Lyme Disease-Borreliosis
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1.What is Lyme disease?
2.How Lyme Disease is Transmitted?
3.Where is Lyme Disease found in my country?
4.Signs you may have Lyme Disease
5.What is Neuroborreliosis?
6.Untreated or improperly treated Lyme Disease
7.About Lyme Disease 
8.Summary of Lyme Disease Infections
9.Three Stages of Lyme Disease
* When Lyme disease is left untreated or inadequately treated, it will cause progressive illness. As long as the pathogen's remain in body, they will manifest symptoms as they continue to cause damage.

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What is Lyme Disease or Borreliosis
or Neuroborreliosis?
1.Lyme disease is:
(also called Borreliosis and neuroborreliosis)
  • A borrilia bacterial infection, most commonly contracted from a tick bite. A single tick bite can infect its victim with the the Bb bacteria, as well as with other tick borne diseases, known as co-infections. 
  • Lyme disease can affect any system in the body. As soon as one system is disrupted, such as the nervous system, it affects most every other area of the body. The infection will trigger abnormal physical and sometimes mental symptoms. Lyme disease symptoms look like other diseases and disorders. 

  • 2.Lyme disease is transmitted:

    • Primarily from the bite of a tick. 
    • It can also be transmitted by biting flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and lice and also from blood transfusions.
    • And infected mother's have given birth to Lyme infected babies.
    • As well, the Bb spirochetes, of Lyme disease, have been found in many bodily fluids of an infected person. Precautions should be taken as it has been reported to have been sexually transmitted.
    3.Where is Lyme disease found:
    Lyme is found in areas prevalent with infected ticks and wherever migrating birds fly. If birds happen to carry ticks, or the eggs these will start a colony where they happen to land. People have been bitten and have become Bb bacteria (lyme) infected in every province in Canada and most countries around the world.
    4.Signs you may have Lyme disease:
    Since Lyme disease symptoms are very similar to those of many common infections, and mimic some of the symptoms of over three hundred other diseases, it can be a problem to discern. 
    One sign (only reported on about 30% of the infected bitten)is a rounded flat red rash with clearing in the middle. It resembles a bulls-eye. (I mistook mine for ring worm.) If you have or had the bull’s eye rash, you do have Lyme disease. But, you can have the Lyme infection whether you have seen or not seen a rash or ever had a rash.
    Other signs you may have Lyme disease -
    -  After experiencing the bite or a flu-like episode, did you start having one health problem after another or have not felt completely well since?

    -  Do you appear deceptively well, even when in intense pain and feeling terribly unwell?

    -  Do your symptoms linger, wax and wane, change, come and go?

    -  Are some of your symptoms dramatic and others merely annoying?

    -  Do you find yourself describing your symptoms as weird or bizarre?

    -  Did all these symptoms start after a certain month or season or incident?

    -  Do you have persistent malaise, with periods of worsening symptoms, often cyclical, repeating every so many weeks or even seasonal?

    -  Whenever you are over stressed does your pain rise to a higher level?

    -  Whenever you fall, injure or cut yourself - do you feel the injury and its pain lingers an exaggerated amount of time?

    -  Does alcohol react on you?

    -  Is your head unclear, can't remember, thinking is off? 

    -  Have all your medical tests turned up negative?

    -  Has your MD insinuated your symptoms are not real?

    -  Do you know that something is definitely not right within your body?

    If you suspect you may have Lyme disease I suggest you read through this entire web site. Do your research. Seek to eradicate this bacteria from your body as quickly as possible.

    *If you presently have a rash it is urgent to immediately begin home remedy for a new tick bite or/and get help immediately from your doctor - MD or ND and insist on four weeks of antibiotics, or get homeopathic medicine quickly. DO NOT WAIT or linger. Do something now. This is an emergency (only if you have just been bitten or have the rash). Waiting to eradicate the pathogens that were injected gives them an opportunity to multiply and spread in the body.

    5.What is Neuroborreliosis:

    • Neuroborreliosis is when Lyme disease affects the brain. It is often also referred to Lyme encephalopathy, Neurological Lyme, and Neuro Lyme.
    • Neuroborreliosis can start as soon as twelve hours after the bite when the borrilia begin to infect the brain and nervous system. Disorders of the nervous system have been found in 15–40% of late-stage Lyme.
    • Neuroborreliosis can mimic virtually any type of psychiatric disorder or any disorder of the brain. It is often compared to neurosyphilis. Both are caused by spirochetes (albeit different ones). Both are multi-systemic, and can affect the infected person neurologically, producing physical and cognitive dysfunction and the resemblance of psychiatric illness. Such symptoms may be dormant, only surfacing years later as the neurotoxins take its toll. Neuroborreliosis disables most from holding a job, or hinders job or student performance. Only a small percentage of people "neurologically Lyme infected" will be properly diagnosed as having Lyme disease. 

    Do your own Research Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

    6.Untreated or improperly treated Lyme Disease:

    • With antibiotic treatment, some people may never have a recurrence of symptoms, while others may become seriously disabled from this disease and require more effective treatment then just antibiotics. Every body is infected with slightly different infections and also react differently to the Borrilia infection.
    • Untreated or inadequately treated; Lyme infection results in symptoms to appear immediately or may take months or years to develop symptoms that impair. 
    • Left untreated Lyme Disease can result in neurological disorders, crippling arthritis,muscular system damage, damaged organs, blindness, deafness, psychiatric, or psychological disorders... The most common symptoms are joint or muscle pain (particularly in the feet, knees, back, or neck), numbness or tingling, particularly at the extremities, unrelenting fatigue, cognitive disturbances, heart disorders, facial and digestive system palsies, and vision or hearing abnormalities. 
    • Lyme disease is progressive, destructive, and debilitating, and in severe untreated cases, it can be fatal, but at that point it is usually in people that have been misdiagnosed or have taken no means of eradication.
    7.About Lyme disease:
    Borreliosis and its variants have been known throughout the world for at least 100 years. There is even evidence that prehistoric people were infected with tick-bourne diseases. Thirty years ago Borreliosis was given the name of Lyme disease after a high incidence of tick bourne diseases afflicted the population of Lyme, Connecticut, USA. 

    The wheels of establishments are slow to turn and some medical schools may not yet have gotten around to include the latest Lyme disease information in their text books. So unless a medical doctor is interested in further education, they will not know the symptoms and its etiology to properly diagnose Lyme disease, thereby often diagnosing Lyme disease under another name or disease. Since the general public and governments rely heavily on "only" medical doctors to guide us on facts about diseases, Canadians have been left flapping in the wind from the lack of expertise in Lyme disease from the medical community. This does not mean Lyme disease is not present in Canada!

    Tick bites have always been in the realm of Naturopathic Doctor's, yet because our free  Canadian Health care insurance paying only for our medical doctor fees leaving us to pay out of pocket for Naturopathic doctor fees, therefore our population rely's heavily on the Insurance paid visits to the medical doctors. Yet, in Canada there are mostly only Lyme literate Naturopathic doctors.

    You probably have not heard much about Lyme disease unless you have read the postings in the national parks or know of someone that became chronically ill after experiencing a tick bite.

    Once you start looking for information on Lyme disease, most especially on the Internet, you will find many web sites. (Avoid those luring with skeleton info just to get hits to earn income or sell their products with false promises to the desperately ill.) 

    Learn to use the search engine, such as YAHOO  or  GOOGLE Type in what you are looking for- example: Lyme, neuroborreliosis, etc. The more you know, the stronger you will be to make good choices for you, and to walk the journey to reclaiming your mind and body and enjoy a healthy life in the future.

    Lyme disease as it goes...

  • Lyme disease has been progressively spreading and mutating. Lyme on the West coast of America is a different strain to the Bb bacteria on the Eastern coast.
  • Lyme in Euroasia is also spreading and strains vary.
  • Over fifty years ago, in Canada,  medicare started paying our bill for health care, but only if it was with a "medical" doctor. From that point on the Homeopathic/Naturopathic doctors' advice became  more costly for the patient. In time, citizens came to rely only on allopathic medicines for the treatment of all diseases, including for the sicknesses that comes from insect bites. 
  • As well, people today now have access to knowledge, from around the world, about the effects of untreated infected tick bites on the human body and so they can more readily identify to what is known as Lyme disease, in spite of being repeatedly given a wrong diagnosis by MD's. 

  • There is much speculation as to reasons Lyme Disease appears to be more prevalent now than it was in the past. It is also no longer a secret that there has been many man made bacteria's released on the world population. The Bb bacteria may just be one of them also or a long ago bioweapon test gone wrong. Nevertheless it is here in the present and must be dealt with the best we know how today.
    8.Summary of Lyme Disease Infections
    Lyme disease is a severe multi-systemic infection. When the biting tick was sucking blood as it regurgitated, it injected the Bb bacteria and most often some co-infections. All these bacteria's, funguses, protozoas, mycoplasma's, etc., have their own methods of survival within the human body. Each present exude different toxins, symptoms and stages. They all sabotage the healthy functions of the body. 

    The Bb bacteria pollute the inner environment and clog the detoxification systems. The systems they trip-up result in malfunction's here and there and sometimes everywhere in the body. The human body struggles to survive, to rebalance and to heal itself. Distress is felt throughout the body. Their toxins affect the peripheral nerves and left to live within the body the nerves sustain damage, sometimes permanent damage. The body begs to be cleared of the invaders as soon as possible. So... What are the symptoms of Lyme Disease and co infections? It can be anything and many, many things.

    9.The three stages of Lyme Disease: 
    Note that the Stages blend-in altogether and don't necessarily follow the amount of months/years listed here. 
    Three stages of Lyme Disease
    Stage 1 Early-localized disease:
    Erythema Migrans rash. 
    Sometimes  flu-like symptoms.
    Sore muscles
    Joint pains
    Swollen/enlarged lymph nodes. 
    If Rash is not present, then the symptoms at this stage may be indistinguishable from an upper respiratory infection.
    Stage 2
    Early disseminated disease 
    May occur shortly after stage 1 and up to 10 months later.
    Rash may develop at sites across the body.
    Moderate to severe musculoskeletal symptoms including inflamed joints, tendons and fibromyalgia-like symptoms. 
    Some develop neurologic manifestations from an infected/inflamed brain, 
    as well, as an infected nervous system 
    such as; 
    Cranial neuropathy, Peripheral neuropathy Inflammation of the spinal cord 
    A side of the face that is numb or paralyzed.
    Others have 
    inflammation of the heart and surrounding area Changes in heartbeat.
    Others have
    Swollen lymph nodes Conjunctivitis 
    Liver enzyme abnormalities
    Kidney abnormalities
    Stage 3
    Late chronic disease 
    May occur many months or years after the tick bite or start quite quickly.
    As the bacteria and neurotoxins spread it manifests a myriad of minor to severely debilitating symptoms. 

    As a result of a disordered or infected system(s), chronic symptoms arise from the many affected parts of the body, including the brain, nervous system, eyes, joints, heart, bones, muscles,
    ligaments, tendons, limbs. 

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