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    What are Toxins?
    Toxins are poisonous substances produced by living cells, organisms, plants, fungi, animals, elements, and  metals that are capable of causing disease when introduced into the body tissues.

    Where are toxins stored in the body? 
    Toxins that cannot be processed out through the detoxification systems (liver), are stored into fatty tissues; the connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nerve tissue (Myelin - the fatty sheath of insulation that lines all of your nerves), tissues of the brain and endocrine's. These cells can begin to accumulate toxins within their membranes and inner lumen areas. Toxins also get stored in cysts, lipomas, and other benign tumors. 

    What are the effects of toxins in the body?
    Toxins harm with short and long term effect and will affect most every part of the body from the physical to energy field to DNA.  When cells in one organ or gland become harmed due to a build-up of toxins - dysfunction will occur. 

    Symptoms of an over-toxic body:  Inflammation, muscle and joint soreness, brain fog, headaches, pain in organs, endocrine system dysfunction such as the adrenals and thyroid, body pain, allergies and food intolerance's, poor bowel health, peripheral neuropathy, weak immune system,fatigue, bloating, impaired vision, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney failure, fatty liver, cirrhosis, dysfunction in any system of the body,organ and glandular dysfunction's from excessive toxins surrounding their membranes, feeling of being poisoned and more. 

    How did this happen?

    Layer #1: From ingesting, inhaling, absorbing toxins.

  • Eating foods with additives and artificial preservatives, Artificial Colorings,  Artificial Stabilizers, Artificial Thickeners.  MSG , Mono sodium  Glutamate MSG, Glutamate, Mono potassium Glutamate, Hydrolyzed Protein Glutamate Acid, Sodium Caseinate, Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten, Gelatin, Natrium Glutamate, Calcium Caseinate, Sodium Nitrite in processed meats and a host of other names given for same chemicals.
  • Eating  or drinking chemical sweeteners found in sweetened breakfast cereals, candy, and granola bars, crackers, cookies, false juice drinks. and soda pops and Diet Sugar free products sweetened with chemical sweeteners such as aspartame, "Nutrasweet", "Equal" and "Spoonful" and other sweetened with chemicals such as   Aspartame found in diet pop and other.
  • Eating processed foods, packaged foods, junk food,  TV dinners, snack dips.
  • Eating refined carbohydrates, gluten containing foods from wheat that was sprayed with roundup prior harvesting. all grains test as being laced with herbicides. Refined grains, white flour, pastries, donuts. 
  • Eating processed dairy products and what is made with pasteurized milk.
  • Eating processed meats with nitrites over 200ppm; cured meats, bacon, and nitrites also in cheese products and processed meats such as sausages.
  • Eating saturated fats, Hydrogenated oils,  toxin-ed animal fat. frozen fried foods, and any other refined frozen foods.
  • Eating food heated in plastic containers, baked in aluminum foil or in overheated teflon frying pans
  • Eating overheated carbohydrate foods (such as french fries and potato chips) when animal carcinogen acrylamide was generated.
  • Eating lots of BBQ foods, fried foods, Red meats 
  • Eating fish from high mercury rivers or lakes.
  • Eating refined salt (typically contains Aluminum (anti-caking agent 554) and Cyanide)
  • Taking too many vitamins or minerals, taking too many support products and/or an interaction of support products such as herbs, drugs, and other "good for you's".
  • Taking legal or illegal  drugs  which also include impurities, fillers and toxins;  anti-depressants, antibiotics, amphetamines.  Vaccines - containing the preservative Thimerosal which contains ethyl-mercury and many more toxins, taken Ecstasy, LSD, heroin, marijuana/hashish smoking, cocaine,Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, nicotine, etc.(organic and inorganic carcinogens and heavy metals.)
  • Smoking or exposed to smoking of any kind getting ammonia, formaldehyde,
  • Brushing with  Fluorocitic acid, (Toothpastes), Using deodorants with Aluminum Zirconium, Hydrochloride Gly, 
  • Using after shave, eau de toilette, skin creams, shampoos, etc. with toxic or carcinogenic chemical compounds.
  • Washing clothes with detergents
  • Using paints, chemical cleaners, pesticides and  Herbicides without protection.
  • Using laser jet, ink jet,  printers and photocopiers  that give off Benzene (gaseous) and other petrochemicals when in operation. 
  • Being around  mercuric Sulphate, Mercuric Oxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Certain Petroleum and Petrochemical/Synthetic Chemical Derivatives and Plastics.
  • Teeth coatings, metals retainers, implants. amalgam fillings, 
  • Re-using clear plastic water bottles, drinking  or eating from tin cans with coatings or lead soldering.
  • Getting tattoos with mercury in the ink. 
  • Living in a building having old lead pipes leading from water main to the house, and mold.
  • Inhaling and absorbing household cleaning products with chemicals, vapors synthetic foam used in sofas, mattresses etc.  crop spraying, chemical spraying, plastics, glues, carpets, smog, traffic fumes, smoke,  airplane cabin air, firework displays, industry, Chem trails, etc.
    We may have loaded our fat cells with toxins long before we became infected with zoonotic infections. The question is are we continuing to load up with tangible neurotoxins daily by what we ingest, absorb, or inhale?
    You have the power to stop loading up your body with most of this by the choices you make.

    Layer #2: From low life.

    Lyme, Bartonella,  Babesia, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Brucella, Borrelia Recurrentis, some Candida fungi, Sporotrix Schenckii, Coccidoidomycisis, Histaplasmosis  all produce non-flushable neurotoxins. Bacteria, spirochetes, protozoa's, mycoplasmas,  viruses, Candida and other fungi, parasites, tape worms, flukes, and mold spores from our environment produce neurotoxins 24 hours a day. Their non-tangible toxins will cause the body to create inflammation which will narrow lymphatic and liver pathways and soon block them, trapping all toxins entering the body or die off  having no way to escape. The body becomes saturated with toxins that have embedded themselves on and in tissues throughout the body. All the drinking of water can never again flush out the non-flushable trapped neurotoxins. Toxicity is the result. This body is sick. If nothing changes to help the body it simply becomes sicker. This body suffers from Toxicity. 
    The living toxin producers must cease and their residues of toxicity left behind must be detoxified with special detoxification agents capable of releasing non-tangible neurotoxins.

    Types of Toxins and how to deal with them

    Tangible neurotoxins- Non flushable - Fat soluble
    Tangible neurotoxins- Non flushable man made toxins such as metals, chemicals, radiation, vaccination, drugs, and Bisphenol A., do not get detoxified naturally by our detoxification systems.  They remain stuck along the walls of our insides and in the tissues, at least most. They are mostly found embedded in and around organs, and endocrine's... often settling in pockets of breasts, prostate, brain, tumors, and cysts. If their toxicity leaks long enough in one place cancer cells tend to arise.

    • Removal of toxins of : metals, chemicals, radiation, vaccination, drugs, and Bisphenol A., all can be removed completely  with Z Natural, or Zeolite with DHQ. Frequency 1.00 htz.  There are other products which will have the power to release and remove one thing or another individually, some claim to remove most but only remove one thing. The reason two are mentioned here are ones I know to be completely effective on these particular tangible non-flushable neurotoxins.
    Water soluble and fat soluble toxins we inhale, absorb and eat daily in additives and preservatives, Artificial Colorings, Artificial Stabilizers, Artificial Thickeners; Chemical sweeteners; grains laced with pesticides and herbicides, nitrites, hydrogenated oils, Refined salt, narcotics, cosmetics, and so much more. Some can be flushed from the body and some are non-flushable. Both can become trapped in the body.  Unfortunately the greed of money, while sacrificing living beings, has contaminated our air, what we absorb, and most of what we eat. They cannot all be easily avoided. 
    • Removal: We must work hard to try to minimize the poisoning by keeping our detoxification pathways open so the toxins can pass through us without turning into  non-flushable toxins because the liver can't process them. Adopt a healthy Lifestyle,Nutrition, Hydration. Sleep  and  Eating  foods high in chlorophyll and niacin, juices of vegetables and fruit, adding clean bendonite clay or zeolites, etc.. Altogether it will minimize the storage of toxins in the body.
    Water soluble's exotoxins from contaminated food, food poisoning,  low protein diet, our waste products, urea, lactic acid, carbon dioxide when we do not move and expel, or little stomach acid that keeps the food undigested. These toxins can also be promoted with excessive simple carbohydrates, alcohol, poor diets, constipation and excessive antibiotic usage.  Water soluble (Flushable) and fat soluble (Non--flushable) neurotoxins (non-tangible  toxins) of living low life such as harmful micro-organisms excretions; Bacteria's, protozoa, viruses, rickettsia's, mycoplasmas, fungi, spirochetes and Parasites in the body produce exotoxins 24 hours a day by their excretions.  Diets high in simple carbohydrates, alcohol and excessive antibiotic usage and a lack of fermented foods allow these pathogens to proliferate and thus they excrete ever more toxins by their waste products.  Some of these exotoxins can be flushed away. But, when liver becomes overwhelmed  or pathways are blocked the body stores these exotoxins  into fatty tissues, skin, muscles, organs, brain, and all over the body. 
    • Removal:  These low life toxins producers can be stopped with complete eradication from the body. Their toxins can be removed daily during their occupation and with non-tangible neurotoxin releasers for at least one month prior the eradication process and no less then one month after the eradication process is completed. As well as with excellent body support; foods, adequate restorative sleep, movement, and hydration on a continuous basis.
    Flushable and non-flushable (endotoxins) is what produced when harmful organisms are killed off. During the eradication process endotoxins are released from what was contained within the organisms structure of the  Bacteria's, protozoa, viruses, rickettsia's, mycoplasmas, fungi, spirochetes and parasites and any other low life. Endotoxins are released in small amount even when no eradication is taking place, but when eradication takes place a large amount is released at one time. The die off is endotoxins. 
    • Removal:  These water soluble toxins are flushed out with water. 
    When the lymphatic or liver pathways are blocked or the liver is overwhelmed with too many toxins to process at one time, these toxins continue to recirculating in the blood until they get their turn in the liver, but if not they will embed in tissues of organs, muscles, nerve sheaths, brain, and/or get stored within the fat cells becoming trapped non-flushable toxins.
    • Removal:  Keep pathways open.  Eradication process.  Avoid creating more die off then the liver can handle at one time by slowing down the eradication or stopping eradication until the herx has cleared. Once they are trapped use a 

    • neurotoxin releaser

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Non-Flushable Neurotoxins
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Toxicity Illness- is when the body is loaded with trapped 
non-flushable toxins. How loaded are you?

Signs you may be overloaded with non-flushable neurotoxins:

    • Using a small or reasonable amount of an eradication agent once that causes a huge healing crisis, in short, a herx from hell.
    • Burning pain throughout the body.
    • Feeling sick all over
    • A feeling of being poisoned.
    • General aches and pains
    • Lower back pain
    • Muscle and joint pains
    • Loss of dexterity
    • Nerves burning or acting up with spasms, peripheral neuropathy, etc.
    • Muscular system affects contraction and relaxation of muscles.
    • Malfunctioning systems of the body such as the endocrine's, liver, bowels, respiratory, muscular, etc. and being told there is nothing wrong.
    • Hurting organs; Pain in liver, gall bladder, pancreas, etc.
    • Low body temperature
    • Hormonal imbalances
    • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), breast soreness, vaginal infections, 

    • Infertility.
    • Liver, Lymphatic, urinary, reproductive ... pathways blocked.
    • Gall stones, Liver Stones, Kidney stones 
    • Indigestion, feeling boated with gas, after a normal meal. 
    • Lack of appetite.
    • Tired after eating.
    • Sluggish colon and blockages/stoppages, constipation or loose stools 
    • Skin problems, eczema, rashes, boils, pimples, acne, burning skin 
    • Nervous system affects the clarity of your mind and low energy.
    • Anxiety, depression, mood swings
    • Memory loss
    • Not grounded or present in the now.
    • Poor concentration
    • Migraines and frequent headaches
    • Brain fog
    • Lowered resistance to infections; easily attracting parasites and molds/fungus, Candida fungus, bacterial infection, Yeast infections, frequent congestion, colds, and viruses 
    • Glaucoma, Fibroids, cysts, and tumors 
    • Allergies or intolerance to certain foods, especially fatty foods. 
    • Sensitivities to noise, smells, light, chemicals.
    • Fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Needing to sleep a long time
    • Feeling heavy
    • Thickened blood
    • Sweat, urine, and stools smell foul. 
    • Sticky coating on tongue 
    • Excess mucous formation.
    • Cloudy urine.
    • Saggy skin
    • Hair loss
    • Watery eyes
    • Palpitations
    • An over-toxic body is the ideal environment for cancer to develop and thrive in. 
    Are you experiencing symptoms of over toxicity?

    If you have often been sick in your lifetime, have lived, worked, or are living in a mold spore environment, have had surgeries, taken medications, antibiotics, eat processed foods often, live or work in polluted environments, have had or presently have Lyme, Bartonella,  Babesia, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Brucella, Borrelia Recurrentis, Candida fungi, fungus of Sporotrix Schenckii, Coccidoidomycisis, Histaplasmosis, Bacteria's, spirochetes, protozoa's, mycoplasmas, rickettsia's, viruses, parasites, tape worms, flukes... you will have an accumulation of neurotoxins in your body.

    A Lifetime Accumulation!

A healthy Mom's baby usually has a level zero of toxins. Baby's cup is empty. As the years go by this body accumulates toxins in his cup. When his body has to deal with neurotoxins it will safely tuck these potent toxins in special containers. As the cup (container's) become over-full the body runs out of room to store them these potent toxins in...the cup has runneth over, all over the place, in an over toxic sick body.  At this point, either the owner of the body starts paying attention to symptoms and does the work to release the neurotoxins or it will expire from over-toxicity unable to resist disease. 
    Non-flushable toxins and overloads of flushable die-off toxins become lodged in the fatty tissues and can remain there for a lifetime.Toxins of medications, or a virus acquired twenty years ago will still be in your body to this day if they have never been released. These particular neurotoxins cannot be detoxified with daily detoxification of flushable toxins, what is done during the eradication process or flushes. These neurotoxins require products that have the ability to release them. Few can.
Over toxicity in fat cells and soft tissues always create a sick body getting sicker, progressively deteriorating whether infections are present, or not.
    An over toxic body will be so inflamed and so overloaded with toxins its detoxification systems will become unable to detoxify the least amount of die off toxins because their lymphatic pathways have become narrowed from the inflammation and the slightest sludge passing through will block passageways.  Organs, most especially the liver, will be inflamed making pathways severely narrowed or blocked. All detoxification systems will be sluggish causing inefficient detoxification.  This impairment automatically causes more toxins to become trapped and stored.  At this point unless the master of this body takes action to support his or her detoxification systems and takes charge to do fat tissue detoxification the body will continue to pick up speed towards complete degeneration. 

    Before eradicating Infections, during, and after.

     An over toxic body will not be able to do a simple eradication of their infections as their cup is overloaded and needs to be emptied before adding more toxins to it.
    To be able to handle the die off toxins the cup must be emptied. This means a release of the neurotoxins trapped in the body. 

    • Anyone showing symptoms of toxicity are best to do one to four months of neurotoxin release/detoxification or until toxicity symptoms are greatly diminished prior beginning the eradication process.
      Sometimes the neurotoxins load will be greatly increased during the eradication process and the eradication process will need to be stopped until steps are taken to release more neurotoxins. Only then can the eradication process resume. 
      After completion of the eradication process ALWAYS more release of the neurotoxins needs to be done as many neurotoxins are always released during an eradication of infection  process.
    Reactions occurring during the release of neurotoxins or using an eradication agent.

    A person with high toxicity level can experience an adverse reaction from taking an eradication agent even when no organism is present. Some report even the drawing of blood causes the body to react. They are sensitive to most everything. The body nearly screams trying to prevent anymore toxins entering into it.

    During the detoxification the potent toxins of old viruses and flu's, bacterias, protozoa, and fungus all that was packed into there to protect the body over the years will now be released from fat cell storage. For many they will experience strong flu like symptoms as these unprocessed by the liver toxins are released into the body and make their way to the liver. The liver will now "process", take the edge off these toxins to make them acceptable to other detoxification systems without causing harm. The raw released neurotoxins moving through the body cause a healing crises reaction similar to a herxheimer reaction from die off.

    Helpful for releasing non-flushable toxins, both the tangible and non tangible forms. Go  Here.

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