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Electromagnetic fields EMF
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Electromagnetic fields can cause serious disruption of our body's electrical system - our natural energetic field.
  • After sixty minutes exposure to EMF's  the body's immune system begins to be weakened.
A test was conducted  to expose mold fungus to EMF rays. The molds responded as if they were being attacked.   They fought for survival by producing more "toxic" mycotoxins and reproducing even more quickly. (Unfortunately this video is no longer available on YouTube)
What I learned from this: placing an body infected with any type of fungus, including any of th Candida fungii will cause these fungi to  believe they are being attacked and respond by multiplying faster and produce more toxins.

Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

Where do these EMF's come from?

WiFi routers, electrical transformers, some cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, hairdryers, vacuums, refrigerators, microwave ovens, irons, deep back televisions and  computer screens, computers, fluorescent or halogen lighting, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners,  overhead or buried power lines, telecommunication towers, electricity pylons, radar,  mobile antennas, broadcast towers, electrical security systems, electrical outlets, etc. Each emit waves of negative energy around them.

But, you say... "All this has been proven to be nonsense." Yes, but by whom? Who's money was behind it? Who could lose money from truth being brought into the open?   For large companies making money for their shareholders takes priority over their brothers' and sisters' health, even if you don't want to believe that anyone would not take your health into consideration. 
People have difficulty believing something invisible is real, such as energy, EMF's, Geopathic stress, your etheric bodies, your own energy fields... If you really wanted you could feel the energy coming from an electrical outlet by closing your eyes and running your palm slowly about an inch over it or straightening a coat hanger, putting a 45o bend in it at one end just enough (6 inches)to hold in your hand then walking around the room allowing it to respond to the invisible energies. EMFs are real. 

Some symptoms of EMF stress:

Cognitive disorders; Concentration problems, ADD, brain fog, depression, anxiety, migraines, stinky attitude. 
Head: Eye symptoms, Ear and throat; such as burning sensations, tinnitus. Nose, and throat symptoms. 
Pains and aches in your muscles, back.
Nervous system symptoms; Stress, Sleep disorders, nervous exhaustion.
Digestive disorders: Nausea.
Circulatory and Urinary System symptoms: Nosebleeds, heart palpitations, arrhythmia's and other disturbances in heart rate that is reacting to a heavy load of toxin venom's.
Cancers: What develops from a heavy or prolonged exposure to toxins such as Leukemia in children, breast and prostate cancers and other. A weakened immune system cannot fight against cancer cells that develop from any kind of toxins.
Skin symptoms: Rashes, burning sensations, facial prickling,  rashes.
Reproductive: Infertility.

(For more symptoms research:  Symptoms from  EMF exposure)
Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

How to protect yourself from Electromagnetic Field Stress:

  • Break out of denial by doing your own research so you can come to the point of honoring your body. 
  • Avoid exposure to EMF's as much as possible.
  • Dissipate the negative energy in your environment with placement of copper, orgonite, and pyramid shape. See Geopathic stress for effective pyramid in next column.
  • Free download that does work by creating an energy protection around your computer workspace:       
    • Do wak for promotion of free energy, pray and ask governments to give permission to promote development of free energy that will do all and more of what present technology does for our convenience and entertainment without injuring its environments and the health of people.
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    Geopathic stress  (ley lines) 
    Copyright © L.Jenner
    Geopathic Stress ley lines emissions can cause serious disruption of our body's electrical system - our natural energetic field.
    Negative ley lines, such as a subterranean running water vein deep under ground, fault lines, certain mineral concentrations, or underground cavities emit negative energy. This negative energy disrupts our natural energetic field. This automatically lowers the auto immune system. After two hours in this environment will start affecting our body negatively.

    If we work or sleep in a bed directly above a negative ley line we are exposing our selves for long hours to this negative energy.  During our eight hours of sleep is when the body does it restoration and healing, but when the natural energetic field, meridians and immune system is disrupted, little or any healing takes place.

    * Dr. Hartmann Grid says when we are exposed for long periods to negative ley lines that it will neutralized medications, vitamins, herbs or other body supports  being taken. 

    Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

    For those of zoonotic infections this is a lose-lose environment.

    In Germany, these negative geopathic ley lines, are charted prior to building a subdivision so as to avoid the promotion of illness. Cancer is known to develop in people who have been exposed to the negative ley lines for many years. The ley lines do not cause cancer. We all produce cancer cells and the immune system gets rid of them. It is when we have disrupted immune systems from toxic stressor's that the cancer can take over. 

    >> For anyone with a load of infection it is most important to do what they can to neutralize EMF/ Geopathic stress in their environment. 

    Therefore the aim is to minimize and neutralize the geopathic stress energy in our environment.

    1.  Hire a Geo dowser or other Energy Tester to locate these veins underground to see if you are working or sleeping over a Geopathic Stress ley line and take action to divert this energy.

    2.  Move your bed or work desk to a different location. 

    3.  Other means and small oregon pyramids create an energy field to help to neutralize this energy. It can  block out known electromagnetic radiation and EMF's  forms of energy in your home and elsewhere. 

    The Pyramid: will neutralize geopathic energy ( as well, all electromagnetic frequencies that you get from your computer, your lights, power outlets, phones, and anything emitting EMF's) The pyramids need only be a few inches to neutralize up to 55 feet all around itself. It can also be used in your vehicle when driving. It lasts a lifetime and can easily be transported when you move. 

    When purchasing a pyramid it is best to energy Test to see if it will be effective in neutralizing the negative energy as many are just mere decorations to make money and do nothing as they are not correctly built for diverting energy. Energy Test before buying!

    Helpful to divert negative EMF and geopathic stress: 

    In search engine enter: earth radiation, geopathic stress, ley lines, ley lines, geopathic zones, hartmann grids,  Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, wolfgang maes. " Not all pyramids are equal. This one I use and heave recommended to numerous others which helped them neutralize of EMF's and negative stress lines effectively.

    This one: Pyramid Orgone - EMF protection - Healing energy - This pyramid has good energy and well built. I got mine from ebay here: Medium size./large

    Enter EMF Pyramid  Portugal , by orgonite1  Ebay.  Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

    I have worn a "the Telsa Shield" around my neck since 2001. Doing energy testing I get that this has protected me from Geo/EMF stress, also. 

    ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~

    NEXT- The Eradication Agent for Infections 

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