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-Getting Ready for the arrival of the Doug Coil
-The Doug Coil arrives
-Setting up
-Plugging it in
-Download of capacitator.exe
-Operating the Doug Coil.  Starting
-Coiling  completed 
-Entering a new frequency
-Choosing my personal frequencies

Here is something I wrote in response to
What is the best RIFE for Lyme and coInfections?

Eradicating agents that can eradicate in about one year.

 Here is my new friend, Doug Coil


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Lyme-Plus Coaching
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The Doug Coil Arrives
How I Eradicate the Lyme Disease and Co Infections 
2010  Getting Ready for the arrival of the Doug Coil
After saving money from my pension check and doing research; finding out what RIFE instruments were powerful enough to eradicate Lyme and nasty coinfections, knowing of people who'd completely eradicated their Lyme and coinfections (within an 
average period of two years using nothing extra but the Doug Coil),looking at what was available, best price, good reputation, etc., etc. I made the decision to buy a Doug Coil. 

While awaiting the arrival of my Doug Coil I reviewed the behaviors and the effects of the Bb bacteria on my body; how their die off 
creates poisons and how the bacteria thickens my fluids and clogs my detoxification systems.  This information would be crucial for my safety as I set out on a course to create much die off with the Coil. 

As well, I learned more ways of removing the toxins from my body and how important it would be when eradicating 24-7 to avoid making me overly sick, how  to not overload my sluggish detoxification systems with over kill, how to identify a Herxheimer reaction and the necessity to do my bacteria eradication cautiously to avoid a Herxheimer crises that could land me in the hospital.

After years of trying to reclaim my health I was already giving my body support,  had eradicated parasites, been detoxing, etc, etc.. 
I continued to take my small drinks of MMS to keep my head clear so I could learn to operate the system and how to use.

I purchased a electrical surge protector power bar.

I continued to research frequencies and how to coil.

The Doug Coil arrives

Three different pieces of equipment finally arrive. The QSC Power Amplifier, the Function Generator and the Toggle switch box along
with the Coil. I went to the bank and post office to send the money order for the purchase of my Doug Coil.

I picked a spot in a room where I could set up the equipment. The coil  had to be 10 feet away from the amplifier/switch toggle box/frequency generator . ( I will now refer to these three pieces as the Doug Coil Frequency Generating Center.) My DC Frequency Generating Center had to sit on a table where the AMPL  meter would 
be about at my eye level and also near an electrical outlet and away from where children would touch it. The DC Frequency Generating 
Center is heavy and not easily moved as I found out when I set it in a poor first spot. 

The QSC Power Amplifier was placed on the table first. On top of that I placed the Toggle switch box and on top of that I placed the Function Generator. See picture on the left.

Setting up ( wire/connecting the equipment together)

It took me over a week to quiet my mind enough to understand what I needed to do to set it up and to attempt what had first appeared to be very complicated. I thought this was way beyond my 
neuroborelliosis capabilities and I'd have to get a mechanically minded person to come and do this for me. I don't like electricity,still remembering the huge shock I got many years ago from wiping an electrical outlet with a wet cloth.  There appeared to be so many wires. I procrastinated and thought about the seller telling me it was very simple, just follow the 1,2,3 instructions. Every day I would go look at it and read the instructions thinking it would become clear on what I need to do. Since I got neuroborelliosis, 
many years ago, I have had difficulty with seeing the whole picture, assembling things, and numbers, etc. And then... one day, as if I were now ripe, I started wiring the pieces together, as per 
instructions, and it went well. Now it was wired together.

Plugging it in

1. I plugged the surge protector power bar into the 120V electrical grounded outlet. 
2. Before I plug in the  Function Generator and the QSC Power Amplifier I MAKE SURE that:

  • the Function Generator ON/OFF switch is OFF
  • the QSC Power Amplifier ON/OFF switch is OFF 
  • the amplitude, or "AMPL" knob on Function Generator is turned 
  • fully counterclockwise. Critical!!! 
  • and that all 16 capacitor toggle switches are down. 
I place the coil 6-10  feet away from the DC Frequency Generating Center and away from other electronic devices. From that day forward 
I leave the Coil on an end table which is ten feet away from my DC Frequency Generating Center.
3. I plug the QSC Power Amplifier and Function Generator into the power bar.

Download of capacitator.exe

I download the capacitator.exe to my computer desktop. (This is required to to convert my frequencies to alphabets for my toggle 
switches and only need to do it once.) 
4. I enter the frequency number 612 and it converts to the alphabets  E F G H J K M N 

I now have one frequency with toggle switch alphabets to match so I am  now ready to start operating the Doug Coil. 


 * I remove anything metal, such as necklaces and my under wire bra, before I start coiling. I have one necklace in particular that gets burning hot within a few seconds whenever I coil over it and other necklaces do not heat up at all.

* I never move the toggle switches up or down unless the power is OFF or the AMPL knob and frequency knobs are turned completely counterclockwise.

* I was told never to operate the QSC Power Amplifier with the lights red and if red, to immediately turn down the amplitude (AMPL) 
on the Function Generator.This happens to me when I absentmindedly turn the AMPL on before I turn the gain knobs Clockwise or when I go to turn it off and absentmindedly turn the gain knobs off  before the AMPL knob.

* I must remember to turn the AMPL knob clockwise slowly. (not fast as it is not good for the capacitors, or something.)

Other -

* I use the Switch Calculator Program ( capacitator.exe ) to determine Toggle Switches to turn in up position. If one of the frequency letters is not up it will not work or not rise 
to 13. Frequency must match alphabets of Switch Calculator.

* I cannot use the coil for more than an average of twenty minutes at one time because it gets too hot to handle. Therefore I may need to complete my coiling session in an hour or two later.

* Below frequency's of  150HZ and above 2000Hz I will probably not be able to reach 13 amps and therefore will have to operate with amperage I  can get. 

Operating the Doug Coil.


1. Function Generator
I  turn the

  • Power bar switch on.
  • Function Generator Power button on.
  • GRAY Hz button
  • WAVE button sine curve icon (sideways S)
  • SHIFT and number 8 to get -20db 
  • I make sure the AMPL meter is at zero and it will be if the knob was turned completely counter clockwise.
  • As I turn the Editing Knob entering each number to 612 as it is the frequency I want to try out.
(These settings will be saved when Function Generator is turned off.) The next time I may want to use a different frequency so I can use the Editing Knob the right hand corner (to dial in the numbers I want) and the forward backward button underneath it to change each if the numbers Example:  I  change the 612 to 800 by turning (Editing Knob) to correct number, each time turning the dial clockwise or counterclockwise to get the number I want.
Next  I go down to the switches and turn them to up position E F G H J K M N (Switches that Capacitor.exe returned for the frequency I have now put in the Function Generator)

2. QSC Power Amplifier 

  • Power on.
  • I turn both gain knobs ALL THE WAY clockwise. (if they are not turned all the way when I turn up the AMPL button  on the Function Generator, the ampl meter will go beyond thirteen and may cause serious damage to my equipment..) 

3. Going back to Function Generator I turn the Amp knob clockwise carefully and SLOWLY as I watch the Amp meter needle move up. I stop turning it when it reaches exactly 13 amps or less. I WATCH the meter straight on. Never EXCEEDING 14 amps!!!   (The amp meter will not go up if I do not have the correct Toggle switches up.)

4. I start Coiling. e.g for 30 seconds.
I hold the coil and place it, over my clothes, on my abdomen as I watch my minute clock. When the clock reaches the half minute I have completed this coiling session. More on  Coiling

5.Coiling completed

When  completed:
1. I place my coil on a table 10 feet away from the Doug Coil Frequency Generating Center. (Lest I forget and absentmindedly take it near the Doug Coil Frequency Generating Center where it 
would cause great damage.)

2. I walk back to Doug Coil Frequency Generating Center.

3. On the Function Generator I turn the AMPL knob all the way counterclockwise.(off) 
4. On the QSC Power Amplifier I turn both Gain knobs counterclockwise ( off.) 

At this point I could enter another frequency and do another round 
of coiling. 
** I must NOT change any capacitator switches until Ampl knob and Gain knobs are all the way counterclockwise. 
if I have completed my coiling for this session-
5. I turn the power "off" on the Function Generator and when second fan on the QSC Power Amplifier has quit running,then I turn the the power off on the surge protector power bar, 
thus turning off the QSC Power Amplifier. Doing it this way assures me that the power is off on my Doug Coil  Frequency Generating Center 
and it is always safe from electrical thunderstorms. 

6.Then I flip down all the toggle switches, or not, especially if I will be using this same frequency in my next Coiling session. 

Choosing my personal frequencies:

I take all the frequencies from my printed 
Lyme and Coinfection Frequency Chart or 
in the printed Lyme and Coinfections at the 
Frequency Bank  located here http://www.electroherbalism.com
/Bioelectronics/Frequencies and Anecdotes/CAFL.html 

To choose the best frequencies for my body,  I will dowse over each of them until I get a positive. I keep track of each by copy/pasting  each in a chart similar to this:

612 E F G H J K M N 
. .
. .
Then I enter each in the capacitator.exe and record them by Copy/paste next to the frequency.
This is similar to my working daily dowsing chart:
My Daily Coiling and how I do it Chart-  Here I also explain the basic of energy testing, which part of my body to coil and how long to coil a frequency.

I base my first session on Doug Macleans, invent or of the Doug coil, and his success.

- More on using the Coil and Coiling here

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