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A Note to New Learners  ***
When a person has Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella or other zoonotic infections these will release toxins 24 hours a day. These toxins will manifest an array of symptoms. It is most important to do everything you can to expel these toxins starting today.  You may also have other  toxins increasing your toxic load. Click on the links to see ways to remove these. Parasites, Metals, Chemicals, Candida fungus.
Read starting here and here to empower yourself to become free of these zoonotic infections.
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Helpful to get started today

Body needs support to help it release the toxins we ingest, inhale, or absorb daily and to release toxins being excreted 24 hours a day by the zoonotic infections. 

A must for you:

*** Most important: Release your neurotoxins.

1.  To stimulate your lymph, open your pathways, pump your lymphatics, and flush out your toxins, daily.

2.  To stop purposefully ingesting, absorbing, or inhaling extra toxins.

3.  To eat healthy nourishment to support your entire body.

4. To get plenty of quality Rest

5.  To develop a positive attitude so it gives you energy gains, rather then drains.

6. To stop drinking toxins and  flush with plenty of water daily.

7.  To support all your detoxification systems  so they can remain expel toxins efficiently.

8. To expel toxins from bowels daily.. Greens and probiotics are a must. 

9. To expel toxins through skin by perspiration. (Eat foods with pungent flavor to induce perspiration and promote energy circulation. (Chive, clove, coriander, ginger, parsley, and peppermint.)   Saunas, Sweat baths, hot baths with Epsom salts, MMS, Baking soda.

10. To expel toxins through breath. Promote oxygenation, perspiration, and to expel toxins from the lungs; Doing brisk fast paced walking, running, jump rope, trampoline, yoga, sports, lawn mowing, deliver papers ... move and play daily for about an hour, or two half hours twice a day. And, laugh heartily to give your belly a jiggle.

Can't move much? 
Inhale slowly as you count to ten.
Hold breath as you count to ten.
Exhale slowly as you count to ten. Repeat ten times.
11. To do stretches, most especially side stretches, to pump the lymphatic system so toxins can be moved out from the Interstitial fluid and on to the detox systems to be expelled. All muscles gently stretched from head to toe will make the body feel better. 

12.Liver and lymphatic's pathways kept open, flowing, and  flushed to allow toxins to flow out. 

13.To Drink an average if eight cups (depending on body size) of good water daily. Fill a jug with 8 cups water in the morning and aim to drink it all during your day.

14. Movement: Limbs, body...physical exercise, anything to get the lymph moving.(The lymphatic system has no pump and relies completely on you to move this fluid)   Energy balancing exercise  activate your electrical system and also to get the fluids moving, especially from the head.

15. To simplify your life, making your eradication a priority, and avoiding over exertion that causes over stress or anything that adds more stress to your already heavy load. Your body is working so hard within detoxifying, creating inflammation to isolate rogue toxins, building new white and red cells constantly and so much more.

 Take what you want and leave the rest.

All content on this web site ihas been composed by Louise Jenner, Lyme literate Coach. All information is taken from her experiences, her research, her studies, and common knowledge. It is written in simplified form for easy knowledge aquirement by the sick so they can free themselves of the infections in least time possible.

Any suggestions within the pages are examples only. See your own Health Care Practitioner for your professional and personal advice.
My shared information, in simple and consecutive form, is for making the sick's life easier. It is not to be copied or republished on other websites, blogs, or forums!

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