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This page is information only. 
It was created in response to people asking me 
what is the best RIFE frequency device/ machine to eradicate Lyme and co-infections.
* Note:  I have no monetary interest in any of the following RIFE  machines/devices.
    I have been using a Doug Coil for over one year now. Since then, much to my delight, I've experienced a loss of symptoms. After doing much research I learned that the Doug Coil (frequency delivery system)  is the best for eradicating Lyme and Coinfection in least amount of time. It is powerful to get the frequencies deep into tissues and joints where the Lyme bacteria hide or in the brainstem to cerebellum and head where the Babesia, Bartonella, lyme spirochetes and cyst form live. (When these deep areas are left untreated the spirochetes, in time, will reinfect the entire body.) (Now this page has been updated. I no longer have infections, but continue to use the Doug Coil for muscles, tendons. ligaments, flukes, parasites, etc.)

    I learned that the inventor of the Doug Coil, Doug Maclean successfully eradicated the infection in himself, and all his family, within a few years. It takes about 1900 minutes of coiling and it depends on the persons body, how long the bacteria's and protozoas have had to spread, if they do serious detoxification, etc. as to how often they can coil... Some take long, but at least they become better.

    John, who built my Doug Coil, also eradicated his bacteria's within two years. This is his site.  http://sites.google.com/site/coilmachines4less/coilmachines4less He has also trained these two builders to build coil machines:John Montee in Idaho and
    Terry Fitzsimmons in PA.

    The Coil works from outside in and will penetrate the deep tissues and tendons, ligament and bones where Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella often hide. 

    I had also debated about getting the GB 4000. This is a classic a hand held type device. It works from the inside out. The hand rods on this must be purchased separately. A builder of RIFE Devices told me that if I Doug coiled for three minutes I would need 15 to 20 minutes for same effect with hand held devices and some more. The plus, with the hand held was that I just needed to enter numbers then push buttons, sit, and hold rods in my hands during treatment. I thought my neuro brain would handle the pushing of buttons better, but, since I am rather hyper-active I knew in no uncertain terms that I could never sit there, doing nothing, tied down holding rods for twenty minutes and much more that would be required per day.

    So, after looking at many, many devices, I decided on the Doug Coil for its power, for taking least treatment time, for having heard of so many who successfully eradicated their Lyme and most CoInfection's with the Coil, for being able to direct the current to any and every area of my body, for doing  something with my hands while coiling, for doing short treatment sessions, for the cost being reasonable for a device with such power as compare to others, and for knowing that within a few years I would experience a loss in all my symptoms and be completely Bb bacteria and coinfection free after fourteen years! See a forum 


    A few things you may want to remember when purchasing a device to eradicate Lyme and its associated diseases:
  • For complete eradication of the Lyme Bb Bacteria what is  required is a powerful delivery of the frequencies so it can penetrate deep into tissues, the blood brain barrier, blood, organs, and bones.
  • Since most of the time the Lyme Bb bacteria, Babesia, Bartonella all live within the cells, so what is needed is a high frequency carrier wave to penetrate the cells rather than a device of low frequency that is unable to penetrate cells. 
  • To successfully eradicate the many strains of Lyme and Bartonella, as well as other coInfections it is best to work with a device that can be programmed  with the frequencies desired, rather then one that is already preprogrammed. 
  • Price does not determine the power of frequency delivery.
  • Take your time in making a buying decision. 
  • Give yourself thinking time. Get off the phone and call them back only after you've given yourself some time to review what you have been told, etc. 
  • Research. 
  • Ask questions. 
  • Find the most effective frequency delivery for Lyme and Co infection eradication.
  • Remember a sellers job is to sell you a product.
  • What reputation of seller. 
  • What guarantee and Warranty. 
  • What help after the sale.
  • Do you want a stationary device or one you can carry around.
  • :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  • Join Yahoo groups to do with Rife and Lyme. e.g. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/rife/ Ask questions about the device you have chosen to purchase, keeping in mind that some moderators have their own bias or are promoting their own devices business. 
  • http://altered-state.com/index2.htm?/rife/rifecomparisons.htm
  • Excellent info here about RIFE http://www.rifewiki.org/wiki/Main_Page

  • http://www.rifewiki.org/wiki/Rife_and_R.I.F.E._machines_defined

    See here for Lyme and coinfection frequencies and information on coiling

    What is:

    RIFE: Is from the last name of  Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) a researcher/scientist. Any claim that  Royal Raymond Rife invented, made or makes RIFE devices being sold  is completely false.

    RIFE  devices: A name given to devices that  generate specific frequencies and harmonics based on Royal Raymond Rife's observations that intensifying the resonant frequency of a specific bacteria destroys it. 

    Here is the entire history of Royal Raymond Rife along with much information for understanding  electrobherbalism , resonance, RIFE frequencies, bioelectronics, etc.  http://rife.org/ 
    ** Beware of merchants using famous names (of those departed) and pictures of these on their web sites insinuating these people have blessed what they are selling.

  • SELLERS: Throughout the web you will notice sellers rarely mention that these instruments will eradicate bacteria's or increase your health.  Sellers do this out of necessity to protect themselves from the powerful giants who have the money to persecute anyone and anything who seek to permanently eradicate illness. Rife instruments, along with many other things that restores health, is not good for some people's business.  For them, money must be made on the backs of ill people so they can increase their yearly market growth in order to keep their shareholders satisfied.
  • No government organization regulating RIFE Frequency devices  Consumers are on their own to figure out what is best buy for what they need. There are  thousands of bioelectronics frequency devices available. Some are weak, others poorly made, others well made and effective for diseases, yet, few are powerful enough for Lyme and the co infections, although many do claim they do, yet they are too weak to do a complete eradication of the Bb bacteria and some of the co infections.
  • No one can claim something will heal a person, except medical doctors and pharmaceuticals. When sellers of health aids do they risk persecution and prosecution. Therefore you will rarely see RIFE devices web sites make any such claim except to say it can help your pets.  They must be careful.  This makes it not easy for them, nor for the consumer. 
  • The war against self treatment lurks at every corner. Therefore throughout the Internet you will see a quacking campaign to discredit   Bioelectronic Frequency devices, and other health aids,  cloaking themselves as consumer saviors, pro debunkers and quackpotwatchers... all the while selling their own products to those they have lured to their web pages.  http://www.quackpotwatch.org/WisconsinWar/who_are_these_so.htm
  • Is RIFE safe? Has been used on humans for over forty years with no reports on any harm caused. I have been exposed to the Doug Coil and hand held RIFE frequencies daily for four years with no ill effect, but definite positive results. 
To see how the inventor of the Doug Coil  used the coil to eradicate the bacteria's .. In Search engine copy paste " Doug coil  machine PDF "
Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE

Around the year of  1990  Doug Maclean made a Coil machine to eliminate  Lyme Disease and other infections from himself and his family. They have been Lyme symptom free since.  Doug has never made a cent from sharing what he knows about rife technology and has made his information available to those who are infected  with  Lyme Disease and coinfections. 

Letter from Doug MacLean, Coil Machine Inventor
Dear Editor,
This letter is long overdue. Remember, I was the one who called you from "Big City" with the electromagnetic machine for Lyme disease?
I became interested in the effects of electromagnetic fields about four years ago, when I was ill with Lyme disease. In the spring of 1990, my G.I. tract was most infected. I was unable to eat anything but Ensure-Plus, and lost 20 pounds in 14 days. I was put on an IV (2 grams Rocephin daily for a month). However, I was still losing the battle. A relative told me that back in the 1930's, researchers found that specific electromagnetic frequencies would kill micro-organisms. I could see that this might be possible. I had nothing to lose, so I set up an experiment with two objectives:
1. Test and prove the theory that electromagnetic waves at fixed frequencies can kill the Lyme spirochete in vitro.
2. Try the same experiment in vivo.
EXPERIMENT #1 - In vitro
1. Leitz microscope body with Zeiss 100x oil lens. 1.32 NA and 10x eye pieces. 1000 power with dark field turret.
2. Spare lens.
3. "x1" slides with slipcovers.
4. Function generator
5. 700 watt audio amplifier. (Started with 20 watts).
6. 400 gauss coil for microscope. Tried many different kinds. Put coil around condenser lens below slide.
7. Amp meter.
8. Volt meter.
9. Live spirochetes . Facilities to cultivate them. After observing the spirochetes for some time, I applied 625 Hz and noticed a number-of unusual reactions from them:
a. Vibrated tail and appeared broken .
b. Bent back and forth from center.
c. Spinning (100rpm).
d. Straightened out.
The spirochetes that reacted did die in 20 minutes to 2 hours. 600 Hz had the same effect. I knew that the response curve for resonance was symmetrical, so I went to the midpoint of 612 and found this frequency to be more effective. 920 seemed to be another kill frequency, and it occurred to me that I was on a harmonic of 306. I tested 306 and found it to be the most effective for killing spirochetes - in fact, my wife and I had a "Herxheimer" for three days, from looking in the microscope when its coil was running at that frequency.
EXPERIMENT #2 - In vivo
1. Function generator
2. Amplifier
3. Amp meter
4. Volt meter
5. Oscilloscope
6. Coil
The coil was held around head, chest, waist and legs. Time: 30 seconds per positions - 3 minutes. Reaction: As with antibiotic treatment, there was a Jarisch-Herxheimer response with symptoms becoming worse before they went away. The treatment continued once a month for six months before most symptoms disappeared. NOTE: Care should be taken in start-up treatment because of large Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions. Expect two years for complete recovery.
That was just about four years ago. Since then, I have gained back 40 pounds and work full time. Today, I enjoy good health, which I know is directly attributable to the electromagnetic treatments. I have not had any antibiotics since 1989. Many people in our support group have treated themselves, with equally satisfying results. They built their own frequency machines with some differences, but basically the same unit. The components are available off the shelf from a nearby electronics and music store, for about $1500.

The Doug coil can be used for any RIFE frequencies between  230 to 2200.This is sufficient for the task of eradicating the bacteria's of Lyme Disease and CoInfections. 

These are some basic Lyme and CoInfection frequencies. Every strain requires something different and some similar to these. 
83 - 100 - 203, 207 - 307 - 410 - 432 - 612 - 655 -790 - 800 - 878.2 - 832.

Here is a bank of  RIFE Frequencies and what they can be used for.. The Doug Coil is not limited to only Lyme disease and its coinfections:

and here 
Lyme Frequencies 
The Doug Coil can be used for only twenty minutes per session and then it must cool down. It is adequate, as the Coiling for these bacteria's is short at the beginning until the bulk of the bacteria's are eliminated. Later it is then done longer or twice a day. A person starts off at 15 seconds, waits a number of days before doing the Coiling and then slowly increasing as the weeks go by. There is no set time that applies to everyone. It is all about the individual body and how the body is able to detoxify itself.

The Coil is placed on, or near, the area desired to be coiled.

Frequency delivery time is shorter with the Doug Coil than with other RIFE delivery systems.

The Coil is most powerful when held close to the body over ones clothes, and becomes weaker when held further away from ones body. It is not a contact device that requires to be on the skin, such as holding rods or foot pads.

Here is how I use it and here.

Respected builders of the Doug Coil are  Stolar,  Freeman and  Levy and new builders are in process of building their reputations. 

Here are my bookmarks from my Doug Coil research 

You can also build your own Doug Coil.

Build your own RIFE devices


*Beware of the DougPlus DP100 etc.  The name "doug plus" is deceptive as the device has absolutely nothing in common with the Doug Coil. 

Some of the Lyme bacteria can also be eradicated with other devices, or at least it can be kept at a low level to make ones life more comfortable, for the time being. Getting rid of some of the infections certainly increases the quality of a Lyme or other infections sufferer's life. 
Very often people with Neuro Lyme or Neuro Babesia are already broke from treatments and/or past the point of being able to earn income so now the Doug Coil is beyond their means, so they opt for a weaker device. Sometimes it just drags it out. Of course some of these are more affordable, if that is an issue, and other times just as expensive, or cost much more than the Doug Coil. 

Other Bioelectronics

Non RIFE and RIFE Devices 
I have picked the only a few for no paricular reason but to give you an idea.

Beware: Computer RIFE:  A computer doesn't have the power to deliver frequencies for effectiveness on most zoonotic infections. It hasn't got  RF carrier frequency. But, it sounds good.

Copy and paste links in your web browser.







http://www.rifedigital.com/ ( I have this one, not to treat Lyme but for other disorders.)





*** Who should not use the Doug Coil:.

-  Pregnant women or some animals should never be used on (or even near) especially 1 Hz
- Anyone who wears a Defibrillator and or Pacemaker.
- Anyone who has Phlebitis, Thrombosis, heart problems,especially 10Hz (dissolves blood clots)
- Anyone who has suffered a stroke. 
- Anyone who has not had several weeks of good healing after surgery. 
-Anyone who suffers from convulsions, Epilepsy or has a Psychotic disorder.
- 5Hz or lower must not be used while driving a car as it could cause falling asleep.

Sometimes there are used RIFE machines that can be found
 Kigigi or E-bay or RIFE forums

NOTE:  More important information before buying: 

To eradicate an infection with a RIFE frequency you must know exactly what pathogen is in you as each pathogen can only be devitalized by a specific frequency. 

Example:  There are many different types of spirochetes infections, types of Babesia and types of Bartonella, etc. The best way to identify these is by some type of divining.. but, 10 % of people have been scared silly about using this method and another 85% have never heard about it or learned to use this built in asset within themselves. 

Blood test are not accurate to give always give type of spirochetes, bacteria, rickettsia, virus or fungus. If you do divining, such as dowsing,  you will know to match a frequency with pathogens present in you and where to place the coil and how many minutes and how often necessary to achieve intended results. And, also, some infections do not have a known frequency capable of eradicating it.   If you do not have this asset developed, then you must choose your frequencies by guesses. Even using all the frequencies in a library has failed to achieve devitalization for many people.

RIFE frequencies are only one way to try to eradicate all zoonotic infections. 

There are other ways, less expensive ways, that can eradicate all infections completely and sometimes faster. Some eradicating agents do not need to know the exact type of spirochetes, bacteria, rickettsia, virus or fungus present in a body. Here are a few examples.      There are more.     Even after you have used a RIFE device , for a few years, always you will still need to use another eradicating agent to get rid of any unknown co infections if you were infected by a tick or other insect.

All content on this web site is provided only for your quick information so as to encourage you to do your own research.
All suggestions are not to be taken as medical advice. See your own Medical or Health Care Practitioner for professional advice.
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