Loss of social life 
Loss of doing the activities we enjoyed

For some of us we loved to do sports, volunteer work, pursue hobbies, attend classes, go partying around people, hang out with friends... We loved eating out,  going on trips, exploring the wilderness, hiking with groups of people and any number of things that we so enjoyed. And then,  along came a loss of energy, body pain, feeling over-stressed, having a stomach that no longer digested certain foods, mean headaches, bright lights and noise were now unbearable. We suddenly had difficulty concentrating, developed anxiety, and for some of us crippling pain or immobility.  Oh yes, we tried, we desperately tried to hang on to that part of our lives. We tried to keep up with the activities we liked... only to get over tired, only to increase our pain level, only to drain us of our energy ... until finally it got the best of us... and then we finally figured out that it actually felt better to stay home then to socialize or do those activities we had once so enjoyed.

For some of us, we had to quit doing all the socializing and activities long before the disease weakened us. We had reluctantly quit all the socialization and activities mostly because it cost us money and we had to make a choice to spend our money on medical tests, medical doctors, and treatment, rather than on what we had so enjoyed.

What social activities did you lose and which do you especially miss?

How did each of those things enhance your life?

Can you say good-bye to each of the social things and activities you lost?

With the health you have presently, could you do these things right now? 

Say good bye to each of them. (Doing so does not prevent you from putting new, similar, and different ones on your dream list.)  All you want to do is put a closure on these that you used to have rather then hanging on to them and causing you lingering pain. 
The aim is to set you free from the past and the baggage that weighs you down or puts a damper on your happiness today.

For those who have already reached recovery, as your body and brain heals you will begin to recover your energy and it will help to start rebuilding a different life from this point forward.

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