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The Eradication Process
Working the PLAN
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The Foundation has been established:
  • Healthy foods are being eaten
  • Vitamins and minerals have been balanced 
  • Clean water is being taken throughout the day.
  • Room has been darkened for best sleep
  • All detoxification system are working efficiently and you know what to do to keep them that way.. 
  • Detoxification is being practiced daily.
  • A healthy lifestyle is in practice.
  • "I am Healthy and getting Healthier every day!" Your thoughts are magnetically attracting healing energy 24/7.
  • The way has been Cleared.
    1. Removed all tangible-neurotoxins of old vaccination and radiation poisons, toxic metals, PBA's, chemical, and drug neurotoxins and stopped inhaling, ingesting, and absorbing toxins.
    2. Removed any cancers.
    3. Removed the parasites, flukes, amoeba's, and tape worm unless using an agent that will also eradicate these along with the other infections.. 
    4. Eradicated the different types of fungus, Unless you will be using an agent capable of removing all infections.
    5. Removed EMF stressor's from your living space and downloaded EMF protection so they do not increase your toxins and tested your home for geopathic stress.
    6. Balanced your thickened blood, if needed 
    7. Have released non-tangible neurotoxins, if was necessary.
    8.Removed as many stressors as possible.
    Daily detoxification program is in daily practice
      Lymphatic and Liver:
      You understand that an eradication agent kills organisms. The organism living in a cell dies. Cell, body debris, and toxic wastes accumulated by the cell dweller falls into the fluid around it. This lymph is constantly being drawn into the Lymphatic System to get filtered by the lymphatic nodes. The toxins are carried to and through liver to kidney's, bowels, skin, and lungs to be expelled from the body. 

      You are practicing daily to -
      Open the Lymphatic and liver pathways, to stimulate the lymph, and to Flush and to pump the lymphatic system.
      Bowel pathwaysare opened to allow toxins to be expelled.
      Skin is openedby perspiration and hot baths to allow toxins out.
      Respiratorysystem stimulated toxins to escape by breath.
      Urinary systemstimulated with liquids to flush toxins out.

    You have chosen an Eradication agent: You understand:
    • You will NOT feel better during eradication process.
    • You will most often  feel worse as each cell the organism was living in now ceases and spills out its wastes and toxins. This type of toxins will manifest enhanced organism symptoms, toxicity symptoms,  and also new ones you have never experienced before.
    • You will experience a Herxheimer Reaction from a level 10 to 99 whenever the die off is greater then what the detoxification systems can process. The Herxheimer symptoms will subside as soon as the detoxification systems can expel the die off toxins.
    • That the eradication process is to kill organisms - not to heal the injuries that were caused by these infections. The eradication of infections is to clear the way for the body to finally begin to heal in every system the infections had occupied.
    You understand the overworked and tired body:
    • During the eradication process the body is working extremely hard trying to keep you alive by constant vigilance and re-balancing as it adjusts to the changes taking place such as; die off, huge loads of toxins, tired detoxification systems working around the clock to expel toxins, loss of red and white blood cells and the rebuilding of them, dealing with the added inflammation, the added pain... Most bodies are sleep deprived lacking the time it requires to heal from the days activities. Other bodies have tired organs from years dealing with the  infections, others have infections still present in some organs and glands. Most are fatigued from the accumulated toxins in the brain, on the glands, organs and nerves and from the hard work the body has done for many years, both physically and emotionally. Some have added comfort drugs and unnecessary support products that have added much distress to the body.
    You understand the necessity for special care during the eradication process: 
    • Help the body do its job with its detoxification processes.
    • Eat nutritious food and at least three times daily to give body the energy for doing its work.
    • Avoid stressful activity or added stress.
    • REST by sleeping when you can.

    Herxheimer reaction - common symptoms only.

      • A worsening of the zoonotic infection symptoms. 
      • Headache, fogginess, feeling off.
      • Eyes: irritated, redness, watering, itching, double or blurred vision
      • Ringing in the ears.
      • Skin: pimples, itching, rash, flushing. 
      • Swollen glands. Cold extremities.
      • Feverishness. Chills. Perspiration/sweats. Increased mucus secretions. Inflammation.
      • Gastrointestinal disturbances; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, stomach pains, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing. 
      • Joint and muscle aches and pains, tight muscles, cramps, and poor muscle coordination. 
      • Elevated heart rate. Rapid heart rate. Fluttering heart. Palpitations.
      • Irritability, restlessness, tiredness, dizziness, and weakness.
      • Mental depression, anger, sadness, despair, anxiety, fear. Suppressed memories sometimes arise.
      • Fatigue. Insomnia.



        There may be more.

    Helpful's  to lessen the "Herxheimer reaction" 
    If you are doing only reasonable eradication and monitoring your body the die off should clear in 24 hours as long as detox systems are open . You are in charge!! Adjust the agent for your body.
      • Activated charcoal -2 immediately after a Coiling session (or only some other agents.) and taking more during a heavy herx reaction. 
      • Epsom salt hot bath for 20 minutes. 
      • 3 drops activated MMS sometimes. (Only when on break from another eradicating agent and anytime with RIFE)
      • Bentonite clay (ingested to absorb toxins) 
      • Quercetin (scavenger of damaged particles in the body & anti-inflammatory).
      • Warm water enema.
      • Laying or sitting on Magnetic and jade stone mats for 6 hours.(grounding) (Not much)
      • Red or Infrared lights moved over the body.
      • Spleen Neurolymphatic Points : These points are part of the lymph system, which aids the immune system by removing toxins from the body.  The spleen neurolymphatic points are the depression between the 7th and 8th rib, just below the level of the breastbone (sternum). Find the points by moving your hand beneath your breasts, straight under the nipples, then move them down over the next rib. (These points are not under the ribcage, that's going down too far).   Thumping the Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex Points helps to remove toxins.       If these points are really sore, stimulate them by rubbing and the soreness should disappear in a few days. These points can be stimulated while taking three deep breaths, and even longer --- for two or three minutes at a time.
      • Recipe supports ongoing daily detoxification:

      • 1 cup organic greens e.g.wheat grass, celery, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, kale, spinach, alfalfa, beet tails, swiss chard greens, etc)
      • 3 cups distilled water.
      • Add Anti-inflammatory spices: ginger and bromelain and papain. Chop  into small pieces and blend. Strain.Take between meals on empty stomach. 
      • Chlorophyll 2 Tsp. daily 
      • Baking Soda/sea Salt Bath
        1 Cup in a bath of hot water. 
        Soak for a half hour to drain lymphatic system of toxins.

        Epsom Salt Bath
        1 to 2 cups Epsom salts (From drugstore or Buy  25 lbs bag from a feed or gardening store.)
        1 hot bath
        Soak for twenty-five  minutes to relieve sore muscles and remove toxins trapped in the skin.
        See How to support the detoxification systems Lymphatic System

      Blood purification (detoxification of flushable toxins by cleaning out the spleen, liver, kidneys, and bowels):
      • Cayenne (spleen, liver, kidneys, and bowels)
      • Chickweed (kidneys, and bowels)
      • Cleavers (spleen, liver, kidneys, and bowels)
      • Dandelion  (spleen, liver, kidneys, and bowels)
      • Red clover tops (liver, kidneys, and bowels)
      • Ginseng (spleen, liver, kidneys, and bowels) (Interacts negatively with many other things). I have found this one to make people sick because of negative interaction with other products.
      • Yellow dock (liver, kidneys, and bowels)(Interacts negatively with other things)
      • Flax Seed Oil Cleanse (spleen, kidneys, and bowels)
        Flax seed oil helps to cleanse the body from toxins.
        Take 1 tbs. of flax seed oil, or capsule, 6 days a week. Freshly ground seed on cereal, or other food, or put it directly in your mouth and chew it before swallowing.
      Doing Lyme and coinfection eradication releases many, many toxins and debris. We are pushing the detoxification systems to over limit. It is well to give daily support to our body during this time.
      As soon as you realize toxins are backed up -
      1st-  Take 2 to 3 capsules of activated charcoal. with tall glass of water
      RIFERS:  do 306 for 2 mins.
      2nd -  2 tsp. ACV and 2 tsp. honey  in 2 cups of water. For Lymphatic pathways.
      (Vitamin C and MSM) for liver pathways
      3rd-  Followed by 3 drops Milk Thistle in two cups of water.
      4th -  2 capsules Barley grass and 4 cups water.
      5th Take a 20 minute walk.
      If still required
      6th  Enema
      7th Take 20 minute Epsom Salt bath - Sip on lemon water
      If it is continuing
      8th Castor oil Pack on liver
      9th Drink 4 cups water with 2 drops Dandelion in each.
      10th Take a sleep.
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    During the Eradication Process
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    All die off; debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, and toxins fall into the interstitial fluid and is drawn into the lymphatic pathways, filtered through the nodes and out through pathways to the blood and onto other detoxification systems.        When pathways are narrowed by inflammation, slowed by thickened fluids, clogged with die-off, or flukes and other sluggish detoxification systems the toxins get stuck along the way causing an overload. The body begins to feel sickly as a direct result of lingering toxins. A herxheimer reaction is created.
    During the eradication process you are in charge to do everything possible to keep your lymphatic and liver pathways open so as to allow toxins to escape from your body. 
    You are also in charge of controlling the amount of die off created. 
    * Open pathways  * Stimulate lymph  * Flush  * Pump
    (Note:MMS and CHIM-FLOUX open and stimulate lymph on their own so the following  are not required, except the water.)
    Opening Pathways:
    • Liver -1000 to 2000 mg timed vitamin C daily.
    • Lymphatic - Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tsp. and 2 tsp. honey in tall cup of hot water.  (1 to 3 times daily.)
    Stimulating the lymph:
    • 2 drops Cleavers tincture in tall cup of water once daily. 
    • WATER 
    • Aloe Vera Juice 2 TBS. daily only in tall cup of hot water. 
    • Juices.
    • Lymphatic system is the only system that does not have a pumping action. It relies solely on body movement to push the fluids through. Movement-walking-bending-stretching.
    Stimulating Lymphatics, flushing liver and helping bowels release toxins:
    • Barley Grass 
    Two hours after eradication is done:
    • Taking- only one of the following:activated charcoal (2 capsules), Pyrophyllite, Montmorillonite, zeolite or Bentonites. 
    Keeping the other detoxification Systems flowing to expel toxins:

    Gastrointestinal System: liver, gallbladder, colon, and whole GI tract- expel die off toxins through feces.

      Liver:Very important about liver and  here
      • Dandelion drops help liver to detox the toxins somewhat, but certainly not enough to detoxify die off on its own.
      • Milk Thistle Sylmarin- supports liver and stimulates bile for helping intestines release toxins.
      Gallbladder - stones,crystallized bile, and sludge must be opened so the bile can move freely through opened ducts to aid in digestion.. if not, pain. More here 
    Elimination of waste products requires
    • Stimulation: Eating beets, garlic, daikon radish, horseradish,  Artichokes, celery, watercress, lime, lemon, good oils. 
    • Movement of the bowels - required a few times a day to move the wastes down to be expelled. This movement begins with a substantial meal able to stretch the stomach what triggers the peristaltic waves throughout the small and large intestines. About 15 minutes later there's a strong urge. When responded to immediately wastes and toxins will be expelled. If not it stops and compacts. 



      * When colon is not working well it begins to absorb toxins into the blood stream rather than expelling them.More here

    * * * Neuro Lyme or Neuro Babesia often disturb messages to the autonomic nervous system and the vagus cranial nerve, thus paralyzing this system for a day or numerous days at a time. Toxicity (non flush-able neurotoxins can cling to the vagus nerve and the nerves in the intestines. It may be best to stop eradication and do release of non flushable neurotoxins before the intestines become completely paralyzed.
    Urinary System: kidneys, bladder and urethra. Expels toxins through urine.
    • Water flushes toxins from kidneys and helps move toxins from the digestive system.
    • Stimulant celery seed capsules. more here
    Respiratory System:lungs, bronchial tubes, throat, sinuses, and nose. Neurotoxins are expelled through expelled air.more here
    • Thickened blood impairs the detoxification by the lungs. Most with the zoonotic infections thicken blood. More here
    Skin and dermal:Expel toxins through sweat, sebaceous glands and tears. Baths

    Huge Herxheimer reaction experienced: caused from having done more killing of organisms then the body's detoxification can handle at one time or this time. Here.

    • Immediately take some activated charcoal to sop up toxins.
    • Immediately do the opening of the pathways, the lymph stimulation, the pumping and the flushing and stimulation of every detoxification system. 
    • Stop eradication until body can naturally detoxify the back up of trapped toxins taking 1 to 10 days off of the eradication agent until it clears. More here
    Resuming the eradication agent:
    • Do less time with frequencies, or when taking an  eradication agent take less or less often. Increase daily detoxification: opening of the pathways, the lymph stimulation, the pumping and the flushing and stimulation of every detoxification system consistently.. whether it needs it or not. More here.
    • These are most always a reaction to a heavy toxic presence.  Palpitation may go on the during the entire eradication process when the user does not monitor and take charge of amount of toxins being released or or intakes other toxins.Palpitations may evenwhen you are sleeping they may be so hard as to wake you up. Also check drug or support product interactions. A load of neurotoxins need to be released.
    Lymph Nodes become swollen from extra production of immune cells as immune system tries to destroy all the infections in the body... They become enlarged and painful from filtering the bacteria's, protozoan's, bacteria’s, viruses, fungus and toxic accumulations (toxic metals, drugs, etc) Pain Relief or here  Spleen filters blood cells in the same way the lymph nodes do during active infections and the eradication process. The left side of lower ribs can be sore and swollen from over toxic plugged pathways in the liver. more or Pain Relief

    More for Head Aches and Pain
    and here 
    Migrain:- Caused by build up of toxins of toxic metals, chemicals, drugs, mold spores, fungus toxins, and protozoa toxins such as Babesia. To relieve; open pathways, stimulate lymph, flush, pump to quickly expel toxins from all detoxification systems. Increase hydration.
    Headaches -long lasting and unrelenting caused by inflamed meninges around brain and spine. Pain Relief
    Regular headache: Check support products and foods interactions. Hunger. Withdrawal. Concussion. Neck misalignment's. Tendon, ligament, muscle problems in head/neck area (Myofascial pain.)
    Bones, joints, Tendons, ligaments Muscles : see here
    Pain Relief: See here
    Brain Inflammation and support.See here 
    Miscellaneneous Support:Immune System, Endocrine System,  Adrenal Support, Thyroid, Nervous System, list of Detox Systems, Thickened Blood,

    The Recovery Process
      Emotional Healing
      Recovery after Eradication.

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    Recovery Process.
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