Healing the Emotional Pain of Lyme Disease 
(Neuroborreliosis, Neurological Lyme, Neuro Lyme, Lyme Encephalopathy)
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Written for those who have been living with the Lyme and coInfections for numerous years and who are now nearing  the end of their treatment.
Most of us have worked hard to eradicate our pathogens, to heal our physical body, and to restore our good health.   Now, we look forward to living our lives in freedom... Freedom from disease... And so we should!

From the mere fact of having experienced Lyme Disease and CoInfections we will have accumulated emotional baggage. Unaware, in our times of struggle to keep alive and the eradication of the bacteria's, we simply swallowed much stuff, pushed it back down, kept it within us and forged ahead. Yet, these very things that we've packed tightly within our baggage, in time, can slowly chip away at our health and even sabotage the good life we have planned for ourselves. 

Most often, simply because we are unaware,  we do not invest any energy into eradicating these heavy emotional residues. And so, we end up dragging them around with us where they put a damper upon our life of freedom after Lyme and CoInfections. 

Here are some ideas to stimulate what does not belong in your baggage. It gives you the opportunity to also put this part of the disease behind you. 

This is your time to free yourself from the past so you can skip lightly into your life of freedom. 

May you enjoy fully FREEDOM FROM DISEASE, both emotionally, spiritually, and physically!

Healing Some Emotional Pains of  Lyme Disease and CoInfections

Changes in  Cognitive and Physical Abilities

Loss of Employment

Loss of social life

Loss of relationships

Loss of Self Esteem

The natural process of Change and Grief

Getting Rid of Past Angers

Healing the Dealing  with Medical Doctors

Dream Big

... and We Learned

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I am not Lyme Disease nor a CoInfection!
Lyme disease and CoInfections are ugly. 
I am NOT ugly.

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