... and We Learned

As we went from Healthy to Unhealthy to Healthy

  • Our life was buzzing along when we started experiencing dramatic and weird symptoms that were trying to knock us out of our active life.
    • We scrambled to treat and rid ourselves of these symptoms.
    • We struggled to keep into our former healthy active life, but the symptoms eventually dragged us out of it.
    • We made a goal to get healthy again. We learned, we researched, we studied and we experimented.
    • We adjusted to our cognitive and physical losses.
    • We settled in to a new lifestyle of bacteria eradication, detoxifying, eating greens and other foods that detoxed. We made our lives small and most of the time we lived in "survival mode."
    • We worked hard to eradicate the diseases and just as we became experts at it ...  We got healthy again!
    • We adjusted to our new different and healthy life and soon were buzzing again creating the life we wanted.. 
    During the initial crisis we were in the process of survival, putting all our energies into staying alive, fighting the disease, battling to stay in our body. Automatically our life on the "outside" got put on hold, including our significant relationships, because now our priority was to tend to getting healthy again.
    The time spent in disease changed us mentally, spiritually, physically, cognitively. It reshaped us to who we are today.

    ... and We Learned

    • We learned about things we may never have been interested in ever learning. 
    • We learned about bacteria's, insects, zoonosis, symptoms, diseases, nutrition, balancing the body, politics of medical, health, pharmas... 
    • We learned about elongated rashes, circular rashes, all kinds of rashes. 
    • We learned about Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesiosis, Mycoplasma, and all the kinds of junk a tick can possibly regurgitate during his feed on our sweet blood. 
    • We learned and we learned and we learned how to treat our symptoms. 
    • We experimented and used ourselves as the lab rat. 
    • We learned how to be kind to ourselves... to genuinely love ourselves unconditionally.
    • We learned to love others by giving them understanding, compassion, being a good listener, being sensitive to their problems...
    • We learned how to inform people about nasty bug bites. 
    • We learned how to share our information with others who suspected or have the disease. 
    • We learned how to research. 
    • We learned to lean on our Higher Power.
    • We learned we were stronger then we ever knew we could be.
    • We became wiser.
    • And for some of us, even when deep under a neuroborreliosis fog, our disease motivated us to learned how to use a computer, how to research, how to use email and how to join a Yahoo Group, just to find answers to our ill health.
    What did you learn that you would not have learned if you did not have the experience of Lyme disease?

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