1.What is Lyme Disease 
2.The Lyme Rash
3.What are Co-infections 
4.Ticks -Transmission
5. Lyme in Children 
6. Lyme  in Canada
7. Diagnosis for Lyme 
8. Treatments for Lyme 
9. Taking Action 
10. Symptoms 
11.Lyme Prevention
12.Test Results
13.The Bb Bacteria
15. Herxheimer Reaction
16.The Politics of Lyme 

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1. Identifying Lyme symptoms 
2.Eliminating other disorders with symptoms similar to Lyme disease.
3. Identifying Co-infection Symptoms
4. Taking action blood tests 
5.Which tests to order
6.Print forms required
7.Take the Request form to doctor
7a-Reading test results
8. Find a Lyme literate doctor if you want antibiotics
***Cut through the chase - Your own tests
9. Take precautions to prevent bites
10.Load yourself with knowledge.
11. No matter what eradicating agents you choose
 12  Basic information for planning Your Course of Action 
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Taking Action

This page is to determine if you are infected, most especially with Lyme Disease and/or co-infections
At first we all are overwhelmed at what lies ahead, where to start, and what to do. It feels even more confusing for anyone with neuroborreliosis or any kind of brain fog. As well, you may be suffering the symptoms of fear and anxiety or the symptom of depression... both can be paralyzing you. Throw short in loss of short term memory, pain and other symptoms..all this cause us to become overwhelmed. In spite of that it can be done...Has been done...So can you!

* If the step by step is annoying to you it is because this web site is aimed at those of zoonotic impaired brains and to lead them out of their infections...permanently. For you with a clear brain this page can be read in less then five minutes, while those of neuroborrelliosis  will sometimes take one week to read and absorb.

I suggest that you follow the links sequentially on thi page to get an overview.Thn re-read it again.

* If you've had the Bull's Eye rash, a positive blood test, or a clinical diagnoses of Lyme disease you can assume you have Lyme disease, yet it is important to read through the following so you can understand and work with your infections better.

1.Go to what some of the lyme or co infection symptoms are: 

Before ordering expensive tests try to identify if you possibly do have zoonotic infections or other. Click on 10Symptoms here.In the menu above in that page explore all symptoms for determination.

2. Eliminate other common disorders that are close in symptoms to Lyme disease.Go to Eliminating common disorders with similar symptoms to Lyme disease.
or if you suspect any infection then go to using an eradicating agent that an eliminate all infections whether they have a name or not. 
You will need a name for an infection when you plan on using an eradicating agent specific to that particular infection.

For those who have Lyme disease it is important to try to identify if you also have these disorders or infections. And if you do, to take action to eliminate them now as all will affect recovery from Lyme disease, or other zoonotic infections. Go to Eliminating common disorders with similar symptoms to Lyme disease

3. Read over Co-infections and chronic coinfections to try to determine if you may have some co-infections

You will need to get tested for each coinfections you suspect of having if you plan on using a specific eradicating agent what is only effective to that particular organism. 

4. Read about Lyme testing (remembering there as many false positives as false negatives)

Here (if you haven't already done so)and here at a Lab;  Read Forms and sample requirements, costs, and what you will need to do. If testing for Lyme ask for a Western Blot and if they will send you results of findings. Some labs send only a yes, or a no. Findings help some Lyme literate doctors to do a clinical diagnoses. The Clinical diagnoses being the  only diagnoses for Lyme disease and even then there is misdiagnosis because the synptoms can be most any and similar to other types of infections, etc.

** Know that in 2015 there are still no accurate Lyme tests, no matter if you pay $500.00 or $300.00 for a test.

5.Make a decision on:

What tests you want
Which lab you can or want to order from.

6.Print the forms you require.

7.Take the Request form to your regular medical doctor;

Be assertive asking that these are the test you want.E.g. Western Blot
(If the MD is unfamiliar, uncomfortable, etc. about Lyme disease he/she may try to talk you out of testing. Simply assure the MD that you will take test results to a specialist of Lyme disease. This may help you get what you want.)

7-A- Reading test results
Once results of the Western Blot test return, here is how to understand it. The doctor who signed your test requisition may be able to give you results or you may need a Lyme literate doctor to interpret the test for you.

8.If you want to use antibiotics as your eradicating agent you will need to find a Lyme literate Doctor to obtain a clinical diagnosis and prescribe the eradicating agent. 

- Find ND here http://www.cand.ca/
- Find MD here http://www.ilads.org 
Both can prescribe antibiotics.


If you've already had every orifice examined, every part of your systems tested , and every blood test available done and all came back negative and your diagnosis is now "I's all in your head" then at this point a lyme literate doctor may give you an idea if you do have Lyme or not.

or instead of taking blood tests that return as many false negatives as false positives with some spirochetes infections and even coinfections -

*** Cut through the chase

* Use an eradicating agent able to kill all infections in one swoop without needing to know what type of low life organism is in you. This is the easiest, less stressful and actually in long run least expensive and a much shorter and safer way to eradicate all the infections.
having a list with bbacteria, protozoa, Rickettsia, virus, spirochetes and parasites and energy testing asking each  using 

* Energy testng on yourself. If it returns yes then to do further testing for zoonotic low life. List of Zoonotic Infections.

* Have someone else muscle test such as an energy tester practitioner test you directly. 

*Have someone test you with a Bio Informational device. Less accurate.

* Challenge the zoonotic infections by using a RIFE machine with specific frequencies for each infection you suspect of having or with an eradicating agent  or here that is proven to eradicate a particular virus, bacteria, protozoa, Rickettsiae, or Spirochetes. 

* A medical doctor sometimes challenges the bacteria's with antibiotics. If a Herxheimer reaction occurs you do have some sort of bacteria, protozoa, Rickettsia,rickettsia, virus or Spirochetes in you, not necessarily a zonotic infection. Nothing will happen if it is parasites. 

Doing these types of simple tests holds less error then some blood test. As soon as you know there is an organism in you, then you will naturally want to eradicate it as quickly as possible no matter if zoonotic or not.  Some infections can take up to one year to eradicate and others years it is incorrect.Some agents being sold (antibiotics or other)will cause a herxheimer but do not have the energy to kill certain organisms completely, others will never kill the cyst form of the spirochetes. 

Consider taking on the responsibility to do the eradication on your own. This is no different then treating your mosquito or spider bites on your own. * For some of you unfortunately you will actually be forbidden to do this self help as your employer and insurance companies will threaten you if you do. * You will forbid your own self because of the beliefs you hold within you. * You will be made to feel guilty by others if you do. 
Still you can do this complete eradication anyways if you put yourself in charge of your body. See here the first one

9.Take precautionsto prevent another tick bite. Read here Tick bite Prevention.  Every tick bite holds a different mishmash of infections.

10.Load yourself up with knowledge.

NOTE: If you have difficulty reading, do ask someone to volunteer their time to read for you.

Knowledge will empower you as you as go through the process of eradicating Lyme disease and co-infections. 

11. No matter what eradicating agents you choose to  enter the eradication process,  each person, whether a patient under and ND or MD or being in charge of your own complete eradication of any type of infection you will require the basics to increase the quality of your health. Here they are:

12.  Basic information for planning Your Course of Action 

Lyme is a complex disease, most often hidden amongst it are many other zoonotic coinfections and fungus's and viruses and disorders of a system. Eradication of all these infections can be done when you have the information. It is done with an open and informed mind and perseverance and courage and determination.

Do your own Research Here

~ Take what you want and leave the rest!~

All content on this web site ihas been composed by Louise Jenner, Lyme literate Coach. All information is taken from her experiences, her research, her studies, and common knowledge. It is written in simplified form for easy knowledge aquirement by the sick so they can free themselves of the infections in least time possible.

Any suggestions within the pages are examples only. See your own Health Care Practitioner for your professional and personal advice.
My shared information, in simple and consecutive form, is for making the sick's life easier. It is not to be copied or republished on other websites, blogs, or forums!

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