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Removing Layers of Toxic Stressors
Toxic Residue Accumulations 
of Metals, Drugs, Chemical's, PBA's, 
Vaccination and Radiation poisons
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Tangible Neurotoxins: Metals, Drugs, Chemicals, PBA's, Vaccination and Radiation poisons.

Those who've been exposed to heavy or prolonged accumulation of toxic stressor's most often have depressed immune systems, as well, as acidic internal environments... to name but a few destructive forces caused by an accumulation of tangible neurotoxin... and most often PAIN! 

Those who've had diets absent of green vegetables will have retained much of the heavy metals absorbed from their environments through skin, breath, and stomach. 

You can skip testings that too often return poor results or inacuracies. Instead simply assume that in your lifetime you have accumulated tangible neurotoxins and then use a harmless shelter that is capable and has proven to remove mercury,metals, radiation and vaccination toxins, chemicals, and drugs and do not leave after effects or cause any interactions with support products.

There are many,many products that will remove one or two of these toxins at one time. Few give accurate pitch pages. In most cases using many different products becomes long, expensive, and is still a hit and miss. This is not an experiment helpful for those wanting to get out of the infections as quickly as possible.

If you cannot remove these properly it is best to leave them alone rather then having the toxic metals re-circulate in the body, most especially Mercury that can cause you to feel very sick mentally. Do your research!

Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

Avoid making things worst for your body.
Example: Taking a product or food that shakes the metals loose from the crannies of the body and then fails to bind them for elimination leaving them to re-circulate and risk going deeper into the body and brain. 
* Re-circulating Mercury causes the brain fogginess and density.

Removing amalgams takes expertise and takes much precaution, even then fumes get into the body. It may be best to leave the amalgams exactly where they are and instead use a shelter product to take Mercury down to zero and then every month to do maintenance with a drink of 4 to 8 drops every month to remove the bit of accumulation. 

If you plan to have a mercury filling, out, it is best to use a shelter to bring Mercury level down to zero. This prepares your body to handle a large dose of Mercury you will automatically get from the filling drilling and extraction.  After this appointment, as soon as you get home start with a larger amount of the drops to bring the level back down to zero again.

Note: Recently I had a mercury filling removed. Was told by dentist that too much of a  big deal is made about mercury filling removal.  I had been at a zero prior to the removal. When I got home from dentists' I was up to a level seven.  After using Orea daily for some weeks it brought it down again to level zero. Energy test your levels. 

* Psychiatric symptoms can develop quickly from an large accumulation of Mercury. If your toxic level is already high prior an exposure to Mercury, you may have a severe reaction; no longer able to see what makes sense and talk stupid. Best to keep your mercury or metal load down to zero, just in case of accidental mercury exposure, so it does not take level over the top with slightest increase and thereby create psychiatric problems. 

Click here for about teeth during infections.

 * If there's any chance you are mercury toxic, DO NOT take alpha lipoic acid (used often for peripheral nerve damage) as this will cause mercury re-distribution.  (read the work of Dr. Andrew Cutler.) This applies to any amount of mercury in your system; vaccines, fillings, eating fish, living in an area of mercury water, etc..

A substance or a food that can remove metals is called a shelter.
The act of removing toxic metals from the body is known as chelation.
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 Example of Toxic Residues that accumulate in body 

Aluminium  Sources in environment: aluminum cooking utensils, antacids, aluminum foil, anti-perspirants, aluminum -containing baking powders, processed food containing aluminum, soft water. Nutritional treatment: garlic, eggs, vitamin C, high sulfur amino acid supplements.
Arsenic Sources in environment:  pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, defoliants and other. Protective nutrients: iodine, selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, sulfur amino acids.
Nutritional treatment: garlic, eggs, beans, vitamin C, adequate levels of iodine and selenium, sulfur amino acid supplements.
Cadmium Sources in environment: cigarette smoke, oxide dusts, contaminated drinking water, galvanized pipes, paints, welding, pigments, contaminated shellfish from industrialized seashores. Protective nutrients: zinc, calcium, vitamin C, sulfur amino acids. Nutritional treatment: garlic, eggs, beans, vitamin C, adequate levels of calcium, sulfur amino acid supplements.
Lead  Sources in environment: polluted air from leaded petrol exhaust fumes, lead based paint, newsprint, hair dyes and rinses, leaded glass, pewter ware, pencils, pesticides, fertilizers, tobacco smoke. Protective nutrients: zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins C and E, sulfur amino acid supplements. Nutritional treatment: garlic, eggs, beans, vitamins C and E, adequate levels of calcium and iron, sulfur amino acid supplements.
Mercury  Sources in environment: amalgams in dentistry (tooth fillings), fungicides, cosmetics, some hair dyes, manufacture and delivery of petroleum products, fish caught in contaminated areas. Protective nutrients: pectin, vitamin C, selenium, sulfur amino acid supplements. Nutritional treatment: garlic, eggs, beans, vitamin C, selenium, sulfur amino acid supplements.

To see some of the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning here. 

Removing Layers of Toxic Stressors
Releasing Tangible Neurotoxins of
Metals, Drugs, Chemical's, PBA's, Vaccination and Radiation 
Copyright © L.Jenner
The following two products have the ability to remove all tangible neurotoxins of metals, drugs, radiation, vaccination poisons or chemical poisons.Only one is required as they are both fairly equal.  They have proven to me time after time of their abilities and effectiveness. Those that have not proven will not be mentioned here. 
  • ORËÁ will not re-circulate mercury in the body and is effective for all metals, lead and so on, including chemical, drug, radiation and vaccination poisons, PBA's. (About 4 to 8 drops daily for approximately three months.
  • Ultra Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ will not re-circulate mercury in the body and is effective for all metals, lead and so on including chemical, drug,  and vaccination poisons.(About 4- 8 drops daily for approximately three months. (Not to be  confused with other zeolites.)
    (Note that given drop amounts is only an average examples.Not individualized amounts).


    After complete removal of all tangible neurotoxin manage them by:

  • Removal through the skin by sweating for 20 to thirty minutes daily of  Physical activity, Infrared saunas, or  Steam baths and afterwards washing or rubbing off the toxic sweat from the skin. (Best used for maintenance, what is small accumulation in the body.)
  • Activated Charcoal (2 capsules daily for seven weeks will on average) will remove  vaccination and Chemical  poisons, Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Iron,  Manganese, Platinum, Tin, Thorium, Tungsten.   It will NOT remove Beryllium, Cobalt, Nickel, some Lead, Rubidium, Silver, Uranium or Mercury. 
  • Other zeolites remove some.
  • ORGANIC CILANTRO TINCTURE  can remove lead.
  • BEST MANAGEMENT after complete removal: Taking one 4 drop drink og ORËÁ or Ultra zeolite with DHQ once a month.
    Helpful for daily removal of heavy metals coming from air and foods (maintenance)( only after complete removal of the above has been done:)
  • Include organic greens in your diet, also parsley and other plants containing Chlorophyll. (Chlorophyll attaches to heavy metals and help to remove them from the body.) 
  • Eating cilantro ½ cup daily or one apple daily 
  • Broccoli, kale, garlic - Garlic contains sulphur which oxidizes mercury, cadmium and lead and makes them water-soluble.
  • Sourdough bread, cheeses,yogurt, sauerkraut, wines and other fermented foods.
  • Sole (so-lay), which is the mixture of crystal salt and water called the soup of life. (One tsp. of the sole with 250 ml of water every morning with an empty stomach.)
  • Vitamin C, selenium, calcium, magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, zinc, and water of the soaked adzuki beans are shelters.
  • Brown sea weeds (modifilan) 
  • Spirulina (fresh water algae), etannic acid, malic acid (apple cider vinegar), (eating apples helps).
  • Cilantro removes mercury, aluminum, lead and tin. (Cilantro and chlorella taken together only). Chlorella taken 30-60 minutes prior to cilantro will bind the neurotoxin in the bile with the chlorella and carry it out in the feces. Cilantro causes the liver to release the bile. Chlorella and cilantro needs to be taken 2 hours  away from Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), because ascorbic acid will cleave the heavy metals off the chlorella and cilantro rendering them ineffective as binding agents.)  These two herbs can have attracted toxins during growing therefore energy test if they are clean of toxins before ingesting.
  • Apples for radiation (after x-rays, MRI's, Scans and the likes) 
  • Essential Oil Geranium will chelate all the above, but not nickle. Average taken ingested is one diluted drop a day for a few months. (Muscle test) Best not to use if mercury in the body. "European scientists have found that geranium essential oil work as natural chelator, bonding to metallics and chemicals and carrying them out of the body." All eradicating agents, except RIFe will neutralize this and any essential oil.
Silicon: This has been found to bleed into the body; in brain, spine and all other systems of the body resulting in much pain and illness. This plugs up pathways. See specialist for removal.
Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~


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