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What has been learned from CHIM-FLUOX                                          ***
from being taken from those using it and what I have learned from them.  Posting answers here
saves me from continuously answering same email questions. Please read all before emailing me.
Last updated September, 2016.
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1. What is CHIM and FLUOX?

2. Does CHIM or FLUOX leave harmful 
residues in the body or harm the body?

3. How can mere sucrose eradicate my severe infections when for years I have used antibiotics and other eradicating agents and still have the infections today?

4a.Will CHIM-FLOUX eradicate my infections?

4b. What does CHIM-FLUOX not remove? 

5a. What will CHIM-FLUOX cancel?

5b. What is not cancelled with CHIM-FLUOX ? 

5c. What is not to be taken with CHIM-FLUOX?

6. How long do I need to take CHIM/FLUOX?

7. When will I be healed of the infections?

8. Do I need to take both CHIM and FLUOX to kill the infections or make the process work?

9. Will I feel awful when I take CHIM and FLUOX? 

10. What is a Herxheimer reaction?

11. Will I need to release non-flushable neurotoxins prior taking CHIM?

12. I have very high toxicity and have been doing neurotoxin release with FLUOX, when will I know I'm ready to begin CHIM?

13. CHIM

14. How do I take CHIM?

15. Is the break in-between CHIM packages necessary? 

16. FLUOX 

17. AVIVA: 

18. How many drops of AVIVA do I need?

19. Can I adjust AVIVA to agree with my body? 

20. Can I rush the eradication process by taking more FLUOX and more CHIM then recommended?

21. Taking another eradication agent? 

22. If I cannot feel pain or discomfort should I take more CHIM in one day?

23. I have been eradicating for years and have used everything imaginable and I use many, many support products daily. Can I continue to use these when taking CHIM-FLUOX?

24. I suffer from depression will it hurt me?

25. Can I hurt myself with these remedies? 

26. How long is the "average" amount of time it takes to kill infections?

 27. Can FLUOX be used for releasing accumulated non-tangible neurotoxins? 

28. Release of non-flushable neurotoxins prior beginning eradication with CHIM.

29. How do I do "neurotoxin release" prior eradication? 

30. How do I dilute FLUOX? 

31. When will I be ready to start eradication with CHIM?

32. How do I do "neurotoxin release" after eradication has completed? 

33. How to I do non-flushable maintenance after after complete release of neurotoxins has completed? 

34. Is this a scam? 

35. Have others eradicated with this and how many and what are their names?

36. Will it make my body completely healthy as soon as I have finished taking them?

37.Would you take CHIM-FLOUX-AVIVA?

38. What does a package contain? 

Merchant instructions 

39. FLUOX : Standard Instructions.

40. Where to buy a Lyme Package?

41. Is CHIM-FLUOX-AVIVA a protocol?

42. How come I don't see anything about CHIM-FLUOX on forums?

43. Biggest difficulty for the user. 

44. Symptoms after many packages

45. " I have very bad news, all the months of CHIM and thousands of dollars spent look to be wasted."

Questions Answered: 

1. What is CHIM and FLUOX?

  • CHIM and FLUOX are holders of powerful frequencies/energies. They will cause low life organisms and/or some non flushable and flushable toxins  to be released after being exposed to them for a specific length of time.   
  • CHIM primarily holds eradication frequencies.
  • FLUOX primarily holds detoxifying/cleansing frequencies.    
2. Does CHIM or FLUOX leave harmful residues in the body or harm the body?
  • They do not leave harmful residues in the body.
  • They do remove the stressors of toxins and infections.. 
  • They do not "heal" a body only pave the way for the body to begin to heal itself once the stressors are absent in the body.
  • Both CHIM and FLUOX are tiny sucrose pellets the skze of a moccasin bead. Taking one days worth is so minute and hardly enough for someone who is lactose intolerant to react to it.  If you are severely lactose intolerant taking three pellets two hours before bedtime and then the remainder at bedtime also works. Best to take all CHIM pellets together.
3. How can mere sucrose eradicate my severe infections when for years I have used antibiotics and other eradicating agents and still have the infections today?
  • It is NOT the sucrose that is the agent that eradicates or detoxifiy's. It is the frequencies/energy infused within the pellet that has this power to eradicate, detoxify and release siome types of neurotoxins. Similar to two different vitamin C brands whose tablets look alike. One will cause the body to react wonderfully and the other cause the body to feel nothing or not so good. Each pellet possess their own level energy/frequency powers.   CHIM holds a different power to FLUOX. Both accomplish different tasks even though they both look like a sucrose pellet.
*** CHIM-FLUOX are both powerful and will knock you over if you are saturated with neurotoxins People with antibiotic overdose such as Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Illness will NOT be able to handle one tiny pellet of FLUOX and definitely cannot do any eradication (what creates die off toxins) until their body is released of neurotoxins with low amount of FLOUX done slowly. (See bottom of page). These people will need, at the very least, eight months of neurotoxin release before being able to handle CHIM. Only you knows your body and its level of toxicity.

4a.Will CHIM-FLOUX eradicate my infections?

  • CHIM - FLUOX have repeatedly eradicated the infections of the spirochetes of Lyme, Borrelia Myomotoi, STARI, TBRF along with their cysts form. It cleans out all the Mycoplasma's,  all the Bartonella's, all the Babesia's, all the Rickettsia's, Viruses, and other common tick-borne infections, including Morgellons. And it also permanently cleans out all types of Candida fungus and all types of other Fungus such as Aspergillosis and parasites, including Tapeworms. No other eradicating agents or boosters are required.
4b. What does CHIM-FLUOX not remove? 
  • They cannot remove the damages incurred by an infection or heal injuries..
  • Cannot remove symptoms caused by self induced illness. E.g: Side effects of herbs, drugs, any products.. or negative  interactions of 2 or more herbs taken during the same forty-hours of each other or support products or overdoses of any including vitamins which disagree wiht each other even though both be helpful to your body , but only on their own.
  • Cannot release poisons.
5a. What will cancel the power of CHIM-FLUOX ?
  • CHIM - FLUOX works successfully when it is used alone without interference of other eradicating agents! (Same rule applies to all other eradicating agents. Each eradicating agent work at optimum when not used alongside another eradication agent of low life organisms..)
  • CHIM-FLUOX will cancel some antibiotics, internal essential oils,  zeolite with DHQ or ORËÁô, Systemic enzymes such as serrapeptase and probably other things that are probably best not taken during the eradication process..
5b. What is not cancelled with CHIM-FLUOX ? 
  • CHIM-FLUOX will NOT cancel digestive enzymes nor probiotics.)
  • RIFE frequencies will not cancel CHIM or FLUOX, yet best not to create more die off as it interferes with your monitoring amount of die off being created by the pellets, even though you are not feeling the die off reaction. The eradicating frequencies will mess up the ease and simplicity of CHIM-FLUOX. . 
5c. What is not to be taken with CHIM-FLUOX?
  • CHIM-FLUOX is not to be taken with other eradicating agents, and  with copper, gold, or silver.
  •  For the user it is best to push the cart in the same direction as CHIM-FLUOX by avoiding ingesting unnecessary drugs and support products that work against regaining ones health. (Recently someone used CHIM-FLUOX with some antibiotics. It was the antibiotics that cancelled the CHIM). The task of both were sabotaged.
6. How long do I need to take CHIM/FLUOX?
  • CHIM is taken until you are feel absent of the symptoms of an infection. This not to be confused with toxicity. FLUOX  taken until all the flushable and non-flushable neurotoxins are absent from the body(what was accumulated over the years from the infections and what the infections release during die-off). 
  • Example only!! Bartonella and Lyme Bb infection no less the two Packages. Babesia and Mycoplasma entire package. Long established Aspergilosis or the tough types of Candida fungus five packages. Large parasites 7 or 8 packages (barring re-infections during the eradicating process).
7. When will I be healed of the infections?
  • Every body is different. The body begins to heal after eradication is completed and  takes  an average of one year, more or less, depending on type of injury to an organ, nerves, brain, age, how long the infections were present, how long the body takes to rebuild itself, and so forth. A body free of infections and free of both tangible and non-tangible neurotoxins will then be free to begin recovery and healing. 
  • A body who hosted long zoonotic infections of spirochetes, protozoa's, or bartonella's, etc will take longer to heal then young infections. Long term infecions were more likely to have  sustained injuries and therefore will require time to repair itself from the injuries, such as damage to brain or other organs, peripheral neuropathy, or toxicity. CHIM-FLUOX prepares the body to begin recovery and healing. The body becomes finally free to devote its time to heal itself. These infections cannot be compared to a flu virus or a kidney infection. See here for examples:
  • A body exposed to mold spores at work, in the car, or in the home will require CHIM- FLUOX indefinitely until the mold problem has been eliminated from their environment. 
  • Severe infections like Brucella or Morgellons would take at least eleven to twelve packages, not counting the release of neurotoxins following the eradication process.
8. Do I need to take both CHIM and FLUOX to eradicate the infections or make the process work?
  • Yes, both CHIM and FLUOX must be taken to accomplish the task successfully, yet both would do their task on their own..
9. Will I feel awful when I take CHIM and FLUOX? 
  • If you have infections or have high toxicity level, yes. Most people experience feeling worse before feeling better. Eg.:  If you take FLUOX when are loaded with high level of non-flushable toxins, your body will react from the release of potent toxins from fat cells.If you take CHIM and you have many infections the die off will release many potent toxins at once which will cause flu-like symptoms, as well as cause more and new symptoms to arise. This is known as a Herxheimer reaction.
10. What is a Herxheimer reaction?
  • Prior beginning the eradication process seeherxheimer reaction so you know what the natural process of eradication of infections, by any means, will create in you.
  • If you are loaded with infections CHIM-FLUOX will cause die off .   If you don.t like unpleasant Hexheimer reaction then the  choice you must make is  to stay in the infections and try to sedate the symptoms of toxicity for the rest of your life or go through the unpleasant eradication process so you can begin recovery. No eradicating agent causes you to feel better! It only kills infections and then once the infection is gone the specific symptoms from the "venom" of the infection will be absent. The toxicity symptoms remain until released. At that point the body can begin healing symptoms caused by the injuries that were caused by the infection.
  • No dramatic Herx reaction occurs for those of little infection and of low toxicity. Some will believe nothing is happening and will be tempted to add other eradicating agents to it or conclude it is not working and stop using it.  Best for your good health to simply continue and when your infection finally starts being worn down enough to die,  then you may then experience a Herx, or not. Some people have wonderfully well working detoxification systems with lovely clear pathways and are able to exercise vigorously to move the die off out of the interstitial fluid. These people breeze through the eradication process. There is a large difference of eradicating one infection as opposed to eight at one time.
  • Taking more CHIM when Herxheimer symptoms are still present is not only foolish, but also intensifies the level of a Herxheimer reaction. (Herx is recirculating toxins waiting for their turn through the liver. As soon as they have their turn and move out through other detoxification systems..then no poisons are present to cause the sick herx.). Everybody is different in how quickly the die off is out. CHIM is not taken over a Herx!! As well, read what happens with the Liver and die off and toxins. (Die-off can linger for up to 12 days.)
  • If you release neurotoxins too quickly, emotional reactions such as old traumas re-surface or cause physical symptoms such as a burning anus and urethrafrom so many potent toxins passing through. Too many potent neurotoxins being released at once also cause heart palpitations. When that occurs cut back on amount or how often you are taking FLUOX. 
  • CHIM  creates die off.  FLUOX on its own can create small amount of die off when fungus, candida or small organism are ceasing. Die off creates Herxheimer reaction.
  • The nice thing about CHIM-FLUOX is that you are in chargeof how much die off you want to create by how often you take it.
11. Will I need to release non-flushable neurotoxins prior taking CHIM?
  • Yes, but only if you have had infections for sometime, have lived a longer life, been exposed to many environmental toxins, have ingested or inhaled toxins, taken daily medications, had or have parasites, have done eradication, but never released your non-tangible neurotoxins, or you have many neurotoxin producing  infections in you, including Candida and other types of fungus then you will have automatically accumulated neurotoxins. Your cup will be full, or nearly full. If you are planning on adding more toxins to that cup with die off - it will need to be emptied enough to hold more toxins. Die off is both flush-able and non-flush-able toxins. Most of the non-flushable toxins of die off will need to go into that cup for safe storage... as well, the infections don't stop spewing neurotoxins just because you are in the eradication process, so cup needs to have room for them, also. The cup does not need to be completely emptied, just enough to handle the die off for the period of time you will be doing eradication. The remaining neurotoxins will be released 100% after the eradication process has been completed.  Most will simply continue taking the packages of CHIM-FLUOX-AVIVA until they feel much better.
12. I have very high toxicity and have been doing neurotoxin release with FLUOX, when will I know I'm ready to begin CHIM?
  • By taking one CHIM (a days worth of pellets) and if you get a huge reaction, then go back to only FLUOX again. Even if it takes a year to prepare your body of less toxicity you are still moving forward to reclaiming your health.
  • Or, energy test yourself and the body will tell you if it is ready to handle die off toxins.
  • And if... During the eradication process your body starts telling you it does not want more toxins, then stop eradicating with CHIM and do FLUOX  only for a few weeks to a month before resuming the CHIM.. 
13. CHIM
  • CHIM is most agreeable when taken just before bedtime. Better sleep is achieved. 
  • CHIM pellets must ALL be taken at one time. Each CHIM pellet contained in one blister carry different information for accomplishing the task. 
  • CHIM works best by taking one day's amount and not taking another until the Herxheimer reaction has completely cleared. This can take 24 hours or more days.  Once your Herx and infection symptoms what had risen to a higher level have subsided then  CHIM is once again.taken. 
  • You can take as long as you want to complete a 28 day CHIM package. Taking more then eleven day break in-between packages may prolong the eradication and you will simply require more packages to complete the task.
  • You can continue taking CHIM packages for as long as you want without hurting yourself.  Yet, after complete infection has been eradicated it is then best to stop taking CHIM.
  • CHIM begins creating die off about two hours of being ingested. Some parts of CHIM begin working within an hour and continue working for at least eight hours.
14. How do I take CHIM?
  • Before bedtime: Take all the pellets from Day 1 (one day's worth) 
  • Next bedtime: If you have stopped herxing, take all the pellets of Day 2.  But, ...
    • If the Herxheimer reaction is still present, then no CHIM is taken.
    • No CHIM is ever taken until the Herx (recirculating toxins) have cleared from the body Which indicates the liver has been able to keep up  and is not overloaded. (Some people take up to a week for their Herxheimer reaction  to clear.) 
  • Repeat this until the package is completed. 
  • Once the package is completed take a break before starting the next package.  .
15. Is the break in-between CHIM packages necessary? 
  • Yes, it gives the body a chance to re-balance and catch up to itself; . An average of 8 days, most especially if you have many infections . This allows the body to re-balance itself. When less infecions are present a shorter time in-betwween packages  may be all required for you. (Each cell having an infection dweller that dies also causes the cell to die. Cells need to be replenished to maintain body strength. Less energy is used when not in the eradication process.} Taking a longer then 13 day break does prolong amount of packages that will be required when infections are present.
16. FLUOX 
  • FLUOX is always taken 4 hours away from CHIM. 
  • One FLUOX pellet is always taken at least  2 hours apart from another FLUOX pellet.
  • FLUOX is used primarily for detoxification support during the eradication process; keeping pathways open and removing flushable and non-flushable toxins.
  • FLUOX is best started at beginning of your day. Best one in morning and one in afternoon. 
  • A FLUOX pellet can be taken five hours after taking CHIM.
  • FLUOX is always taken daily and on-going while you are in the eradication process. It matters not if CHIM was taken the night before or if you are on an in-between package break.
  • People have reported a release of small parasites with FLUOX alone while doing the release of neurotoxins prior beginning CHIM.  (Do not rely on FLUOX to eradicate parasites.) 
  • FLUOX will also cause die-off when Candida fungus or other types of fungus are present, yet FLOUX does not have the power to eradicate the tough fungus infections of Candida's and other.
  • There are 100 pellets of FLUOX in one container.
  • Most people eradicating numerous infections at one time  require no less then one pellet daily, most two and some three every sixth day. Some have taken more in a day. Each body is different. Larger people  and small people will each require different to accomplish the task. Example: 30 lbs: One drop of diluted 1 pellet of  FLUOX. At 50lb. One pellet. At 100 lb and up- 2 pellets a day. Only you can see and feel what your body needs.
  • Whenever you are not releasing the die off in a day - best to take one more pellet of FLUOX  to open pathways and sometimes more, but never more then three pellets in a day and then only doing this amount once in awhile ( for the "average person" )
  • The first week of standard FLUOX instructions read 3X. This means only 3 pellets are taken that day at three different times. They are not taken all at once. Each one taken at least 2 hours apart and four hours away from CHIM.
  • Any amount of FLUOX will release toxins. One pellet FLUOX taken with one glass of water begins releasing neurotoxin in one hour and continues releasing for eight hours.
  • Some want to hasten the process with FLUOX by taking many FLUOX pellets. This will cause a release of too many potent neurotoxins at one time and you will create problems for yourself, such as falling hair, palpitations, burning anus.. this too many to many potent toxins passing through.. So the taking more then what your body can handle will sabotage your success. It is not the FLUOX what hurts you when too many are taken at once. It is the huge release of the raw toxins waiting their turn to be processed by the liver that causes problems. 
More on FLUOX below:


  • The Green oats,Vitamin C and Echinacea is very beneficial to keep gastrointestinal operating efficiently, as well, it gives support for entire body.
  • Aviva is plant. Some plants are best taken alone, away from other things. Space the minerals or vitamins by a half hour away from AVIVA. 
  • AVIVA may be taken with food. 
  • AVIVA (is always taken at the beginningof the eradication process  when the body has and is  weakened by the infections or is handling an exceptional amount of die o
  • AVIVA is taken daily and on-going during the eradication process untill all bottles have been completed.
18. How many drops of AVIVA do I need?
  • Use as instructions 
    • or, energy test yourself or your child every month to know how many drops a day is best or if any are required. Every body is different in many ways and rarely with anything being ingested does one size fit all. 
  • Average only: 3 drops daily agrees with a child. An adult 7 drops daily.  If diarrhea occurs, cut back.   
19. Can I adjust AVIVA to agree with my body? 
  • Yes.  Only you can monitor your body.
20. Can I rush the eradication process by taking more FLUOX or/and more CHIM then what recommended?
  • No. A body can only handle so much die off at one time or a certain amount of potent fat cell toxin being released at one time. What happens when you over-do the detoxification/release of neurotoxins is the body will react with unpleasant symptoms, such as a burning anus. Then you will have to stop the FLUOX until it feels better. Remember... the liver can only handle so much die off at one time. What the liver cannot process gets to circulate until the liver can handle them. These raw, potent re-circulating toxins will cause the body to rescue from poisoning by tucking these toxins safely away in fat cells or the burning toxins landing wherever.    Over eradication promotes non-flushable toxins to be released and then circulate and then get re-stored in fat cells.  If too much accumulate during the eradication process there may come a time where your body reacts to the least thing which indicates the non-flushable toxins have accumulated to high toxicity Illness level. The cup has become full again.  Some of the non-flushables need to be dumped out of the body to allow room for more die off toxins.  This means you will need to stop eradication with CHIM and do neurotoxin release before you can proceed with eradication again. Rushing and pushing your body to the beyond its limit only prolongs your time in illness. 
21. Can I rush the eradication process by taking another eradication agent?
  • No!. CHIM does the job perfectly well when it is not sabotaged by another eradicating agent. There is no need to risk having it cancelled by something else or vice versa. Every eradication agent causes an organism to cease in a different way and in a different amount of time.  No eradication agent can do its job well alongside another eradication agent. They will both be tripped up by the other one way or another. Taking two or more eradicating agents at one time has shown to prolong time spent in illness.
  • What is an eradication agent? It is a product that kills low life organisms.
  • RIFE frequencies will not cancel CHIM or FLUOX. Yet, using frequencies that eradicate the infections in you will create extra die off and change the rhythm you have established with CHIM-FLUOX and your sensing what your body is doing or needing. Best to use the Frequencies for repair and maintenance only.
22. If I cannot feel pain or discomfort should I take more CHIM in one day?
  • No. CHIM is powerful to eradicate all on its own and works for many hours even if you cannot feel it.    Understandably for anyone who has been doing eradication for years the absence of drama and pain can be very difficult for anyone who became hooked on pain, were used to doing a scramble every time some symptoms showed up, have been living in the illness chaos for a long time, and then to now having to handle this rather gentle dull eradication process with such simplicity.  So rather then messing with your eradication process by adding something to sabotage try to switch your attention to doing something you enjoy with the spare time this eradication process is providing you with. 
23. I have been eradicating my infections  for years and have used everything imaginable and I use many, many support products daily. Can I continue to use these when taking CHIM-FLUOX?
This  may be creating another level of illness. Many drugs, many herbs, many support products, even an overdose of minerals or vitamins all create an imbalance in the body and cause the body to use up its energy to try to accommodate the imbalance so it can remain function-able. Many times these products have been weakening the body, adding more symptoms, or adding non-flushable toxins, sometimes harmfully interacting with each other and creating disorders or damage in some system of the body. Sometimes support products or drugs were added to treat a symptom being caused by an herb, a drug, or an interaction or side effect, or a system imbalance that has long ago healed, but today these are being stressful to the body. So, so many times this has become a self-inflicted layer of illness. This layer cannot be eradicated with CHIM-FLUOX. Now may be a time to review each and keep only what is necessary. Research side effects and interactions of each thing you are ingesting in herbs, drugs, suppoert products, ....Remember the power the body has to balance itself if it has a balance of vitamins and minerals, nutrition, and good water and a lack of stressor's.  * Cautions about stopping any drug that the body has become dependent upon
24. I suffer from depression - Will it hurt me?
  • If you are doing release of neurotoxins prior eradication best to take it slow rather then pushing the amount of release daily. Pushing the amount of toxin released may increase the emotional herxs to deal with, yet, facing the traumas will be helpful for diminishing a depression, but  only if the depression is caused by trauma toxins. If depression is all from infection toxins the symptom of depression and anxiety will get worse before getting better. Either way, it may be very uncomfortable, but will not hurt you, only get you closer to freedom from these depressions. If you are on medications for depression, then to remain on it until after eradication and the neurotoxin have been released. Then you will see if the depression was only toxin related and if so this will be the time to begin weaning off of it.
25. Can I hurt myself with these remedies? 
I don't see how you can. It is you who controls the amount of die off you create and the amount of  neurotoxins released at one time. It is you who reads the basic instructions.It is you who is in charge.
26. How long is the "average" amount of time it takes to kill infections?
  • It is different for everyone depending on infection strains, types, how long established, how long it takes to able to handle the CHIM-FLUOX, and so on.  Since people bitten and infected by a tick can hold some strange and many unknown and even unnamed infections, it is best to take CHIM-FLUOX for as long as you energy test that no infections remain. It is best to assume the worst infection is present in you. See number 6 for average examples.
27. Can FLUOX be used for releasing accumulated non-tangible neurotoxins?
  • Yes.  FLUOX has the ability to remove fat cell non-flushable what got stuck in the body when the liver was unable to process too many toxins at one time or when toxins were unable to leave the body because the liver and lymphatic pathways were blocked with sludge, inflammation, or because  present were infections that are producing  or in the past produced neurotoxins.  FLUOX also removes non-flushables from lifetime accumulation of toxins stored in fat cells such as traumas, old viruses, childhood and past flu organisms. It will not release tangible neurotoxins of vaccination toxins, chemicals, drugs, metals and radiation and therefore other special agents must be used for that task.Neither will it release the poison of CO (carbon monoxide gas poisoning from the body.)
  • ** Note: For people who had high toxicity and infections - the priority has always been to first release the non-tangible neurotoxins, do the eradication, release the remaining non-tangible neurotoxins and then only to release the tangible neurotoxins of vaccination toxins, radiation, metals, chemicals, and drugs or do this one befor you begin FLUOX if you had a lifetime of antibiotics or other toxins put into your body. 
28.Release of non-flushable neurotoxins prior beginning eradication with CHIM.

Who needs to release neurotoxins?

  • Anyone having zoonotic infections and have never released these particular non-flushable toxins and most especially if you've had zoonotic infections for many years.
  • Anyone who has done eradication and never released their  non-flushable toxins afterward.
  • Anyone who has continuous brain fog.
  • Anyone who take or have taken drugs and chemicals for a long time.
  • Anyone who was an antibiotic user during their lifetime.
  • People who have lived in mold spore environment.
  • Anyone who has severe toxicity illness.
  • Anyone who takes one FLUOX pellet and react severely.
29. How do I do "neurotoxin release" prior eradication? 
  • The "standard instruction"  works well.  Or, it could be adjusted.  The WARNING about this is to avoid pushing for a fast release/detoxification. Taking too many FLUOX a day  will cause a release of many potent toxins to be released at once causing a large reaction and you will stop taking it completely because you will think it is making you sicker, rather then blaming yourself for adding to your illness by using too much, too fast for your body to handle.  Easy does it for success. 
  • A sign of too many toxins being released at one time is inflamed anus and urethra and palpitations and hair loss. If so, stop FLUOX until these symptoms stop and therafter take less then you were taking. Experiment for what best for your body. 
  • If one FLUOX pellet is too strong for you then dilute the pellet.   Take 1 drop every two hours once to three three times a day.  Eventually you will be able to take one FLOUX pellet, even that may be too much for you so other more gentle things such as diets will be helpful for some months.. 
  • People have reported a release of emotions from stored traumas releasing neurotoxins. This is good to occur, yet it may be unpleasant to face old trauma's. Better to detox emotionally now rather then continuing to swallow and bury this pain in your muscles.
  • People have reported a release of parasites with FLUOX alone while doing the pre-detoxification.  (It will not kill all parasites, unless CHIM is used). 
  • The most pellets that can be taken in a day is five after that the body suffers and that is because the body can only handle so much released neurotoxins or toxins at one time. If too much then heart palpitations, etc, as the detox systems are overwhelmed(liver) or if other pathways are blocked.
30. How do I dilute FLUOX when one pellet is too strong for me? 

For some, one FLUOX pellet may be too powerful. Therefore it will be necessary to make it less strong.

  •  In one-half cup of distilled water add one pellet.  8 drops = 1 pellet or  In one-half cup of distilled water add two pellets.   4 drops = 1 pellet  Or if that is to strong then again  dilute by taking 2 drops from this dilution and putting it in one cup of water.
  • Keep this dilution in a glass jar and refrigerated.
  • Highly toxic adults work up to being able to take up to three pellets in one day as in Standard Instructions. 
  • If your body is infected with Candida, Aspergillosis or any other type of fungus, you will have a herxheimer reaction with only a few diluted drops of FLUOX when it is taken daily for 3 consecutive days. (The Fungus; any kind, which includes Candida, appears to become weakened enough to die after being exposed to FLUOX for three consecutive days. (This die off will cause a Herx). For a highly toxic body this very minute die off will cause a very high herx. This is your experiment.
31. When will I be ready to start eradication with CHIM?
  • When you are able to take one Days amount of CHIM pellets. If the reaction is more then you can handle, do another month of  FLUOX and so on. 
32. How do I do "neurotoxin release" after eradication has completed? 

 After any eradication of infections has been completed it takes  about two weeks to get rid of die off toxins from the body therefore it is best to do at least seven days of 2 pellets FLUOX prior beginning the standard detoxification for an average of three to six months or until all symptoms of toxicity have all ceased. Only you will know.

33. How to  do non-flushable maintenance after complete release of neurotoxins has completed:

  • One or Two FLUOX pellets once every month more or less depending on what you eat and your environment. 
Examples only of how this eradication agent has been taken.
Example #1
While taking FLUOX :  AVIVA taking 4 drops daily to give body strength. Once a bottle is finished begin the next until all three bottles are completed. 
 Release of non-flushable neurotoxins with FLUOX:
1) 1 pellet every second day for 6 days. On 7th day 2 pellets- Repeat this for five weeks.
2) 1 pellet for three days on 4th day three pellets. 
3) 1 pellet for ten days.
4) 2 pellets daily for ten days. On 11th day 3 pellets. Repeat six times.
Begin Eradication with CHIM 
1) To start with CHIM is taken only every 5th day until you reach the DAY THREE of the second package. 
2) DAY THREE  of second package: 1 CHIM is taken every two days until DAY TEN of the third package. 
3) DAY TEN of third package:  1 Chim daily until third package is completed at which time all infections will have ceased. 
After eradication of infections is completed the remaining neurotoxins are released:
1)  2 pellets daily for twenty days
2)  1 pellet daily for three months.

Example #2.
 FLUOX: 2 pellets daily for six days,  then after that go to
1 pellet for nine days and on the 10th day take 2 pellets. Repeat this for 90 days then
Begin CHIM: 
Take one days worth of CHIM Pellets before bedtime. Next bedtime take a CHIM only when a herx has cleared. (At first it is usually slower, then later one a day can be taken.
At the end of a package take an eight day break before starting the next package.
* During taking of the CHIM and on breaks the FLUOX is one a day continuous , unless one more pellet is required. 
After eradication is completed:
2 FLUOX a day for eight days followed by one a day for 67 days.

34. Is this a scam? 
No. If it were, what would be the reason I would publish it on this web site??? Why would I want to cause you more hardship then you are already enduring? Have I given you reason to believe what I have put on this web site was a lie? 
During the past six years I have given you over a hundred free helpful pages of information.. my only motive being was to give you a road map to setting yourself free of illness, with least frustration, in shortest time possible, and costing the least. 

If I were to add all what I spent during the 15 years in infections to try to recover my health it was probably about $30,000.00. Never kept accounts.Some come to me having spent over $200,000.00 and still not much further ahead then when they first started out. I am not into creating pitch pages that stretch the truth to sell you products or to get your business. I am selling nothing here and have only recently put a donation link on this web site for those who appreciate the free information and have put a link to my website where I now charge a pittance for my time to coach people out of these infections.
* I do understand why asked if it this is a scam as so, so many are desperate to get out of the infections and will buy what a professionally created pitch page promises, yet, many merchants are selling things to make money focourse and to aim at your wants with stuff they innocently don't realize is useless or some believe their product actually kills Lyme, when what their original  experiment was killing was Babesia and so they now sell it like that or it will never fully kill the infection only annoy the infection for years on end and create mild die off. 
35. Have others eradicated with this and how many and what are their names?

Yes. I now know of numerous others who have eradicated Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, the rickettsia's, viruses, mycoplasma's, and parasites and all types of fungus with this product.  I do not count the amount of people I have coached to find their way out of illness and have always respected their privacy, even if it is volunteer work.  This is NOT my product !! How many merchants give names of those who did have successful eradication with their products?  We are still living in a world of persecution coming directly and indirectly from drug companies. Someday soon, this  freedom will be returned to the people.

36. Will it make my body completely healthy as soon as I have finished taking them?

No. If people understood that Lyme, Babesia,Bartonella  and other infections  injure within the body, they would NOT ask this question. Think of the simple grippe or flu how long it usually takes a body to recover after the infection is gone.

37.Would you take CHIM-FLOUX-AVIVA?

After I caught an Aspergillosis Fungus I did use it. It is worth every penny to become free of this ugly neurotoxin producer.

* Directions on how to use is posted on merchant web site and I believe they come with the package. The instructions are not clear for some people, yet just follow the directions and in time it makes sense. 

* If you are unable to find answers on the merchant web site then ask for more directions from the seller Myriam Matthee.  English is not her primary language so sometimes difficult to communicate with each other. 
38. * What does a package contain?
CHIM(28 takes/doses in pellets), FLUOX (1 vial of 100 pellets) and AVIVA 50 ml Dropper bottle (A composition of plants to support the body)

 * How long to take this?
Until you feel the loss of the infections and body has detoxified ( lost toxicity symptoms.) 

* Will I have die off and the awful feeling of a herxheimer reaction?
If you have an infection in you, you probably will. Nothing magical has yet been invented that can instantly absorb the released toxins; what occurs when an low life organism dies. 
Die off usually causes a Herxheimer reaction/ Healing Crisis  from a level .05 to 9  or if you have a high level of non-flushable toxins stored in your fat cells you will experience a healing crisis as these old toxins are released.  You will feel worse before you get better.


Merchant instructions -

CHIM: Take one a day before bedtime.

AVIVA:3 x 30 drops in water a day

39.FLUOX : Standard Instructions.
Day 1, 2, and 3      =>   3 pellets each day. Taking  one every 2 hours. 
Day 4, 5, and 6      =>   2 pellets each day. 1 pellet in the morning and 1 pellet in the evening.
Day 7, 8, and 9      =>    1 pellet each day. Only 1 pellet later in the day.
Day 10, 11, 12, 13  =>    None
Day 14                    =>    1 pellet.
Day 15, 16,17, 18   =>    None
Day 19                    =>    1 pellet
Day 20, 21, 22, 23 =>     None
Day 24                   =>     1 pellet
Day 25, 26, 27, 28 =>     None

Note: The merchant may change web page information or change instructions. For now they know it works best how they give and that it will not hurt anyone. It is up to the consumer to keep themselves updated by revisiting their web site.



* I will continue to add any other questions posed to me on this page. This information is posted here only to make your eradication journey easier. 

40. Where to buy a Lyme Package?

~~~  ***  ~~~

Your infections may no longer be in you. Research toxicity illness, oxidative stress, and support products interacting with each other and side effects of each thing being taken.

~~~  ***  ~~~
Healthy people are more apt to express their fullest magnificence!

Remember who you really are.

41. Is CHIM-FLUOX-AVIVA a protocol? 

I presume this was a word taken off Lyme forums. What is meaning of protocol? a system of rules that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed in formal situations.   CHIM-FLUOX are products that wipe clean all infections and neurotoxins. The information provided here is to help only the people who have taken charge of their eradication process and want to achieve successful results. 

42. How come I don't see anything about CHIM-FLUOX on forums? 

I will only make assumptions on this:  Maybe the recovered don't hang out on forums.  Maybe they were never groupies to begin with? Maybe there is no reason for a group to be formed as CHIM-FLUOX is not something puzzling, difficult to work, in need of others support, is clearly understandable in how to use, and is not something that is taken for years on end or something get in trouble with while using. I don't know. I first heard about the Ven remedies on a forum. Do you know any people of many infections now recovered people that are hanging out on forums? It is not so pleasant to be there once one is well. 

43. Biggest difficulty for the user: 

Not recognizing a herx but feeling all the intensifying symptoms, full head, muscle pains and worrying it is something else or their illness is greatly increasing.
Herx=die off. Die off=infection being killed.

Remaining in a herx for many days from blocked pathways of liver or and lymphatic pathways and not doing anything to open them.  In most cases they can be opened within one and a half hours by increasing FLUOX pellets.

One of the most difficult things people have is they canít see what is happening inside so they  start thinking they are wasting their time, they imagine it is not working, they think the pellets have to be a trick or scam and think they have been taken for a ride as they feel no symptoms disappearing only increasing with the die off effects, they  have expectations that their infections are the same as a kidney infection and once its cleared up they will feel one hundred percent same as prior illness (failing to consider the high toxicity, the damages left behind from some infections, and for some of long illness the aging), they wait every day for their symptoms to disappear and still feel the same as when they started, for those of undramatic herx they feel they are wasting their time, and with some of the infections that their toxins causes psychiatric symptoms of paranoia all this is intensified for them ... At this point is where people will quit.

44.Why am I getting more awful symptoms around the full moon after many packages of CHIM has been taken. I must be having a reoccurance of my infections. The full moon and 15th of the month is most often associated to nematodes. The large ones take a long time to be worn down by most all eradicating agents. Lots of actvity around time of a full moon  as this is their time to reproduce. ( Be carful not to re-infect yourself as every new infection requires that same lenght of time with an eradicating agent for the new infections to also cease. Research. Try to identify where eggs may be in your environment. EG. If dog has Nematodes..don't kiss the dog, wash your hands after scatching dog belly,  clean well and often the sheets dog sleeps on, etc. etc. etc.

Fungus does take long exposusure to an eradicating agent before it finaally ceases. Their toxins  during the last  weeks befor they cease usually cause high level symptoms to the very last day, but fungus is not known to follow the moon.

45.   I have very bad news, all the months of CHIM and thousands of dollars spent look to be wasted. I just had an Asyra scan done and my whole family of seven have Lyme Disease and many co-infections, very bad. 
       I thought you should know because I trusted you with CHIM. Spending so much and getting no where is very disappointing. ...

Of course one would be , Yet all were infection free for months, if not longer. Upon rescanning this was recent infection from ticks. Please continuously check your body after being outdoors most especially if you live in a kown infected tick area. One does not become immune to tick infections just because they were bitten once. I have known some who were bitten three times during the eradication process. CHIM does not protect against re-infections and adding possibly different infections. Each new infection needs to be treated from day one with CHIM.. Of couse if you are on CHIM and a new bite occurs  it will kill an imature new infection quickly. Some rashes can take up to three weeks to show up after a tick bite. This means the infection has been developing on its way to the brainstem. If three weeks since bitten one package of CHIM would be required to eraicate. REmember you are in charge..Monitor, be alert to gut feeling..check body for new rashes or attached ticks, explore black specs on the body.. learn about Lyme and other zoonotic infections!

This information has been prepared and provided by Louise Jenner of It may be printed for personal use only!