both flushable and non flushable toxins as this system is a large contributor to the detoxification process. 
    Elimination of waste products requires
  • Fiber: Ground Flaxseed Fiber, water rich plant foods, apples,yam, carrots. 
  • Softeners: fats e.g. Virgin olive oil, yogurt with bacteria probiotics. Balance with vitamin A.
  • Stimulation: Eg.: Eating beets, garlic, daikon radish, horseradish,  Artichokes, celery, watercress, lime, lemon, good oils. 
  • Movement of the bowels - a few times a day to move the wastes down to be expelled. This movement begins with a substantial meal able to stretch the stomach what triggers the peristaltic waves throughout the small and large intestines. About 15 minutes later there's a strong urge. When immediately responded to wastes and toxins will be expelled. If not it stops and compacts. 
* When colon is not working well it begins to absorb toxins into the blood stream rather than expelling them. 
Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE
  • All of the above and below such as eating fiber, prunes, Bananas, and apples.
  • Balance the Ileo-Cecal Valve
  • See Inflammation 
  • Brown sea weed, modofilan for inflamed bowels and it has the ability to absorb toxins. 
  • Probiotics.See Here.   If of good quality (this has nothing to do with price,) Only one capsule a day is required, some two or more. If too many bowel movements result then to take only one every 2 to 3 days. Experimenting what balances your individual body.
  • Milk Thistle to stimulate bile is good for long term use.
  • Correct enzymes for proper digestion of all foods.

  • Constipation relief aids

    Constipation Relief- What may be helpful:

    • A daily walk.
    • Vitamin C daily.
    • Eating apples or bananas daily. 
    • Taking at least one cup of grapes daily.
    • Beets help the blood and have a laxative cleansing effect.. Eating plenty of beets..fresh beets. Raw or cooked.
    • Taking one or two oranges at bedtime and again on rising in the morning. 
    • Raw spinach juice-100 ml, mixed with an equal quantity of water and taken twice daily.
    • Probiotics
    • Simple digestive enzymes 
    • Bitter gourd slices boiled in water and taken early in the morning.
    • Chlorophyll capsules or other.
    • Barley Grass - Pure Organic Barley.
    • Boldo leaves
    • Bowel Buddy pomerganate
    • Taking a tablespoon of ground Flax seed fiber  2 - 3 times a day. 
    • Before bedtime taking 2 TBS. of Virgin Coconut oil.
    • Milk of Magnesia. 
    • Dipping a betel leaf in castor oil and introduce it in the rectum.
    • Spikenard essential oil diluted applied to colon and intestine points on soles of feet at bed time. (1 drop only) 
    • One tsp. Castor oil swallowed quickly or taken in orange juice. Taken on an empty stomach.
    • Mixing together 1 tsp of olive oil and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Taking every morning and evening also, if necessary. 
    • Taking 1 tablespoon of honey 3 times a day or  mixing it with equal amounts of black strap molasses.
    • 2 tablespoons of black strap molasses before going to bed to speed things along. Do only once in awhile. May add it to your favorite kind of milk (almond, hemp, soy, etc.) or prune juice. 
    • A teaspoon of linseed swallowed with water before each meal provides both roughage and lubrication.
    • Apple juice.
    • Lapacho (Pau d'Arco) tea -2-3 cups daily.
    • Drinking Dandelion Root tea three cups three times a day.
    • Drinking a mixture of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 8 oz water, three times a day. 
    • A morning cup of hot coffee will help as caffeine has a bowel- loosening effect. Itís also a diuretic.
    • Herbal or decaffeinated tea, or a simple cup of hot water with lemon juice will also help to get things moving.
    • Half a lime, squeezed is a glass of hot water, with half a teaspoon of salt.
    • One glass of Prune juice daily or a  serving of soaked dried prunes. 
    • 1 cup each of bran, applesauce, and prune juice. Combine and store in refrigerator. Taking 1 ounce daily, adjusting dose as needed.
    • 1 cup each of pitted prunes, pitted dates chopped finely. Place in 1 cup boiling water. Cook until thickened. Use 1 tablespoon a day as jam on toast, bread, or crackers. The recipe makes around 20 tablespoons.
    • Boil two tablespoons of flax seed in three quarts of water and let cool. Store in the refrigerator. Each morning add two ounces to orange juice and mix with flax. Drink a glass every morning. 
    • 2 pitted plums or pitted prunes, 2 apples cut into pieces, 1 pear sliced into pieces - In this recipe, if you are using dried prunes, prior to making the juice, you will need to soak the dried prunes in some water. Instead of juicing them, blend the prunes with 1 cup of water in a blender at high speed.
    • 1 quart of distilled water, 2 tbs. lemon juice, 1 cup pitted prunes, cut in half,  1 tsp. cinnamon -Put all ingredients except lemon juice in a pot. Bring to a boil. Simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in lemon juice. Eat as is or spoon over oatmeal as a sweetener.
    • 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup millet, 1 cup sweet potato (best the flesh is red),  1000ml water, cook into sweet potato porridge. Serve before and after dinner. 
    • Mixing the following and eating over crackers:-1 or 2 avocados, peeled, mashed - 1 or 2 tbs.. lemon, adjusted to your liking - 3 or 4 tbs..  apple-cider vinegar - Dash of sea salt.
    • 1 cup of each: raisins, currents, prunes, figs, and dates. Grind fruit in food processor. Combine with undiluted prune juice concentrate and mix with mixer. Put in large plastic container. Refrigerate. 
    • Simmer one half cup of raisins, or half a cup mixture of raisins, figs, and prunes with water and olive oil for several minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of toasted wheat germ and some 3 tablespoons of toasted natural bran.     Next, add some Wheatabix, milk, and sweetener. Eat this every morning. 
    • ½ cup prune juice,½ cup applesauce,½ cup wheat bran flakes,½ cup whipped topping,½ cup of prunes canned or stewed. Blend ingredients,  cover, and put in fridge. Take ¼ cup every morning. It will keep for a week in the refrigerator.
    • 1 quart of distilled water, 2 tbs. lemon juice,1 cup pitted prunes, cut in half,    1 tsp cinnamon - Put all ingredients except lemon juice in a pot. Bring to a boil. Simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in lemon juice. Eat   as is or spoon over oatmeal as a sweetener. 
    • Acupressure. Using your thumb, apply pressure at the spot four finger-widths above your wrist on the back of the forearm. Do this two minutes per day.
    • Constipation in children: Rub a little Castor oil on the child's abdomen before bed and it is said they will start to have regular daily bowel movements within a day or two.
    • SALT WATER CLEANSE- Do not use this one unless you are prepared to follow directions as written -Draws out toxins as it cleanses the entire intestinal tract in several hours. No more then once a month.

    • (The saltwater has the same specific gravity as the blood, hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt.).
      4 cups of lukewarm water 
      Stir in 2 level teaspoons of table Sea Salt

      On empty morning stomach drink the entire four cups. 

      Now lie on right side for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, get up and go about your work. An elimination should occur in 1 to 2 hours. Avoid passing gas, except on the toilet.

      Note: The exit of the stomach into the small intestines is on the lower right hand side of the stomach. When you drink, the saltwater goes to the
      bottom of the stomach, below the opening. To get the saltwater into the small intestine, you need to tip the stomach like a teapot so the saltwater flows out. Once the saltwater is in the small intestines, the muscle contractions will carry it down the rest of the way.

      Warm Water Enema
      Enema Bag from pharmacy area or from
      Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE.
      Hang warm water (tepid only) bag on a hook higher than yourself.
      Put hand cream over nozzle insert.
      Open clip to let water through. 
      Evacuate bowels. 

      Coffee enema's Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

    • 210.03 for 3 mins with D. Coil . 40 mins with the contact to stimulate. 
      Note: By the time you have tried each one of these "constipation stimulator's"  your eradication process will probably be over and your bowels will be healthy again! If not: Best to release neurotoxins 

      Paralyzed bowels: unresponsive bowel movement
      When bowels have paralyzed, stopped, nothing but nothing works anymore, you have tried everything...This is most often a sign of toxicity; caused by excessive neurotoxins having been absorbed by the villus and have or begun to paralyze nerves of muscles of intestines.

      • To stop all eradication and do releasing of the non tangible neurotoxins.
      • MMS : Eight three drop drinks daily until good bowel action resumes. Taking a three day MMS break every three weeks.
      • FLOUX: Doing the standard instructions until good bowel action resumes. Sometimes up to two months.
      • As well, you may want to assume a blockage of a clump of live or dead parasites, if you have had parasites, suspect parasites, have done eradication of parasites in the past 12 weeks ... In this case the best is to use MMS for six weeks as it will dissolve the blockage, remove toxins, and neurotoxins and eradicate the other infections in the body. In this particular case no breaks would be taken. Ten 3 drop drinks daily.
      • pseudo intestinal dysplasia 32.50 for 40 minutes for 14 consecutive days.(Each person would require a different frequency)

      Removing the toxins:

    • For autointoxication and neurotoxins release:  1.0 for 70 minutes followed by 306 for 20 minutes.
    • To re-balance bowels after neurotoxins have been released: intestines:
    • 287 -  2 mins coil. 20 minutes contact for ten consecutive days 
    • Colon 176-2mins coil. 20 minutes contact for ten consecutive days 

    • SPLEEN
      Spleen keeps bodily fluids balanced, filters blood to control amount of red blood cells and fights infections.

      Supportive to Spleen:

    •   Drinking the entire juice of a lemon or lime.
    •   Dandelion tincture drops taken daily.
    •   A 60 mins. Castor oil pack relieves pain of a toxic spleen.
    •   Applying Pain Relief for killing infections within (when infection related).
    •  To stimulate fluid drainage from a congested spleen : Red root. 
      Common problems of the Spleen during eradication of infections:
      Pain from swelling, inflammation, spirochetes, Babesia, or other infection is present in it.

      The swelling needs to be brought down!! 

    • Castor Oil packs applied for 60 minutes until the pain of inflammation and swelling goes away.
    • If pain is from an infection present inside of it then the coil is applied on it and run on 655 for 2 minutes only and repeating only every 3rd day. If you do more more minutes or closer in days the abundant die off it will cause more problems. The die off takes a few days to clear from this area.
    • Bring down the inflammation: 362.50 for 30 minutes for ten consecutive days.
      Esophagus carries food, liquids, and saliva from the mouth to the stomach.

      Common problems of the Esophagus during the zoonotic infections:

    • Reflux from parasites- Eradicate nematodes, pancreatic, and abdominal flukes, even liver flukes will trigger indigestion or reflux.
    • Reflux from indigestion- from lack or excessive.
    • Reflux from conflict with a support product or interactions of support products. 
    • Reflux from lack of digestive enzymes. See pancreatic insufficiency.
    • Reflux from severe constipation.
    • Reflux from certain medications.
    • Reflux from Barrett Esophagus
    • Rumination syndrome/Reflux from stomach up. 
    • For some Chronic Reflux: RIFE - 865.36 three treatments. Gastroparesis Reflux: RIFE 384 - once a day for 3 mins eight consecutive days. 
    • 376.28 for 3 mins. or 20 mins contact for 12 consecutive days.
    • 362.96 for 3 mins.or 20 mins contact for 12 consecutive days.
    • 422.53 for 3 mins.or 20 mins contact for 12 consecutive days.
    • I have more frequencies for your particular reflux.
    Reflux from stomach up: To bring my stomach down: Doing this manipulation worked for me after severely refluxing for about ten years and while still in the lyme and other infections.  Once in awhile if I bend incorrectly with a full stomach I need to do it, but usually only once now as opposed to many times a day at the beginning. How I do it:
      1. Lay flat on hard bed
      2. Curl four fingers of left hand under left rib just after the center.
      3. Curled and pulling down firmly as I inhale and exhale slowly three times then
      4. Then flip my fingers up and out.
      5. Then I rub the stomach with one hand and with other hand the sternum for less then a minute. (This makes stomach remember its place.)
      6. I roll off the bed rather then using those muscles to sit up with.
      At first this manipulation may need to be repeated three times daily. After awhile it will begin to remember where it belongs. Chiropractors and massage therapists who have taken kinesiology training can bring the stomach down.

      The stomach is a container to start digestion and pump food and liquids into the intestines in a controlled process. The mucosa serves to line and protect the stomach from harmful substances. Water  produces mucus to protect the  mucosa and sub mucosa (inner walls of the stomach). Substances that irritate or thin this gastric mucus can lead to injury. Best to avoid what breaks down the protective layer of the stomach such as caffeine, drugs that stop the production of hydrochloric acid, NSAIDS, and interactions of support products. 

      Common problems of the stomach (None caused by the zoonotic infections):

    Inflamed stomach from harmful support products or interacting support products, support products known to cause this side effect or over dose of a vitamin or mineral. If taking any non soluble vitamins check symptoms of over dose or toxicity.

    Inflamed stomach common from of a deficiency of enzymes. If the chyme (mixture of food, water and HCl)  emptying from the stomach into the first part of the small intestines, called the duodenum, does not contain enough HCl and fluids, the pancreas will not be stimulated enough to produce digestive enzymes and bicarbonate of soda in the small intestines. It is then most important to increase HCl in the stomach, to make the pancreas do its enzyme job and since it would be impossible to get baking soda into the duodenum. 

    People very often think it is their stomach causing them a problem when it is not, but it is pancreas, esophagus, liver, or an intestine problem.

    Hydrochloric acid deficiency: To try to re-balance: 
    • Drinking a big glass of water with a pinch of sea salt 15-20 minutes before each meal. This will stimulate it to produce more hydrochloric acid and increasing the flow of bile and also pancreatic enzymes.
    • Eating black Olives or celery, or  Ginger or Apple Cider Vinegar or Chard or Kale or  Lemon juice or  Spinach
    • Balance is very necessary of the following: sea salt.(sodium), Vitamin B1/Thiamin,  Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3/Niacin and Zinc 
    • Mentha Piperita leaves to make a cup of tea. Drink five minutes prior to eating
    • CURCUMIN (Tumeric) before the meal.
    • Taking 1 tsp. prepared yellow Mustard. 
    • Treat the cause..Where is this originating from?
     Hydrochloric acid excess: Burning stomach:
    • Check for parasite H.Pylori.  To eradicate 728 or 2167 coil for 6 mins. once daily for six consecutive days or/and  1 ½ cup cooked boiled juice of cabbage for 18 days .
    • Neutralize the Hydrochloric acid
      Bile is produced by the liver (Bile salts, chholestral and waste products). Bile passes through pathways from liver and sent to the gallbladder to be stored until needed. After a meal the bile is released into the small intestines to break down digestive fats during the digestion process. 

      Common problems while in the zoonotics:

      Blocked pathways; from high inflammation, a cyst, thickened bile, or a stone stuck in a narrowed pathway; and this then prevents the bile from leaving the liver or from the bile leaving the gallbladder usually causing pain or hard stones not having been softened regularly. See Gall bladder

      Helpful to open the duct pathways: 

      • 90 minutes Castor oil packs daily until the pain ceases (most often from a stone  or cysts. Castor oil removes both.. 
      • Reduce inflammation.

      Helpful to thin bile and stimulate bile flow:

      Bile thinner and detoxifier:
      Shred about a cup of beet.
      Add 2 teaspoon flax oil
      Add juice of a lemon and toss.
      Take a teaspoon every hour.
      Use chopped or shredded raw beets combined with a little raw flax oil   and lemon juice daily. It's easy to include whole beets in our diet. 
    • Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice.
    • Powerful: Globe artichoke It has been suggested that 30 minutes  after eating globe artichoke, bile flow is increased by over 100%. 
    • Include foods: Beets, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, beets, artichoke and garlic, celery, daikon radish, horseradish, lemon, lime, watercress, bitter leafy salad greens of dandelion, chicory, endive, rocket,etc. and high-quality oils. 
    • Milk Thistle to excrete bile
    • Fenugreek tea
    • AF Betafood for sluggish bile 

    • Exercise & Sauna

      * Avoid creating an extra layer of illness by mixing support products together that create negative interactions and side effects or  disturbs your endocrine system. This layer of illness is being self-induced by a too high percentage of people... leading them to believe they have remaining infections. Also, check for vitamin or mineral overdose.

      Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

      ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~

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    Support for the Detoxification Systems
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    Gastrointestinal System Liver, gallbladder, colon, and whole GI tract- expels neurotoxins through feces. 
    Colon and Intestines Paralyzed bowels
    Constipation relief
    Gall Bladder
    Lymphatic System (Immune System) Lymph channels and lymph nodes.
    Skin Expels toxins through sweat, sebaceous glands and tears.
    Urinary System  Kidneys, bladder and urethra. Expels toxins as urine.
    Respiratory System  Lungs, bronchial tubes, throat, sinuses, and nose. Neurotoxins are expelled through expelled air.
    Brain-Head Support
    Gall Bladder:
    Gallbladder stores the bile. It receives and releases the thickened bile (stones) and crystallized bile, and sludge (bile) daily. To work efficiently it must be free to flow through opened pathways.The Crystallized bile must be kept softened to keep ease in the flow. When pathways are blocked pain will occur. See Bile. 
    Preventing inflammation :
    • Eating only an anti-inflammatory diet, and vitamin E,  Magnesium , cod liver oil, omega oils (Flax oil best), ginger, turmeric, rosemary,  curcumin.
    • Keep liver and Lymphatic pathways opened daily.
    Preventing blocked pathways from sludge/stones and  dissolve stones and expel:
    • Flushing with Apple cider vinegar, black seed oil , mixture of lemon juice, egg yolk and olive oil, allicin, or garlic, 
    • Softening stones for easier passage: Milk Thistle daily, an apple a day, juice, fresh fruit and vegetable.
    • Dissolving/softening stones using non GMO Lecithin 
    • Curcumin 500MG -  2 a day for 2 weeks gets inflammation down and dissolves stones.
    • or
    • Lecithin non-Gmo 1200MG - 180 soft gels- 3 a day (6 to 20 days only) once a month or less depending on your body.
    • or 
    • Juice of half a lemon with ¾ oz of olive oil and an 1/8 tsp of garlic once a day to expel for three weeks.
    • or 
    • A 90 minute Castor Oil Pack for however many days required to soften and unblock pathway.
    • or 
    • A much more very harsh and with more risk and complicated way is a Cleanse -1 gallon of apple juice and 1 gallon of distilled water drink though out day for 4 days. No food needs to be taken. - Daily do a saltwater flush or an enema. - On third evening, before going to sleep for the night, drink 1/2 cup of chilled cold pressed olive oil followed immediately with the juice of a freshly squeezed juicy lemon or lime. - Go directly to bed for the night. Lay on your right side putting a few pillows under your right hip to aid the oil go directly into gallbladder. After 4 or 5 hours then you may change positions. Keep garbage pail lined with a plastic bag near the bed in case you vomit. It may not be an uncomfortable night as the stones are being expelled, or not. - Next morning drink more apple juice and distilled water.  Do an enema, as well as for the next few days. Normal diet will resume in a few days. Start with light foods, such as soups.
      Note:Spirochetes sometimes infect the gallbladder creating intense pain that mimics gallbladder disease, or disorder. When that happens it is helpful to coil with 655.
      One of the liver's many, many jobs is to filter toxins from the body and release them via the bowels or kidneys. When the liver becomes overloaded, it can no longer keep the body free from detoxifying/processing toxins. Toxins will continue to circulate in the blood and eventually land in the fatty tissues of brain or other parts of the body. These rogue toxins now become non-flushable as they land on organs and systems or the body stores them into the fatty cells where they will remain for a lifetime unless they are released with special agents. It is most important to understand the basics of this process when doing eradication with any agent. 

      See Here "When LIVER pathways become blocked"

      Liver is susceptible to injury by chemicals, drugs and toxicity because it processes almost all toxins entering the blood stream removing the chemicals that are difficult for the kidneys to excrete. The liver turns these chemicals into products that can be eliminated from the body through bile or urine. However, during this task unstable highly toxic byproducts are sometimes produced; these highly toxic byproducts can attack and injure the liver. So, it is to take note of what chemicals and toxins you ingest daily, what is causing negative interactions, what you over-dosing on, etceteras. You do need your liver to process die off toxins, for many months during the eradication process to remove all infections from the body.

      Supportive to liver for its detoxification work ..Eating  more  beets and carrots,  beta-carotene foods, and any antioxidants, selenium and glutathione found in garlic or any foods containing Vitamin Complex B's , C and E, Alfalfa sprouts and  Sprouted Seeds. Avoid ingesting any or large amounts of the vitamins and minerals that are not leaving the body such as  vitamin A and other fat soluble vitamins and see minerals, also. 

    • Milk Thistle (necessity! Pure with no additives)
    • Dandelion tincture 7 to 15 drops daily (necessity) 
    • Turmeric or curcumin to stimulate bile and reduce liver inflammation (This not best during the eradication process)
    • Fresh ginger to reduce liver inflammation
    • Eating beets. Beets and beet tops are the richest source of betaine, a  natural liver detoxifier and bile thinner. Whole beets- baked, roasted, grated raw in salad, or juiced with other vegetables. Beets thin and ease the flow of bile which decongests the liver.  Lemon juice is also flushes bile and empties the gall bladder. See bile
    • AF Betafood
    • Red root the liver (decreases harmful effects of fats)
    • Necessary for liver detoxification ( support and pathway clearance): Cabbage, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, dark green vegetables, vegetable juices, ed pepper, garlic, onions, yams and carrots, fresh fruits, oranges and tangerines, seaweed's (kelp and kombu especially enhance lymph cleansing), balance of vitamins and minerals, MSM, Omega 3 fatty   acids, meat, cooked fish, eggs, citrus and other tart fruits (cranberry juice is excellent), bitter foods like radish, mustard greens and kale.
      Sore liver common causes:
      *** When liver is sore front and back right side at level of liver check for liver flukes. ( pain on side, stomach won't digest, constipation) Then use something like Colloidal silver 6 TBS. on empty AM stomach for 10 CONSECUTIVE days (Must not be taken when taking another eradication agent) or RIFE frequencies 826  for 8 CONSECUTIVE days. If you miss a day start back from day one.

      *** Liver can be very sore when pathways are narrowed by inflammation, pathways blocked with sludge, stones, cysts, or liver has an abundance of accumulated metals, drugs, chemicals, vaccination poisons and die off toxins and high level of non tangible neurotoxins.      When it reaches this point it requires serious and quick detoxification with the most effective being Castor Oil packs. Applying for 90 minutes once daily for as many consecutive days as required to give relief.    When over toxic  and over-loaded with die off stop eradication, meaning stop creating die off until the liver pain is no longer present which usually indicates something has been cleared. 

      *** Sometimes Spirochetes or other zoonotic organism infect the liver. In that case coil liver with 655 to try to get relief. Unfortunately I have found no single frequency tat can eradicate many viruses at once.

      *** Inflamed liver is very often caused by self induced illness which comes from taking support products that are harmful for your particular body. Or, it may be an interaction of support products with each other. Stop ingesting them for seven days to see if you get improvement, Or, energy test your products to see what is interacting negatively with another and which don't.

      *** Inflamed from to many toxins..Toxic liver..from what?.Try to discover.  It may also  come from pesticides, or a virus.

      Blocked pathways: Need to be opened with vitamin C or /and Castor Oil Packs. 

      Too many toxins requiring to be detoxified at one time. Die off toxins stimulate high liver enzymes. Ease up on creating the die off and allow a herx to clear before using the eradication agent again.

      ***  Swollen Liver  2489,or  880 for two minutes once daily five consecutive times. 20 mins. contact. Depends the cause.

      Caution: Using the mixture burdock root (Arctium lappa L.), slippery elm inner bark (Ulmus fulva Michx.), sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella L.), and Indian rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum L.). Watercress (Nasturtium officinale R.Br.), blessed thistle (Cnicus benedictus L.), red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), and kelp (Laminaria digitata [Hudson] Lamx.) found in such Cancer promoted teas such as  Flor Essence, Essiac, Tea of Life, Herbal Essence, Vitalitea as detotoxifier for a zoonotic infected body can cause liver or kidney damage. Both  of these organs most often already have been weakened from the infections Babesia and Lyme or other  infections.  And, the risk is even greater when taken with other agents; herbs, drugs, or other potent support products, such as the innocent Moringa. It is not worth taking the risk! There are better and safer available promoters of detoxification. Research each herb and what interacts with them before taking more then one herb. I have seen severe injury from interactions of herbs. Even if each is good for you, taken together may cause  severe damage, including strokes. 
      YAHOO or here GOOGLE.

    Pancreas is a large endocrine responsible for releasing enzymes and hormones; Enzymes to aid in the digestion of food and hormones to regulate blood sugar, both necessary to support the detoxification systems.

    Zoonotic infections are very often found in the pancreas. This means years and months of high toxicity marinating these delicate tissues of the enzyme and hormone factory and of the spirochetes of Lyme, STARI, Borrelia Miyamotoi or Treponema damaging within this endocrine. Therefore it is very common for those of zoonotic infections to have pancreatic insufficiencies.

    For those with pancreatic insufficiency lacking certain food enzymes there are various supplements available for some of these lacks. 

  • See enzymes 
  • There are frequency to repair at least five different pancreas insufficiencies caused by damages done in the pancreas.   Each person requires different frequencies depending on which enzymes are not being produced. I have frequencies to permanently repair the lack of digestive enzyme for grains, meats, lactose, purines, and stimulating juices. Each frequency is a different one for each lack. 
  • Common Pains in the Pancreas.
  • Whenever zoonontic infections get into the pancreas and are active. 
  • Pancreatic flukes, parasites in intestines, even tapeworms sneak into it once in awhile.
  • High inflammation and toxicity.
  • In zoonotic infections or whenever many neurotoxins are present, the pancreas somehow they get trapped within. I often find peoples toxicity level within their pancreas to be much higher then in other parts of the body, even the liver. For most, the sensation of high toxicity is a burning feeling.
  • Helpful:
    • Castor Oil Packs of 90 minutes to release neurotoxins in this area.
    • Keep liver and lymphatic pathways open daily!!!
    • Avoid eradicating over re-circulating die off toxins.
    • Eradicate parasites and other low life.
    Lymphatic System
      The lymphatic's are located throughout the body. They are pathways that drain fluid from blood stream into the tissues, carry the good and the bad back and forth in the lymph to  the tissues, including bones. What flows in the pathways can be chemicals, toxins, bacteria, proteins, debris, salts and lymphocytes.  Junctions along the pathways are the lymph nodes and the spleen which filter harmful substances passing through. The adenoids and tonsils protect the lungs and digestive system and the Thymus produces the T lymphocytes what eliminates some bacteria and viruses as the blood is filtered in the spleen and some in the nodes. 

      The lymphatic system has no muscles to pump the lymph through and relies sole on movement to pump it through the system and out to the blood and liver for detoxification.

      Whether in eradication process or not eradicating infections it is most important to keep Lymphatic pathways open.

      Helpful to open pathways daily 

    • Apple Cider vinegar organic 2 tsp. with 2 Tsp. honey in hot cup water, sip up to three times a day. Once is usually enough. (Honey is important to the process. It will not promote fungus growth. It will also neutralize the acidity of the vinegar). 
    • MMS-  Five or more 3 drop drinks daily in most cases.
    • FLUOX- One pellet daily in most cases.
    • Burbur 

    • Only one these three mentioned above is necessary and are not to be taken together as they will cancel each other!!
      And to stimulate the lymph:
    • Aloe Vera Juice 2 TBS. daily in tall cup of  water. 
    • Cleavers tincture to stimulate lymph 2 drops daily in tall cup of water.
    • Barley Grass- rounded teaspoon in water on morning empty stomach.

    • Only one these three mentioned above is necessary!!
    • Skin brushing. 
    • Vigorous Movement
      And to flush the lymph
    • Water
    • Dandelion drops in water
    • Echinacea
    • Barley Grass: Stimulate Lymphatics, flush liver pathways one 
      And to pump the lymphatic system:
    • Jumping 
    • Walking 
    • Stretching 
    Also helpful
    • Jumping up and down in one spot on the front pad of your foot, letting   yourself be loose all over and do many times a day. If you can afford it  - do jumping on a trampoline or a rebounder.
    • If you are in too much pain shake the parts that are not in pain..if any. 
    • Move often.
    • Take yourself for a run or a long walk in the fresh air or brisk walks
    • Go up and down stairs with a heavy step.
    • Do stretches..anything that causes you to move your muscles, jiggle  your innards and stimulate your skin is helpful.
    • Have a massage, if you can afford it.
    • Moving up and down, to and fro is a hug to you from you. 
    • Castor oil packs to the abdomen increases the flow of lymph throughout the body. 
    • Tai Chi if brain cooperates and can handle.
    • Lymphatic drainage massage. 
    • Some specific Frequencies used with contact or Doug Coil, preferably the contact for whole body.
    • Foods to stimulate and support Lymphatic system and detoxification: dark green   vegetables, onions, garlic, ginger, seaweed's (kelp and kombu especially enhance  lymph cleansing), wheat grass juice and other vegetable juices, citrus and other tart fruits (cranberry juice is excellent), bitter foods like radish,  mustard greens and kale, flax seed oil and other Omega 3 fatty acids  lemons on hand as well as fresh grapefruit oranges grapes apples



      Note: Mats promoted as the end all for detoxification in sales pitch pages is only a tiny bit helpful, but hardly touches inflammation for those of zoonotic infections or of die off toxins. "But... it sounds so easy". Not worth the investment for those of infections. The jade and FIR resonate as most effective of hundreds being marketed and may be the least expensive. It takes 5 hours being on the mat to have some beneficial effects. Tourmaline infrared mat or Thermal FIR Far Infrared Heating Jade Therapy Exercise Yoga Mat or Comfortstone Infrared Jade Mattress and Vita-Mat Infrared Single Mattress. The mats of professionally created sales pages being sold by resellers to make lots of money and having many gadgets sound so good but hold only a shadow of the truth or promises. Of all the people of zoonotics having them, none had found any or little relief for detoxification or the pain or the inflammation.

    • Lymph Flush

    • Spread the fingers of your left hand, then place the palm of that hand behind your head where your skull and neck adjoin. Now, place your   right hand firmly into your left arm pit. Relax and hold this position for fifteen minutes.
    • Dry brushing your skin to stimulate your lymphatics to stimulate    movement of the stuck or slow moving toxins. Use a natural bath brush (found in bath section of store) Brush inner thighs, belly, under arms and all over in direction of heart .... gently. 
      Lymph Nodes: 

      Lymph Nodes become swollen from extra production of immune cells as immune system tries to destroy all the infections in the body... They become enlarged and painful from filtering the bacteria's, protozoan's, bacteriaís, viruses, fungus and toxic accumulations (toxic metals, drugs, etc) Pain Relief.

      Common problems of the Lymphatic system:

    • Blocked pathways or narrowed pathways caused from creating more die off then the pathways can handle, parasites living in the pathways, toxicity, and inflammation. 
    • Swollen lymph nodes and swollen spleen.
    • Spirochetes in the thymus or slpeen.
    What can I do to assist my Skin and dermal?
    The skin release toxins and waste removal from the blood  vessels through perspiration. 
    • Increase perspiration
    • Hot bath with one cup of Epsom salt- soak for twenty minutes. 
    • MMS Hot baths- soaking for twenty minutes. 
    • Infrared sauna (2 hours), Sauna (2 hours), steam baths (13/4 hour) gives benefits, not less.
    • Long hot shower's, brushing with a loofas.
    • Heavy Exercise to promote sweating only if you are able and not during the or long walk.
    • A massage, if you can afford it. 
    • Wet cupping
    • French green clay pulls toxins from skin.
    • Castor oil packs 
    • Skin brushing with a rough towel, rough bath puff or use a long handled boar hair brush.
      Common problems of the Skin:
      It takes a long, long time for an ingested anti fungal to reach the skin. In this case you can use one ingested anti-fungal and one topical anti fungal both at one time.
    • Rashes often caused from the skin releasing toxins during the eradication process.
    • Nails ridged and deformed from toxins and infections. A reflection of health.
    • Falling hair is most often from some types of support products or interactions of support products . Sometimes from either parasites or some types of fungus. 
    Urinary System
    The kidneys job is to filter blood and removing wastes and extra fluid what becomes urine. The urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through two thin  ureter tubes of muscle where it stores urine in the bladder and empties after the mind is  ready to release the urine and begins bladder wall contraction. 
    makeup, of the blood stable, which lets the body function. They

    This process is necessary to prevent the buildup of wastes and extra fluid in the body, make hormones to regulate blood pressure, red blood cells, and calcium to help bones remain strong and keep levels of electrolytes stable. 

    Common problems of the Urinary system during eradication of zoonotic infections:
    Injury from toxicity, the presence of spirochetes in the kidney, urinary tract infection or bladder infection, uric acid crystals from pancreatic insufficiency and also from stones cause by the uric acid crystals having formed stones that injure or block pathways. Kidney problem is usually referred to pain in the flank from corresponding kidney.

    Kidney pain?
    Kidney's are a favorite place for spirochetes. When they invade/infect an organ it can be excruciating. Usually only one kidney is infected or they also go into the Adrenal gland  on top of the kidney and eventually both if they are not being eradicated. Applying Pain Relief seems to help somewhat.

    Pain from kidney stones:
    To dissolve the stones: Horse gram, Chanca Piedra, Lemon juice. May depend on what type of stone is present.

    Kidney inflammation: Reduce inflammation.

    High Uric Acid: High Uric acid causes pain all over body as the crystals scrape against soft tissues. This easily injure kidneys causing pain. Helpful to cleanse the crystals: Uric acid cleanse Organika, or Goutrin or 1/2 to one cup daily of cherry juice. Diet needs to change. See Gout diet.See also Pancreas as the original cause.

    Sometimes Urinary Tract infection.  465 and 376.29 for 25 minutes for eight consecutive days.

      Support for kidney:
    • Watermelon Tea: Grind or cut watermelon seed.  Put a tablespoon of broken seeds in a container and over it pour two cups of boiling water. Allow it to steep.  Let it cool, then strain and drink. If practical, the tea   should be made fresh for each use. Drink this tea once a day, three days a week.
    • Celery Seed Tea: Pour a pint of boiling water over a tablespoon full of Celery seeds (freshly ground or cut) and allow it to steep. Let it cool,   then strain and drink. At least once a day, three days a week.

      Bladder is affected by all zoonotic infections and neurotoxins  in the brain stem, such as lyme, bartonella, babesia. It will cause erratic behaviors in the bladder.


    • Urinary or bladder infections ease: Eating canned asparagus.
    • 386 or 360 and other. I have more frequencies.  Depends on person and cause.
    • Parsley
    • Celery seed capsules
    Edema:  When the lymph system does not release water, it causes excess fluid buildup in the tissue cells resulting in uncomfortable swelling  and bloating. The kidneys are not drawing efficiently. Fluid retention:
      Helpful to move the fluid out:
    • Drinking water more water as the body believes it is in a drought.
    • Alfalfa - Along with being a diuretic, it also contains amino acids that will reduce inflammation
    • Dandelion 
    • Celery seed capsules
    • Eating foods high in potassium, such as bananas, raisins, asparagus  and cabbage help reduce swelling due to low potassium levels and can counteract the effects of salt. 
    • Drinking dried parsley tea, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, or fennel,    yarrow, chamomile, dandelion, and burdock or taken in capsule form, tinctures as tea reduces reduces excess water in the body.
    • Drinking two teaspoons of vinegar, and  two teaspoons of honey  in a glass of water
    • Aloe vera leaf juice (2 TBS a day in tall cup of hot water.) 
    • Cleavers clears lymphatic pathways and blood. 2 drops a day
    • Organic decaffeinated green tea 
    • Red root tincture stimulates fluid drainage from congested areas (drains wastes)

    • Rife Frequencies 440 stimulate 676, 727, 775.3
    What can I do to assist my Respiratory System?
    Lungs do not have muscles to pump air in and out yet we inhale it intakes air. The oxygen passes through the alveoli, into the capillaries and into the blood, then carried to the heart where it is then pumped throughout the body to the tissues and organ and also removes carbon monoxide from the blood which is expelled during exhales. When a person breathes shallowly, carbon dioxide accumulates inside the body.
    Lungs protect themselves with cilia (a coating of very small hairs lining the bronchial tubes. The cilia wave back and forth spreading mucus into the throat so that it can be dispelled by the body. Mucus cleans out the lungs and rids them of dust, germs and any other unwanted things. 
  • Deep breath exercises.
  • Eating organic broccoli, apples and omega 3's fish and doing physical activity that increases heart rate and deep breathing. 
  • Common problems during zoonotic infections:
  • Comes on out of the blue. No cough. Can be lung flukes..very painful and must be eradicated.
  • May be Lung parasites- comes usually in cycles of the moon. Also Cryptostrongylus Pulmoni parasite that lives in pleura of lungs..
  • Mycoplasma pneumonia- ongoing waxing and waning. Pain of entire rib cage (bones)..sudden and then goes away- within minutes. Usually Babesia. 
  • Systemic Fungus: Some types remain to grow in the lungs.
  • Viruses: Some zoonotic virus infections go in the lungs.
  • * Avoid creating an extra layer of illness by mixing support products together that create negative interactions and side effects or  disturbs your endocrine system. This layer of illness is being self-induced by a too high percentage of people... leading them to believe they have remaining infections. Also, check for vitamin or mineral overdose.
      ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~
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