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Die-off Toxins 
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  What is DIE OFF?

It is the remains of a low life organism after it ceases life. Die off can contain the toxic insides of the organism, the dead organism, the dead cell filled with a cell dwellers toxic wastes and if it is an infection that produces neurotoxins, then also neurtoxins are present.

Anytime viruses, bacteria's, spirochetes, protozoa, fungus, Rickettsia, parasites, or any living low life organism cease they become die off. This die off is toxic. 

What is the process of die off? 

    1. A spirochete is alive living within in a cell. Within this cell the spirochete alters the cell, reproduce in the cell, create wastes, and release neurotoxins. Some organisms live in the blood outside the cell.

    2. An eradication agent comes along, penetrates the cell and kills the spirochete.

    3. The cell dies. It may burst open spilling out the dead spirochete, all the baby spirochetes, all the toxic wastes and matter. This waste along with cell body will float into the surrounding fluid which is called the interstitial fluid.

    5. The interstitial fluid is constantly being drawn into the lymphatic pathways to be filtered by the detoxification systems.

    • In spirochete infections the fluid is thickened by the organisms causing the die off to move exceptionally slowly through the pathways or remains at near standstill when lymphatic pathways are blocked.
6. The die off must have opened lymphatic pathways to leave the interstitial fluid. Causes of blocked lymphatic pathways :
  • Lymph flukes.
  • Filariasis 
  • Too much die-off was created at one time.
  • Inflammation caused by neurotoxins.
7. The lymph must be stimulated with aids and movement to pump the interstitial fluid into the lymphatic system and forward onto nodes, spleen and liver. 

8. Once die off leaves the lymphatic system it goes to the liver.

  • If liver pathways are opened and the die off is not excessive it will move through the detoxification fairly quickly. (Toxins are made less toxic so body can handle).
  • If the pathways are narrowed or blocked by inflammation, flukes,  stones, cysts, or damage the die off toxins will not reach the liver to be processed. These raw potent toxins will re circulate as they wait their turn through the liver. 
  • If they cannot get into the liver to be detoxified (so the other detoxification systems are able to handle these toxins) then the die off toxins will circulate until they land somewhere... becoming trapped as potent non-flushable toxins. 
9. From the liver the endotoxins will move on to be expelled through intestines, kidneys, breath, or skin, but... only if their pathways are open. 
  • If not the die off toxins cannot leave the intestines because of blockage such as constipation, then the toxins are trapped clinging to walls and attracted into nerves. The toxins cause the person to feel ill.
  • If not the die off toxins cannot leave the lungs because of blockage such as fungus, mucous, parasites,smoking, mold spores in environment, viruses, damaged lungs, or lack of pumping air out with activity then die-off toxins are trapped clinging to walls and attracted into nerves which will cause inflammation. Trapped toxins will cause the person to feel ill.
  • If toxins cannot leave the skin because of blockage such as inability to sweat then die-off toxins are trapped and cause the person to feel ill.
  • If the toxins cannot leave the kidney's because of blockage such as inflammation from neurotoxins or injury, tumors, stones, and usually the biggest problem is lack of fluids then die-off toxins are slowed or trapped causing the person to feel ill.
10.  Stuck die-off or re-circulating die off toxins will cause flu-like symptoms because the body is sick from the "poisons"/toxins.  ***
A word about endotoxins: 
This is highly potent as it hold the insides of the organism. The liver is meant to detoxify them into less potency so the body can handle them. But, when it cannot these highly potent toxins get splattered on to the walls of pathways, onto organs, onto nerves, onto glands and into the brain and get tucked away in the fat cells to protect the body against their harsh toxicity. 

Years later you decide to detoxify the fat cells what will be released is the neurotoxins of old viruses, toxins of old illnesses, old toxins of Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia or whatever you eradicated with antibiotics since you were a child. It is never a pleasant experience to re experience the toxins of these infections.

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The Herxheimer Reaction
"Jarisch-Herxheimer response" (nicknamed a "Herx"). 
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    What is a Herxhiemer reaction?
A herxheimer reaction (Herx) is when the immune system reacts to the die-off toxins. The body, in its quest to save its life, will try to rid itself of the poisons in any way it can, such as creating inflammation and mucus to isolate the poison. Throwing up and diarrhea to expel it. Fevers to sweat it out. Panting to expel it by breath. Palpitations to move toxins out of the blood. Rashes and hives to bring it out on to surface. This activity is a reaction to the die-off toxins.

What are signs of a Herxheimer reaction? 

  • A worsening of the zoonotic infection symptoms (the feeling much worse before getting better.
  • Flu-like symptoms, mild to large.
  • Headache, fogginess, feeling off.
  • Muscles spasm. Ligaments contract. Tendons burn. 
  • Eyes: irritated, redness, watering, itching, double or blurred vision.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Skin: pimples, itching, rash, flushing. Flushed face. 
  • Swollen glands. 
  • Cold extremities. 
  • Chills. 
  • Perspiration/sweats. 
  • Feverishness. 
  • Increased mucus secretions. 
  • Inflammation. 
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, stomach pains, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing. 
  • Elevated heart rate. Rapid heart rate. Fluttering heart. Palpitations.
  • Irritability, restlessness,  tiredness, dizziness, and weakness.Mental depression, anger, sadness, despair, anxiety, fear. 
  • Suppressed memories sometimes arise.
  • Fatigue. Insomnia.
  • There may be more. 
Does everyone experience a Herx? 

Most people will experience a reaction from the release of endotoxins. Few do not. The herxheimer reaction symptoms can be different for each person for some of the following reasons:

  • Unreasonable amount of die off toxins usually creates a long and high Herx reaction. 
  • Different types of eradicating agents and different types of organisms will also differ in the Herx reaction. 
  • Someone with a recently acquire bacteria, then one who has had four different infections for numerous years will both experience different Herx reactions. 
  • A small body versus a larger body may Herx differently. 
  • One, who is absent of inflammation versus one with loads of inflammation will react differently. 
  • One who does daily detoxification versus the person who does nothing to little to support his or her detoxification systems will experience different level of Herx reaction. 
  • Geopathic stress from ley lines and technology EMF will enhance the Herx reaction... the more stressed a body is the more symptoms arise. 
  • Every different infection will release their own type of endotoxins, thereby manifesting both old symptoms and new symptoms of an infection. Die-off enhances the symptoms of the infections present.
  • Lack of lymph stimulation and lack of hydration will enhance a Herx reaction. 
  • The person who eats foods that thicken fluids will experience higher Herx. 
  • Doing eradication while the body is still in Jarisch-herxhiemer reaction, meaning the toxins are still circulating in the body and have not cleared out and choosing to dump another load of toxins in there will most certainly cause a bigger Jarisch-herxhiemer reaction. 
  • A body suffering from non-flushable toxicity illness will react swiftly and highly.
  • * Some will say they do not feel anything, yet do have die-off present and usually have effecient detox sytems.
What is the cause of an on-going Herx? 

A severe or on-going Herxheimer reaction (lasting many days) is a sign: 

  • Of poor elimination through the lymphatic and liver pathway's
  • Blocked pathways.
  • A body overloaded with non flushable neurotoxins.
  • Using an eradication agent over a herx.
  • Poor organ support, or/and poor treatment of the body by its owner.
  • Not listening to your body or failing to observe the body herxing, and not taking action to stop eradication and/or clear toxins out in every which way possible. 
  • Failing to control the amount of die off we are creating for the condition our body is in or able to handle and not allowing the body a break so it can do natural detoxification, and rebalance itself. 
When self treating we are our own practitioner's and must be careful not to get ourselves in jeopardy or kill ourselves before we kill the zoonotic infections! 

** Sometimes it is not a herx but is self induced illness from support products interacting with each other or an overdose. 

Cautions: For avoiding a HUGE Herxheimer Reaction.

  • Anytime we are eradicating any infection, most especially many infections caused from a tick bite we must always, always do: 
  • Control the amount of die off we are creating at one time. 
  • Operate your eradication by the rule of "The absence of a Herx determines when to use the eradicating agent again."
    • If you experience a huge Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction that fails to clear within 24 hours then the next time you use the eradication agent cut down on:
      • Amount of eradication agent used
      • How long used (RIFE)
      • How often used 
      • and 
      • increase what promotes detoxification 
    • Do all these until you experience a reasonable reaction.
    • Then as time goes by slowly work up to more eradication agent or amount of time or how often.
  • Always allow the interstitial fluid, lymph and liver and other detoxification systems to clear themselves of die off toxins before dumping another eradication load into it. 
  • STOP all eradication until a Herx has completely cleared.
It is you who must monitor and judge what is going on with your body... and then adjust.

What is a severe Jarisch-herxheimer reaction? 

A Jarisch-herxheimer reaction with a level over  9.5  is dangerous to the body and requires emergency medical treatment. Therefore if you plan on eradicating bacteria's on your own, it will be very important to learn how to control the amount of die off you are creating, to detoxify flushable toxins faithfully, and to monitor yourself and any signs of a high load of neurotoxins then to release them.

A huge Herxheimer reaction tells us... STOP!  Stop the organism killing! This applies most especially to RIFER's. We must give the detoxification systems time to catch up with their jobs. We need to give body time to expel all the poisons, toxins, endotoxins, and sludge and to eliminate most of the die off before adding more to body's load. 

It is dangerous to do big time eradication when our detoxification systems are impaired or when our body is overloaded with toxicity.

A severe acute reaction will cause a large release of histamine that manifests swelling of the neck areas and closure of the airway. This should be considered life threatening and must be treated at once with a particular medication. 
    A drop in blood pressure, along with skin changes due to dilation of the blood vessels also may need aggressive treatment as it can lead to cardiovascular collapse. 
    Severe breathing difficulties; chest, lung or throat constriction; significant swelling; or other severe symptoms begs for more than home detoxification treatment. 

    * A Danger Zone Herxheimer reaction is beyond our ability to handle at home, therefore before it reaches this point be conscious and educated on the use of your eradication agent,and practice serious detoxification daily.

Kindness to the body:

    STOP pushing the body beyond its limits. What another person can handle does not necessarily apply to your body. Adjust for your body. Each is different in amount of infections present, amount of time they have had to spread, each ones  detoxification systems efficiency, their age, their physical fitness, and much more. Only you can judge this reaction and how you manage this process. 

    The aim is to keep yourself alive until you have completed the eradication of the zoonotic infections, so you will once again have a wonderful healthy body to enjoy big life after recovery

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11. Inflammation and pain of- bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments. 

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