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Water :
# Colloidal Silver does not remove fluoride, chlorine or chemicals. Will remove pathogens. 2 Tsp. into one gallon.
# Charcoal filter removes fluoride, some chlorine, not pathogens.
# Allowing water to stand for two hours will dissipate the chlorine, not fluoride, nor pathogens.
# Distilled water best.
Drink an average of 8 cups good water, daily. Well, tap or distilled.
  • Aim to drink one half cup of water per awake hour. If you miss the 1/2 cup in one hour, drink one cup in the next and so on. Drink more when eradicating the infection's, during hot days, and when active. Go for 8+ cups of liquids (for an average sized person). Organic tea and fresh juices count.
Drink vegetable or fruit juices free of additives and artificial sweeteners!

Juice, organic lemons, okra, lettuce, celery, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, kale, chard, beet greens, beets, dandelion greens, spinach. Heavy on the greens and citrus.

** Unfortunately most vegetables and fruits are coated with toxins. Most toxins can be removed by soaking these in cold tap water for 35 minutes.  2 Tsp. into one gallon of unfiltered tap water.

Drink To Detoxify:

  • One to two cups of Dandelion tea per day depending on the sluggishness of your liver or your size. (A simple, but Powerful liver detoxifier)   Or, Dandelion tincture drops in tall cup of water.
  • Milk Thistle drops in tall cup of water (1 a day)
  • Cleavers 2 drops in tall cup of water (1 a day)
  • Green Tea
  • Apple Cider Tea 
  • Cayenne Tea
  • Aloe vera tea  2 TBS. in tall cup (1 a day)
  • Organic "sleepy time"  tea
  • Lime or lemon water
  • Z-Natural / zeolite in tall cup (1 a day)
Detoxifying Teas: 
    Dandelion Tea, Green Tea. Some find a small cup of black coffee stimulates bowel movement in morning or a freshly squeezed lemon in a cup of hot water is also bowel stimulating. 

    Apple Cider Tea
    2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar
    2 teaspoon honey (to taste)
    16 ounces of boiling water 
    One to three times daily 

    Cayenne Tea
    In a large cup:
    1 teaspoon  to 2 tablespoons Cayenne
    Pour 2 cups of boiling water over it.
    Sip.  Especially helpful when your body is cold and finding it difficult to warm yourself. Also, increases energy flow in the liver and gallbladder. 

    Combine the Apple Cider Vinegar with Cayenne (no honey) Makes a nice warm drink.


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Oxygen is essential in the rebuilding and healing of the body. It is required for proper operation of all body systems, stabilizes the nervous system, detoxes by removing toxins in the airways and  blood, enhances the brain cells, strengthens the Immune System, stimulates lymphatic system, and calms the mind.

  • Deep breathing
  • Breath exercise
  • Physical exercise
  • Walking
  • Jumping trampoline, bouncer, jump/skip rope.
  • Physical Sports
  • Active games
  • Swimming
  • Anything else that will cause you to breath deeply.
  • Move often..get up from sitting!
  • Stretch
  • Bend
  • Yoga
  • Mow lawns
  • Physical Work
  • Deliver papers 
  • Laugh heartily
  • Move and play daily for about an hour, or two half hours twice a day.
Can't move much? 
Inhale slowly as you count to ten.
Hold breath as you count to ten.
Exhale slowly as you count to ten. 
Repeat ten times.


The following are great to balance and awaken body. I have done these for years. Once you get into the habit you will discover how it benefits you.

Energy Balancing Daily Exercise:

Done while in standing position.

EYES: Without moving your head... roll your eyes 15 times counter clockwise and then again 15 times clockwise.

NECK: With your nose draw an circle (without stretching your neck forward)15 times counter clockwise and then again 15 times clockwise.

LYMPHATICS: With open hand rub  lightly the top part of breast and under arm with very light up and down motions.

ENERGY BUTTONS: I use the right hand to stimulate the left K-27 just below the collar bone in the hollow next to the sternum (between the clavicle and the first rib up against the breastbone) while other hand is placed on the navel and with index finger  rub with firm rotary pressure for 15 to 30 seconds each or until pain point is gone. Now do the opposite side with other hand.  When they are sensitive, they need attention.  You can stimulate before arising in the morning and start the day smoothly. 

SHOULDERS: Arms extended out rotate 15 times counter clockwise and then again 15 times clockwise.

ARMS: extended side by side in front of you..swing to the far left and then to the far right fifteen times.

WAIST: Do as if twirling a Hoola Hoop..forward)15 times counter clockwise and then again 15 times clockwise.

KNEES: Bend slightly and rotate 15 times counter clockwise and then again 15 times clockwise.

ANKLES: With leg extended draw a circle with toes 15 times counter clockwise and then again 15 times clockwise. And then repeat with other ankle.

CROSS CRAWL(MARCHING): Standing..Put both legs straight and place both arms down at the sides. Raise and elevate the right arm above the head, at the same time raise the opposite leg bending the knee and turn head towards the raised right arm.
Then straighten the head as the arm and left leg come down and repeat procedure with left arm & opposite right leg, turning head towards the raised left arm.
Breathe in as the arm and leg raise, exhale as the arm and leg come down. Do in series of l2 right and 12 left for a total of 24 or more movements, fifty is good.

Lean backward as far as I can, to stretch my spine.

.I then go on to opening my chakras to balance my electrical system 

Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

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All content on this web site  is composed by Louise Jenner, Lyme literate Coach. All information is taken from her experiences, her research, and common knowledge. It is written in simplified form for easy knowledge aquirement by the sick so they can free themselves of the infections in least time possible.

My shared information is for making the sick's life easier. It is not to be copied or republished on other websites, blogs, or forums!
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