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Candida,Toxic Metal Poisoning, Parasites/Flukes, Spinal Arachnoiditis, Aspartame Poisoning   ***
Body Temperature Disturbances
Cognitive Disturbances
Mental Disturbances
Digestive System Disturbances
Ears and Eye Disturbances
Head, Face, Neck Disturbances
Respiratory Disturbances
Heart/Organ Disturbances.
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Candida list

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Having the following can also affect recovery from Lyme disease.

-Fever -Poor attention
- Anger
 -Mood swings
- Irritability 
-"Spaciness" "foggy" thinking 
- Memory problems
-lack of concentration
-Poor concentration 
-persistent mental  brain ‘fog’
-feelings of being ‘hung over,’
-hyperactivity -inability to think clearly 
-Symptoms of ADD, -hyperactivity &learning 
disabilities in 
-learning difficulties 
-poor memory 
-cognitive impairments
- anxiety
-sudden mood swings
-pre-menstrual syndrome 
-Panic attacks
-Feeling not in total control of one’s actions, 
-often expressed 
as “I know the right thing to do, 
but I can’t do it.”
and mental instability 
-In extreme cases: hallucinations 
- violent behavior
-cravings for sweets/alcohol/ carbohydrates
-abdominal pain,
-mucus in the stools
-chronic stomach inflammation
- indigestion 
- heartburn/acid
-swelling of the lips and tongue
of the esophagus
-Hearing Loss -Tinnitus
-Retinal abscess
(may lead to vision loss)
-burning eyes 
- White coating/ patches on tongue
-sinus inflammation
-Dry mouth and tongue, cracked tongue, bleeding gums 
-White patches in 
the mouth and fissures at the
corners of the mouth 
- thrush
-sore throat
-swollen membranes of the nose and throat 
Hair loss
-persistent nagging cough
-swollen membranes of the nose and throat 
-clogged sinuses
-Postnasal drip
-allergic reactions 
to foods, things 
you  breathe in,
or touch.
Heart problems
Metal Poisoning
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Metal list
-memory loss -hyperactivity
-poor memory
-bipolar disorder -discouragement
-mood swings -timidity -schizophrenia 
-panic attacks 
-abdominal pain -diarrhea 
-hearing loss
-peripheral vision loss 
-migraine headaches 
-hair loss 
-sore throat  -pallor -headache 
-tooth decay
. -heart attacks, -hemorrhages
-low blood pressure
-other blood disorders
-abnormal ECG, 
-arteriosclerosis -hypertension 
-cardiovascular disease 
-cirrhosis anemia -kidney and liver damage/dysfunctions


Parasites -
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Symptoms list
Parsitic brain
headaches  accompanied by a sensitivity to light or blurred vision. 
Confusion:   memory difficulties,
disorientation, inattention to people and surroundings and an inability
to make decisions.
Fever Nausea when larvae attaches to brain-fluid cavities,  loss of balance, paranoia or hallucinations
-inability to concentrate
-poor memory
-digestive disturbances
-multiple food allergies
-sugar craving
weight loss or
weight gain
-irritable bowel syndrome
-abdominal pain
-toxic colon
-excessive hunger
. -teeth grinding
-High blood pressure
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-Cold extremities (Raynaud) 
-Increased or 
absent sweating
-diminished temperature perception
-reduced ability to think clearly
-short-term memory impairment
-fear of income loss -thoughts of 
-bowel dysfunction
-Weight gain
-blurred vision 
-change in size of one pupil (Horner's syndrome). 
-Adie's tonic pupil -intolerance of 
bright light
-dry eyes 
-stabbing pains  -tingling 
-seeing "stars".
-recurrent sinusitis
-Tooth pain 
-Facial pain
-loss of sweating 
(one side of face)
-difficulty swallowing
-lump in the throat 
- dental problems 
-bleeding gums
-"burning mouth syndrome". 
-migrainous type headaches, 
often with auras. 
-chest pain 
-shortness of breath 
-Blood pressure disturbances 
-chest pain 
mimicking angina
Aspartame Poisoning
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.-Brain Cancer -Dizziness
-inability to concentrate
-can't think straight
-Memory loss
-Slurring of Speech
-"like thinking in a fog"
-feel unreal
-Panic Attacks
-Anxiety attacks
-Marked Personality Changes
-Weight gain.
-Excessive Thirst/hunger
-Hearing Loss
-Vision Loss

-burning eyes 

-burning  throat
-Flushing of face
-Swallowing Pain
-Hair Loss 
or Thinning of Hair
-Breathing difficulties
-Asthmatic Reactions
-Chest Pains
-chronic cough
-Heart palpitations
-Rapid Heart Beat
-Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
-Edema (Fluid Retention)
Blood Sugar Control Problems (Hypo or Hyperglycemia)
Mold Exposure 
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. -Memory loss
-brain fog,
-slurred speech
- confusion
- directional confusion 
-Post traumatic 
stress disorder 
-Difficulty swallowing -choking
-spitting up (vomiting) mucous 
-Irritable bowel syndrome -nausea
-diarrhea, sharp -abdominal pains
-stomach lesions 
 -Sudden weight changes 
-Vision problems 
-Ringing in ears
-balance problems
-loss of hearing 
-Burning in the throat 
-Dirt-like taste in mouth
-coated tongue 
- face flushing 
-Nose bleeds
Hair loss


-Respiratory distress coughing
-burning lungs (similar to acid
reflux and often misdiagnosed 
as such) 
-Asthmatic signs; wheezing,
shortness in breath, coughing,
-liver pain
-spleen pain
- heart palpitations
-blood pressure/ cholesterol /
triglycerides irregularities 
-Irregular heart beat/heart attack 
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. Immune and Endocrine Disturbances Locomotor Disturbance Neuro Disturbances Reproductive Disturbances Severe Sleep Disturbances. Skin Disturbances Urinary Disturbances
12 listed 
33 listed
30 listed 
12 listed
9 listed
14 listed
5 listed
-chronic pain 
-sensitivity to 
fragrances and chemicals
-Multiple food allergies or to all foods 
- joint pain 
-muscle weakness 
-swollen muscles
. -vaginal burning
-Vaginal itching
-Unusual menstrual cramping
- painful intercourse 
-vaginal discharge “white, cheesy” appearance
-chronic vaginal discharge
-chronic inflammation
of -urinary canal
-chronic yeast
-low sex drive 
-Male impotence
-Male and female infertility
-inflammation of the prostate
-benign enlargement 
of the prostate 
-penile infections
-chronic loss of libido (sexual function).
-constantly feeling fatigued 
-Abnormal/excessive fatigue
 -Genital rashes
- jock itch
-Severe itching  skin 
-Skin irritation in the folds of the skin/ groin area/under  breasts -white pustules may
be present
-Fungal Infections:eczema/ acne/nail/psoriasis, athlete's foot, j
ock itch, hives/ rashes
-chronic rectal or anal itching
-kidney dysfunction
-Recurrent urinary tract infections
-Painful and frequent urination 
Toxic Metal Poisoning
-immune system dysfunction
-adrenal gland dysfunction
-thyroid imbalances
-adrenal insufficiency
-inflammation -hypothyroidism
-chronic candida -albicans infection
-adrenal insufficiency
-fluid loss, 
-muscle tremors
-muscle weakness
-numbness and tingling
-pain in limbs
-back problems
-bone spurs
-muscle spasms
-neuromuscular disorder
-muscle tremors
-muscle weakness
-numbness and-tingling
-pain in limbs
-muscle spasms
-ALS, Parkinson’s disease
 -birth defects - fatigue
-Hair loss
-dermatitis, rashes
-skin problems 
-kidney dysfunction


-Low Immune system



-muscle aches 
-Joint pain
. -flu-like symptoms 
-men - sexual dysfunction
-women - PMS / menstrual irregularities
-chronic fatigue
-sleep disturbances
-skin rashes
-itchy ears, nose, anus
-Nail biting
-Intermittent "flare-ups" 
- periods of relative remission
-Intermittent low-grade; fevers
raised white cell count.
-Enlarged lymph glands
-inflammation arachnoid lining brain and spinal cord. 
-Fluid in limbs
- Mimics systemic 
Lupus Erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome, Thyroiditis Sweet's syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and Crohn's disease.
- joint pains
-myofascial pain
Pain is predominant; burning sensations  severe stinging throbbing
Chronic/ persistent pain in; lower back, lower limbs or, throughout  entire body
-stabbing pain
- muscle spasms
-Loss of limb sensation
- tripping and falls. 
-Loss of muscle strength 
Sensations of;
-insects crawling on the skin or 
-water trickling down the leg
- of walking on broken glass
 -Vertigo (unsteady gait). 
- muscle twitches. 
-unpleasant sensations in the legs
-Trouble swallowing 
-esophageal muscle spasms. 
 -sexual dysfunction -insomnia 
-chronic fatigue
-unexplained skin rash
-Bladder dysfunction.
-burning pain 
- urgency 
..which often leads to embarrassing accidents.
Aspartame Poisoning
Infection Susceptibility
Allergic-like reactions

-Mimics or Worsens: 
Fibromyalgia,Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Lupus,Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), complicates Diabetes, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's Disease. 
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Lymphoma, Lyme Disease, (ADD),Panic Disorder, Depression and other Psychological Disorders

-Muscle spasms
-Joint Pains
-Numbness or Tingling of extremities
-Birth Defects 
-Impotency/Sexual Problems
-Menstrual Problems/Changes
-Chronic Fatigue
-Hives (Urticaria)
-Burning Urination


Mold Exposure 
-Food allergies
-leaky gut 
-altered immunity 
-Swollen lymph nodes 
-Large boils on neck
-Thyroid irregularities 
-adrenal problems 
-Night head sweats
-drooling while sleeping 
-profuse sweating 
-Multiple chemical sensitivity 
-Death, in extreme cases


-Joint and muscle stiffness and pain 
- inadvertent body jerking 
-inadvertent facial movements
-numbness in face 
-Reproductive system complications;
-infertility, changes in menstrual cycles,
-Chronic fatigue -Yellowing of nails, ridges,
- white marks under nail 
-Bruising/scarring easily; 
-rash or hives 
-bloody lesions all over the skin 
-Hair loss
- very brittle nails
-temporary loss of fingerprints 
Bladder or kidney pain 
-Dark or painful urine
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