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Here are some things I've researched that you may want to look at as you do your own research:

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Deceptive Merchants Selling Cinnamon oil

Unethical Sellers do anything to sell their wares,  no matter if it is plagiarism or  fibbing, practicing deception, putting my links on their web pages near an oil that sounds similar to the effective eradicating oils recommended here,
and stealing my copyrighted material from my web site to insinuate their oil is the same eradicating oil that can successfully eradicate the infections. 
I have not given any permission to ANY merchant to use my name, my information, my copyrighted material, my links... 
To no one!

Consumer BEWARE!






This research page is no longer available as it became obvious it was much too difficult for most people to read about safety and to apply to themselves.

This web site is about getting well not making ones self  sicker because they think more is better!

Essential oil Cinnamomum verum from Sri Lanka is for the eradication process only!!

Zoonotic infection sickness - progression process
Eradication process
Healing and Recovery process

    The eradicating essential oils will kill or eradicate  protozoa's, spirochetes, spirochetes encysted form, bacteria, virus, rickettsiae, and fungus only if used for a specific length of time for each different infection and not canceled by what is ingested.  They are the eradicating process.  They are not the recovery process!

    Eradicators will not... not...

    They WILL NOT  eradicate Vaccination and radiation poisons, toxic metals, chemicals or drugs that have accumulated in the body creating toxins that create symptoms and promote disease.
    They WILL NOT eradicate some parasites or any tape worms that create toxins that create symptoms.
    They WILL NOT remove injuries to the brain caused by Babesia, spirochetes or Bartonella.
    They WILL NOT remove toxins or inflammation causing brain fog, head aches or migraines.
    They WILL NOT remove injuries to cranial nerves such as restore vision from nerve damage.
    They WILL NOT remove injury from ears caused by bartonella or spirochetes.
    They WILL NOT remove injury from jaw bone and gums caused from injury by spirochetes.
    They WILL NOT remove meninges inflammation around brain or spine only take away the caus so it can heal.
    They WILL NOT remove peripheral nerve damages that cause pain, or absence of it, in the limbs, hands and feet  and elsewhere.
    They WILL NOT remove large joint tendon and ligament damages caused from years of bacteria lingering in these areas.
    They WILL NOT restore deformed joints.
    They WILL NOT remove inflammation only the part that was caused by the infections.. 
    They WILL NOT remove the pain from the damaged areas.
    They WILL NOT heal a damaged heart, liver, kidney, glands, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines.. 
    They WILL NOT heal the damaged soft muscles or other damaged skeletal or cardiac muscles.
    They WILL NOT eradicate the emotional and psychiatric symptoms, only clear out what is causing.
    In short any eradication agent will not heal the damages caused by the infections.In only eradicates the cause permanently so the body can finally enter into the healing and recovery process.

    Infections present in body create damages and toxins that manifest many symptoms through bacterial activity, their toxins and the inflammation created by the body to isolate the toxins from killing the body.. 
    Eradication removes only the pathogens what causes damages and their neuro toxins. It makes the way clear for the body to then put its energies into healing the damages, rather then heavy duty detoxification and survival it has to do 24 hours a day.

    Once complete eradication of the many different types of infections has occurred all within a short period of time the body will be tired from the  extremely hard work the detoxification systems had to do during the years in the infection process and the the eradication process. The body will be as exhausted, if not more, then if the body had had major injury and major surgery. It will feel (and be) bedraggled, exhausted, and war torn.. yet it will immediately turn its energies now towards healing.

    Depending on how long the infections were in the body, obviously it will be slow the more damage it has. . The body will need to be nurtured to promote healing. 

    An eradicating essential oil only clears out what is causing the damage. It prepares the way for the body to finally heal.

    The eradicating essential oils do not work with many drugs used to tame a symptom caused by the infections. They do not work with other eradication agents. They do not work with caffeine, nicotine, mEthyl alcohol, or ethanol, amphetamine, club drugs, cocaine, heroin. inhalants, K2 spice, LSD, Marijuana, MDMA, Meth amphetamine, PCP, Salvia, anabolic-androgenic steroids, some prescriptions drugs and many herbs.
    An essential oil loses its eradicating power alongside CoQ10, Hydormorphone, DHEA, Multivitamin Powders (with many ingredients), systemic enzymes, any eradicating agents, loads of chemicals in foods or cleaning agents.

    The eradication agent "essential oil"  requires to be taken for about one year as is same with most other eradicating agents that eradicate so many different infections at one time.

    If you don't like to feel a herxheimer reaction then the eradication of the infections is not for you. 

    If you don't know how to stimulate your lymph, and keep all your detoxification systems moving to expel toxins, then eradicating with essential oils  or other eradicating agents, is not for you.

    If you believe eradicating essential oil are magical healers,  miracle healers, magic bullets, and that you will be all strong and fit and no pain after you have completed the eradication's then those are FALSE EXPECTATIONS it will not be so. Simply not realistic!  Then this is not for you...

    If you can take self responsibility to do the eradication process on your own, then this may be for you. I always feel if I could do it then so can anyone else.  If  you feel you cannot do it on your own there are many Lyme literate Naturopathic Doctors, energetic medicine practitioners in your area who can help you. If you are still reading and interested in using essential oils I am happy to share with you my research research page on essential oil eradicators here.   If you have disqualified yourself  as a candidate for essential oil eradication yet have a desire to eradicate your infections then here is a place to start removal of all your toxin producers. Each require dedication, hard work and a strong desire to free yourself of the infections so you can finally enter the recovery process.

All content on this web site is provided only for your quick information so as to encourage you to do your own research.
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