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Will I have die-off?
When an organism of an infection dies from within a cell, the cell will die. It will be filled with the organisms' wastes and toxins. If you have infections you always have die off whenever an organism dies naturally or when an eradicating agent is used. 
While your are in the eradication process, if many organisms die at once there WILL BE major DIE OFF which will cause what is known as a Herxheimer reaction.
Where do die-off toxins go? 
Die off falls into the interstitial fluid what is around a cell. This fluid is drawn into lymphatic system, get filtered through the lymph nodes and move on into the blood to all other detoxification systems; Liver, Lungs, Urinary, and Skin to be expelled from the body. To achieve this detoxification process successfully all pathways must be open. 
Can the detoxification process be unsuccessful?
Yes, or can take a long time to complete when a detoxification system is impaired. Spirochetes and other organisms tend to thicken fluids thus causing all toxins to remain and stagnate, where they've died, for a longer period of time. The lingering toxins will cause the body to create inflammation, a natural process to isolate the toxins. Inflammation swells and tightens skin and pathways, making it even more difficult for the dead cell and toxins to move into the lymph pool.Lymph needs to be  stimulated and pathways kept open so toxins can escape body.

Following are two most important pathways:

1)The Lymphatic Pathways
Lymph Stimulator's (examples):
  • Cleavers tincture 2 drops in tall cup of water once daily. 
  • Barley grass 1 to 4 capsules 
  • Aloe Vera Juice 2 TBS. daily in tall cup of hot water. 
  • Skin brushing
  • Vigorous Movement
Once the lymph is stimulated it can now be drawn more easily into the
    Lymphatic pathways 
    which are located throughout the body. Since the lymphatic system is the only system that does not have a pump, it relies completely on movement to pump the lymph fluid into the lymphatic pathways and up to the lymph nodes and onto the blood.

    For the lymph to be able to enter the lymphatic pathways they need to be open.Often these are clogged or narrowed by debris, flukes, Filarioses, die off, or/and inflammation. 

    What opens lymphatic pathways:

  • Apple Cider vinegar organic and honey.  2 tsp. of each in 2 cups hot cup water - one to three times daily (depending on individual) One is usually sufficient. (Honey will neutralize the acidity. It is important to the process)
  • or Other examples: FLUOX, MMS, Burbur. (Not taken with each other as these cancel the other) 
    • Once the pathways are opened the toxin filled lymph will flow as long as it is pumped.

      What pumps the lymphatic system:

    • Jumping
    • walking
    • stretching 
    • much movement

    • To further move the toxins along -  the toxin filled lymph must be flushed. 

      What flushes the lymph:

    • WATER 
      From there the toxins will go to the veins where the toxin filled blood circulates throughout body to be expelled through the lungs, through the  skin, and through the liver. What the liver cannot convert gets carried out by bile into the small intestine to be expelled or it is carried by the blood to the kidneys to be expelled in the bladder.
    *While your are doing eradication of an organism there WILL BE DIE OFF! 
            Understand this very clearly: You must always create die off if you want to get rid of your infections. Starting your eradication process and feeling worse then before you started the eradicationis NORMAL. You will feel worse during eradication then you did prior doing eradication. This is normal and necessary!! 
            If you are not prepared for the eradication process then do not begin this process. Continue to live with the progressive infections. In time, when you have become much sicker and more injured, I promise you that you will become self motivated to begin discerning what information is to get you well, which information is purposefully planted to keep you in sick so as to make money off your back, what is repeated misinformation, and what is info from people playing in their disease lifestyle for years on end and you will choose to enter into the eradication process; be willing to face and endure the die off reaction, take self responsibility to empower yourself with information and do the hard work.

    Die-off requires clear pathways for successful detoxification process and controlling amount of die off your particular body can handle at one time.The process must not be started until the accumulated neurotoxins have been released so as to be able to accept mote toxins from the die-off.

                    Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE

                     ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~


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    From the lymphatic system the toxins go to the veins where the toxin filled blood circulates throughout body to be detoxed/filtered through the liver..
    2) THE LIVER
    In Stage one: liver uses enzymes and oxygen to burn toxins so as to make them easier for the body to eliminate.
    In Stage two: liver combines partially processed toxins with sulfur or amino acids so the toxins can be removed through bile or urine. 

    A problem arises when toxins aren't broken down fast enough in stage one. When this occurs the toxins will now re-circulate in the blood until the liver has the materials it needs to handle them. 
    If toxins are broken down quickly in stage one, but stage two isn't able to keep up, these partially processed toxins will build up in the body. When we have a heavy load of toxins over a long period of time, the nutrients needed for stage two can become sparse, preventing the liver from handling the load. These partially processed toxins can do more harm than the original toxins when they now become highly toxic non-flushable toxins.

    ""About non-flushable toxins:
    The non-flushable toxins land anywhere on soft tissues and body tucks them away in the fat cells to prevent the poisons from demise of the body. These neurotoxins/nonflushable toxins remain trapped in the body for years eventually causing toxicity illness that may result in symptoms of brain dysfunction and hormonal imbalances, breast pain, menstrual disturbances, adrenal gland exhaustion, low immune system, and more, unless special agents are used to reduce or release them. ""

    When LIVER pathways become blocked with inflammation, metals, chemicals, radiation and vaccination toxins, parasites, drugs, bisphenol A, Candida, other types of fungus, flukes, parasites, cysts, die off, etc. then the toxins will not be able to move forward through the liver to get processed. Thus the toxins will build up in the liver, in the blood, and the soft tissues. 

    A back-log of die off toxins (too much die -off toxin to be processed at one time) will cause these toxins to turn into non flushable toxins. 
    * The liver and kidneys are necessary for proper thyroid hormone conversion. When the liver has too many toxins, hormone conversion is also impaired.

    Liver can become damaged whenever it is pushed beyond its  repeatedly by loading it with more toxins then it can handle at one time. Or, from leaving the liver pathways blocked trapping the toxins in. Heed this if you are using an eradication agent. Create reasonable amount of die off and keep pathways open!  Gather the information you require to do safe detoxification. Research Liver Cirrhosis and  Toxic liver.   Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE

    LIVER filters toxins and turns this toxic waste into liquid which is then eliminated through urine, sweat, or stools. 

    Liver pathways must be kept opened!
      What opens  LIVER Pathways:
    • Vitamin C 1000 mg daily (time-released preferably) taken with MSM (sulfur)  1000 mg optional) When inflammation is high 2000 mg will open.
    • Castor Oil Packs for 90 minutes when pain is coming from a sick liver. It will dissolve liver cysts, will open blocked ducts, will remove flush-able toxins. release neurotoxins from liver, reduce inflammation, reduce a swollen liver, and will open bile duct obstruction. 
      What flushes LIVER?
    • Barley Grass(and helps the bowels release toxins.)
    • Water
    • Lemon water
    • Vitamin C
    • Flax seed oil - Omega 3's (support and detox)
    • Dandelion (support) in tall glass warm to hot water
    • Milk Thistle (support) in tall glass warm to hot water
      What impairs efficient LIVER detoxification:
      Curcumin is good for one liver stage of detoxification, but not the other, thus best to avoid during the eradication process or during other heavy toxic loads.
      Grapefruit juice
      Saturated fats, some fish (e.g.Krill), meats (e.g.pork), and when taken in excess some dairy products (e.g cheeses). 
      Caffeine, Barbiturates, Alcohol,
      Some fungal toxins 
      Starvation or fasting, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity what is necessary for circulation. 
      Drugs; Ibuprofen, Codeine, naproxen, Diazepam, acetaminophen, Lidocaine, cortisone, S-warfarin, Theophylline (respiratory drug), phenacetin, Synthetic antimicrobial agents, 
      Testosterone, steroid hormones,
      Some pesticides,  paint fumes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,aromatic amines.     Heterocyclic amines (BBQ meats to nicotine),  Some nitrosamines (fried and processed foods), propranolol,metoprolol,cyclosporin, ethylmorphine, carvedilol,erythromycin, bopindolol, ketoconazole,  4-methoxyamphetamin, Phenytoin, estradiol, Alprenolol, clomipramine, dextrometh- orphan, Amitriptyline, desipramine, nortriptyline, oxicam drugs, hexobarbitone, omeprazole, imipramine, enflurane and chlorzoxazone.
    What promotes LIVER detoxification:
    Dark green  vegetables, onions, garlic, ginger, seaweed's (kelp and kombu especially enhance lymph cleansing), wheat grass juice and other vegetable juices, citrus and other tart fruits (cranberry juice is excellent), bitter foods like radish, mustard greens and kale, flax seed and other Omega 3 fatty acids(Flax).  Oranges, grapes, apples.  Lemons or limes detox pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach.

    Consuming foods rich in sulphur-containing amino acids helps to boost glutathione levels (a natural process of the body. (glutathione supplements do nothing only the foods) : 

    • Asparagus, Raw garlic, onions, leeks and shallots, eggs and cruciferous vegetables (eg. broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower), avocado and spinach. Berries, living fruits, except for grapefruit.
    • MSM
    • Milk Thistle- Silymarin
    • Dandelion
    • Balanced  vitamin and minerals. 
    Using the mixture burdock root (Arctium lappa L.), slippery elm  inner bark (Ulmus fulva Michx.), sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella L.), and Indian rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum L.). Watercress (Nasturtium officinale R.Br.), blessed thistle (Cnicus benedictus L.), red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), and kelp (Laminaria digitata [Hudson] Lamx.) found in such Cancer promoted teas such as  Flor Essence, Essiac, Tea of Life, Herbal Essence, Vitalitea as a detotoxifiyer for a zoonotic infected body and long term can cause liver or kidney damage, both being most vulnerable and are often weakened organs during these infections and from eradication for years. And, the risk is even greater when taken with other agents; herbs, drugs which many do take causing negative interactions with each other. Research each herb in each support product to see what interacts negatively with each other and before taking more then one herb within five days of each other. This is not worth sabotaging ones major detoxification organ.
    Toxins are expelled through pathways:
      Perspiration releases toxins from the skin  Hot baths and sauna's will cause perspiration to expel toxins from the SKIN 

      Deep breath releases toxins from the LUNGS (Mouth / tongue)

      Stools release toxins from the GASTROINTESTINAL 

      Urine releases toxins from the KIDNEYS

      Lymph pumping, and flushing releases toxins from the interstitial fluid into the LYMPHATIC PATHWAYS onto liver.

      LIVER releases toxins to skin, lungs, gastrointestinal, and kidneys. LIVER

      All these detoxification systems need your attention for successful removal
      of toxins from your body. Follow the links for each of the detox systems.

    Helpful to support systems for efficient detoxification

    *Remove stressors:
    • Do not begin using an eradication agent until your high level of neurotoxin toxicity has been reduced. If you've had infections for awhile they will automatically have accumulated.
    • Less EMF's or sitting on geopathic ley lines, less herbs, less drugs, less support products that interact with each other or confuse your body.
    • Stop adding to your toxic load by what you eat, inhale, and absorb what are toxic or turn toxic because the liver cannot process the amount being taken or interactions.
    • Believing you will get rid of the diseases more quickly by attacking the organism's from every angle at full power  or to keep oneself in a high wretched level of a herx at all times ... is wrong thinking!    This is abusive to your body and most likely will prolong the disease by damage or inability to tolerate anymore toxins therefore having to discontinue the eradication process, as well as causing severe long lasting complications. This causes high stress to the body.
    • Lower the amount of die off you create at one sitting!
    • When you are filled with toxins that are making you sick then your toxic cup is already FULL!   Adding any more toxins to it will cause more illness. If you are planning to enter the eradication process and your cup of toxins is already running over you are in trouble before you even begin eradication. Non-flushable toxins must be released to reduce the toxic load!!
    During the eradication process, most every day, for the next year you will be dealing with:
    • Toxins of the infection(s): Exotoxins and endotoxins, neurotoxins, daily toxins from environment and foods and the daily die off toxins caused by the eradication agent. Both flushable and non-flushable toxins and trying to prevent your flushable die-off toxins from becoming non-flushable toxins.
    • Pain from zoonotic damages, inflammation, presence of infection activity pain and symptoms, lack of sleep, toxicity pain, toxins in nerves, organ pains, peripheral neuropathy and other pains
    • Fatigue from an over-worked body or/and a injured brain; from neurotoxins and the presence of infections in the brain.. 
    • Working your daily detoxification Plan and keeping yourself well during the process.
    • Monitoring yourself.
    • * Take a five to eleven day break from the eradication process every four weeks or equivalent, especially at the beginning when many infections present. Depending on the agent and how often you are using it and if you are often creating die off when previous die off has not yet cleared its self. This gives the body an opportunity to rebuild cells and re-balance itself. Every body is different in health of organs, amount of infections present, how spread (amount) of infections present, how they honor their body, their consistent or inconsistent daily detoxification, amount  neurotoxins present, type of eradicating agent, etc.
    Consistent detoxification requires "self responsibility" 
    Know that hundreds of thousands of people have done self care prior and during eradication even when they were impaired with brain fog, were sick with many infections, and were living on their own,  or  were dirt poor.... If they were able to take complete responsibility for their eradication and detoxification then so can you.  All you need is the ability to read (or, ask someone to read to you) so you know how to care for yourself and to keep yourself safe. Empower yourself for the love of you!!!

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