"Asking a Lyme patient to tell the story of their illness in 100 words
or less is like trying to sell shampoo to Kojak - It is next to impossible!"~ Unknown
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Welcome!I suggest you click on each of the following links. It will lead you to information with greater ease.
1.For those new to learning about Lyme disease start here

2.For those who are ready to determine if they do have Lyme disease go here.

3.For those planning eradication know this bacteria first. Here

4.For those wanting to start treatment "Planning a Healing Course of Action" Here you go!

5.During the Eradication Process 

6.Recovery from Lyme disease and coinfections.Here.

Information to give to someone who has no computer.
All you need to know to find your way out of Lyme disease.
Print out Information here
If you are just now discovering you may, or have, Lyme disease....DO NOT PANIC!  Just keep on reading the 1, 2,  3, and 4 above and it will guide you in your research. 
Or ,
If you suspect you have Lyme see here for a quick way to begin eradicating your no name protozoa, bacteria, most viruses, Rickettsia, Candida, other fungus, spirochetes and encysts. 

Saying this strongly: The less time the spirochetes and most coinfections live in your body the less damage they will inflict. This is not a disease to lounge around in!!! 

I suggest you learn as much as you can about the bacteria's and the disease to know what you are dealing with. Start today to apply what will  increase the quality of your life starting right now and then go directly to point "A".

(in the infections)
Goal becomes to quickly go into the 
Eradication process
Once all infections have been eradicated 
the body can now begin the 
Healing and Recovery process
taking an average of one year, more or less.

Video by a
Canadian Lyme Infected person.
Dr. Graham Kucan Canada

~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~
In March 2013, I completely eradicated Mycoplasma, Bartonella and the Lyme infection!! 
If I could after 15 years, so can you!!
.Migrating birds
have been found to carry the Bb bacteria to ticks, as well as to be carrier's of infected ticks.  Therefore, people and their pets can be infected with Lyme Disease anywhere in Alberta, the Northwest territories, throughout Canada, or anywhere else in the world where migrating birds fly. Yet, beware! There are still governments, medical authorities, and medical doctors who continue to proclaim and insist that it is impossible to get infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria in Canada!
Investigation of Genotypes of Borrelia burgdorferi in Ixodes scapularis Ticks Collected during Surveillance in Canada
Believing that it impossible 
to get infected with Lyme Disease in your area is detrimental to your good health!

Everyone needs to know this, because the day the spirochetes enter a host body it becomes their world to live in and propagate in. When they enter your body, if they are not destroyed immediately, they will set up camp and claim your body for themselves and all their future generations. 

You will no longer own 
your healthy body.
and ...
they will go on to also 
 swallow your income, mince your relationships, and alter your personality.

Lyme infected people know, all too well, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to explain their so big and so bizarre symptoms with just a few simple words, in just a few rushed minutes... and most especially to a medical doctor, or to friends, who suspect you have suddenly turned into a hypochondriac and/or when your thinking, short term memory or word finding suddenly slips away from you.

This web site was originally created 
especially for those of 
Neuroborreliosis - Neurological Lyme 
Also neuro Babesia what also sometimes infects entire brain
All content on this website is provided only for your quick information so as to encourage you to do your own research.
All suggestions are not to be taken as medical advice. See your own Medical or Health Care Practitioner for professional advice.
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