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Zoonotic infections: Any infection a tick regurgitated in us or was passed down to us from animals through other means..
... The journey to becoming zoonotic free and reclaiming our health is a difficult one.  It will be painful and tedious. We will feel tied down... a slave of our protocol... At  times we will feel hopeless, frustrated, and discouraged, most especially when we  feel  our efforts are not showing progress; because we will actually feel worse then when not doing eradication...and so we may want to give it all up. We will feel alone, feel we don't have enough knowledge, and wish someone would do the research for us, wish someone would tell us what to do next, wish someone would take care of us, and wish someone would take responsibility for our healing.... This is the rugged, rutty part of this "freedom from the infections journey".  It will be one baby step forward and one step back, and of feeling much worse before we eradicate all... But, always it will be progressing to the goal of freedom from the zoonotic infections to give our body the opportunity to begin healing from the injuries incurred by the infections, so we can once again enjoy living in our body.

The rewarding part of a complete eradication will be the disappearance of the symptoms manifested by the infection toxins,  having a less heavy head, being able to think more clearly and in time the sudden realizations that we have reclaimed a once lost cognitive asset!  One by one our lost assets will show up again and for each we will feel much joy in knowing these assets are part of us once again. Slowly, very slowly we will reclaim health as we remove layer after layer of infections and as we put our Humpty Dumpty body together again after the zoonotic injuries and be able to expand our lives once again.

Today we decide if we want to become zoonotic infections free or if we want to continue hosting the spirochetes and other coinfections.

  • Am I willing to break through the denial of "It doesn't matter that I am hosting spirochetes/borrelia" and face the reality that all these infections are creating damage daily within me?
  • Am I afraid of healing because I will have to join the rest of the human race, etc. I have little self esteem left and I may have to start a whole different career? What are my fears around this? Is it better to stay in disease then to face the unknown?
  • Am I willing let go of the "I am sick" lifestyle that I had to create in order to survive and now have grown quite accustomed to?
  • Am I willing to put my eradication process a top priority in my life?
  • Am I willing to learn and to take full responsibly for the eradication of the infections?
  • Am I willing to do this now..To start on that road today? Do I want to eradicate all the infections, and recover from the injuries caused by the infections? 
Day by day, it always our choice of how we will encounter the eradication and recovery journey. 
This journey out of dis'ease can be a rich experience or it can be a rotten one filled with ugly resentment and of "poor pitiful me" to create an energy draining experience for ourselves ... day after day after day.  We all have the power of choice. It is the only power we have. 
  • What type of journey do you want?
Who runs your life
  • Who is responsible to dream dreams for your better tomorrow?
  • Who is responsible to learn about the infections in you?
  • Who is responsible to give you energy gains or energy drains throughout your day?
  • Who is responsible to expand your mind with knowledge? 
  • Who is responsible to give you rest and sleep?
  • Who is responsible to ingest your vitamins and minerals daily to maintain your balanced body?
  • Who is responsible to seek emotional support for yourself with others in illness who understand and encourage?
  • Who is responsible to reclaim your health?
  • Who is responsible for the food and drinks you put in your mouth?
  • Who is responsible to honor and respect your body through illness or in health or set boundaries to achieve this?
  • Who is responsible to make your zoonotic infection eradication plan?
  • Who is responsible for making a plan for your daily detoxification?
  • Who is responsible to carry out your detoxification plan?
  • Who is responsible to make your goals? 
Are you in charge of how you run your life today ? 
Are you in charge of how you encounter your life today ? 


Have you given everyone else charge of running your life?
Are you stuck in blaming everyone and everything for how you have to live your life today?

Choices...the only power we have.

Love of self is part of the journey towards healing :

The eradication and recovery process is a tough one. Yet, all this  gives us great opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with our "self"; learning to love our body, mind and spirit even when we are in financial poverty, in scrambled brain, in a malfunctioning and painful body. It can be a journey of love...  if we choose to honor the being that we truly are, whether we have discover this or not... We can choose to love our self  honestly, respectfully, unselfishly with genuine love whether in sickness or in health. We can give support to self by being aware and accepting support from our favorite Divine being(s) We can uplift our spirit self with energy gains, find joy daily in the midst of troubling times, take charge of how we will encounter life, take responsibility for eradicating infections living in our body, detoxifying body daily for the love of body. Take every opportunity we encounter daily so to build strengths and become more in the midst of our losses, illness.. Just to grow from where we are planted and make our lives pleasant in spite. The journey towards healing is opportunity to develop a loving compassionate relationship with our self, with others, and our planet. 


To carry us through this arduous eradication process and the recovery process it is helpful to have "purpose".  A reason to get up in the morning. It is us who creates our reason. Some will make their purpose to work their protocol keeping their eye on the goal of  reclaiming of their health. Some will have a creative project on the go that will call them daily to work at it. Some  will be to complete studies for their continuing career after Lyme. For a parent it may be how to find 15 minutes a day for acknowledging each child individually. Some to do meditation, playing a musical instrument and others will want to get up in the morning to go to work, complete a task, and so forth. Purposes to get up in the morning and building wonderful dreams to pull us into our futures.


To carry us through this long healing journey it will be a must to have a hopeful, good and positive" attitude" as this will help us slog through the difficult parts of the eradication/recovery journey. We create how we want to experience our journey of life, no matter what road we have landed upon or what tasks we are called to do each day along this way.

What are the reasons you want to get up in the morning? Why do you want to undertake this eradication/healing journey? List them all... Create it in your head so it can be attracted into your life.  The more you make it interesting for you the easier it will be to take yourself towards your goal of freedom from the disease.

~ *** ~
  • I choose how I will encounter my daily life. 
  • I choose to have a positive attitude in all I do.
  • I choose to put my self in charge of my eradication/ healing journey.
  • I will pretend I am a child and that I am the parent of me.
  • I will parent my self with much love.
    I choose to look for the flowers along this pathway of reclaiming my health so I can nurture my spirit with this joy.

~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~

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Developing a healthy lifestyle
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Developing a healthy lifestyle will be helpful during the eradication process and the recovery process.


Practice gratitude for what you do appreciate in your life today until ye find. Say, "I am grateful for ____. " Find ten everyday.

Do "loving kindness" for your body/mind and also towards other people in your life. This segment of your road of life gives you the opportunity to learn to love your "self". Once you learn how to genuinely love you, then you will know how to love others, without attachments.

Ask your favorite Divine Master(s) to eliminate your disease by  guiding you to what you require to permanently eliminate your disease or/and to know how to lessen or eliminate some of your symptoms today and also to have the strength to completely let go of your disease and its pay-offs. Involve these invisible helper(s) in all you do. Allow them to support you on your eradication/healing journey.

Harmony: Your ill body needs - lots of quiet and sometimes gentle music that is healing and harmonious to you.  As well, people around you who are pleasant. Since your body is eighty percent water it automatically becomes imprinted by sound, words, thoughts... Imprint your "inner water" with what is conducive to healing. See words on water.
Turn off the newscasts that feed negativity, fear, and division to imprint you. Quit going to places that promote fear and division and tries to disempower you from being a whole and genuine loving human being.

Transcend from the heavy energies around you by trying to remain in the light energies of love, peace, harmony, joy, gratefulness, oneness, and healing.

Look at your life straight on and come to peace with your situation and your life. (Emotions, feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and your part in any disharmony that automatically depletes you)

Sing or hum - hopeful, cheerful, funny songs. Melodies create vibrations. Create vibrations your cells can dance to!

The fact is, music really does stir the soul. Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Cappon says there are both physiological and historical reasons for the powerful effects of the sound of music.  “The body actually absorbs music. Choral music like The Messiah penetrates the listener like cosmic consciousness. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and calms the listener. On the other hand, military music, for some, or rock music for others, stimulates the adrenal glands and stirs up the listener”."

Music that resonates with your healing would be nice to give to your self while you live through the remaining experience of Lyme Disease.

Reduce stress by emphasizing more on positive emotions. Look for the cup half full rather then the cup half empty. Be open to learning something new every day. See all others as your equals, no matter how odd they are..Just like you they have invisible and visible hurts and pains. Practice staying in the emotions of joyfulness, love, gratefulness, peacefulness, harmony for they are your own energy gains.

Remove unnecessary stress in your environment: Example: Declutter, find a place for everything, organize your stuff including the fridge, financially live within your means and stay out of the dark heavy energies of bitterness, jealousy, hatred, and the likes of them as they are your own energy drains.

Laugh heartily:
It will express air from the lungs, quicken breath, your heart beat will increase strengthening your immune system. It will stimulate your lymphatic system,  and reduce the levels of the stress creating hormones. Laughter has a beneficial effect on your immune system, encourages the production of white blood cells and increases resistance to infection, relaxes facial muscles, lowers blood pressure, and reduces pain perception. Even faking laughter provides mental and physiological benefits.

Adopting a facial expression, whether it's genuine or feigned, can change a person's well being. Try it- Close your eyes, do not smile or frown, now scan your entire body to sense how it feels. Now, keeping your eyes closed, smile and sense how your entire body feels.

Spend Time in Nature
Go outdoors amongst trees, flowers, or water... for one hour, or as often as possible. Feel the winds. Identify the many different sounds. See still objects and what is in movement. Count the many colors of nature. Smell it.. 

Sit in quite and solitude, think only pleasant thoughts or just let your thoughts pass by with no censorship, preferably with eyes closed for 30 minutes to one hour daily, even five minutes will help to ground you.

Include people in your life who will listen to you as you talk out your frustrations and share your joys and then reciprocate; generously listen to the other person on the phone or across the table from you.
Or, start an email "pen pal" with a positive Lyme disease email friend and support each other as you eradicate the bacteria's.

Reduce Pain Load
By making daily body detox part of your life. Eliminate the root cause of your pain. Help yourself  by adding extra anti-inflammatory agent's

Self Esteem
Since Neuroborreliosis usually changes your life drastically you therefore must find, in spite of your disabilities, one thing that helps you maintain a  healthy self esteem

Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

A sharing of some life style from when I was in the infections
  • I go for an outdoor walk of 20 mins or longer daily  or ten minutes if that is all I can do or have time to do. I feel so much better when I can have a good fast walk.
  • Weather permitting: I sit outdoors to listen to the sounds, meditate, and do the "sun gazing" with eyelids closed. (Looking at the sun with eyelids closed does create a mild Herx, but at least I know there are a few less culprits hanging about to sabotage my body and I had fun doing it.
  • Meditation/relaxition for one hour.
  • I try to stay away from negative people and like to be near positive people with a sense of humor.
  • Find things to give me a laugh and uplift me. 
  • Work on a creative project.
  • Rest when I am tired. 
  • Try to keep a routine of regular bedtime hour.

  • If I did not get my good eight hours of sleep I will sleep-in and not set any clock..
                                  -Written in 2009
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    My shared information is for making the sick's life easier. It is not to be copied or republished on other websites, blogs, or forums!
    Any suggestions are examples only. See your own Health Care Practitioner for your personal professional advice.
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