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The Eradication Process
Example of an Eradication PLAN
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Here is an example of what your plan to freedom from illness could look like:
  1. You have a goal and you know you will achieve this goal.
  2. Your Foundation is in place. 
  3. Detoxification of flushable toxins is being practiced daily.
  4. Your eradication agents have been researched, purchased, and are ready to go.
  5. You have placed yourself in charge of your eradication process.
  6. You have made your PLAN.
1st Layer:  Release of the non-tangible neurotoxins, if necessary. 
2nd layer: Eradication of Tapeworm
Example only: 
1)  Tapeworm "The Recipe" for four days , repeating until it shows up. Do not use RIFE on these critters! 
     Only for eggs Eggs and cysts: a) Colloidal Silver 2 TBS. daily for 45 consecutive days 
* Tapeworm Recipe, egg and cyst eradication can be done during neurotoxin release with MMS.
2)  CHIM-FLOUX will kill all Tapeworm and parasites in six months or seven depending on type. (Highly recommended as these critters are next to impossible to eradicate because of their cestodes and thousands upon thousands of eggs)
3rd Layer: Eradication of Parasites
Example only: 
Option 1) Colloidal Silver: (For flukes and small worms only) Average: 3TBS Colloidal Silver for twenty consecutive days taken on an empty stomach. (Larger worms) Average only: about 1/4 cup Colloidal silver on morning empty stomach for twenty days to cover their cycle, if started 5 days before full moon.  Will kill larvae. Will kill parasites in all systems.
Option 2) Oregano Oil capsules 181Mg : Eating dry pumpkin seeds the day before. Next day taking 2 capsules a day for four days. Stopping for ten days. Repeat 8 times for the large ones of many eggs.Will kill parasites in gastrointestinal system.
Option 3) MMS will all kill parasites in all systems in 7 months. (not tape worms)
Option 4) CHIM-FLOUX will kill all parasites in all systems in 7 months.

4th Layer:  Fungi: Candida and other types of fungi. 
Example only: 
Option 1) Oregano oil 181Mg 2 capsules for 85 consecutive days. 
Option 2) CHIM-FLOUX will kill all fungi 5 months.
Option 3)  Diluted Origanum marjorana (France), Thymus mastichina (Spain)  For 85 consecutive days.

5th Layer: Removal of tangible neurotoxins Vaccination, radiation, metals, chemical, drug, PBA's. (Can be done now or after the final release of tangible neurotoxins #8.)
Example only of what products can remove all of these at once. I have not found any other products that can achieve this.)
Option 1) Ultra Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ:  12 drops daily for 52 days. (This the quickest way to do a clean sweep of tangible neurotoxins.) 
Option 2) Z Natural : 12 drops daily for 52 days. (This the quickest way to do a clean sweep of tangible neurotoxins.) 
*Not to be taken with MMS, FLUOX, Colloidal Silver, Neem Leaf, commercial cleansers, oregano oil or Olive leaf extract, nor with most commercial cleansers.  Can be taken with diluted Origanum marjorana (France) Thymus mastichina (Spain) or Cinnamomun verum leaf (zoonotic infection eradicating agents.) During this period of tangible neurotoxin release the Tape worm Recipe can be done. 
** MMS (removes only some drugs, chemicals and some metals.
** CHIM-FLUOX (removes only radiation)
6th Layer: Neurotoxin release of intangible form, assuming fifty days have elapsed since the 1st layer was done. 
For one month or until the bowels work efficiently.

7th  Layer:  Begin eradication agent for the infections.
Remembering the detoxification of the flushable toxins of die off.

8th  Layer:  Release intangible neurotoxins until bowels work efficiently and all systems have re-balanced and all symptoms of toxicity have disappeared. 

9th Layer: Begin healing and recovery after eradication.

* If you have a small hand programmable RIFE machine it can be used to manage and heal damages here. 

Removes eggs and cysts of tape worms: MMS (not all), CHIM-FLUOX, Colloidal Silver.
Removes most and all parasites: MMS, CHIM-FLUOX, Colloidal Silver, Oregano Oil capsules 181Mg, Neem Leaf.
Removes all internal fungi, including all Candida fungi: CHIM-FLUOX,  Oregano Oil capsules 181Mg, Neem Leaf, diluted Origanum marjorana (France), Thymus mastichina (Spain) or diluted Cinnamomun verum leaf (Sri Lanka).
Releases intangible neurotoxins:  MMS, FLUOX, some activated Charcoal.
Releases tangible neurotoxins: Ultra Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ or  Z Natural  Some only : MMS, Activated Charcoal, 
Removes Parasites and internal fungi and all Types of Candida fungus : Oregano Oil capsules 181Mg, HIM-FLUOX Neem Leaf, diluted Origanum marjorana (France), Thymus mastichina (Spain) or diluted Cinnamomun verum leaf (Sri Lanka).
Removes all zoonotic infections and cyst form of spirochetes: MMS, CHIM-FLUOX, diluted Origanum marjorana (France), Thymus mastichina (Spain) or diluted Cinnamomun verum leaf (Sri Lanka). Some Colloidal Silver.
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