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The following are a few aids for some symptoms manifested from neurotoxin infections such as neuro Lyme, or neuro Babesia, neuro Bartonella, Brucella, and all the neurotoxin producing infections.  In lyme and coinfections most of our bizarre symptoms come and go for no sensible reason. The symptoms  wax and wane, show up for no apparent reason and disappear for no apparent reason. These "weird" symptoms are usually to do with the inflammation in the Limbic brain, the Brain stem, and the Cranial nerves, and other parts of the head caused by the venom's of a particular infection, the presence of infections in the brain parts or brain stem, trapped neurotoxins,   certain drugs, high toxicity level in the body/brain, even self induced illness from interaction,side effects and overdoses of products, overdoses of vitamins or minerals, and other.
    Read also LLMD (Burrsaco, Sherr, Jemsek to name a few.) 

    Since so many of zoonotic disease suffer from anxiety, fear, and other psychiatric disorders because of our inflamed Limbic Brain we find ourselves much of the time into "flight" and "fear"..  A dilemma indeed!

    In "flight" and "fear" reaction to the weird symptoms we panic, run to the emergency, spend money (most often beyond our means) on gadgets, treatments, herbs, and medications. These then will appear to have helped when the symptom probably resolved themselves on their own, or inflammation lowers and we continue sedating with something not necessary. Fear may be real or it may be false. Both will keep us scrambling to save our skins.

    Treating every bizarre and weird symptom with a medication, amputation, alteration, herbs, and support products creates many more problems for us, because when the symptom suddenly goes away we find ourselves altered, a slave to a drug we no longer need or on a herb that now is unbalancing our system because we no longer require it. Not one of us wants to become sicker then we already are by creating another layer of illness.

    It is important to understand this "over the top fear". It becomes highly intensified when the brain is inflamed.  We can train ourselves to "slow down" before making a decision, make notes and rules for ourselves to always give ourselves 5 days to make a  decision, etc., rather then instantly reacting to the fear and getting our pocket book or body into jeopardy.

    The following are some "helpful's" for some common waxing and waning symptoms, and other.

    Brain fog

    Brain fog with these infections is most often caused by all kinds of toxins in our system which cause inflammation;  prescription, over-the-counter, street drugs, or a combination of drugs. Chemicals from; beverages, in foods, pesticides, toothpaste's. Metal poisons, vaccination poisons. Radiation poisons. Silicon toxins. Parasites, flukes, amoebae's,  or tapeworm producing neurotoxins around the clock. All types of Candida fungi and other potent fungi producing neurotoxins twenty four hours a day. Infections anywhere in the body; Bacteria's, protozoan's, rickettsia, viruses, mycoplasma's, or spirochetes producing toxins, endotoxins, and neurotoxins.Mold spores in the environment of work, home, or vehicle producing neurotoxins. Blocked or sluggish lymphatic or liver pathways preventing toxins to flow out of the body naturally. Sluggish detoxification systems; constipation (toxins lingering in the lower body), shallow breathing or holding ones breath, lung problems, poor circulation, low blood pressure, ill kidney's, inability to sweat, no exercise to move lymphatic's what is the only system without a pump. Lack of hydration or lack of oxygenation. An imbalance in vitamins and minerals causing toxicity, antioxidant deficiency, nutrient deficiency. Adrenal exhaustion, sleep deprivation, misalignment of the spine, spirochetes within the spine, lack of sleep, allergies to foods, to name only some of the most common causes of brain fog.

    "Off-brain", sick, or dull brain can be caused by injury to the brain (TBI) from accident or from damage caused by the infections, bacteria inhabiting and injuring the brain, malnourished body starving the brain, drugs or other altering the natural process of the brain, lack of food or water, lungs poorly oxygenating, die-off  toxins, lack of sleep, and even lack of stimulation.

    Toxins in the fatty tissues of brain: These become lodged here for various reasons; from the infections present in brain parts or re-circulating toxins from blocked lymphatic pathways or an impaired liver unable to detoxify efficiently,sluggish detoxification systems, eradicating over a herx (before die off has cleared) or too much eradication agent at one time; causing toxins to get backed up and re-circulate, some getting lodged in the fatty tissues of the brain and throughout the body. All infections that produce neurotoxins, these toxins remain in the body and easily get trapped in the brain, especially if the infections are living there.
    Non-flushable toxins can be detoxified with a few different agents.

    Helpful to lift twelve layers of brain fog

  • Open sluggish Lymphatic and liver pathways to allow toxins out of the body. See detoxification.
  • Keep all detoxification systems expelling; lymphatics, liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels.
  • Immediately begin releasing neurotoxins.
  • Stop putting toxins and poisons into your body.
  • Check all support products side effects and interactions with each other and then stop self inflicted illness with ingestion of an array of support products.
  • Stop smoking cigarettes, as additives are toxic. 
  • Remove the metals, vaccination, radiation, chemicals, and drug poisons stored in the body with Orea-toxin Remover or zeolite with DHQ (not to be confused with other zeolites) these are both capable of removing all these neurotoxins at once.
  • Remove all parasites, amoebas, flukes, and tapeworms.
  • Remove all types of fungus.
  • Remove oneself from a mold environment.
  • Move, move, move to pump the lymphatic system.
  • Promote detoxification through foods, hydration, and a balance of vitamin and minerals.
  • As soon as possible eradicate all bacteria, viruses, rickettsia's, protozoa's and other infections.
    Brain Inflammation

    The inflammation and neuro toxins in the brain may prevent us from getting well because we are unable to think clearly and rationally. 

  • We may let false fear control us..always in reaction without thinking it through.
  • We may jump from one treatment to another imagining what we are using isn't working.
  • We may be so confused we are unable to follow a treatment plan.
  • We may mix herbs, mix drugs, support products altogether that do not agree with each other or with us, thus causing us even more harm.
  • We may imagine (just like it is real) that someone or something is trying to harm us such as the doctor, our loved ones, the air, the electricity, the electronic waves, our dwelling, the food, the medication, the vitamins, the minerals, etc. (Venoms of infections impairing brain)
  • We may decide it is more comfortable to stay in what we know (being ill with Lyme for so many years) then to do the work to get ourselves well.
  • We may buy everything that we've heard helps with Lyme such as sauna, frequency devices, pills, herbs, exotic treatments, dozens of books on Lyme, bi mats and an endless array of what others have claimed to be helpful in the eradication of Lyme disease, including getting mercury amalgams pulled when we have never once removed the existing mercury in body, not being able to se through professionally composed pitch pages aimed to make the reader hit the buy now button, doing so many ineffective things hoping to find a short cut, hoping it will be easier to do the eradication, and sometimes just plain ol' procrastination, all that gets us no closer to eradicating the infections. Our illness or lacks often prevents us from discerning a pitch pages promising us huge results if only we buy today.. what is real or a sales pitch, what is half truths or simply fluff words. The seller relying on your impulsiveness and desperation to feel better.
  • We may drag our sore carcass from doctor to doctor to doctor trying to force doctors unknowledged in Lyme and zoonotics to diagnose us or to treat us, not understanding how our expectations are unrealistic, rather then going to natural treatments proven to eradicate completely.
  • We may jump from one thing to another always thinking it will be the magic one that will eradicate with no herxheimer reaction!  ...Not being able to comprehend that die off of the toxins causes flu like symptoms and a necessity in the eradication process. 
  • The inflamed brain of uncleared thinking may choose not to do the work to lift the fog layers listed above, wanting to linger in the infections for the payoffs we are getting from it.... which is clearly wrong thinking coming from a foggy brain. 
  • And, for others they have had mental disease before Lyme disease so for them recovery will be more then overwhelming, yet, they can do it under guidance and care of a LLND or MD.
  • Let someone else lead you in your treatment plan.
  • Talk to someone about your fears. Listen to their feedback.
  • Use your brain as much as possible to keep it exercised, even if it is very difficult.
  • Avoid over taxing a sick brain. Rest if often.
  • Avoid hard jumps, bouncing, hitting the head when it is sick with infections and neurotoxins.
A foggy toxined brain is impaired. 
It is being altered by the toxins.
Most of the time we are unaware at how it is altering our perception and judgment, and other times we have an idea of how it takes our thinking into the ditch when we least expect it. 
We may believe we are in total control, yet it may be the toxins in our drivers seat that has taken over our controls.

We have plenty enough with protozoa's, bacteria's, and spirochetes squatting in our brain without continuing to put stressful things into our brain or making an effort to remove what we have put there.

This is your brain. Help it.

 Head Pain
Brain Psychiatric disorders
Brain fog Anxiety
Brain Inflammation Stroke
Brain parts
Typical Head Pain/Head aches - Zoonotic infections common in the brain
Head Pressure Parts of the Brain and functions
Meninges Lyme Headache Cranial nerve functions.
Migrains What inflames brain
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Typical Head Pain/Head aches -
Helpful to relieve: 
  • Drinking one or two glasses of water.
  • Sleep! Sometime the body re-balances itself during sleep.
  • Rubbing the affected area constantly with slight pressure for a few minutes.
  • Putting fingers in ears and pushing up .
  • Placing a cold towel at the back of head.
  • Chewing on an ice cube.
  • For severe headaches, applying a cold compress that was dipped in sole (salt diluted in water) 1 teaspoon of sole to 1 tablespoons of cold water). 
  • Sometimes the parasites are causing. Therefore eradicate the parasites.
  • Sometimes it is caused by hunger.
  • Die off toxins.... Detox, detox. detox. Open pathways.
  • Head Pressure
    The head pressure most always from brain inflammation. 
    • Ibuprofen brings down the inflammation. 
    Meninges Lyme Headache
    When under scalp is sore and feels bruised.- It begins in patches, then to whole  areas under the scalp progressing to the entire head feeling bruised. It gives a dulling of brain type headache with no relief night or day. Even a full night sleep does not change its level. Headache goes on for long periods..weeks at a time. It is an inflamed meninges, the envelop of the brain. When you touch the scalp it feels mushy under skin.
    • As soon as an area on the scalp feels bruised to immediately take Ibuprofen to get the inflammation down or taking Ibuprofen until all scalp (meninges) inflammation is down. 444 for 20 minutes for 20 consecutive days or to when it stops.
    Migraines (Caused by toxins)
    • Taking two activated Charcoal with two cups of water.
    • Taking a 4 drop drink of MMS  and repeating the next hour.
    • Taking a 6 drop drink in tall cup of zeolite with DHQ only or ORËÁô, if you do not have MMS, as only one or the other can be taken.. 
    • 2 capsules Celery seed and dandelion capsules
    • 5 cups of water
    • Coiling head with 655 for two minutes (if zoonotic infections present).
    • Coiling the head with detox 306 or other.
    • Migraine 625 for for 2 minutes once daily
    • or, 1.0 for 40 minutes followed by 30 for 20 minutes.
       Cognitive disorders 
    A LLMD said that Lyme disease can mimic any psychiatric disorder. The most common disorders of the brain besides the neuro cognitive disorders and brain dysfunction is anxiety disorders, mood disorders (depression), psychotic disorders, and eating disorders. 
    Neurotoxins of certain venoms of some infections manifest psychiatric symptoms. As little as a 30% neurotoxin load can manifest psychiatric symptoms. Few with the zoonotic infections have such a low load as most all neurotoxins produced by the infections remain somewhere in the body and most land trapped in the brain.
      Examples of what may be Helpful 
    • Lithium Orotate 5mg. Improves thinking, protects the brain from toxins, elevates mood, and  decreases anxiety and nervous system irritability. Helps few. Interacts negatively with other things.Check for interactions before beginning this!!!
    • Fish oil capsules for depression (not the one caused by neurotoxins)
    • DL-phenylalanine (DLPA)( depression)(not the one caused by neurotoxins) Check for interactions before beginning this!!!
    • Daily small doses of MMS (3drop activated drinks)
    • Balance all vitamins and minerals (most especially the B vitamins.)
    • Aim to get the brain inflammation down by the eradication of the bacteria's and doing heavy duty daily detoxification.
    • Taking MMS will reduce the depression caused by neurotoxins.
    • See previous helpful's
    • 312.5 once daily for 4 minutes as necessary. At least two consecutive days.
      Anxiety looks like this: Feelings of apprehension or dread, irritability, restlessness, watching for signs of danger, feeling like your mind's gone blank, trouble concentrating, feeling tense and jumpy, anticipating the worst, pounding heart, sweating, tremors and twitches,  muscle tension, stomach upset, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, frequent urination, frequent diarrhea, shortness of breath, surge of overwhelming panic, hyperventilation, feeling of losing control or going crazy, hot flashes or chills, trembling or shaking, heart palpitations or chest pain, feeling like you're going to pass out, nausea or feeling detached or unreal, stomach cramps, trouble breathing or choking sensation. It is more then chronic worrywarting. Anxiety is unwanted thoughts or behaviors that seem impossible to stop or control.

      Anxiety is caused by side effects of many drugs, parasites, heavy metals, Candida Fungus, other fungi, and numerous other causes, as well as, Zoonotic infections such as  Babesia, Bartonella, Lyme, and short neurotoxins. The anxiety of Lyme and coinfection can be higher at times then other times

      The cause of Lyme disease anxiety may be when there is a depletion of serotonin, or inflammation of the Limbic System or some cranial nerves. (I had anxiety intermittently since the first year of Lyme disease. ***Since my brain has not been as inflamed, it no longer appears anymore. Alleluia!) (This written when I had  the infections) The anxiety would show up suddenly for no rhyme nor reason and then leave in the same way. It was terribly uncomfortable when it was present and I think attention deficit disorder would also show up at the same time.) 2015 hindsight: It may have been that this had lessened after I had taken MMS. Now I know MMS can detox neurotoxins.

      Anxiety may also be from a lack of coping skills or fear of how the disease is affecting our lives that is beyond our control. (This not caused by inflammation or toxins or zoonotic infections.)

      Best anxiety relief for zoonotic symptoms of anxiety:

    • 30 minutes of walking.(Fast) As often as necessary, if you are mobile.
    • Herbs, etc. do not help on anxiety caused by the venoms of these infections. I used to list some ,but all it did was to promote self induced layer of illness when all was mixed together.
      Robertís Magic Formula
      As soon as you are aware that you have had a stroke-
      400mg. of Co Q 10
      400mg of vitamin E
      400mg. Vitamin C
      Aged Garlic 600mg
      2 Cardio Aspirins
      Recovery starts within a half hour. Complete recovery in 3 hours. 
      Take what you want and leave the rest.
    NextBody Inflammation 


    Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE

    ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~

    Lyme-Plus Coaching
    ~by Louise 
    Moving on out of the infections & up into the rest of your life!


    People having the infections of Babesia, the lyme spirochete and Bartonella these were always found to be in the Brainstem, even when infections were not present in the brain.
    Lyme (neuro Lyme): In brain parts is usually found only in the Brainstem, Limbic, Cerebellum and sometimes in the Basal Ganglia. Then it is also found in the spinal cord. Then also found in the cranial nerves (some)and Sometimes in Pituitary and sometimes in Penial gland. Seems to be different if they were born with it, how long present in body and I suspect where the person may have been bitten.
    Babesia (neuro Babesia)In brain parts is usually found in every brain part and in spine,in some cranial nerves and  sometimes in Pituitary and sometimes in Penial gland. Less places if a younger infection.
    Bartonella (neuro Babesia) is usually found in brainstem, and as far up as Limbic brain,and cerebellum. Some go into the  cranial nerves.
    Systemic fungus: (not Candida fungus!) Depends which type. There are numerous and different types around the world. Depends how many years present,also. Places commonly found: Some usually in brainstem. Some found in brain parts. Some even within spine, some in lungs, in pancreas, some in glands, in lymphatyic's, in blood , some in heart, some in arteries, some in gums, some within  in pulp cavity of teeth, some in the marrow,some in liver, some in muscles, in sinuses, in ears, In ovaries, In uterus, in prostate, in atriums and valves. Fungus comes from mold sore that begins growth..from wind, grasses, tick bite infections, mold in homes, work place and vehicles, vaccinations, foods..

    Here is the brain of someone with Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella and Aspergilosis fungus- Everyone is different when either infections are.and also present were Die off toxins, Metal Poisons, Chemical poisons and  Drug Poisons. Energy scanned. Yellow indicates the inflamed parts

    Brain Parts . . .  . . . .  .
    Lyme spirochetes: Brainstorm Limbic, Cerebellum,  Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes Cerebral Cortex.
    Babes Brainstorm Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Bartonella  Brainstorm Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Unknown Fungus,  Brainstorm Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Brain Inflammation today: Brainstorm Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Cranial Nerves : . . . . . . . .
    Lyme spirochetes Olfactory Optic  Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abduc.ens Facial Vestibulocochlear,
    . Vague Glossopharyngeal pinal-Accessory Hypoglossal . . . .
    Babes  Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducts Facial Vestibulocochlear,
    . Vague Glossopharyngeal pinal-Accessory Hypoglossal
    Bartonella  Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducts Facial Vestibulocochlear,
    . Vague Glossopharyngeal pinal-Accessory Hypoglossal . . . .
    Cranial Nerve Inflammation today Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducts Facial Vestibulocochlear,
    . Vague Glossopharyngeal pinal-Accessory Hypoglossal . . . .
    Another with Neuro Babesia and other
    Brain Parts . . .  . . . .  .
    Babesia Brainstem Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Bartonella  Brainstem Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Unknown Fungus,  Brainstem Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Cranial Nerve Inflammation today Brainstem Limbic, Cerebellum,   Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobes  Cerebral Cortex.
    Cranial Nerves : . . . . . . . .
    Babesia  Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducens Facial Vestibulocochlear,
    . Vagus Glossopharyngeal pinal-Accessory Hypoglossal
    Bartonella  Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducens Facial Vestibulocochlear,
    . Vagus Glossopharyngeal pinal-Accessory Hypoglossal . . . .
    Cranial Nerve Inflammation today Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducens Facial Vestibulocochlear,
    . Vagus Glossopharyngeal pinal-Accessory Hypoglossal . . . .

    Here are the brain parts and some of what they control
    Brainstem Regulator of 
    sleep/wake cycle
    digestion, appetite, thirst
    heart rate
    blood pressure
    body temperature
    bladder function
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments
    Basic functions like breathing and sleep are controlled here.
    Wide awake in middle of night, insomnia, sleep awake 
    Shortness of breath, air hunger, 
    Problem swallowing
    Erratic heart pulse
    Erratic blood pressure
    Erratic body thermostat 
    Erratic bladder
    Dizziness and nausea
    Limbic System
    hippocampus amygdala.
    Returns things to a set point in body temperature,sweating,
    hunger, thirst, digestion, response to pain, anger and aggressive behavior.
    Has ultimate control of blood pressure, heart rate, 
    breathing, and all the sympathetic and parasympathetic functions
    sensory signals
    auditory (sound)
    Somatosensory (from your skin and internal organs), go through this organ on their way to other parts of the brain for processing.  Triggers responses to strong emotion such as sweaty palms, freezing, increased heart-beat/respiration and stress hormone
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments
    Abnormal temperature,sweating, hunger, thirst, digestion, response to pain, anger and aggressive behavior.
    Racing heart, low pulse, erratic blood pressure
    Sound sensitive
    Erratic vision
    Shortness of breath, air hunger
    Panic attacks
    Cerebellum Maintenance of balance and posture. 
    Coordination  of voluntary movements
    Performing rapid and repetitive movements 
    Motor control, Motor learning
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairment
    The cerebellum is responsible for coordination and balance.
    Off balance, mobility problems, or paralysis
    Inability to coordinate movement
    Frontal Lobe Expressive language and word choice
    Planning,Organization, problem solving ,reasoning
    Behavioral choices, judgment
    Parts of speech and emotions.
    conscious thought
    voluntary movement 
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments
    The frontal lobes are responsible for problem solving and judgment and motor function.
    Lack of concentration
    Lack of attention
    Loss of executive function (planning, organizing, and reasoning)
    Loss of judgment
    Personality change
    Loss of motivation
    Change in behavior
    Parietal Lobe Touchperception 
    Size, shape, color identification
    Spatial perception
    Visual perception 
    Goal directed voluntary movements
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments
    The parietal lobes manage sensation, handwriting, and body position.
    Poor hand-eye coordination 
    Difficulties writing words 
    Difficulty performing math calculations 
    Difficulty drawing 
    Problems with reading 
    Inability to focus visual attention 
    Inability to attend to more than one object at a time 
    Confusing left-right orientation 
    Temporal Lobe Long-term memory 
    Emotional interpretation
    Processing language and communication
    Some visual perception 
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments
    The temporal lobes are involved with memory and hearing.
    Change in sexual interest 
    Persistent talking 
    Difficulty remembering names and faces 
    Difficulty understanding spoken words
    Difficulty with identification of, and verbalization about objects. 
    Difficulty with concentration
    Difficulty locating objects in environment. 
    Inability to categorize objects 
    Seizure disorders, auras and strange reveries
    Short-term memory loss 
    Interference with long-term memory 
    Aggressive behavior 
    Occipital Lobes processes colors and shapes
    interprets images 
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments
    The occipital lobes contain the brain's visual processing system.
    Difficulty recognizing drawn objects 
    Visual defects 
    Difficulty recognizing colors
    Visual illusions - inaccurately seeing objects. 
    Word blindness - inability to recognize words 
    Difficulty perceiving movement 
    Loss of academic skills (reading, writing)
    Cerebral Cortex Thinking
    Speech and language
    Voluntary movements
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments
    Thinking and voluntary movements begin in the cortex.
    Problems with sequencing
    Inability to use expressive language 
    Mood changes 
    Lack of attention
    Cranial Nerves:
    I Olfactory 
    II Optic
    III Oculomotor
    IV Trochlear 
    V Trigeminal 
    VI Abducens 
    VII Facial 
    VIII Vestibulocochlear
    IX Glossopharyngeal 
    X Vagus 
    XI Spinal Accessory 
    XII Hypoglossal
    I smell 
    II vision 
    III eyelid and eyeball movement 
    IV innervates superior oblique turns eye downward and laterally 
    V chewing face & mouth touch & pain turns eye laterally 
    VII controls most facial expressions secretion of tears & saliva taste
    VIII (auditory)   hearing equillibrium sensation
    IX taste senses carotid blood pressure 
    X  senses aortic blood pressure slows heart rate stimulates digestive organs taste 
    XI controls trapezius & sternocleidomastoid
    controls swallowing movements 
    XII controls tongue movements 
    Inflammation can cause temporary impairments in the following 
    eyelid and eyeball movement 
    turns eye downward and laterally 
    chewing face & mouth touch & pain turns eye laterally 
    controls most facial expressions secretion of tears & saliva
    hearing, equilibrium, sensation
    taste senses, carotid , blood pressure, 
    senses, aortic, blood pressure, slows heart rate, 
    stimulates digestive organs, taste 
    Pain in neck & back & pain from head to shoulder, 
    controls swallowing movements 
    Tongue movements 

    Could relieving the inflammation of the brain make me feel better?
    When doing a Body Scan what is usually found in an inflamed brain is;
    Vaccination poisons, chemical poisons, radiation poisons, drug poisons, metal poisons and toxins of; Neurotoxins of fungus, Candida fungus, parasites, bacteria's and some have the zoonotic bacteria's.  Some of these poisons are also found in some organs, prostate, breasts, joints, and always seem to get trapped in the muscles. When there is pain in the muscles what is usually found is radiation poisons, metal poisons, vaccination poisons, chemical poisons, drug poisons and of course neurotoxins  of parasite's and for those with zoonotics the bacteria's and protozoa's and their neurotoxins.

    The brain  sometimes has many parts inflamed, other times all parts, other times none at all. Sometimes no cranial nerves are inflamed and other times numerous or only one cranial nerve is inflamed. It changes depending on the efficiency of the detoxification systems, what is ingested, absorbed, or inhaled, what has been used to detoxify with, and what living low life exists within the body, and where and their cycles, other slf induced toxicity and how many fat soluble toxins are trapped in the fatty cells.

    Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE

    ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~

     Next Body Inflammation

    All content on this web site  is composed by Louise Jenner, Lyme literate Coach. All information is taken from her experiences, her research, and common knowledge. It is written in simplified form for easy knowledge aquirement by the sick so they can free themselves of the infections in least time possible.

    My shared information is for making the sick's life easier. It is not to be copied or republished on other websites, blogs, or forums!
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