After Eradication of Lyme disease and co-Infections 
Suggestions on how to put Humpty Dumpty together again.
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Do you mean it will take one or more years to recover?

Removing the stored neurotoxins 

Blood testing for absence of infection 

"Energy testing" for absence of Lyme and co Infections.

After neuro Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, or other infections in the brain.

Information for brain recovery

Points for convalescing and recovery

Helpful to promote recovery after eradication:
Frequencies to promote recovery, repair, and maintain pain.

Healing the emotional residues of Lyme disease

Alfonse Ven Remedy-MSP-
An energetic remedy taken for 28 . The body gets back on track.   Some will feel some immediate enhancement others much later depending on the individual body. 




* If for absolutely any reason you believe you any remaining  zoonotic infections, then immediately take it upon yourself to continue the eradication process. Preferably using  an eradicating agent that eradicates all zoonotics, including fungi.
If you are suffering from toxicity then immediately begin the release of your accumulated neurotoxins. 
Do you mean it will take one or more years to become healed? Yes, it will... if
  • Neurotoxins have not been completely removed. Everyone who had Bartonella, Babesia, Borrelia Miyomotoi, Lyme, Brucella, Borrelia Recurrentis, Candida fungi, Sporotrix Schenckii, Coccidoidomycisis, Histaplasmosis will have accumulated 90% of all the neurotoxins each produced. The trapped neurotoxins were  responsible for most symptoms. A huge accumulation feel's like a burning, soreness, and rawness throughout the body.  These toxins are trapped in the nerve sheaths, the endocrines, the muscles, the brain, the organs of the fat cells and other soft tissues. These will eventually cause more havoc in the body if they remain and thereby prevent a healthy recovery. Only a few special a detox agents have the capability to release neurotoxins. It takes an average of six months  .
  • If the remaining symptoms are from zoonotic infection damages ...  an organ, nerves or gland that were damaged by the zoonotics then this damage will require support and time to repair and rebalanceal. ...then those symptoms will remain until they become healed. Eg. Brain injured takes about a year. Tendons and ligament and damaged nerves a few years.
  • If it is symptoms of peripheral neuropathy then this cannot begin to heal until after all infections, including Candida and unknown fungus (mold), parasites, and other stressors such as vaccination, metal, drug, radiation, PBA's, silicone, chemical poisons, and neurotoxins trapped in fat cells are no longer present in the body mold spores carbon monoxide or other enviromental stressors remain in the environment.. 
  • If it is other disorders, not related to zoonotics, such as High uric acid, thick blood, fibrin in the blood, misaligned spine, bone or cartilage loss, disc degeneration, peripheral nerve disorder, myofascial pain, spasms, support products interacting with each other or no longer necessary for the body, living over a ley line or having too much geopathic or EMF stress on your immune system, etceteras - The symptoms they cause will remain until repaired, removed, and re balanced. 
  • If it is symptoms manifested from a tape worm, parasites, or flukes or, even a lingering coinfection such as a Treponema, or an Amoeba, then this must be eradicated. These could have easily been hiding amongst neurotoxin toxicity, Lyme and coinfection symptoms.
  • Injured muscles release an enzyme. These enzymes cause a certain amount of pain as they course through the body. They will stop releasing once the injuries to smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscles has healed. The neurotoxins from the fat cells need to be released and detoxified to allow the muscle to heal so the enzymes stop being released. 
  • You may have been re-infected durng yiour eradication processor after .This is quite common when living in a tick infested area.
    After all the infections have been removed -  we certainly cannot go upon how we are feeling because the zoonotics will have caused damage to the areas the infections had severely damaged, as well as the assaults from high level of toxins before and during eradication's. These injuries may cause us to believe the infections remain in the body causing us to continue trying to eradicate non existent zoonotics infections with all sorts of things, causing another layer of illness,  instead of putting our energies into recovery. 

    "Once a person has had Lyme disease, he will typically have detectable amounts of B. burgdorferi IgG antibodies in his blood for the rest of his or her life."

    Research this here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

    Therefore a lab blood test will, or should, return a false positive. So then, how can a person know the infections are no longer present? 

    To discover the absence of Lyme and co Infections:

    Testing with the following methods hold a margin of error, but in a much smaller margin of error then blood testing for Lyme disease or even Babesia has proven. 

  • Dark Field Microscopy. A live blood test that is simple and quick. (Not 100% accurate). 
  • Technological devices of informational resonance that scans the body's subtle energies. (Used by Health care practitioners, much depends on what the scanner has been programed with. Every company is different.Most will return a long list of strange non-existant organisms and metals.) Keep your eye on the zoonotic infections only.
  • Using the body's energy field by muscle testing, kinesiology hand testing, dowsers doing body scanning or numerous other ways people use their built-in energy sensing to determine what is going on within their bodies. Energy testing yourself on different days is the most clear return of all tests.
Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, or other infections that lived in the brain always hurt the brain: 
After eradication it will take an average, more or less, of 13 months or less to heal the brain and regaining lost assets. 
When we have an injured brain it is similar to Traumatic brain injury. This will slowly heal and we will regain our lost cognitive assets of;   Difficulty remembering, concentrating or making decisions. Slowness in thinking, confusion, speaking, acting, or reading, disorientation or easily confused.    The injured brain will still cause one to feel tired all of the time and having no energy or motivation or tire very quickly.   Mood changes (feeling sad or angry for no reason). Sleeping a lot or having a hard time sleeping.  Headaches or neck pain, light-headedness, dizziness or loss of balance.  Loss of sense of smell or taste. Ringing in the ears. Sensitivity to lights, sounds or distractions. Blurred vision or eyes that tire easily. Weakness or numbness in the extremities. Loss of coordination. Restlessness or agitation. Stored neurotoxins must be detoxed from the brain to clear the way to healing, as well to avoid vigorous bouncing of the brain such as sports until it has healed. 
Information for recovery and healing the brain:
Neurotransmitters are biosynthesized from nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cholesterol to cause a sense of well-being, learning, cognitive energy, motivation, a sense of pleasure, facilitate muscle use, coordination and more. 

An adequate supply of Acetylcholine is required for the impulses to take place between nerves, muscles and organs. Choline and Vitamin B5 are the major precursors for the natural biosynthesis. Drugs, chemicals,neurotoxins, infections and physical damage to the brain inhibit the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters. 

The nutrients DMAE, phosphatidylserine, Vinpocetine, Pyroglutamate, Tryosine, Pyridoxine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Galantamine are all naturally occurring substances helpful to promote cognitive regeneration. Examples: amino acid complex protein drink with vitamins and minerals, blended with skim milk or rice drink, real natural yogurt, lecithin granules, acidophilus and flax seed meal and taken with a good B complex, and a balance of all vitamins and minerals. All together accelerates recovery of the brain.

Healing the emotional negative residues of Lyme disease:
This is about leaving Lyme disease and its awful emotional residues behind.  Why drag energy draining emotions of this dead carcass  into our bright futures? 
Emotional negative energies are powerful upon our immune system and happiness. It would be wise to eradicate any negative emotional energy that is trapped within us, most especially those we gathered during our Lyme disease journey... and we did gather...in spite of not wanting to do such a thing.
Patience, self love, self care for successful healing!! 
Soon this journey into the zoonotic infections  will be over.

My Recovery process

    After completing the last of my eradication process I had achieved complete eradication of spirochetes, cysts, Mycoplasma, and Bartonella H.. The last 65 or so days had left me exhausted, as well, I was still continuing the fungal eradication's and therefore I continued to be in Herxheimer reaction: 
    *My adrenals were low from all the hard work during the past months, and many years of stress of coping with the pain, etc.. 
    *My white and red blood cells were depleted from the dying of contaminated cells that had been inhabited by the spirochetes  and other cell dwelling zoonotics.
    *This eradication had also created a load of die off and toxins which I now felt were still trapped in my big muscles, arms, liver, brain and  throughout. Some contaminated cells had not died yet and were still holding dead toxic bacteria and would continue to release toxins in weeks or days following. 

    * Emotionally my thoughts were going all over the place; Disbelief that this had actually happened, questioning myself that maybe it was just wishful thinking and not true, excited, anxious to get rid of all that had to do with Lyme,  feeling as if my life had suddenly changed, wondering what my next projects would be... And the next minute I wanted a holiday away from all this Lyme thing, throw out all my paraphernalia's that had kept me surviving for the past fifteen years, throw out the routines, protocols and rituals...I wanted to delete, delete the entire web site, until the emails started pouring in to remind me why the web site had been created. 
    * I was tired from the long journey, the fight, and just wanted to rest and relax and the next minute I wanted to go rush off to build my different life after Lyme.  Oh, the emotions that come with sudden change. 
             And,  I kept dowsing to see if any zoonotic frequencies would resonate.. just in case there was still one surviving spirochete... but, it was true all the zoonotics were gone and I'd be all excited again.  I wanted to celebrate with some champagne or something... but, I was just too, too tired.  In a way I felt a bit disappointed that my pre-lyme self wasn't there waiting for me at the finish line all still young, frisky and healthy, even though I knew it was unrealistic thinking. But, I certainly had not thought for a moment that when eradication was completed that I would still feel so dilapidated, sore and all the peripheral neuropathy would still be present. It was disappointing.This was unlike a wee bladder or kidney infection where once eradicated, all was well.

    What had I been thinking? That I had been miraculously cured? Well, I had eradicated the infections, and now my body was shouting at me that it wanted time to rest, heal, and to recover from the difficult work it been through and from the nerve damagethat had taken place during the 15 lyme years filled with toxins.

    March/2014 Recovery and healing was and continues at a snails pace. 15 years of practicing patience served me well for living in the Recovery Process.

    My one year later Update.March 4th, 2014.

    At this final up date I still have some things to finish healing like some brain and nerves, but most of body is now healed. After one has been deeply immersed in heavy duty symptoms and pain for so many years any well-being is joyful. Right now I feel so good as to compare to one year ago, but maybe another year from now I will look back and see I still had a ways to go to complete the healing. Only time will tell.

    Two Years later: April, 2015

***April 2015- 24 months later.No burning in brain. Most lost cognitive assets have been reclaimed. No more long unrelenting headaches. Scalp feels better, not hard or mushy with inflammation. Eyes much, much less erratic in vision. Sharp light no longer affects my eyes. Ear and tonsil finally healed. No more annoying sensations on the face or red face. Noise hypersensitivity only if I am over stressed. No more neck pain, whole back muscle spasms, stiffness, or burning spine. No more burning breast, no more reflux, air hunger, stuffed sinuses, raw nose, sore gums. No more rock hard swollen arms, burning hands and feet and sore bones in them. Nails are getting to look healthy again. Muscles do not hurt in every single corner of the body. Tender points typical of Fibromyalgia are no longer present. No more burning skin,or crazy muscle and ligament behaviors,or sudden jolts of all kinds. No more erratic bladder, constipation, sore organs, sore bones in feet or peripheral neuropathy of limbs and more. 
       I am still healing damaged nerves in my right hip, sacrum and leg and both arms. I have healed many nerves but still have a few to go and keep re-injuring them when they do feel good.  When I do any amount of serious activity I re-injure the nerves what triggers spasms and every now and again the tendons protest the activity, also. It seems to create a whole body big pain, yet it is only the spasms and tendons. At, least now I can coil it away in only a day or two or one sleep. I try to avoid over physical activity reminding myself how impaired my whole self was once upon a time... for so many years while in hell and so, this is no big deal, it could be 24/7 for years on end. My immune system is still weak and it seems to rarely pass up a serving of viruses or fungus of flukes passing through. I am not ready to hike up mountains, yet. But still hope to once again be able to go on long hikes.

.. Points for convalescing and recovery:
  • Give yourself at very least two months of remaining in same level of activity as you were during the eradication process. (Most go like bats out of hell, only to set their recovery back.)
  • Remembering that a body does its great healing when we are asleep - Therefore, getting plenty of quality uninterrupted rest and many naps.
  • Avoiding any stress at the beginning remembering body has been  working very hard during the eradication process and is also full of neurotoxins stressing it.
  • Continuing to keep the lymphatic and liver channels open, to detoxify daily.The body remains full of sludge and will takes up to two weeks to clear the die-off from the interstitial fluid and blocked pathways.  For most people it will take many months to get all toxins and sludge out of the body, as well as the neurotoxins.
  • Eating foods to replenish the blood cells, build muscle mass, and support healing.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury was caused by infections what caused neurotoxins As well as infections that lived in the brain;  spirochetes, Bartonella or Babesia, and any parasites. Helpful 
  • Living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dreaming new dreams.
  • Making plans for after recovery- What you hold in your thoughts, so shall it be. 
  • Research recovery from Lyme disease to find what actually has helped others and may help you.
  • Continuing to practice patience. 
  • Letting go of the lyme disease emotional residues.
  • Observing the remaining symptoms and taking action when something needs attention... Are symptoms -
    • From trapped toxins in soft tissues and fatty cells?
    • From zoonotic damages?
    • From peripheral neuropathy disorder?
    • From Myofascialpain disorder?
    • From high uric acid disorder?
    • From an imbalance in hormones possibly being disrupted from neurotoxins ?
    • From symptoms of parasites or flukes?
    • From a tape worm?
    • From Candida?
    • From mold spores?
    • From an unknown fungus?
    • From thick blood  or Systemic Enzymes.
    • From food allergies or intolerance's (gluten)?
    • From an imbalance in vitamins and minerals?
    • From taking support products that are no longer required or disagree with your body or with other support product? 
    • From lower back and leg pain from spine disc or cartilage deterioration, for most nerve damage from spirochete infections?
    • From high level body pain caused by trigger points radiating intense pain or injured nerves triggering spasms, or ligaments to contract.
    • Diabetes? or Malfunctions of organs?
    • Psychiatric symptoms? Is it from inflammation, injury to the brain, eating chemicals, drugs, lack of a mineral, etc. or poor detoxification? Discover.
    • From embedded tick bodies or other residues.
    • Frpm exposure to low dose of Carbon monoxide gas or other toxic gases.
    • Every symptom is from a cause. Sedating the symptom will not solve the problem.
    When we have been immersed in the zoonotics for many years we will probably have many layers to remove before we make our body comfortable to live in again.

Helpful to promote recovery after eradication:

For nerve healing, after all trapped neurotoxins have been released, or anytime, is to invest in a small progammable device that can deliver specific healing frequency's  here  or EUR here 
1st - For nerve repair enter 397  Run for 20-30 minutes for as long as it takes for muscles to quit reacting from least activity with spasms   And more here.
For all those who continue to feel they have remaining organisms or toxins in them. Very safe, but powerful. 

To accelerate healing and to get the body back on track. An "energetic remedy"developed by a man who had been electrocuted. During his quest to regain health this was one remedy he had developed. It is ideal for those who have completed zoonotic infection eradication process.  MSP-IMMUNE 1 It promotes healing of damaged organs and other.Systemic enzymes (not to be confused with digestive enzymes). The immune system uses its energy to expel anything foreign from the body. Possibly tick bodies  or remnants of organisms, or fibrins in the blood... Lowers the inflammation. Serrapeptase systemic enzymes clean not only previously mentioned but also eradicating agents and support products and therefore best taken alone. A word of caution - for whatever reason not all are created equal to the task. It has nothing to do with the price or good pitch pages. These require  90 days or more to complete the task. This one has proven excellent Enerex (Serrapeptase 120,000 U) Best to take them on their own at least one hour away from other support products or food. Foods to increase Acetylcholine Levels for nerves, muscles, and organ repair:
Beef liver,  Chicken liver, Turkey liver, Egg yolk, Whole Egg, Skim milk, Low-fat cheese, Low-fat yogurt,Trimmed ham, Pork, Lean ground beef,Cod, salmon, or tilapia, Shrimp, Peanut butter, Wheat germ. GMO free Soy protein, Oat bran,Pine nuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Macadamia nuts,  Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cucumber, zucchini, lettuce.

Diets: There are many healing/detox diets out there... Research and try them out: Gluten-free eating,
Paleo Diet, Low sugar/ carbohydrate diet, eliminating dairy, sugar, starchy vegetables, raw vegan eating... Experiment. Allowing six weeks to evaluate one "diet". If it is not helpful then go on to the next. Each time you will probably find something that causes your body to feel better and in time you will have created your own special diet that works for your individual body. 

Spirulina and chlorella for nerve regeneration only after Mercury is no longer present and all tangible and non-tangible neurotoxins have been released. Not to be used when metals are still present. Too many of these are raised under chem trails, pesticides and these toxins are attracted to them. Rare to find some absent of toxins. Best to invest in a RIFE Frequency device for nerve regeneration


Bach OLIVE  (Olea europaea) for rejuvenating and restoring energy after long periods of stress and / or strain, as long as the neurotoxins have been released from the fat cells.

Japanese Knotweed- thins. Also helps damaged veins and arteries from Bartonella damage.( No other herb, blood thinners, systemic enzymes, or most support products can be taken with this!) Best  to use frequencies and avoid these dangers of making health worse then it is.

Peripheral Nerve Damage
Here is what Lyme, coinfections, all the toxins of parasites, tape worms, fungus and the poisons of metals, vaccinations, drugs, radiation,silicon leaching, chemicals, pesticides on foods, and mold spores do to a body. Peripheral nerve pain can start very early in the diseases and increase as the years go by. 
Symptoms depend on the kind of peripheral nerves (motor, sensor or autonomic) that are damaged and will range from mere tingling to paralysis. The main parts of the body affected with peripheral neuropathy are the legs, hands, and feet.  Peripheral nerve damage may be any of the following:  Burning pain, freezing pain, tingling, cutting sensation, shooting pain, sudden sharp, lightning like pain and jabbing pain, painful cramps, aching hands, arches and three middle toes meet ball of foot, pain of feet and hands,  pain worse at night.  See peripheral Neuropathy Disorder  here.          Peripheral nerves have the ability to regenerate, only after the neurotoxin's are gone, as long as the nerve cell itself has not been killed. 
I can tell you that mine faded away somewhere, sometime during the past two years (can't remember when). I do still have nerve a few nerves damaged in the bottom left side. but it has nothing to do with peripheral neuropathy what  haunted me during the many years of infections.

Brain fog, if it persists after the brain is healed (1 year) and all fat cell toxins have been released. Have checked for the presence in your body: Parasites, tape worms, amoebas, fungus, Candida, metals, vaccinations, drugs, radiation,silicon leaching, chemicals, mold spores and if you live with a pet - Toxocara canis or Toxocara cati , any toxins being ingested, inhaled, absorbed, geopathic/emf stress or other illness.

Emotional Healing 

Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE
Here is a list of the frequencies I had used that  you may want to use to promote recovery..

Hand held or Light -Ten minutes for every minute of the Coil

667.5 Adrenal Repair 1 minute on each kidney once a day for 33 consecutive days..20 mins. with Hand held.
268.5 and 367.03 Adrenal burnout- 2 mins once daily for 19 days.20 mins with hand held.
712.3 Brain Stem repair 2 mins once daily for 19 consecutive days. 20 minutes.
687.62 Central nervous system 
done on spine or hand held for 2 minutes daily for 16 days.
306 Detox- On  toxin filled sore muscles for 2 minutes daily for an average of 20 days.
Head (if had neuro Lyme or Babesia)Sides, and back 2 mins.
527 FloatersFor fading floaters. On closed eyes 1 minute daily for five weeks.

Heart-angia,bradycardia,endocrditis, hypertrophy, myocarditis, palpitations, pericarditis, stenosis, tachycardia- Coil over heart 3 minutes one time.-20 minutes hand held
362.5 Inflammation. Coil 2 minutes.daily for 11 weeks wherever needed. Hand held/Light  25 minutes daily whole body for 25 days.
418.05 Ligaments affected by spirochetes and Bartonella. Two minutes on each as required.
Liver to support/ heal after a long infection, etc. for 2 minutes daily for two weeks. 
645.25 Liver Repair 2X daily for 12 consecutive days
393.50 Neuro Gait 
for those whose pelvis area was spirochetes filled and mobility was affected. 2 minutes daily on sacrum for an average of ten weeks. Hand held/Light 20 mins.10 weeks.
397 NerveRepair - two minutes on each part. E.g. toes 5 times, arms 8 times, entire spine 10 times ..once daily. Hand held or light- 20 minutes 17 consecutive days.
381 Normalize Red Blood Cell Production 20 minutes with whole body device. Once only
358.5 Normalize White Blood Cell Production 20 minutes with whole body device. once only
Lungs - If lungs were severely affected injured alternating these two frequencies for 2 minutes each daily for three weeks. Other RIFE  20 mins. 
376 Regeneration and healing. 
2 minutes. each part of body once.Whole body with hand held 20 twice and after once a week.
519.34 Spasm Two minutes.All body spasms at one time 20 mins with hand held or light.
363.3 Tendons damaged by  spirochetes and Bartonella. Each sore tendon for two minutes on each as required.Whole body tendons 20 minutes with hand held as needed only.
752.6  Veins- For healing  veins where the Bartonella lived in for two minutes daily until no longer sore. 20 minutes with other Frequency delivery device for 14 days. 
222.73 Vision disorders- 
On closed eyes 1 minute each daily for three days. 20 minutes with Hand held or light.
> Once the inflammation of the brain and cranial nerves is gone the organs should rebalance themselves if not damaged.
> Once the fungus is gone from the arteries, or what clings to glands and organs, etc. these parts will rebalance themselves. Sleep will be normal.
> Once body is no longer stressed and healed the vitamins and minerals will probably require rebalancing, as well many additives will no longer be required as body will now be able to do its job without interference of infections and added support products.

More frequencies here

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