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The Detoxification 
The Die Off
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Die off is residues, debris, wastes, and toxins caused by the divitalization of living infection pathogens in the human body.
When the bacteria dies inside a cell the cell also dies. It is filled with toxins that were released by the bacteria that lived within the cell. All this is die off. This die off  debris falls into interstitial fluid until it is drawn into the Lymphatic system, filter through the lymph nodes and onto the livesr  and into the other detoxification systems   to be expelled from the body through the skin, kidneys, bowels, and lungs for elimination from the body.

The die off is 'toxic waste'.  If the lymphatic channels are blocked, if there is too much die off for the detoxification systems to handle, or  if these systems are sluggish then the die off  "toxic waste" will sit in the interstitial fluid and circulate in the body until they can get through the detoxification systems, but, by then they may have lingered so long that they have settled in far corners such as the pockets of breasts and scrotum. These trapped/circulating die off toxins will cause flu-like symptoms. These symptoms are signals that body needs your help to free it of these toxins.

In a healthy body and a reasonable bacterial kill the die off will go right through the Lymphatic channels, liver, and detoxification systems and that is only if the interstitial fluid can filter through lymphatics, only if the  lymphatic pathways are open, if the detoxification systems are healthy, and if the person is active, and drinks plenty of water. A healthy person will probably not feel much, if any, of the flu-like symptoms. 

Others will experience flu-like symptoms in the range of one to ten. A few reasons for the level of flu-like symptoms may be from;
1. Creating an unreasonable amount of die-off. (release of toxins)
2. Having sluggish lymphatic pathways (clogged)
3  Or both
4. Lack of keeping inflammation down. (Inflammation also closes channels in lymph system, liver, skin...
5. Failing to take steps to detoxify consistently and four times a day whether eradicating bacteria's or not and most especially after every eradication and when the toxins are showing signs of poisoning (flu-like symptoms.). 

Every different infection will release their own type of toxins when they die. These toxins will each manifest old symptoms and new symptoms..Ugly ones.

Heavy Poisons:
When a body is filled with years of drug, metal, vaccination, and chemical poisons and they are trapped within the body because the channels are blocked or sluggish-  the body creates inflammation to isolate the poisons to keep body alive.   When that is no longer working and the poisons become overwhelming...  body will create sacks to store these heavy poisons in. These poisons will remain until the owner of the body starts doing something to open channels and get the detoxification systems active and stops packing it with more heavy poisons. Once the channels are open body will remove the poisons from the inflamed areas, then it will start draining the tumors (Toxic poison storage containers).    If the channels and pathways remain closed and detoxification systems sluggish...then in and around the sack a fungus /cancer develops. Even at this stage this can be stopped if the owner decides to do some serious detoxification by opening the pathways and getting the detoxification systems open and active.
The flu-like symptoms is called "Jarisch-Herxheimer response" Nick named a "Herx". For more see here

The process:

1. A spirochete is alive living within in a cell. Within this cell the spirochete alters the cell, reproduces in the cell, and creates neurotoxins.

2. An eradication agent comes along, penetrates the cell and kills the spirochete.

3. The cell dies. It may burst open spilling out the dead spirochete, all the toxic wastes and matter and, as well, the cells now will  immediately float into the surrounding fluid which is called the   Interstitial fluid. The interstitial fluid can be compared to one great lake that surrounds all cells and organs in the body.

4. The interstitial fluid is constantly being drawn into the Lymphatic pathways into the lymphatic system onto to be filtered through the detoxification systems.

5. When this natural process happens, without resistance, then it flows... the entire body is happy and healthy.

The longer the dead cells, wastes and toxins cannot enter the pathways to the detoxification systems they remain "backed-up" ..floating and circulating in the interstitial fluid and the sicker the body becomes. 
Toxins must linger until they are finally processed through the detoxification systems. Until that happens the body will be sick or herx. (Jarisch-herxheimer reaction)

Now what if:

1. Suddenly there is so much die off, all at once,  that it now overwhelms the detoxification systems. The detoxification systems become  unable to detoxify quickly enough therefore cause a back up of poisons to linger and re-circulate in the interstitial fluid. This poison causes the body to be ill. (Jarisch-herxheimer reaction)

2. The interstitial fluid is thicken, filled with debris and sludge. If  nothing is done by the owner of the body to thin this fluid and the owner does a new round of eradication dumping another load of sludge into the interstitial fluid...this will cause the toxins to linger and poison as they very slowly move towards the lymphatic pathways. This will cause a Jarisch-herxheimer reaction.

3. The lymphatic pathways are clogged so when the eradication is done the toxins flow out and remain floating in the interstitial fluid until they can get through the lymphatic pathways.  This will cause  a Jarisch-herxheimer reaction.

4. One or more of the detoxification systems (bowels) are also sluggish so again this will cause the  toxins to linger and poison the system as the other systems have to carry the load.  This will cause  a Jarisch-herxheimer reaction.

5. The owner of the body eats junk food to contribute to thickened fluids, clogging of the intestines, drinks little water, has little sleep to support the body... and this also contributes to causing a Jarisch-herxheimer reaction

6. Doing bacterial eradication while the body is already in Jarisch-herxheimer reaction, meaning the toxins are still circulating in the body and have not cleared out and dumping another load of toxins in there will most certainly cause a bigger Jarisch-herxheimer reaction. (As in RIFE)  As opposed to Essential oils taken in minute amount will eradicate for an average of 8 hours and body detoxes for the next 16 hours.

7. And... if the interstitial fluid is thick, the lymphatic pathways are clogged, the detoxification systems are sluggish, the body is lacking sleep, the zoonotic disease are rearing their ugly heads manifesting intense symptoms by the release of toxins or regular ill characters, junky foods are being eaten, little fluids are being taken and anti-microbials are being ingested, .. This body will have a HUGE Jarisch-herxheimer reaction with the slightest amount of eradication of the bacteria's.

The Detoxification 
Jarisch-herxheimer Reaction
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Symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction:

The immune system reacts to the toxins. The body, in its quest to save its life, will try to rid itself of the poisons in any way it can, such as creating inflammation and mucus to isolate the poison. Throwing up and diarrhea to expel it. Fevers to sweat it out. Panting to expel it by breath. Rashes and hives to bring it out on to surface.

We have a herxheimer reaction when bacteria's are killed. (Debris of dead cell the bacteria inhabited, bacteria debris, and their horrid toxins.)

During a Herxheimer reaction we may experience mild symptoms or have some of the following symptoms: 

  • A worsening of the zoonotic infection symptoms (the feeling much worse before getting better.)
  • Headache, fogginess, feeling off.
  • Eyes: irritated, redness, watering, itching, double or blurred vision
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Skin: pimples, itching, rash, flushing. Flushed face. 
  • Swollen glands. Cold extremities.
  • Feverishness. Chills. Perspiration/sweats. Increased mucus secretions. Inflammation.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, stomach pains, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing. 
  • Joint and muscle aches and pains, tight muscles, cramps, and poor muscle coordination. 
  • Elevated heart rate. Rapid heart rate. Fluttering heart. Palpitations.
  • Irritability, restlessness,  tiredness, dizziness, and weakness.
  • Mental depression, anger, sadness, despair, anxiety, fear. Suppressed memories sometimes arise.
  • Fatigue. Insomnia.
  • There may be more.

  • A Jarisch-herxheimer reaction with a level over  9.5  is dangerous to the body and requires emergency medical treatment. Therefore if you plan on eradicating bacteria's on your own, it will be very important, to your life, to learn how to control the amount of die off you are creating, to detoxify faithfully, and to monitor your self.

    Read more on the Herxheimer reaction

    A huge Herxheimer reaction tells us... STOP!  Stop the bacteria killing! This applies most especially to RIFER's. We must give the detoxification systems time to catch up with their jobs. We need to give body time to filter out all the poisons, toxins, endotoxins, and sludge and to eliminate most of the die off before adding more to body's load. 

    It is dangerous to do big time eradication when our detoxification systems are impaired ...and they are, in most cases when we harbor the Bb bacteria.

    Anytime we are eradicating the Lyme or other spirochete infections  or other infections we must always, always  do detoxification.

    Signs of severe Jarisch-herxheimer reaction requires emergency help:
    In the Danger Zone:
    A severe acute reaction will cause a large release of histamine that manifests swelling of the neck areas and closure of the airway. This should be considered life threatening and must be treated at once with a particular medication. 

    A drop in blood pressure, along with skin changes due to dilation of the blood vessels also may need aggressive treatment as it can lead to cardiovascular collapse. 

    Severe breathing difficulties; chest, lung or throat constriction; significant swelling; or other severe symptoms begs for more than home detoxification treatment. * A Danger Zone Herxheimer reaction is beyond our ability to handle at home. 
    A simplification of  how the "Jarisch-herxheimer reaction" or  herx is made.

    We lessen the Jarisch-herxheimer reaction by Detoxifying the body.
    • Opening our lymphatic and liver pathways (e.g.) Vitamin C, Apple cider vinegar and honey. 
    • Stimulating the lymph with Cleavers. 
    • Flushing water,water, water, water.and Aloe Vera Juice 
    • Pumping lymphatics to push the fluids through- Exercise - movement. 
    • Adding other detoxification aids:  Castor oil packs,  Milk Thistle, Dandelion.
    • Keeping all detoxification systems moving effeciently.
    • Giving support to each of our detoxification systems.
    • Doing on-going detoxification as well as detoxification immediately after an eradication.
    • Getting plenty of rest and sleep and avoiding stress.
    • Eating foods that support the body and avoiding those that work against the body.
    • RIFE frequency 306 for detox after a RIFE session.
    • Activated charcoal after an eradication.Ylang ylang on soles of feet.

    Controlling the amount of die off we are creating at one time.

    • Letting our interstitial fluid clear itself of sludge before we dump another eradication load into it with the eradication agent.
    • Operating your eradication business by the rule of "Let the disappeared symptoms of the Herx  determine the next eradication of the pathogens."  "Herx is gone then it is time to eradicate again"
    • If you experience a huge Jarisch-herxheimer reaction then the next time you apply or take something for eradication cut down on the amount. Then as time goes by slowly work up to more eradication agent.

    Kindness to the body:

    • STOP pushing the body beyond its limits. What another can handle does not necessarily apply to your body. Adjust for your body. Each is different in amount of infections present, amount of time they have had to spead, each ones effecientcy of their detoxification systems, their age, their physical fitness, and much more. Only you can tell by how you react to the eradicating agent. 
    • The aim is to keep yourself alive until you have completed the eradication of the zoonotics, so you have a wonderful healthy body to enjoy big life with after recovery.
    All content on this web site is provided only for your quick information so as to encourage you to do your own research.
    All suggestions are not to be taken as medical advice. See your own Medical or Health Care Practitioner for professional advice.
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