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 The Eradication Process
Examples only of eradicating Agents

Colloidal Silver
Origanum marjorana (France)
Thymus mastichina (Spain)

OZONE IV Ozone Major Autohemotherapy)

If you are looking for Oil information it is no longer to be found here. I needed to free up my time and now that I found CHIM-FLUOX-AVIVA, which is superior to the oils; in that it can be taken with other things without canceling it, safe on babies and fragile, much, much, more simple to use, used with stop start without starting from scratch, if necessary, cleanses the fatty tissues, and has healing properties. Though I am very grateful for the oils setting me completely free of the infections, and have shared its effectiveness with you, now this is better, in so many ways, and feel so much more relaxed knowing this - no one will become allergic to it or harm themselves by using incorrect oil (as there are 30 plus oils with that name) and all the other stupid things people have told me they did with the oils. Don't be believing resellers out there that tried to ride on my shirt tail. Unless they have completely eradicated all infections with specific oil and are well today, other then that it may be to make a sale.

* A page for during the eradication process when using other then CHIM-FLUOX


I encourage you to do some kind of eradication now. 
Stop the damage being done inside


* Someone asked why I don't say more then I do say, here and there, on the web site about my successful eradication using essential oils. (Mycoplasma, some virus, Bartonella, Lyme and encysted form, Aspergillosis and Candida. -  Because, it is like old news to me, already. I am now much more excited over the find of CHIM-FLUOX as it is easier for more people to handle on their own.


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  • Using more then one eradicating agent at one time usually weakens or cancels the other or cancels each other completely or creates some kind of negative effect. The body is overly stressed by confusion as it tries to deal with both.
  • Easy does it for successful eradication. Eradication will happen more quickly when the herxheimer reaction is kept at reasonable level ( which means clears itself in 24 hours.) Pushing to maintain a high level herx is detrimental to liver, etc. Read "Detoxification" 
  • Not all eradicating agents or products are equal. Know what the agent has the power to eradicate.
  • Every "body" is different: in the efficiency of ones detoxification systems, the efforts made to detoxify, the amount of infections present, amount of accumulated neurotoxins, mobility, and so forth. 
Below are simply EXAMPLES used by zoonotic infected people and published here only to help you create your own eradication plan so you too can become infection free. Every body is different!!!
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    CHIM-FLUOX-AVIVA: Can be taken along with drugs that you are dependent upon. It is NOT to be taken with other eradication agents..That means antibiotics, also!!!)  It does the job perfectly well all on its own without something else messing it up or support products causing more stress on the body.  Notes about this has been adde here

    The CHIM-FLUOX eradicates, or as they say cleans the cells of Rickettsia's, Bartonella bacteria's, Babesia protozoa's, Spirochetes of; lyme, STARI, Borrelia Myomotoi, TBRF including their granule and encysted forms. Also, causes Mycoplasmas, viruses, bacteria's, protozoa's, Morgellon's, parasites, Amoeba's, Nematomorphs, and other large and small co infections and fungi, including all types of Candida fungi to cease after being exposed to the product for a particular amount of time. Continue to take until you feel better. ( Symptoms are not caused only from infections.)

    A package is for 28 takes of CHIM has a FLUOX for detoxification and an AVIVA to give support for detoxification systems. CHIM-FLUOX are both energetic/frequency/ imprinted pellets.(There is not enough lactose in a days take for the body to react in those lactose intolerant.) It does not leave residues or harm the body, but actually also includes healing properties, other then only being an eradication agent. They are exceptionally powerful for their tasks, yet will not harm the fragile or children when taken respectfully, having recently observed a baby, less then a year old, born with zoonotic infection, to have infection completely eradicated.  Cost of a package is approximately 160.00 euro each (don't quote me. Do your own research (Knowing web site must remain low keyed. Some powers that be don't like us to heal.) I suggest no less then six packs  if you have parasites and fungal infections.. I have energy tested some who required seven and others required two to eradicate the infections and addeded FLUOX to release neurotoxins. It always depends on what lurks in a body. P.S. This works on any infection. No need to have Lyme to use it.

    Some having had numerous years in the infections, having been exposed to mold spores in their life, and have done years of eradication will have accumulated many non-flushable neurotoxins. Their cup is full and often overflowing. Therefore prior adding more toxin load with die off it always is best to release neurotoxins with FLUOX  prior adding more neurotoxins with die off. 

    How it works: Taking one day's amount and not taking another until the herx has cleared. Repeating this until the full package is completed. Taking an eight day break (or as long as you choose) and moving on to the next package.  I have published information here to help you. Please read it before contacting me with other questions. 

    This product comes out of the Nederlands. I have no monetary interest in this. I discovered power of their #1 IM'S after my eradication when it healed my lyme damaged kidney and my Babesia cirrhosis liver in about six weeks ( something that I'd been told could not be healed.)   I have since had the opportunity to see the zoonotic infections vanish with this in others as I observed their eradication process with subtle energy testing. It is powerful and definitely does the deed. It is safe, leaves the body clean of toxins and the fragile can take (slowly). It is easy to take for anyone with a foggy brain. People, with many infections, have been shocked by the punch a one day amount can do. (Maybe because they would have needed to do a pre-detoxification prior doing eradication. Some others who have done pre-release of neurotoxins think nothing is happening as the Herx is insignificant and think it is not working or foolishly add other eradicating agents along with it. Those of many infections will most definitely feel a punch. The punch or reaction is natural herxheimer reaction that most always occurs when low life release their internal toxins and die off occurs. (no it is not the eradicating agent that is poisoning you!!!)

    You can contact Myriam, site owner, for directions, etc. here: Expect a few weeks wait for parcel to arrive depending where in the world you live. 

    I take the time here to give you the information, of what I know about this eradicating agent,  only so you can release your infections successfully and the very easiest way I know of doing it. This product is superior to the essential oils, what released me of my five remaining infections. CHIM is much simpler to take and more efficient in the eradication of the layers. It can detoxify the fatty cells as you go, something no other eradicator on this page can do, except MMS.  Each below requires extra support products and time to eradicate the toxins from fatty cells if they are to ever recover. The eradicating agent above needs no name of infections therefore no blood tests are necessary to determine the specific name of the infection, thereby saving money on blood tests that return as many false positives as false negatives. Saves many visits in search of an MD or ND to help. (It takes an average of seeing eleven different MD's before either giving up or starting some kind of eradication.) And, you can also stop the frustration of trying to control your MD into diagnosing you and treating you. Nothing, but nothing, is easy with Lyme and zoonotic infections or any illness of many symptoms! 
    This product is extremely easy and perfectly effective in eradicating all if used for long enough.  Exceptionally easy to use.  No matter what infection you have this Agent can eradicate and you can get on to the rest of your life.      Information given on this page is only what I know for now about this product.

    Because of so many questions asked of me in trying to decide to take or not to take.. I have now put the answers to the questions here

    Colloidal Silver (Can be taken with drugs). (Not okay with herbs or homeopathic's or any other eradicating agent) Eradicates Lyme,cysts,  Bartonella, many virus, protozoa, rickettsia, some Candida types, and many parasites. Will not eradicate Nematomorphs, Amoebas, most Candida's, or internal  fungii. Will Not detoxify the body of toxins from the accumulation of toxins. 30 days of MMS would be required or 2 months of FLUOX would be required after eradication.

    I don't recommend it for spirochetes as it cannot always get cysts and needs to be taken for so long.
    Here is how it works: 
    The silver water needs to be the original made with a simple maker. Not the ones with additives or those boosted. During eradication: Probiotics must be taken. Lymphatic and liver pathways must be kept open daily. Support products purchased. Fungus eradicating agents be purchased. Liver will need 90 minute Castor oil packs. Liver may not be able to handle the long term eradication with Colloidal Silver. Pathogen must be exposed to it for consecutive days. A product will need to be purchased for fatty tissue detoxification sometimes prior and during, and definitely after eradication process has been completed. Example: 
    12 TBS. for 40  consecutive days to eradicate a new tick bite.
    12 TBS. for 18  consecutive days to eradicate Mycoplasma
    12 TBS. for 18  consecutive days to eradicate a Rickettsia
    12 TBS. for 21  consecutive days to eradicate Bartonella. (Bacteria)
    12 TBS. for 28  consecutive days to eradicate Babesia. (protozoa)
    12 TBS. for 60  consecutive days to eradicate Spirochetes and encysted form.
    Taken until a herx is too much. Stopping for some days until body detoxes.
    or taking for one week and stopping for one week. Repeating.  Last round must be done consecutively.
    * Always energy test before stopping a consecutive days eradication.

    Copyright © may not be republished to sell products or copied on blogs.
    Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

    MMS or other forms such as CDS (Okay with drugs) (Not taken with other eradicating agents, including antibiotics)   It is neurotoxin releaser.  Eradicates Rickettsia's, Bartonella bacteria's, Babesia protozoa's, Spirochetes of lyme, STARI, Borrelia Myomotoi, TBRF and their granule and encysted form,  Mycoplasmas, viruses,  Amoeba's, large and small co infections and other zoonotic bacteria's and some Candida's, only when taken long enough). It does not eradicate internal fungii/molds. 
    This is a long, long, long tedious eradication process...but it can be done and has been done. 

    Read protocol here before beginning MMS use. 
    Best way to take for long term eradication of infections is with tablets. For cost see suppliers. 
    * Start with 1/8th tablet working up until body can handle one tablet at one time.
    Example to eradicate numerous zoonotic infections:
    One capsule MMS2  taken at least one hour apart five times daily for 23 days. Stop for 4 days. Repeat. 16 times.
    One capsule MMS2  taken at least one hour apart five times daily for 44 days. Completed.
    Example to eeadicate Bartonella:
    One capsule MMS2  taken at least one hour apart seven times daily for 44 days.
    Example to eradicate Babesia:
    One capsule MMS2  taken at least one hour apart eight times daily for 49 days.
    Example to eradicate Rickettsia's:
    One capsule MMS2  taken at least one hour apart seven times daily for 27 days.
    Example to eradicate Lyme, Borrelia Myomotoi., STARI, TBRF spirochetes and their encysted form::
    One capsule MMS2  taken at least one hour apart eight times daily for 80 days.
    PROTOCOL l-4000
    Take one half of 1/8th tsp. (62.5 mg)  MMS2 every two hours for 12 hours for one day 
    Take  1/8th tsp. (125 mg)  MMS2 every two hours for 12 hours for two days.
    Take 1/4 tsp. (250 mg)  MMS2 every two hours for 12 hours for 10 days.
    Take 1/4 and 1/8th tsp. (300  mg)  MMS2 every two hours for 12 hours for 40 days.
    Take a five day break.
    PROTOCOL 1000  Activated with Apple Cider vinegar (not citric acid).
    Take 1 drop activated drinks eight times a day for one day.
    Take 2 drop activated drinks eight times a day for one days.
    Take 3 drop activated drinks ten times a day for six  days.
    Take 4 drop activated drinks ten times a day for five  days. 
    Take 5 drop activated drinks ten times a day for five  days.
    Take 6 drop activated drinks ten times a day for six days
    PROTOCOL -4000
    Take 1/4 and 1/8th tsp. (300  mg)  MMS2 every two hours for 12 hours for 40 days.
    Take seven day break.
    PROTOCOL 1000 
    Take 6 drop drinks ten times a day for 28 days. 

    RIFE (Must be a strong machine such as a Doug coil to get them. Weaker machines only tease organisms)(This okay with drugs and other eradicating agents)  Eradicates rickettsia, Bartonella bacteria, Babesia,Spirochetes of lyme (and encysted form with Doug Coil), STARI, Borrelia Myomotoi, TBRF and encysted form, Mycoplasmas, viruses, other... but,ONLYwhen you have identified the name of the infection and type/strain and then found the correct frequency for each specific infection, if there is one.Don't assume that Frequenciy lists will have yout needed frequency. Sometimes not one works for your strain.  If you can energy test works quite well, as long as you know the exact frequency required. It will not eradicate all unknown coinfections, unknown fungii and most types of Candida's. If you have only Lyme from sexual or invitro transmission this probably would work well for you if you know what type you have and if there is a frequency for it.  It takes an average of two years for simple Lyme, some Babesia's and some Bartonella's. (There are so many strains of each. It is very confusing if you do not know how to energy test.) Another eradicating agent is always required to clean unknown co-infections as well as the fungi. MMS must be used to release neurotoxins from all areas of the body.   Lymphatic and liver pathways must be kept opened daily and a few products used to promote detoxification. See if frequencies are here for your specific pathogens.

Marjoram (Origanum marjorana) from France only or (Thymus mastichina)from Spain only
Pure form MUST be diluted:  16 drops Pure Marjoram oil in 56.8 ml (1/4 cup) olive oil  - 2 drops of the diluted oil is taken once daily on a small piece of bread only.  No drugs, herbs, or support products or other is taken along with it and therefore is ideal for the youngest people. 
Eradicates bacteria's of Brucella, and Bartonella's. Protozoa's of Babesia's. Spirochetes of; lyme, STARI, Borrelia Myomotoi, Borrelia Recurrentis including their granules and encysted forms. Rickettsia's, Mycoplasma's, viruses, bacteria's, protozoa's, and fungi, including all types of Candida fungi to cease after finally being able to be exposed to the diluted oils for up to 150 consecutive days.
Before beginning: Best to do release of neurotoxins with MMS for 20 days (six 3 drop drinks daily)
2 drops of the dilution is taken on a bit of bread each day at approximately same time of day. 
The following day if the herx is over then drops are taken again. If the herx has not cleared wait as many days necessary until herx has cleared before taking starting the two more drops. On the days of not taking the oil MMS, FLUOX or Burbu is taken daily to clear pathways. 
This is continued until finally 150 consecutive days, or more can be done with a manageable herx that clears during 24 hours. Read Jim Humbles Web site.

Daily: lymph needs to be stimulated, liver and lymphatic pathways are opened throughout the eradicating process.

* Doing neurotoxin release when required beginning 24 hours after taking two oil drops and taking the oil drops only 2 days after taking MMS. 

OZONE IV  ( Ozone Major Autohemotherapy)  This is what I have learned until now. Or ask in your community if someone know; MD's, ND's, Health clinics. 

This has been excellent for someone with a high level of toxicity where they could no longer handle anything such as FLUOX, MMS, Burbur to detox with. One treatment can lower the tangible neurotoxin level by 20% with one treatment. (A life safer for them)

* Medications kills the ozone when taken within seven days prior the treatment and six days after. 
* Most medications will weaken OZONE rendering it incapable of killing infections when taken 6 days prior and after  the treatment.
* The effect of the Ozone continues for seven days after the treatment
* Removes 20% non-tangible neurotoxins instantly, not all , in one treatment (when no medications or other has interfered).

* To remove infections: Will only remove infections if the treatment is 10 or more days away from previous ozone treatment and nothing such as medications has sabotaged it.

* Treatments taken within 3 to 10 days after first treatment will not kill infections, but it will remove neurotoxins. This is ideal to lower the non-tangible neurotoxins down to as low as possible so that when die off occurs the body will be able to handle it naturally in six hours or so without requiring to take something that would sabotage the treatment.

* Unfortunately the first treatment will also kill 10 to 20% of infections (die off) and in a heavily toxic body the Herx will be large. If aids are taken within three hours seven days it will stop the killing of the infections. Therefore this could be used by the ones with heavy toxicity.

Here an example of a PLAN for a person of many zoonotics and 89% level of toxicity where it is either trying OZONE  or nothing.
*** This one best to release neurotoxins first with three treatments. Therefore okay to take usual medication. Three neurotoxin release treatments best for you.

1. One treatment every three days three times.
2. One treatment wait at least 3 days.
3. One treatment. Wait 10 full days and no medication for five days prior treatment.
4. Take a treatment .
5. Wait 15 or more days and no medication for five days prior treatment. Take a treatment .
6. Wait 15 or more days and no medication for five days prior treatment. Email me and I will check if all has indeed been eradicated.
7. Wait 15 or more days  and do  one more treatment to release any remaining neurotoxins.
8. At this point symptoms manifested by infections will have ceased. Only symptoms from the damages will remain. Now body will begin to repair from damages caused by the infections and the neurotoxins. It will take approximately two years to heal. 

Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE


Eradication agents will not heal the damages caused by the infections. But, it WILL stop the infection from continuing to damage and will clear the way for beginning to heal from damages incurred by the infections.

  • Before undertaking an eradication process it always is best to release neurotoxins. (Applies to those who have done previous eradication's and/or have had infections for many years, took many antibiotics or drugs, etc..
  • Before beginning the eradication process... Read what eradication will NOT DO       What eradication will do is kill the infections thus opening the way for the body to begin healing from the damages caused by the zoonotic infections.
The fable that spirochetes cannot be eradicated because they hide in bio film is a myth.
 It is to do with the eradicating agent: 
  • that is not being exposed consecutively and for a long enough period onto the encysted form 
  •  the agent is simply not powerful enough to break through a cysts and never will.
MMS, CHIM-FLUOX, Thymus mastichina (Spain), Doug Coil all have proven time and time and again that they can eradicate one hundred percent spirochetes and their encysted form without other aids such as what is being sold to make money off the sick called cyst busters. 

As soon as one person put a word out that the reason Lyme could not be eradicated because of biofilm, quick as a wink there were products on the market, nearly quicker then before the proclamation became public. Awaken!!!

~ Take what you want and leave the rest!~

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 Putting it all together Example of an eradication PLAN
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