Self Esteem

Self esteem is the opinion we have about our  "me, myself and I". It is how each of us feel's deep inside of us about our "self". It is what gives us strength, or the lack of it, as we go about expressing our personality as we go about living our lives. 

Self esteem is the backbone of our personality. Everyone's self esteem is in constant limp and reaffirming up. Sometimes we even experience major flops. Throughout their lives everyone must maintain their own self esteem's to keep their internal personality backbones standing. Nobody can do that for us, but our own selves.


Loss of Self Esteem

Whenever a person experiences a significant loss, they will automatically lose some self esteem. Lyme Disease causes loss. Every loss changes how we perceived ourselves. Cognitive losses, physical body losses... these change our former identity of who we believed we were. If we add up all our losses, caused directly and indirectly by Lyme disease, it is easy to see that our self esteem will be diminished.

In our pre-Lyme life we had people around us who loved us, who caused us to feel good about ourselves, who validated us, who supported us when we excelled and helped us up when we stumbled.   Before, we spoke well, remembered well, added well, wrote well ... most all of these natural skills helped us believe in ourselves as a solid entity.  We went out around a variety of people, socialized, had fun, laughed, stretched ourselves, learned from these different people adding to what we wanted to imitate to enhance or eliminate in us, etc.  We worked, used our noodle, used our physical strengths and succeeded in getting it right most of the time and we felt good about ourselves at the end of the day.  We were respected by co workers and the people we served, and we felt esteemed.  We were out there around people and we could communicate quickly, listen with no effort, and speak clearly and we felt good about ourselves. We did volunteer work and felt good about what we could give of ourselves.  We could rely on our skills and strengths to be there for us, all the time.    We had buddies and friends and family that we could share our joys and frustrations with and it caused us to feel good about ourselves because they accepted us as we were, warts and all. In the past, if our self esteem slipped we would simply do something to succeed or do something to increase our feel good about our own self. Of course, it was always an effort to maintain ones self esteem, but now... 

Now... with that former "maintenance and rebuilding self esteem system" nearly all inaccessible to us, what do we do to replace it?  How do we replace it at a time when we are fatigued, cloudy brained, not to swift in communication, sometimes financially dirt poor, weak in muscles, can't depend on being well when we want to do something, not socializing, have lost most of our former friends...  A dilemma indeed!


Maintaining Our Self Esteem amidst 
Lyme and CoInfections

It is important for each one of us to believe we are "a worthful person", because we simply are truly magnificent beings. If we don't believe we are enough, or lovable, how on earth will we love ourselves enough to do the work to eradicate our disease? Or, love others if we can't even love who we are at this very moment?

Yes, things have changed for us with Lyme and we have less avenues for growing self esteem, that's for sure. Yes, we have less physical and cognitive assets, less strengths, less energy, etc. etc. but, we are still completely intact, living in our body, albeit in a different way. 

So, with what we have right now, we have all we need at this very moment to re-strenghten what and how we believe about ourselves... Sure, it certainly may be in a different way than prior to Lyme, nevertheless we can still  develop how we believe about ourselves.

Just like prior Lyme we chose to maintain our self esteem, now  we do the same. Some suggestions:  Taking the time to realize that our cognitive skills are still there, but right now they are sleeping, or dopey.  Same with our physical body, it is weakened right now, but, we are still very much ALIVE! We still have spirit self completely intact.  We can think, create, love, go sit outdoors and appreciate the sounds and changes of nature, cook for the love of our body, make different type of friends on forums, or attend local support groups that lift us up, rather then drain us. We can take a crayon, paint brush or pencil and make mandella's on a piece of paper, or let our brush guide us on a blank sheet of paper, or  write our feelings and thoughts down, reorganize our pictures, music, files, cupboards, etc. We can do personal growth. Rid ourselves of habits that do not make us proud of ourselves. We can take note of the strengths we have developed since Lyme. We can learn and practice how to nourish ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally with the simple things that make us feel good about us. We can do anything we can, simple or complicated, cheap, no cost or expensive ... and then do something that comes directly from within us that makes us feel good when doing it. You get the picture? 

Maintaining our self esteem is not about doing things "perfect" or trying to meet others approval, or hiding so others won't see it, or think we are wasting our time. It is all about accomplishing something, persevering until we have completed it, meeting a goal, enjoying the time we spend doing it, creating it and then enjoying the sense of accomplishment and the awe at what we have created. It is about you... living ... enjoying the journey ... feeling good about the awesome you... discovering for yourself that you are enough... you are worth it... you are lovable ... just as you are at this very moment in time.

Now, while we have Lyme, or have nearly eradicated Lyme, this is our time to discover and reveal the other dimension's of our selves that we may never had time or opportunity to reveal before.

Stay away from those who mistreat you, rain on your parade, have negative energy flowing out of their mouths, insult you, don't listen to you, discourage you, treat you as unequal to them, an underling, etc. Staying away from this harshness is an act of genuine love for you and it will cause you to feel like a good protector, a caring person, a good keeper of you.

Take time to acknowledge your accomplishments whether small, big, meeting your everyday goals and be generous and loving with your words to your self.


1. Take a pen

2. Take a sheet of paper and write the numbers from one to one hundred in the margin.

3. Write down one hundred things you want to do with the capabilities you have at this present time. Don't stop writing until you have 100 things.

4. Now, aim to do every thing on your list before you have completely eradicated your Lyme and CoInfections. Let it color your life interesting and cause your self esteem to stand up tall!


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