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 Neurotoxins both tangible and non-tangible
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    Neurotoxins are non-flushable toxins.

    Neurotoxins never get processed by the liver until special agents are used to release them. They simply go wherever in the body, clinging to organs inside and out, soft tissues, nerves, brain, nerves, glands,find corners in-between muscles, get lodged in the pockets of breast and scrotum's. These neurotoxins are potent as they have never been detoxified by the liver so that the systems could deal with them with least damage, as what happens with flushable toxins. In large amounts the neurotoxins saturate the soft tissues, marinating them, thereby causing much discomfort and disorder. These neurotoxins are trapped in the body. 

    Tangible Neurotoxins: metals, vaccinations, radiations, drugs and chemicals.

    Non-tangible Neurotoxins:  The following are a few common zoonotic infections that produce neurotoxins twenty-four hours a day. Only 5% of their neurotoxins ever escape the body. The rest of the neurotoxins remain trapped in the body.

    • Lyme
    • Bartonella 
    • Babesia
    • Borrelia Miyomotoi
    • Brucella 
    • Borrelia Recurrentis 
    • Candida fungi
    • Sporotrix Schenckii fungus 
    • Coccidoidomycisis fungus
    • Histaplasmosis fungus
    • Mycoplasma
    • Some co infection viruses.
Neurotoxins of infections are non-tangible as opposed to the tangible neurotoxins of metals, drugs, etc. Yet both are neurotoxins.
    Neurotoxins are non-flushable toxins.

    These neurotoxins are rogue toxins circulating and landing wherever, attaching themselves to the walls of the innards wherever they land. 

    The zoonotic infection neurotoxins are drawn to the soft tissues found in the brain and peripheral nerves and all over. They are capable of causing neurological dysfunction in the central nervous system, such as the spinal cord, brain stem, cause muscle weakness and cognitive impairments, chronic pain, severe inflammation and more. These neurotoxin can affect any and all body systems through the inactivation of acetylcholine. When the neurotransmitters, acetylcholine, is diminished and inhibited by the neurotoxin it causes inflammation. It causes the nerves to be sabotaged/interrupted such as for the calming of smooth muscle found in the heart, for muscle contraction in skeletal muscles, intestines, and many other parts of the body, including the detoxification organs. (This can further impair or block the route for normal excretion, causing an accumulation of flushable toxins within the body.)

    For anyone with zoonotic infections it is best to do neurotoxin release anytime you can. You can not over do this.

    More on neurotoxins here   and    here.

    Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE

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 Neurotoxin Release
Release of Non-Flushable Toxins
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How to Release non-tangible Neurotoxins:
* Amount of time varies for each individual. Continue until the bowels move freely.
  • MMS: Six three drop drinks daily for 30 days or longer. (every three weeks taking a break for seven days)   (Will also eradicate infections) 
  • FLOUX: As standard directions until toxicity symptoms no longer present. (Will also eradicate minute bits of fungus)
  • IV OZONE ( Major Autohemotherapy) (will release neurotoxins. Will also eradicate infections if taken at least ten days apart. )
  • Burbur (Won't eradicate infections)
  • Frequency 1.00 htz or 625(Won't eradicate infections) 
Also  Long term 
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Diets.
  • Activated Charcoal (will remove neurotoxins  from die off toxins, not from fat cells)
  • Bentonite clay (Not with MMS,  Ozone, activated charcoal, hyperbaric Chamber ) This not best by far as some say removes too many good things as well and then creates other problems.
How to release of tangible neurotoxins:
(of Metals, chemicals, vaccinations, radiations,  drugs and Bisphenol A.) 
  • Orea-toxin Remover E.g. 7 Drops for 50 days (depends on the accumulated load) (Not with FLUOX, MMS )
  • Zeolite with DHQ - E.g. 3 Drops for six months (depends on the load.) (Not with FLUOX, MMS,)
Note: !V ozone and MMS will clean out cancer cells. FLUOX cannot.
Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE
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