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    10. Parasites and Flukes and Tapeworms and Cryptostrongylus Pulmoni

    Parasites and Flukes
    Most people do harbor parasites. Parasites produce constant toxins and these toxins deplete the immune system. They can also  cause mild to severe symptoms. There are over three thousand identified different parasites and flukes. Medical tests are available for about only fifty. It is difficult to get indication of them on the stool tests as the test would need to be done at a particular point in the parasite's cycle to find them or to find the eggs in the stool. Therefore they are most often missed on medical stool tests. Therefore if you are told after a test that you don't have any parasites, it would not be prudent to assume you don't. Parasites are not the realm of medical, but more in the realm of homeopathy, naturopathic, and home remedies. The best test for parasites (round worms) and flukes (flat worms) and tape worms is muscle testing, zyto, and similar testing as these tests will usually pick up energy of a tapeworm, parasite, fluke or larvae.

    ** When doing body scans on people who thought they had Lyme because they were so very sick, had brain fog, pain and many symptoms, it often turned out they were severely infected with a variety of parasites that were spewing out horrid toxins that produced a multitude of symptoms. Parasitic infections can cause debilitating illness and therefore it is best to eradicate prior to assuming symptoms are from zoonotic infections.
    ** What looks like floaters in eyes- Clear filiarosis, with one end black, black specs, bunches of fluff like dust you find under a  sofa type of parasite and a round worm; Colloidal silver does not want to go there so it is ineffective.

    Parasites and flukes create an acidic system... A perfect environment for Candida, cancer, viruses, etc. It depletes the immune system. It is impossible to eradicate all types with commercial parasite cleansers, but better then nothing. 

    Cleansing the body of parasites and flukes- 

    • Will eliminate all the symptoms manifested by them and the body will not feel so distressed.
    • Will stop the daily production of toxins being released in the body by the parasites.
    • Will cause a more alkaline-acid balanced system.
    • Will take a burden off the immune system.
    • Will clear the way for more successful eradication of the zoonotic bacteria's, spirochete's, Rickettsiae, and protozoa's.
    Note: When using any parasite remedies/cleansers it is important to eat lots of fiber and drink plenty of water to help flush them and their toxins out of your system.

    Helpful Parasite Eradicators:

    • Essential oils wormwood  artemisia absinthium, Lemon grass floral water or  Cymbopogon flexuosus - India, yarrow achillea millefolium,Juniper berry, nutmeg myristica fragrans,cloves
    • Cryptostrongylus Pulmoni  causes problems in many infected with zoonotic infections. This invisible tiny roundworm  lives in pleura of lungs: Colloidal Silver  8 TBS.taken on morning empty stomach for eleven consecutive days.Will kill larvae. Pain is felt last days of eradication. Lymph stimulation and detoxification required.
    • RIFE frequencies delivered through devices such as the coil or contact device (Require- to know exact name of critter).When to start treatment and how often to repeat.
    • Programmed Zappers will get only what is programed, some are not affected by these whatsoever.
    • Colloidal Silver: (For flukes and small worms only) Average: 3TBS Colloidal Silver for four days taken on an empty stomach. Average: Larger worms about 8 TBS. Colloidal silver on morning empty stomach for five days. Will kill larvae.
    • MMS: Ninety  3 drop drinks taken, doing at least five drinks per day and consecutively. To get rid of the eggs also taking 3 drop drinks five times daily for 62 days.
    • Olive Leaf extract 500mg capsules : The day before to eat dried pumpkin seeds. The next day before a meal take 2 capsules for two to three days. Stop for 10 days. Repeat this 8 times for large parasites. (Will also kill fungus)
    • Oregano Oil capsules 181Mg : Eating dry pumpkin seeds the day before. Next day taking 2 capfuls a day for three days. Stopping for ten days. Repeat 8 times for the large ones of many eggs. (Will also kill fungus)
    • Neem Leaves 475mg.  2 capsules  a day for 4 weeks.
    • Cinnamon Leaf oil  or  Marjoram Oil 2 drops a day for 20 days. Stopping and  repeating in 15 days taking  2 drops for 15 days at which time the eggs should have all ceased ability to hatch. (These two oils will also kill viruses, bacteria's, protozoa's, spirochetes. candida and other fungus.) Kills only some small type. Not round worms.
    • Curcumin 600 mg.  four a day for eight days. Kills eggs.
    Commercial Parasite cleanses: Three basic main ingredients required; Wormwood, green hulls or leaves of the black walnut, and cloves. Toxic!.Cloves can cause depression and react with drugs.
    Note:  Some larger parasites lay huge amount of eggs and these will hatch about every ten days. It can take up to four months of treatment to get all the newly hatched eggs. Colloidal Silver cleans up very well and destroys the eggs and is non toxic. (And does not turn you blue as much as the Boogie men would have you believe this to steer you away from this powerful eradicator.)

    Kitchen Remedies:

    • Eating fresh garlic and pumpkin seeds.
    • One cup of grated carrot one hour before breakfast for five days.
    • Crushed seeds of papaya taken with milk and one teaspoon of castor oil.
    • Aloe vera Juice ( for  flukes only).
    • Eat tomatoes on an empty stomach in the morning
    • Powder the seeds of lemon and take a pinch of these seeds every day with warm water.
    • 2 teaspoonful of castor oil taken with 200 grams of milk remove some worms. 
    Tapeworm infections may be caused by one of the tapeworm species and these include the pork tapeworm (Taenia solium), beef tapeworm (Taenia saginata), dwarf tapeworm (Hymenolepis nana) or fish tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium4 latum).       These are next to impossible to eradicate and they leave behind so, so many eggs. Cinnamon oil has no effect on a tapeworm, neither do commercial parasite cleanses.  Best to do research on the tapeworm prior trying to expel it.

    Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE

    This recipe gets rid of tapeworms. ( It can be taken with Cinnamon oil.)

    INGREDIENTS: All found in grocery store.
    2 cups canned pumpkin
    1/2 cup wheat germ (In cereal area)
    1/4 cup black strap molasses  (In baking area)

    Eat before a meal, preferably breakfast. 1 cup daily for three consecutive days. Followed by 2 TBS. Colloidal Silver for thirty days or one 750mg.CuraMed 750 for 20 days.

    Coconut oil  and Castor Oil. ( Can be taken with Cinnamon oil.)
    Two tablespoon of the freshly ground coconut taken at breakfast followed by two TBS. of Castor oil after three hours.(not capsules) Repeat this once for three consecutive days.
    Repeat same three day treatment in 15 days. Repeating 12 times. After which all eggs should have hatched and died.
    Coconut oil  and Castor Oil will not interfere with cinnamon oil.
    Castor oil can be taken in orange juice.

    Essential oil- Geranium Egyptian EO (Pelargonium graveolens)    tape worm

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