The natural process of 
Change and Grief

One segment of our road of life was Lyme and coinfections, symptoms, getting a diagnosis, treating symptoms, experiencing pains, detoxing, discovering and increasing our strengths, becoming more compassionate, acquiring a ton of knowledge about health, eradicating lyme and coinfections, etc. etc. etcetera.

And,  then one day, after we have eradicated all the Lyme and coinfections we step into another segment of our road of life... Hopefully saying, "Bring it on ... I can handle most anything from now on!" 

Every loss, every change, every gain, every enrichment were tiny segments of our Lyme and coinfections segment of our road of life. Each of these segments went through a process before we moved on to the next segment. 

The following is an explanation of life's natural processes. Understanding the processes helps us to move through the processes of life and its necessity. As well, we give ourselves a purpose when we heal from losses and strive to reach acceptance so we are free of the past and its baggage.

The "Tunnel of Grief"
Start-> Shock....Denial....Bargaining.....Anger.... Depression.... Acceptance <-End
For any significant loss we will be hurled into the tunnel of grief.
We will go through shock,  denial,  bargaining, anger, and depression. If we feel the feelings of each stage we will come to the acceptance of our loss. 

If we get stuck, in any one of the first four stages, we will not heal from our loss. We will not free ourselves from the discomfort, frustration, or pain of the loss. 

Whether a loss is minor or significant - it must  be "processed". Once we reach acceptance we are free to live our lives wholly again, to move forward in our lives, to meet new and different experiences in our lives. 

Loss always causes change

With significant loss, you will either become a better or a bitter person. 
You will change, in spite of yourself.

It is you who puts yourself in charge of the type of change you want. It is a matter of asking yourself,  "Do I want to become better or bitter from this loss?"  And, then you do the work, or not, to create the change you want within you.

Loss causes
Disorganization - Transformation - Reorganization

How will you reorganize yourself??

Will you become Bitter or Better because you experienced Lyme disease?



Change is a constant in everything. 
It is ongoing, always, whether we notice it or not. 

When something suddenly "changes" we will go through the process of change.

1) We will experience Shock- 

2) We will become Defensive- Angry. We want to hold on to the former way. 

3) We will have a sense of sadness over the loss of what previously was. We acknowledge our loss and that things will change.

4) We begin to adapt to the different way. 

5) We have accepted the change.

6) We forget how the old way was.

Change Causes

Disorganization - Transformation - Reorganization


Going from healthy to the unhealthy and then back into healthy are changes

First we must get used to living with our losses.
 Then we let go of our losses and develop a whole different way of life, a whole new routine and then with the healing of our disease it messes up how we've gotten used to living 
and once again we will develop a very different way of life.

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