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Energy Testing
How to Dowse for  Frequencies
I found the Frequencies for the Zoonotic bacteria’s from different RIFE lists on the web. I compiled them on a web page here.
Now, I print out this Page of frequencies for the zoonotics bacteria's. 
-I place this Page on a flat surface. 
-I dowse this Page, one  frequency at a time, row by row, asking to find the best frequencies for me at this time. (Or, for someone else as I can also do remote energy testing)

-I hold the dowsing tool over first number, then second and so on until all frequencies have been dowsed.
Example: I hold dowsing tool over 408.  If the dowsing tool remains still or moves to ..no.
I move on to next number 410, holding dowsing tool over that number and now it moves to ..yes.

I record this number on a sheet of paper.
I repeat this until all numbers have been done in Lyme and co-infections.

It does not matter to me if the frequencies are for Lyme or any of the co-infections. 

If it said "yes", it simply means my body requires this frequency at this time because there is something in me that needs to be eradicated with this particular frequency.

Now I have a list of all frequencies that have resonated . It probably is many. Therefore, I will re-dowse them again, asking: Which is the most effective frequencies for me at this time? Once completed I now have a short list. This list I enter on a chart similar to this. I usually end up with about ten frequencies on my short list. 

410 .
780 .

After I have completed entering my short list of frequencies, I go to Capacitors.exe Program and enter 410 to get the alphabets for the switches for this frequency. I do the same for each on my short list.

410 CGJO
. .

Now I print this page, twice, and put each page in a clear binder plastic cover. (I place one next to my coiling chair and one for next to the Doug Coil Unit.)

Daily Dowsing

On my table next to my dowsing chair: Log book, pen, Daily coiling page and a pendulum.

I ask: 

Is it best for me to coil for the zoonotics today? If  ...no..., I do not proceed with coiling for that day. If ...yes.. I proceed
I ask:
Which are my best frequencies today? 
Now I dowse over the first number on my list… if no movement go to next. If you get a clear “no” go to next. If a ..yes..., stop and write it down in your log book next to your dated entry 


Fri Oct.14th

Go to next number and the next repeating same. It may move to indicate "yes" for only one number, or two, or three or four. Whatever amount of frequencies you get, that is all that is required for this session.

After you have entered all the frequencies for this coiling session, you will want to know how many minutes for each frequency.
Holding your dowsing tool over the 800 frequency in your log book 

For 800 how many minutes?One…. Pause (it doesn’t move) Two… Pause (it doesn’t move) Three it moves to ...yes... or continue until you get an affirmative response. Write three minutes next to 800 in your log book. Repeat the same for each of your frequencies for this session.

832…………2 Mins.
878.2……….1 Mins.

Now you want to know which area to apply each frequency with the Coil.

Holding your dowsing tool above the number or just ask:
Is it best to coil 832 on my lower body? Pause… ..no..  Ask: Is it best to dowse 832 on my mid body? ..no.. Is it best to coil 832 on my lower body? "no"Is it best to coil on upper body? "No" Is it best to coil on my entire spine?  ..Yes...  Record "spine" next to 832.

832…………2 Mins. Spine
878.2……….1 Mins.
Do  the same for each frequency: Lower body, mid body, upper body, spine, head.
Once you determine which section of the body it wants, question further:

Lower body may be: feet, ankles, legs, thighs, hips/pelvis.

Mid body may be: abdomen, chest, and entire back.

Head may be: Face, sides, back, top.

Upper body may mean arms (Shoulders, joints of elbows, and wrists, arms) or head (entire head, front, back sides, top)


800…………3 mins.  Knees, elbows
832…………2 Mins.  Spine
878.2……….1 Mins. Legs, thighs, pelvis

Now you have all the information required for your coiling session. Always leave your log book and daily coiling frequency page next to your chair. Use the page next to your Doug Coil Unit to enter your frequencies.
Energy Testing for Vitamins, Minerals, and Other

Establish which minerals and vitamins you are lacking at this present time by dowsing a list of vitamin and minerals.

Ask your higher self, with your dowsing tool in your dominant hand or using a part or all of your body as your dowsing tool:
Do your own Research  on how to do dowsing or energy testing on web or YouTube.
Here YAHOO  or here GOOGLE

Am I lacking in e.g. vitamin D? 

Keep a list of all vitamins and minerals your body requires to rebalance itself.

Test all supplements.

Touch the supplement if necessary or the container.


Is this good for my body? If ..no...Ask: It this harmful for my body? If...yes.. discard.

Is this good for my body? If ...yes...Ask: Does my body require this today? ..Yes... or..No..

Does my body require this for the next two weeks? ..Yes.. or ..No..

Do I need one a day? Pause…. Two pause….. three pause…. (Now you know how many per day for the next two weeks)

Do I need this every second day? Pause… Every third day? Pause… etc.

Is it best to take before meals? Pause… After meals…. Pause Anytime….Pause

Once you have all vitamins in containers for the next two weeks:

Dump one container out and decide which vitamins and minerals you want to take together at once. 

Hold in your left hand and ask: Is it best for me to take these altogether? “Yes” or “No” Keep removing a vitamin or mineral until the dowsing tool indicates “yes”. Do this until you have established which ones are best not to take together or which are best to take at once.
Intuition is a built in natural resource of every human being, just like feelings are a natural resource of every human being. Using a body part or a tool to indicate a sensed energy by intuition helps to heighten ones intuition which helps us in our health matters. It is smart, just as developing our feelings is smart as they serve us well in all areas of our earthly life. Brain has to be smart enough to connect and access ones higher self and asking it to sense energies more deeply or develop our intuition more deeply.  Once we access our whole self we can take responsibility for out health rather then continuing our dependence upon others when it comes to choosing what is good for our body.

Everyone can develop sensing energies or heighten our intuitions. I had a desire to make good health choices when others outside of myself were unable to help me get better and in time it helped me greatly up to the point of using my "gut feeling" on how to completely eradicate the infections. 
Excuses such a repeatedly saying others have gifts rather then practicing it themselves, or saying  can't do this because somebody told me it was morally wrong, or I have no time, or I need a special object to do this,  and so forth... all do nothing to develop ourselves in any area of our life. If we have a desire  we can develop ourselves in this area and then will be able to take full responsibility for making good choices when it comes to our health and those of our children as each one has  a unique body and requires individualized things to re- balance its body. 
Using energy testing is freeing  to break the dependence on ads, the person behind the counter, other people to tell me what is agreeable or best to my body.

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