Dream Big

Accept that your life has changed 
since Lyme tripped it up.

You have changed and every one else and everything else around you has also change.

Disorganization - Transformation - Reorganization

Once you've eradicated Lyme and CoInfections from your body your life will become a whole different and new adventure. You will go about creating the life you want using your healthy mind, body and spirit and equipt with all the added knowledge and strengths you developed during the lyme segment of your road of life! So....

Dream dreams. Dream them BIG and MANY.  You need those dreams to carry you into your future. You need the dream so you can keep plugging along until you reach your goal(s).  You need those dreams to create your happiness. 

Imagine, imagine, imagine!

 What would you like to do now and after you have eradicated Lyme and CoInfections?

Make a list...
           a long list starting now

Suspend them in the sky. 
These dreams 
will carry you through
the difficult segments 
of your road of life 
with hope 
for a better tomorrow.
They will determine the 
paths you take 
and call you into your 
unknown future. 
Build many dreams... 
for every now and again 
you will be 
un-suspending one 
from the sky and
turning it into a goal 
so that you can turn it 
into your reality
and into the happiness 
you had once envisioned 
while you had been 
etching your dream. 
But then sadly... 
once you have turned your 
dream into a reality 
this dream 
will exist no more. 
So, dream many dreams 
and suspend 
them in the sky.
~L.G. Jenner
Copyright © 2011 ©L.Jenner All rights reserved

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