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The Eradication Agent
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Eradication agent: An agent with ability to permanently kill an infection.
Eradication Process: A period of time dedicated to the complete removal of all zoonotic infections from our wonderful body.
To eradicate zoonotic infections we need an eradicating agent with ability to cause infections to permanently cease, expire, die ... be 100% gone from within the body. 

Note: Since many zoonotic infections become progressively detrimental to the body, I urge you to eradicate them completely, soon as possible. 

The Eradication Agent:

  • Must have the capability to eradicate your specific organism(s) "infections"; both the known and the unknown infections within you.  As of 2015 some infections deposited by a tick still have not yet been named  yet they can be eradicated. It is next to impossible to identify all zoonotic infections deposited by an infected tick, biting fly, flea, or mosquito. 
  • Most anti-microbe eradication agents must be capable of being taken for a long period; therefore they are best to be able to be assimilated by the liver within  24 hours and not leave tangible neurotoxins in the body.
Lyme, STARI, Borrellia Miyamotoi, TBRF, Babesia, Bartonella,Mycoplasma, the Rickettsia's,  the viruses and other zoonotic infections, including the Candida and other types of fungus can be completely  eradicated ... 100%!!
  • Some anti-microbe eradicating agents have the power to eradicate more then one type of organism, some most, and some all and some only one infection at a time.
  • Some eradicating agents when exposed to a particular infection causes the organism to cease more quickly then another agent. Each eradicating agents works in a different way to achieve cessation of a low life organism.
  • Eradicating agents come in different forms: anti-microbe agents, specific RIFE frequencies, high energy, ozone.... Most continuously weaken the organisms until it can no longer sustain life. The smaller the organism the quicker it falls as opposed to a large organism such as Nematodes which takes numerous months to get all their forms.
  If you have been told nothing is wrong with you, but you know something is, or you have no-name infection- you may want to use an eradicating agent that has the power to eradicate bacteria's, protozoan's, viruses, rickettsia's, spirochetes, fungi, and parasites, as well, a neurotoxin re-leaser.
This may cause you to regain your health. 
What are a few examples of Eradication agents?
  • Antibiotics
  • Plant remedies (Herbal or essential oil)
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Energetic remedies
  • RIFE frequencies (specific).
  • IV Ozone 
What can I expect when using an eradication agent?
  • You will kill the organism(s), thus creating a release of huge amount of toxic die off which will cause an increase of uncomfortable symptoms; some new, some old ones. You will be sicker then you were prior beginning the eradication process. The neurotoxin load is automatically increased thus increasing the symptoms of toxicity. Die off must occur. Some will feel it and others will not.
  • Body will be more fatigued. The low blood cell count will cause a body to feel weaker. Organs will be more stressed from the increased level of neurotoxins and sometimes from eradicating before the herx has cleared.  During the eradication process most of the body systems work very hard as it deals with the eradication process. For some people, depending on which eradication agent used, the eradicating process will be a full-time job.
  • There is a need to be extra hyper vigilant so as to keep all detoxification pathways open to facilitate natural detoxification (the exit of flushable toxins).
Eradication does not heal
the body from the injuries sustained by the infections.
Eradication only clears the way 
for body to begin healing after the infections are gone

 What are some reasons an eradication agent fails to kill an infection?

  • From having used the incorrect frequency for the specific organism or an incorrect eradicating agent for the particular organism present in the body. E.g. Using a what kills only protozoa when the infection present is a rickettsia.
  • From having used the incorrect agent such as incorrect Marjoram oil, incorrect grape seed extract, incorrect cannabis oil, and so on.
  • From having ingested one or more eradicating agents at the same time. Using any kind of eradicating agent with another eradicating agent will cancel or weaken the other or they will cancel each other. This does not apply to RIFE frequencies. 
  • (If something kills a low life  organism it is an "eradicating agent"!!! This does not mean it will have the power to ever destroy completely all of this organism. It may only be chipping away at the weaker organism in the body.)
  • From not having used the eradication agent long enough to weaken the particular organism so as to cause it to cease and/ or not having used it daily (consecutively) (or so many times daily) for agents that require constant exposure to an organism. If every last organism has not ceased the fungus, spirochetes or parasite simply continue to grow and multiply. 
  • From not having made the assumption that unknown infections were present and not having used an agent with the power to eradicate  each of the unknown infections. 
  • From failing to eradicate the eggs of Parasites or tapeworms of which some remain in the body for many months and then hatch. Or, from not assuming the stuffed nose indicated a fungal infection present or mold spores being present  in the environment which usually easily re-infect with an Aspergillosis.
  • As well, a person can be re-infected with an infection during the eradicating process and will then again require  so many specific amount of days oif the eradicating  agent to kill the new infection. It is Not uncommon to get bitten again during the time in the eradication process.
What are some reason people fail to complete an eradication process?
  • From people having to quit prematurely because of their reckless eradication behaviors; not keeping pathways open, continuing to eradicate when a herx's had not cleared... all this making them so sick so they quit... blaming the eradication agent is making them worst!
  • From not having the patience to remove a load of fat cell accumulated neurotoxins prior beginning eradication, and then were unable to tolerate the high level of the Herxheimer reaction.
  • From quitting the eradication process because it felt to uncomfortable, was too painful, demanded too much time, or interfered with their social life.
  • From having treated every symptom they had with support products; drugs, herbs, supplements... and thereby overdosed, causes negative interactions with each other, giv9ng themselves a stroke, burnt their stomach, caused  themselves toxic hepatitis, and so on and having to quit from self induced illness. 
  • From becoming bored and going to look for something more simple, less painful, something quicker, or a magical cure ...all to fulfill their need to be in constant experimentation.
  • From the inability to handle the self responsibility and patience required to complete the process.
After a successful eradication of all infections- What are some of the reasons a person may believe he/she still has infections present?
  • From constant ingestion of other toxins, poor diets, clogged liver and lymphatic pathways, constipation, interactions of medications and their side effects, and support product interactions, overdose of vitamins or minerals, use of a product causing harm to the body.
  • From having failed to release neurotoxins with a correct agent capable of that particular task, because they believe neurotoxins can be released with same detoxifier's used for flushable toxins or  because they believe removing this layer of illness is unimportant. ( Toxicity illness  what manifests most symptoms of Lyme and Babesia.)
  • From consciously or unconsciously not wanting to let go of the identity of "I am sick", or the "disease" lifestyle, or getting caught up in the experimentation's or having the false belief that  zoonotic infections are incurable. 
  • From thinking the symptoms are from zoonotic infections when they have another illness, infection, or disorder (such as high uric acid)  or from an injured system or organ.
  • From living in a mold spore environment, living over a geopathic ley line, living or working in an EMF environment , being exposed to low dose carbon monoxide or other poisonous gas causing them symptoms of many symptom illness. 
  • From continuing to use eradicating agents and products that only serves to increase the level of toxicity illness or cause problems in some way. 
  • From injured tissues throughout body ( from head to toe ) caused from long over-toxicity in the body.
  • Newly acquired infections..
 What are some of the ways I can avoid sabotaging my eradication process? 
  •  Empowering yourself with knowledge about detoxification, keeping pathways open, die off, Herxheimer reaction, etc....This acumulation of knowledge best done prior entering the eradication process aor anytime prior you needing this knowledge..
  • Releasing the accumulation of neurotoxins prior beginning the eradication process.
  • Taking least amount of support products to avoid over stressing of the body. 
  • Taking the correct eradicating agent for what is present in you or using an agent that eradicates all or most infections. (Protozoa, virus, bacteria, type of spirochetes, rickettsia, Amoeba, fungi, parasite, Tapeworm, etc.)
  • Using only one eradicating agent at one time! 
  • Knowing how your eradicating agent works and following their basic instructions, adjusting for your body. Example:If it says daily, then it is daily. If it says every so many days then it is not necessary to take consecutively. If it says to take a break, then to take a break, etc.
  • Using one mode of eradication and sticking to it for the average time it calls for.
  • Avoiding being hyptonized from reading pitch pages what were created to hypnotize you into believing you need their product. Make your Plan and stick to it.
  • Avoid falling for the thousands of things being sold as a necessity to curing yourself of Lyme and jumping from one thing to another.
  • Open mind: If you see a long list of things used in the past by Lyme literates, know it is not written in stone. They were doing experimentation at that moment in time.Some things do work today and others never worked, it was an experimentation for an individula, it was the best they could do at that moment in time. Some things have now been proven to be helpful for most, yet each person is  individual with different infection and different state of their body..
  • Muscle test any product you introduce in your body to discover if it will interact negatively with another, or if if it is helpful to your body, how much will keep you under overdose, etc.
  • In the case of RIFE frequencies it only kills an organism if correct frequency is used for correct amount of time. It cannot kill unknown infections. The frequency delivery device must be powerful enough to penetrate the large muscles and joints.It must be used for a long period of time. It must not be used over a herxheimer reaction.
  • Eradication of mature infections, by whatever means of eradicating agent, must start slowly. Must not be used until a Herxheimer reaction has cleared.  This  avoids a dangerous Herxheimer reaction and from the die off toxins becoming non flush able toxins because the liver cannot keep up. 
As confusing as it may be to make a decision as to what will work best for you, what is the most effective, what is a scam (claims to cure Lyme), and so on...  In spite of all that, people have found ways to eradicate first stage, second stage and third stage chronic Lyme and co-infections.   In March of 2013, I completed the eradication of all my infections; Babesia, Lyme, Bartonella, Lyme, Mycoplasma, two fungus and possibly unknown infections as I'd had treatment for parasites, some Candida's and other zoonotic infections. All my infections ceased. 100% gone!  This web site has been created for you ... so, you too can find your way out of these life altering infections and also have them 100% gone. Read, read, read. Feel with your intuition what is best for you and go for it!
What are some things I need to be aware of when looking for best eradication agent for myself? 
  • The selling of "cures" may simply be a way of supplementing someone's income or to increase sales in MLM schemes or to keep a client/patient returning time and time again. 
  • The belief  that the most expensive product will be better then the least expensive one, or that simple ones aren't as effective as those expensive ones being sold by cleverly written sale pitches pages that often include what looks like an endorsement by professionals, a celebrity, or an MD are the most effective, is not usually the case. Hard sells are rarely the most effective.  Energy testing is still the best way to know what your body requires and best product for the task.
  • Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, year after year, for professional treatments that are not addressing the killing of the organisms will get you nowhere but into a long learning experience and sometimes poverty.
  •  Note that during the past twenty-five years there has been a whole industry that has grown around Lyme disease and are now feeding off the desperate, those infected with these zoonotic diseases. People use the key word "Lyme" to attract traffic to their web sites so they can sell their products. Misinformation's is published under all shapes and forms and some are  deliberately published to keep the sick sick.     So, now, in the midst of pain, low energy, and brain fog the sick have to deal with all this to find a way out of illness. Here I will give you a few effective eradicating agent, some for individual infections and some for all unknown infections. 
  • Taking information off of forums is information from people who are most often  in the midst of experimentation or  people having a body full of infections with symptoms waxing and waning and have not yet discovered that it is waning and not the product what caused the symptom to relent, or  it is information coming from a brain impaired from the venoms of the infections and they not have recgnized that, etc etc.. 
  • As I update this page I will try to make it clearer what eradicates what. It is up to you to do your research. As of 2016 I know of only one product having the power to eradicate these low life infections. Tomorrow I may discover other things.

~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~

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Examples ONLY of Eradication Agents 
Copyright © L.Jenner
Morgellon fungus
CHIM- * * * * * * * * * ** *
IV Ozone * * * * * * * * * * .
Origanum marjorana (France) * * * * * * * * * . .
Thymus mastichina (Spain) * * * * * * * * * . .
Cannabis extract medicine * * * * * * * * * . .
MMS many * * * * * s some . some some *
Colloidal Silver pure  most * some . * * * some  . *. most
Sun Gazing * * * * * * * * * * *
Doug Coil and program
mable Rife Machines Only  If frequencies are specific for each organism and its strain
.* . * * * * * . .Some . Some
    Examples of Eradicating Agents 
    for viruses, bacteria's, protozoa's, fungi/mold, Candida fungus, Spirochetes, encysted form of Borrelia and parasites:

    Success can only be achieved when an eradication agent is used without interference's of some other eradicating agents, things being ingested and when taken for a specified amount of time so infection(s)can no longer sustain life- (that particular point must be reached!) How will we know that point has been reached? Informational devices, energy testing, or equivalent. None are exact accurate, yet the best you have. 
    Note!!! Eradication of pathogen's does NOT HEAL the injuries sustained by what the infections have caused. Infections must be eradicated before the body can begin to heal from these zoonotic infection injuries. Neurotoxins must be released from the body.

When ordering: The following can be depended upon as being exactly what it is.
  • CHIM-FLUOX-AVIVA-an energetic remedy . Cleans out every low life when taken long enough. This has the greens to build strength, the eradicating agent and the removal of flushable toxins and non-tangible neurotoxins.. Pathways remain open, etc.
  • These used to be  but now have been made more confusing for consumers.
  • MMS - Average 3 drop drinks 8 times a day and more for about one year.Here. Note  This has now changed to include many forms and now this has confused its simplicity.
  • Colloidal Silver Pure original only. smallest particle10PP (Effective on some virus,some bacteria, some parasites, some fungus, Example to get rid of Bartonella: 22 Tbs.on morning empty stomach for about 17 consecutive days.)Here
  • Homeopathic remedies: individual organisms.
  • Artemisinin (Artemesia annua) Eradicates some viruses, some protozoans (Effective on some types of Mycoplasma Example  -400 mg a day for 31 days)
When ordering: The following cannot be depended upon as being one having the high energy required to eradicate the infections. Time and how i\are examples only. Every body is different!
  • Cannabis extract medicine, also known as "hemp oil". Cannot be ordered. This needs to be made up by you or an experienced recipe maker. Do not confuse with an incorrect oil or smoking or eating. Do your research. 
  • Origanum marjorana (France) diluted -16 drops in 56.8 ml.olive Oil: Taking two diluted of these hghly diluted drops daily.  Anything else added cancels it. Ideal for children who are virgin of support products. Buy oil that says must not be ingested as those are usually pure oils, yet making sure it is not a synthetic oil. Avoid oils where company says okay to take many drops in one day as this to sell many bottles. These will tease an infection but rarely kill entirely the infections.Same applies to following one from the one grown in Spain.
  • Thymus mastichina (Spain) diluted -16 drops in 56.8 ml. Olive oil: Taking two diluted drops daily. Same as previous. Not all test of highest energy and will not work when incorrect oil used.Anything else added cancels it.Ideal for children would are virgin of support products.Do NOT add anything to help it.
  • Cinnamomun verum Leaf grown in Sri Lanka: This is very difficult to find for many reasons. There are many, many types of cinnamon verum trees and only from sri Lanka is the energy strong enough to eradicate most infections. As well there is synthetic cinnamomun. Same applies to Mandarin from Spain.
  • Allicin-AllimeUncaria tomentosa Peruvian herb Cat's Claw. Example : start with a drop and work up to 27 drops daily for 10 months to eradicate Babesia. - Will eradicate some infections. Problem is there are too many different kinds being sold. Some effective and some not. Some people abuse it getting themselves highly toxic. 
  • Uncaria tomentosa -Grown in a particular country it has high energy with ability to eradicate some infections. There are many Cat's Claws. Some fresh. Some old and others lack the energy to eradicate organisms.
  • Herbs: Some herbs with abilityb are old and don't have the energy to kill a particular organism.
  • (Hydrastis canadensis extract.).Goldenseal Root Liquid Extract (Alcohol- & Sugar-Free)250 mgExample: 22 drops daily taken throughout day forever as it does not kill encysted form
  • Iodine Lugol's (2%) or Triple Iodine Complex: Example 7 drops daily indefinitely to kill Bb as it does not kill encysted form. 
  • Olive Leaf Extract Pure. (not all are equal) Example to kill all fungus Taking 800mg consecutively for seventy days or more depending on type and if it has not been canceled with other things. To kill most viruses same mg for 60 days. Not other pathogens. Few people can handle for this length of time. Do NOT add anything to help it.
  • Oregano oil all different strenghts/energies. For most three months is longest it can be taken with no ill effects.
Treatments from Practitioners: 
  • Antibiotics;Tetracyclines, Lincosamides,Macrolides (Targets specific infections. Not effective on eradication of Bb encysted form) Long process. Some have become severely toxic. Do your research before using some:
  • Successful treatment. Like their program here:
  • Successful treatment from a few LLMD's or ND's only. Most still in experimentation.
  • IV OZONE  in a practitioners office. About  six or more treatments depending on time per treatment and if it is true IV ozone.See here for reported how success was achieved. This  needs to be done in a specific way and most practitioner's will not yet have the knowledge to make it work for successful eradication of zoonotic infections.
  • Photon-Genius Energy Sauna in a practitioners office. About  40 treatments required to eradicate many tick bourne infections. Some in Canada and USA.
  • Doug coil - Rife Machines -When a correct frequency is used for specific organism and its strain for a long enough period of time it will devitalize (weaken it and eventually cause it to cease) under the area being coiled. Require knowing the exact organism and specific frequency for the specific organism. This is not  magic! The machines are excellent for treating pains in various areas of active organism.
  • Programmable RIFE Machines : When a correct frequency is used for specific organism and its strain for a long enough period of time it will devitalize (weaken it and eventually cause it the organism to cease throughout the body.  It is require knowing the exact organism and specific frequency for this organism. No matter what you have heard about these machine They do not operate without study or magically. Speak only to those who had zoonotic infections and if they were able to eradicate their infections and how long it took. There are myths being repeated out there. Machines are excellent for treating pains in various areas of active organism and repair work etc. Treating seven infections will take years to eradicate with frequencies.
  • Zappers are pre-programmed machines. It is only good to you if what frequencies have been programmed happen to be for the organisms in you. No matter what the pitch pages say, you will still require the exact frequency for your strain of organism.It WILL NOT work to kill all your infections. 
  • Photon Genie about two years to kill zoonotic infections  as Herx needs to be taken into consideration.. 
  • Pulsing Electro-Magnetic Fields (pemfs) I mention here only as there is word going around that this kills zoonotic infections. It does not. This only excellent for diminishing pain certain types of , not killing organisms..
  • There are many types of resonance machines out there.  Many sellers promise untruths re helping with Lyme and the other zoonotiic infections.Many factors involved .
  • Diets: Cause the body to feel better and stronger. Important. Never removes the organisms of the zoonotics, unless the infection does not live in cells and the immune system can get at it.. Many of the zoonotic infections do live in cells.. The immune system cannot eradicate itself,  as example the Bb spirochetes likes to live within the large immune system cells.
  • Scalar Energy- Remote eradication of all pathogens about 8 mts or more and most cannot complete what is required and other factors.. 
  • Sun Gazing. (THIS NOT TO BE ATTEMPTED until you research it well!!) If you could do daily it would take about thirty months to eradicate ones infections.
  • ACS 200 silver (not true silver) Kills borrelia. Not cysts.
  • Ultimate Monolaurin does kill first form of spirochetes only.
  • Salt and vitamin C . Average of five years for complete zoonotic infections. Not regular salt!
  • Teasel Root drops: Kills a few types of lyme infections and few of the common co infections.. Again not all are equal to energy and performing the task.Same applies to other 
More examples how some of these are used.
       About cyst busters see chart above. Some eradication agents have the ability to kill encysted form and others do not and and never will. 
      About the break up of biofilms; Some eradication agents have the ability to kill all forms of spirochetes (Been proven repeatedly) and others do not and and never will. It matters not where cysts  hide  with agents capable of killing cysts. These agents will kill them with no extra help or with products invented to make money off the sick.
Some Basics to follow for your safety during eradication:
If you've been exposed to many toxins during your lifetime and/or you have had zoonotics infections in you for a long time - your fat cells will be loaded with non-flushable toxins. The cup is then probably full and you will be unable to handle anything new introduced by die off toxins. The least amount of die off will trigger a huge herxheimer reaction.  When you suffer from toxicity illness your liver and lymphatic pathway's will be narrowed from inflammation or blocked thereby trapping toxins in and automatically creating more non-flushable toxins to cling to your nerves, brain, organs that cause more horrid pain. If you have much pain from toxicity or have big problems when you use an agent to release neurotoxins, it is always best to empty the a load of neurotoxins prior attempting any eradication. The release of neurotoxins will need to be done very slowly when ones toxicity level is high, until level of toxicity has been lowered..
After neurotoxins have been released: 
  • Start eradication cautiously and slowly!
  • As the organism load lessens -slowly increase the eradication agent (each are different).Do not exceed reccomended amount.
  • Don't use the eradicating agent again until the herx has cleared. (Should clear in 24 hours, if it does not, try to figure out the problem: Is it blocked pathways? Using too much eradication agent? Other? Rarely, if ever, has it anything to do with genes.You are in charge.
  • Use only one eradicating agent at one time (An antibiotic is an eradicating agent!). RIFE is okay, but it is not prudent to create double the load of die-off! Use one or the other so as you are able to monitor amount of die off being created..
  • Keep lymphatic and liver pathways open! (Exception MMS and FLUOX will do this job perfectly well on their own. Rarely can either be used with other eradicating agents and never together.)
  • Drink plenty of water to flush and promote detoxification. 
  • Keep the Jarisch-herxheimer reaction at a low grade. Avoid placing your body in severe distress with the Herx or anything else. Honor you liver!!
  • During the eradication process toxins from hell may be released as the organism dies and releases its internal contents as well as neurotoxins released that were stored there from a lifetime of infections.. These will trigger all the old symptoms and brand new symptoms you have never experienced before.
  • Place yourself in charge of the treatment to achieve a safe and successful eradication.
  • Learn to listen to your body. When it has more then it can handle, ease up, stop before starting again.
  • Keep your eye on the goal. 
  • Keep all pathways OPEN!
    - If you take time to join positive Yahoo Groups and Lyme Forums there you can ask questions to the people who have experienced Herxheimer reactions, etc.. They can reassure you. Everyone has their own opinions. Some have been stuck in limbo for years and years others are rich in experience, some are just new to learning, some suffer from tunnel vision and others are open to new and different ideas, methods, etc. The more you hear/read from many different forums, the more you will know exactly what is the best course of treatment for you at this moment in time. Caution: Avoid trying to use everything people say is good, as this can make you sicker then you already are, even if it sounds like it will not be harmful or interact with other things..
    Whatever way you choose to eradicate your organism's, this is the journey you have been called to experience. Some will wander in the disease and experimentation's for many, many years, others will go directly for what has proven to eradicate all. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences in the reclamation of your healthy body. The most important is to DO some kind of eradication rather then hosting the infections and whining about it.
What method have you decided upon for eradicating your infection's? 

        Do you want to eradicate one infection at a time or all at one time?
        Find out what all you will need? 
        What will you need to learn before beginning? 
        Can you afford it? 
        Do you need to pick empty bottles or have garage sales to raise money for this? 
        Do you need to make appointments? 
        Do you need to find the best buy? 
        Do you need to make an order? 
        How long will you need to take it for complete eradication? 

  #  The zoonotic infection(s) MUST be completely eradicated from the body. Leaving any one in the body allows them to continue multiplying and some cause much damage to most systems of the body. 

 #   Treating or sedating symptoms may cause a person to feel better but, it does not stop the damage from happening inside. Complete eradication of these organisms  is the ONLY WAY you will ever clear the way to regain health. 

 #   Being too busy to eradicate, thinking it will go away on its own, being a sissy when it comes to die off toxins ... is allowing damage to progress within. All the denying that these diseases, zoonotic infections, are not progressively deteriorating the body only hurts you. Someday when you do decide to do the work of eradication you will simply have more of a load to work on, your health will have become more fragile, and you will require a much longer convalescent healing period. 

#  Allowing neuro toxins producing infections to live and reproduce for years, increasing your toxiciy level daily and you taking chemicals and drugs that deposit tangible neurotoxins to sedate your pain, anxiety and depression,  eventually it reaches a limit. Once body is at high range then  body can no longer handle any die off . Most will be stuck in the infections for the remainder of their life.  So, best to do it before you reach this stage. It is heartbraking when someone begs help and they are overlimit with neurotoxins and nothing I can coach them to except IV ozone and for some they cannot even handle that.

New tick bite:
At the beginning the organisms, such as the Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia, are weak, and few.They are "immature". Therefore they can be eradicated quickly, if eradicated within thirty days and taken for at least four consecutive weeks, such as with antibiotics as what is highly advertised.
Only one eradication agent is required. DO NOT mix any two as it will cancel the effectiveness!!
EXAMPLES only Note a rash may only develop after ten days so infections may have traveled far by then. More agent would be requred..
CHIM-FLUOX  Ten days or more starting from the day you see the sucker on the person. 
MMS1: Eight 3 drop drinks for 11 days or more. 
Colloidal Silver: 1/2 cup daily on morning empty stomach for eight days or more. 
Thymus mastichina (Spain) Diluted: 2 drops taken consecutively for 20 days or more/ (not with medication, smking, etc..)
Ozone IV- one treatment (no medications)
Do not, for a single minute, compare a bunch of zoonotic infections to a mere kidney
or bladder infection!!  They are stealth infections that injure tissues and brain, etc. Only after the infections are out of the body will the body begin to heal. Most recovery, after the infections are no longer present, takes an average of average of two years. See Recovery section.

NEXT  Examples of a few eradication agents and how to use

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My shared information is for making the sick's life easier. It is not to be copied or republished on other websites, blogs, or forums!
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